: Lack of monstrous champs in league.
: item idea for bruiser
they need an actual tenacity item, like adaptive helm but for CC, so you dont get perma locked in place
: Serious Question: Why did we nerf the hell out of Jinx if Aphelios gets to be this way?
because someone at riot released Ranged Udyr like he was some kind of unholy hard champion to play, they keep mentionning the "sky high skill ceiling" when all he has is udyr stances from range so they gave his stances/guns almost a full kit worth of power each and then gave him free stats by lvling up.
: > [{quoted}](name=La Barbotte,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TUXqdilL,comment-id=001500000001,timestamp=2020-01-01T21:36:53.724+0000) > > conqueror broke him, not the other way around, remove conqeror and the current AP morde get waaaay squishier so he'd have to build like a tank a bit and then all of a sudden hes fair Yeah, but not the healing from conqueror, just the ap
yes, just the healing he's prolly run Grasp instead
: > [{quoted}](name=La Barbotte,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TUXqdilL,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2019-12-25T00:43:39.833+0000) > > QSS the ult, hes skarner, just go away, you're welcome True, and I actually really enjoy playing vs morde... but you got to admit his numbers are still too high
conqueror broke him, not the other way around, remove conqeror and the current AP morde get waaaay squishier so he'd have to build like a tank a bit and then all of a sudden hes fair
: > [{quoted}](name=La Barbotte,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=8y0EVt5l,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-25T00:42:52.386+0000) > > he could also have the rework reverted back to what he was when he got the first rework, when he was still aatrox and viable, this isnt and will never be aatrox, release the old one back, call it Aaatrox idc You mean when he was absolutely busted and that was the only time people started to care about and 'main' him? I've always wondered how many people would've actually stuck with him if he never got reworked and he finally got toned down. Not much I'd assume, the guy's consistently had a below 1% pick rate and it only rose up really high when the FOTM players started picking him up once people started figuring out what runes and items broke him and when he became a high priority pick in pro play. They were all just lucky that the rework was coming and so there was no real need to nerf him, and the champion could finally get a bit more spotlight before he was completely changed. If he had stayed eventually the things he could abuse or Aatrox himself would've been nerfed, and he'd once again fade into obscurity because of already existing champions that did most of the things he wanted to do but much more effectively and efficiently ({{champion:24}} {{champion:23}}). By the way I'm not saying 'old aatrox bad, new aatrox good', just pisses me off that most of the people complaining are the ones who only started to play him and actually care about him after he became busted with the mini-rework.
problem is its not the same champ we had, the first "rework" gave him counter play outside of be good or bad, he has windows to fight agaisnt him, and from aatrox pov you had windows to go in. numbers being lowered wouldnt have put him back to trash tier like before. this rework fixed that problem by making him completely busted and now hes almost back to where he was pre "rework" the difference being he doesnt play like he used to at all. old aatrox got removed from league for a new one that got the same treatment
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: wtf why is malzahar/riven/tristana/trydemere/sylas/pantheon listed as....
its funny cause malzahar barely does any damage and he's missing an ability (rip W)
: Is Riot trying a "Last Jedi"?
re-release old Aatrox like he was at his first rework, the one before the actual rework re-release old Urgot and give him another ultimate than what he had revert tahm kench to what he was BEFORE they buffed him to be broken and auto win top lane, he's missing half his kit and for the love of god REMOVE STOPWATCH
: In Loving Memory
{{champion:6}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:14}} and very soon {{champion:517}}
NY64 (NA)
: If riot made a new map, should it be only in normal or both ranked and normals?
HalexUwU (NA)
: Make it harder for teams to stack dragons
tbh all objectives in this game need to be tankier AND do more dmg, mostly turrets, they also should bias to punish range more than melee, fix top lane god damit
Reksee (NA)
: Item Concept Ideas: Utility
: How did Mordekaiser avoid nerfs last patch?
