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Mirross (NA)
: Champion Mastery Q&A
This is a bit off topic, but since this feature invovles changes to the Client, is this still all based off of the "legacy code" that been said to be holding Riot back from making too many cool/interesting features involving the client?
: > [{quoted}](name=Labcown,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=R31Mtkfj,comment-id=01df,timestamp=2014-12-15T22:53:03.897+0000) > Signed up for Shadow Isles in the Nyroth Campaign. LET THE SHADOWS OVERTAKE YOU! Oh hey! Welcome back.
> [{quoted}](name=CupcakeTrap,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=R31Mtkfj,comment-id=01df0000,timestamp=2014-12-15T23:14:08.911+0000) > > Oh hey! Welcome back. Thanks, wish I could have come back sooner, but school OP =\
: FACTIONS — Sign-Up Verification and Info Thread
Signed up for Shadow Isles in the Nyroth Campaign. LET THE SHADOWS OVERTAKE YOU!
Ququroon (NA)
: Lemme flesh out an older post of mine. From highest to lowest: >Texture Rebalancing would be repairing any sun damage, or filling in any chips in the paint. Maybe even just washing some dirt off the car. (LeBlanc) Lowest level of work. Many of these can be done at once, and occasionally you'll hardly be able to tell what changed. Can be seen as a Texture Update by some. *(Not an official ChampUp project, and it doesn't interfere with the normal shipping schedule. It's more of a cleanup project.)* >A Texture and/or Model Update would be repainting your car. You might even add a spoiler during the process. Man, what a cool car! (Anivia, Renekton) Generally a 3D Character art only project. Renekton is a good example of this, as only his model was updated, with new textures to match. Maokai is a bit between this and the next tier (which is why we're kinda moving away from using some of terms), with updated models, updated VFX and a very small amount of animation work. We prefer to touch more on a character as we have the bandwidth available. >A Visual Update would be like if you decided to completely redo the chassis of your car. It's still the same car in there, but holy crap! That thing looks amazing! It looks like a completely different car... but the engine and all the interior parts are still the same. (Karthus, Twitch) Karthus and Twitch are good examples of this one. Nothing was wrong with their gameplay, but we just took the time to push all of their art up to a modern standard. When we find opportunities, we also add clarity when possible (such as appropriate ranges, making spells communicate better, etc.). >A Gameplay Update would be fixing up all the problems under the hood. Problems that you don't really see just by looking at it. Perhaps it's running slow, or the gas mileage is acting funky. Perhaps the engine isn't working at all, or perhaps it's just the Check Engine light that's on. At the end of the day, you have a better car, but it probably looks the same. Since you're already working on the car though, you might consider making it look better. (Soraka as a basic example (though she's getting VFX), Sona as a more mixed example) Rengar, Kassadin, Cassiopeia, etc. Kit reworks, as some people know them by. If needed, we'll accompany this with new VFX to support the new kit. Other times, we'll just try to fit in small wins as we can (icons are decently common). >Mixing a large scale Gameplay Update and a large scale Visual Update would be as you'd think. You're fixing that engine, and you're spit-shining the car. Damn, this car is gonna be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. (Heimerdinger, though it was over a few patches) Large gameplay changes with large art changes. Heimerdinger as a whole was one of these, and Sejuani back in the day probably fell into this camp too. Characters like Sion and Karma also fall in here, and they're basically a new champion worth of work. Everything is touched, but pushed even further. --------- **Know that we're starting to just refer to things as '[Character Name] Update', because of how much the scale can vary based on an individual champion's needs. This whole thing can be a little confusing, so a shorter version... ** * Update means something is changing. * A Visual Update implies visual changes. 3D art, Textures, Rig, Animations, VFX, SFX, VO, etc. are all things that CAN change during one of these. * A Gameplay Update implies changes to the gameplay that are higher than just number tweaks. This can range from a full kit change (no abilities are the same), to the feel of some abilities changing (like Viktor), to a single spell being completely reworked. * The level of an update changes from champion to champion. No two champions have the same problem set.
Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. =D
: How much is too much armor penetration?
When he says *Base Damages* he's means the damage of a skill without the scaling ratio, not auto attacking. What he's asking is it better to build lots of Armor Pen because the base damage is high enough that Penetration scales better than actual AD, or is penetration deal less damage than AD stacking. Fiora is in that very close state of balance where Pentration and AD are very close in effectiveness, but that AD slightly outscales Penetration in a normal situation. In my very limited Fiora Jungle experience (I've only tried once on live, and a couple times on PBE), I normally do: {{item:3714}} -> {{item:3077}} -> {{item:3134}} and then depending if I need more damage or chase power I either build {{item:3142}} or {{item:3074}} first respectively. After that, it really depends on how the game goes, but I'll normally pick up {{item:3035}} as my last offensive item and then by that time the game will be over. Flat penetration should be sufficient enough on Fiora until mid/late game, but if the enemy starts stacking armor, I'd pick up the LW before finishing Youmuu's. EDIT: Fixed up the items.
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: Pfft, you think Narrative is going to answer questions and engage in the community in any way but justifications and apologies?
At this point, I totally agree with your statement. From a post on Trynd's AMA on Reddit, Narrative is apparently going through some major changes themselves (noticed all the "new" narrative reds on the boards?). If they did an AMA right now, all it would serve to do is to perhaps introduce the new members of the Narrative team, but at the cost of an angry lore fan base lashing out at them. It wouldn't do any good right now to do an AMA, because they really have nothing new to say that would sway opinions AT THE MOMENT. I have no doubt though when they do get something big to talk about they will announce it, because they can use all the good PR that they can get atm.
GenoXx (NA)
: Shadow Isles lore hinted by Kalista
I would love to see a more in-depth look at Shadow Isles lore, but I love the theories about her being from Mt. Taragon even more. It could even tie in the two previously unaffiliated regions by having Kalista be part of a Odyessus type expedition to the Shadow Isles where bad things happened that could involve most of the Shadow Isle cast and the Ruined King as well. This of course would all be "ancient" lore in terms of the timeline, but it'd be neat to see Champions have more diversity in their origins rather than see most champions come from one area of Runeterra and stay there for what seems to be their whole life.
: OMG Kalista has boob armor!
. . . I don't see the problem here. I never heard anyone complain about Kayle's armor.
: One of the many reasons retcons suck.
I'm fine with retcons as an emergency procedure to reset an oversaturated universe going nowhere fast. (Completely not the case with Old Runeterra) What I'm not fine with is the way Riot handled it. Retconning should only be considered as a last resort, and discussed heavily with ALL parties involved before committing to it. Riot did neither, and came out with a seemingly brash decision to eradicate the world as we knew it. Beyond that, they didn't seem have to enough content for the new world to back-up their plans of retconning the IoW, and now we're left with dozens of champions and other elements disconnected with this new vision of Runeterra. Retcons when done correctly should leave everyone elated (or relieved) after the process because the before product was such a bloated mess that seeing it reborn is actually a GREAT thing. Again, not so in Riot's case. Repeatedly we cried out "We love the JoJ style lore! Bring it back!" and Riot took that sentiment and pulled a 180, killing something that we thought was already dead. I'd be okay (well slightly less miffed) if Riot properly executed this retcon correctly, but the way they handled it all is what's most frustrating of all out of this whole process.
Chaedi (NA)
: I think it is more like, Hey Star I see you have Tristana, can you pick her for me? Then we can swap if I have something you can play.
This. I think it'd only serve to help facilitate swaps in the form that it'll remind that you actually can if you want to. Hardly anyone I've played with even seems to remember you can swap, and the importance of not showing picks early on with more pronounced counter-picks.
Adrenalotr (EUNE)
: Clicking on a teammate would gray out the champs you don't have in common. Isn't that the cleanest way to do it?
I was just gonna suggest this, with the exception of hovering over a name instead of clicking it, I like yours better since you won't have to keep a cursor on your teammate's name.
