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: Drop Kayn and pick up {{champion:11}}
Ya I actually use to be pretty good with yi, I’m m6 with him rn however I tried picking him up again i little while back and I would just do awful with him
Kai Guy (NA)
: important thing to note, Stat generation is related to opposition. I can win 100% of any fist fights vs like a 2 year old child. I would get my butt whooped the second I step into a professional boxing ring. Who you play is important context for how well you play. Also if you want to climb then what matters most is winning games not necessary stats. generating good stats and KDA can be pretty easy but winning consistently takes more effort. If I run around a park punching every toddler I see in the face and 1 hit knocking them out Its not really a good indicator that I am MMA material.
I agree, but I also have a pretty consistent win rate. Last night I won like 12 draft matches in a row with Kayn then I played to rank and got horrible teams and couldn’t win
Kai Guy (NA)
: One correction imo. Rely on your team to be meat shields. Don't make a play assuming some one in bronze will do exactly what you need. Let then be bait or just 1 more target to attract aggro. Thinking i am a god! Then rushing into 1v2 / 1v3 is often times the very reason some players are bronze in the first place.
I agree thank you for the advice :)
: Looking at your games you do decent or you just do awful on Kayn. And your build path is bad too, seriously go warrior first as your first item best item you can buy. Also you don't need dark harvest, conquerer is just better in terms of dueling. Also another problem I see is the fact you play Kayn, I don't think she's a shitty jungler and he's awful to play, I'm just saying hard carrying on a champion like him is going to be really hard. Yeah sure you can get fed and probably win the game, but if the enemy team knows what they're doing and how to counter you, then you're kind of fucked. If you really want to get out of bronze, pick who's broken now, Hec reksai j4 etc. Also do not rely on your team, at all. Only thing you need them for is for pushing or objective taking. Don't rely on them to show up if you invade or you get caught, because they're not going to show up most of the time.
I run dark harvest when i go shadow and i do conquer when i go rhhast, however i should be less reliant on my team and less risky, however it still seems that I do better with kayn more often than i do worst, i have a 63% wr with him last i check, so i feel like im fairly consistent and i may say i probably better than decent considering im in the top 14% of kayn players. I appreciate the advice tho. :)
: One glaring problem is that I buy more control wards every game than you have bought in your past 30 games combined. That is terrible as a jungler because you should always have a control ward in dragon pit when you are doing it unless the enemies are dead and it is free. You should be getting a control ward every time you go back and have 75 gold left after getting the items you want.
Your right I need to be better at ward, thank you for bring this to my attention :)
: Why can't you get out of bronze? The simple and truthful answer is Because you should be in bronze. Me saying anything else would be blowing smoke up your rump.
That may be the case but i mean im also in the top 14% of all kayn players in the world so i feel like i should be higher :/
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