QSS the ult, hes skarner, just go away, you're welcome
: Aatrox should use his now scrapped Revive animation for other Resurrection effects
he could also have the rework reverted back to what he was when he got the first rework, when he was still aatrox and viable, this isnt and will never be aatrox, release the old one back, call it Aaatrox idc
DeusVult (NA)
: Seeing the quality of all the most recent skins makes me sad for the champs that I play
: What do you guys miss most from league?
remeber when most champs didnt have dashes and CC and when ultimates had colldowns, yeah, good old times.
: Senna's kit is revealed. Doesn't power creep worry you too?
powercreep been an issue since season 1, dont stress it too much. When everything is broken, nothing is
: The World is Being Invaded, Choose your Team...
{{champion:145}} alone to fend them off, she did it all her life she got this, then ima have to reproduce to lets bring the babes {{champion:7}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:25}}
: Patch 9.12 notes
no Ezreal nerf, no Tahm kench nerfs, yikes
: So, we just got a new /Dev Diary, and it's official...
{{champion:6}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:223}} im still waiting
: But remember that {{champion:50}} is completely different, and can do stuff Iike do a root/yank combo, which gives you your soul fragment to use your ult. Additionally, old {{champion:50}} ‘s ult drained mana faster than South Africa drains its water supply
his E wont land unless caught in the max range, otherwise its too slow against someone with a brain
: It's been DAYS since we have had an Ezreal, Lux or Miss Fortune skin, Riot.
{{champion:50}} everyone wanted dragonmaster swain, he gets reworked, we get the skin meanwhile {{champion:6}} Some guardians dont do it for fame
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Veigar FL,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=7195yEeX,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2018-03-01T21:20:55.486+0000) > > Please tell me how warring kingdoms J4 is garbage. I'll wait. Yeah alright. If it's not the two feather boas coming out of his head Then it's the plastic-surgery face he rocks in the splash. If it's not the lack of any real graphical upgrades worth mentioning. Then it's that Warring Kingdoms was, what, a unit of measurement removed from what he already was? You know why they haven't done Elderwood Maokai, Or Star Guardian ASol? Becuase it's not a cosmetic upgrade. J4 has the skin production of Yorick or Zyra with no clear reason what makes him that complex. This is not even mentioning his model runs like its 1995. Which is an insult to 1995 because Prince of Persia for DOS had smoother run animations.
his ''plastic surgery face'' is Lu Bu... u should learn the background behind the skin line perhaps you'd understand...
: I get that it's a meme to hate icons right now, but honestly in this case it's probably an appropriate way to go. Side note: there is a team at Riot working on making icons more interesting as collectibles. I can't say more than that now, but it could be that icons feel more valuable in the near-ish future.
its not a meme lol, its useless, only appears in the loading screen, for icons to even be worth giving a single fuss, we should have them as emotes to flash in game or w/e.. loading screens i ain't gonna look aty my opponents icons saying wow thats so cool... better be alt-tabbed
: {{champion:83}} It works trust me {{champion:83}} soon enough... {{champion:83}} any minute now {{champion:83}} .... I'm going to get a drink at the bar with my buds... {{champion:112}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:98}} AY YORICK WELCOME BACK!
: What do people prefer? Nerfs to the strong, or Buffs to the weak?
buffing the weak does what league has done, damage creep, they need to stop buffing for the next two seasons tbh, nerf everything down, teamfights last 5-6 seconds people die in less than one rotation from DPS champions which open less skill in fights and more of who will blowup the other on first.
: > [{quoted}](name=Barbotte,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sAvH45V1,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-01-26T18:39:54.052+0000) > > urgot wasnt meant to shotgun the shit out of people up close and personnal hes a cold long range spammer 1 Year later... LOL
LOL, well looks like i was wrong all along HAHAHAHAHAHA
: Reason why I am so dissapointed with the new urgot reveal :(
: Today, History was Made...