: They really could have. And you know what? It would have been **so** much more efficient doing it that way. Instead of having to waste time literally rewriting every single champion's lore, they could simply expand upon it and add upon it. It would have simultaneously enriched the lore AND solved the whole "league is too confining" reasoning that Riot is using. But nope. Gotta do things the way that literally no one is satisfied with. Lul.
I honestly think there had to be some sort of internal deadline for this new lore line, and by the time this deadline hit without some meaningful innovation, the decision was made to just delete the old world. Destroying the IoW and having everyone break their ties with it does exactly what you and Riot said they want to do: 1) Puts focus on champions rather than some magical "invulnerable" institute. There's not some magical warden keeping everything in check anymore, so champions and nations ARE able to reach whatever potential they want, and invites conflict to be more accessible as clashing perspectives start to rear their head. 2) Provides a nice continuity to spring board individual and nations lore. **"Without the Institute what does X do now?"** Only issue with this *VERY* reasonable and logical idea is that Riot came out and announced their new lore plan at the very end, without input and without the chance to alter their plan "should" someone (or everyone) come out and say some better way to do things.
Epengu (NA)
: There are a few things core to Taric's identity for me. 1. Smooth. Everything about this, and everything that players read into with it or project onto him, comes from his voice. I don't know if a new voiceover would be included here as well, but draw inspiration for everything related to his personality from that voice. It's unfortunate that it's made him a walking joke, but a charming and serene character is something the league doesn't really have. I love that Taric seems to have this otherworldly serenity that comes from his love for gems. Playing up his charm would be awesome. He's a perfect counterpart to Jayce - charming, but in a humble and natural way. (Whoa, gems vs tech... this is writing itself! DUDE, THEY BOTH EVEN HAVE HAMMERS) Maybe he's even too charming for his own good - people make fun of Taric because he's just so good and charming and likes everyone? 2. Paladin. Taric is cool in that he actually fits the warrior-who-heals archetype - he's a tanky guy, but his support aspects are his strongest ones, which is the type of paladin I find most compelling. I think that's why the hammer works well - it's a weird weapon, and when its outfitted with gems its more of a stave than a weapon of war. Hmm, maybe a long halberd like stave hammer could be cool? Who knows. This works well with the charm. 3. Gems. Gems gems gems. Let's continue this in what could be cool to change. 4. His femininity and his hair. This is such a touchy point because I don't like that so many of the jokes against Taric seem to be pretty homophobic at their core to me, but keeping the feminine aspects of him is something I'd like. I think the reason he's such a joke is because he's a one-note character at this point, and making him more complex would erase that. Although Taric's suave voice is part of what I love, he *is* a tiny bit boring. He loves gems, and that's it. What if he *really* loved gems? Like to the point where it's a little hilarious just how much he loves gems. The idea that he's a charming and suave guy who has this crazy obsession really tickles me. Dispelling some of his wisdom for naivete and a charming and kind persona that is so exaggerated to the point of ridicule seems like the way to go. His model is pretty outdated. Triangle feet, as you mentioned, but also the fact that Taric is so weird and bulky. I like the heavy armor just ENCRUSTED with the gems, but a more streamlined model would be nice - this relates to what I said with the stave hammer, I guess? They look more like rock candy than anything, to be honest. I feel like Taric's "aesthetic" personality-wise - that of the smooth, flowing knight - is pretty well defined. Because that's such a contrast with the gems, it could be interesting to go for smoother gems that make for an armor that emphasizes curves more - more polished gemstones around, more variety in the gems in his base outfit rather than just blue. I say this, but another option is to really play up the contrast - smooth in personality versus rough in armor. But that smoothness has to be there somehow, and whether you highlight it through contrast with this visuals or through marriage with them is up to you. But because that core identity IS so well defined, I think he needs more of an update than anything. Core to that update would be playing up these things that make Taric Taric - even more charm, really noble and valiant in an impossible hero sort of way, to the point where he's ridiculous - too good to be true, even, as the ultimate lawful good paladin. And gems. Obsession, love, overwhelming passion, for gems. And finally... there's no reason that Taric has to be white in the (possible) rework. I'm all for more representation, and Taric, whose old splash art was of a slightly darker skin color, would be a good candidate. Also, leg warmers. Those have to stay. Thanks for asking for our input, parrot!
Everything you pointed out seems to encompass most of what Taric is. More so than that, when reading your description of him, I couldn't help but imagine Loras Tyrell from GoT. It almost seems like Taric would run parallel to that of Sir Loras' personality, albeit Taric comes off as more mature, and much more humble. That being said, the "flamboyant" aspect of Taric is something that needs to be kept somewhere in his overhaul to retain his identity at all. This doesn't mean play it up like most of the jokes surrounding Taric, but it would be a nice touch to add in either his posture, or voice lines, or even his animations without overdoing it. And of course, it goes without saying, that if Taric were to get an overhaul, beyond anything else Taric must keep his precious gems.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Alistar, Janna and Malphite I can definitely see joining the Targon faction. Jax and Taric however are tagged for Ionia and Demacia respectively on the official site, so those are less likely. Looking forward to a new champion from there as well!
> Alistar, Janna and Malphite I can definitely see joining the Targon faction. Jax and Taric however are tagged for Ionia and Demacia respectively on the official site, so those are less likely. Looking forward to a new champion from there as well! . >Jax tagged for Ionia JAX IS A PANDA, I KNEW IT.
: What I'm looking forward to is riot's half-assed reason why Jax still uses a lamp.
> What I'm looking forward to is riot's half-assed reason why Jax still uses a lamp. What lamp? It's obviously an enchanted ancient weapon made from never before mentioned super-material.
: They need some work, They look a bit flat as is... Notice I'm not complaining about them being there. they look nice and it adds a lot to the feel. But they don't look near finished to me.
I think the real struggle with the flowers isn't making them good, but rather making them look good WHILE not taking up a lot of graphical space on someone's computer. Adding details like this I imagine must be very frustrating, because as an artist, you want to make pretty things, but for a video game as far reaching as League, you want that art to also be as compatible as possible with everyone's computer.
: > My biggest piece of feedback for everyone here is that you need to make them feel more welcome, and less like they have to walk into a lions den to talk with you. While the rage got *shockingly* out of hand at one point, and nothing can excuse *that* incident, most of the standard vitriol is (I think) the result of us not feeling that we have any kind of engagement. **The Riot Norm: Community Engagement As Part Of Design** Part of the reason we like Riot so much is that you guys really do engage with the community and talk things out. Sure, you do larger-scale playtesting, and you conduct market research, but I at least get the impression that in most areas you'll also consider feedback from the forum/Boards/Reddit "focus group". **Not So With Lore** Lore is the big exception. For literally years, the lore community teemed with ideas. (**[And not just Urgot/Kassadin fanfic.](http://LeagueFactions.net)**) Riot would come by and mumble something about how you were "working on something awesome", then vanish. This didn't create excitement: it created fear. That might sound like an excessively strong word: *fear*, really, about a pretendy story for a video game? But I think it's a suitable word. ** Why Lore Is Personal** People get anxious about their favorite Champions getting nerfed or reworked. People care about their Elo, and their gameplay experiences. I think it's even more acute with lore. This is not just a League phenomenon: look at any community that's gathered around a work of fiction or a universe. The process of experiencing fiction, especially immersive, universe-building fiction, is an affectionate process of familiarization. It taps into our basic social instincts: we *get to know* characters, we *get involved in* their stories. Retcons and reworks are upsetting for this reason, especially if they come out of the blue. For a quirky analogy, consider the fact that one can't really tickle oneself. In a similar way, to the degree that the changing force is alien and "other", the disturbance is perceived as greater, especially when accompanied by a feeling of loss of control. **Why Deleting Summoners And The League Is Extra-Personal** Deleting Summoners, and the League, is more jarring still by orders of magnitude, because it strikes right to the heart of immersion. It felt like you were kicking us out of Runeterra — because you were. There are creative and theoretical reasons why people oppose this change, but there's also