{{champion:266}} {{champion:9}} {{item:3070}}
: Yeah, I've heard legends about those mythical creatures called "Urgot mains" Mom always told to eat my veggies or I get one of those in my next ranked game.
urgot mid since s3 baby, funny how the only time i wasnt told im trolling i was told im a meta slaves back when LCS did it... sheeple
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Karakot (NA)
: I doubt it, kayn represents someone who fights the spirit inside of the blade, aatrox is someone who has been fully consumed by his blade. I don't think they will take him in the direction of two beings but will still be a single being. Also he isn't going to receive anything along the lines of a VGU where he receives a new model and such but just new abilitys.
not having a VGU isnt mentionned
: Will the minor systems that will be in place give me comparable stats to what I am used to now? It's not uncommon for a marksman to go into lane with 13% attack speed. Removing this will be like putting on weights and will make it difficult for a marksman to CS effectively. I understand that there can be a learning curve but it's what helps marksman stay relevant in the early game. I did read your last paragraph about your consideration for specialized build paths. I'm just curious as to the path being taken by Riot for the common place.
marksmen shouldnt be relevant early game, thats why they get the support, they should be at the mercy of everything until 4 items
: Kayn/Raast brings a new Aatrox theory.
Aatrox is getting reworked and they mentionned ''one of the biggest changes in a rework so far'' im gonna drop a bet here that x/Aatrox will work similar to Kayn/Raast soonish
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: Aatrox Q --> Zac E
his new passive is crap in the jungle tho, you lose it between top/bot side jungle and when going to gank
: anatomy lectures are in my brain now and i can't stand when thighs have the same size than a back
: As much as I'm attached to Shielding being his primary source of survivability I think his Soul-enslavement is the one thing that should remain in one way or the other. It's thematically fitting for an Ironclad Tyrant to rip out the souls of his enemies and use force them to obey his will. I'd be more than happy if they'd also keep him being the shielding Juggernaut but that's just a minor detail.
and the metal references, alot of them
: I really want to see a rich snob character one of these years. I'm talking VO and everything
Oaklen (NA)
: Can we all agree who the best assassin is?
{{champion:59}} {{champion:254}}
: I have some slightly different counts but I think that may be because I'm looking at 'Launch' skins as their own category rather than by the tier when it hit live. I compiled these numbers a few weeks back when we were planning some 2017 stuff: 21 750s 19 975s 31 1350s 2 Loot Skins 6 Launch 4 1820s 1 Ultimate Also some bonus 151 icons O_O and 20 Ward skins! Was a busy year
icons are useless tho, they show on loading screen then no one see them, why not make a summoner icon emote, so that we can flash them in game
: Is Galio the only melee champ who has 0 synergy with AA?
{{champion:32}}{{champion:3}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:14}}
: An Idea to stop 5 man bot cheese
or simply more dmg, they need to rework turrets and make them dangerous not just in the first 4 levels
: Remove top lane
or make showdown have a map and permanent with a ranked system, screw summoners rift
: People miss the point of marksman ADCs
{{champion:104}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:6}} get to be top / jg /mid depending on which you pick, so the adc being bot isnt necessary, the original purpose was that they were weak early and needed the support, but in season 7 nothing is ever really weak early game so it doesnt matter in which lane you have it
: Is anyone else ok with ADCs being a smidgeon weak and possibly not mandatory on teams?
yes, its time they get to eat shit after all the bullshit that happened last season, some can jungle, top and mid now {{champion:104}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:42}} so i think mages in bot lane is a good thing
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Sure, but lifesteal and healing/shielding from supports would need to be toned down (it already does, but it'd be an absolute must if we increased the window of folks dying.) Bursting an ADC's entire healthbar before they can get an AA off because is often the only way to kill them through their rediculous lifesteal and the massive amount of shielding/healing from supports these days.
everything should, we need the few next patches to only have nerfs, no more buffs, untill we reverse the power creep we got ourselves
Rude Name (OCE)
: You have to pick TWO champions to intimidate someone with. Who, and why?
: I think a giant 300 pound snake woman would leave some form of tracks.
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