this very *personal* element. **Contrast: Community Engagement During Gameplay Changes Versus Lore Changes** When the gameplay team sets out to do a gameplay rework of a Champion, there's a big discussion, with top-level decisionmakers actively participating and responding flexibly to feedback, engaging and debating with the community. I think this really sets League apart. Then Riot went and made *massive* changes to lore after years of secretive behind-the-scenes plotting, with absolutely no community engagement beyond "gosh, this'll be cool!", worrisome trends (the gradual erasure of Summoner references in voicework), and confusing micro-reveals. I'm searching for a suitable gameplay analogy. A Champion kit rework is really a poor match: it's too small, by far. Imagine if Riot just decided, I don't know, to rework all melee Champions into pure tanks. There would be a discussion about this. It might all be smoke and mirrors, but if so they're well-deployed, because I really do think based on past experience that this would be a back-and-forth, with community input influencing (perhaps even cancelling) the proposed change. Here, there was no discussion about what we liked about LoL's lore. Riot says there are tradeoffs between the immersion provided by the League framework and the "freedom" (debatable, but that's a separate topic) found in a League-free setting. Those tradeoffs were not discussed here. Neither the hardcore lore community nor the community in general had input. Does this help explain the reaction?
This post cannot get enough up-votes / attention. It outlines very concisely what the Lore Community is feeling, and in a way that doesn't just ooze vitrol. At this point, we don't want Lore People to come in and tell us how much "better" this direction is, because it's been beyond repeated that we really don't care for this Immersion Eviction you've put us all through. What I think'd would go a long way in starting to bridge the gap between the community and the lore guys again is acknowledgement that they really did tear down the world we knew, and that in some ways that it did and will suck for a while.
Tiure (NA)
: Fiora is in a weird place right now. I think maybe we should give the double crit passive to her to replace her current, terrible passive. Thing about Yasuo that I hate is that, unlike the late game melee carries in your post, Yasuo is consistently strong throughout the entire game. Like Gangplank or Fizz, his damage hits ground zero almost right away and continues to irradiate the surrounding area for the rest of the game. Don't have both your items by the time teamfights roll around? That's okay. While the enemies focus your ADC, you can help your ADC with near-constant knockups and wind walls. By the time your team is able to work around having you as a *nuisance*, you are ready to become a *threat*. Fizz and GP are in a slightly better place right now because shutting them down in lane results in shutting them down for the rest of the game. Yasuo just doesn't have that. If you don't shut down Yasuo 100%, stomping all over him 6/0 or something like that, you will lose the game because Yasuo will buy his 2 items and achieve liftoff. Oh, and if you make a wrong move in lane, he will slide through your minion wave and kill you where you stand assuming you're not playing one of his counters like Fizz or Zed who have options to avoid damage up close. Mages? Noooooot *quite *so lucky. Yeah I get that there's safety in range and in "being on the backline," but in the League of Mobility PERHAPS something needs to be done to protect squishy backliners.
IIRC Fiora is getting a rework done as we speak, but I don't think that Yasuo's double crit passive would work very well on her either way. Much more than any other Melee Carry, she has a self-sustaining focused kit. Her passive gives her sustain during trades, and her ult (if used correctly) will bring her back up near full health. Even her W helps her absorb some impact so she can stay and dish out more damage. To give her those to help her sustain herself through meaningful decisions (W, Ult), she doesn't have any steroids focusing on Crit and her current passive fits much better (despite numbers) than crit ever would.
: > **Can I steal Xerath with Nunu's Consume or Cho'Gath's Feast?** > No. Being an Ancient Ascendant, Xerath is inedible (and not very tasty?). Whoa, whoa. Let's not get too fancy with all this new lore here. You should make sure that this isn't going to constrain the narrative team and prevent them from telling exciting new stories. Examples of things that interfere with their League of Legends storytelling include the League of Legends, the Institute of War, and in some cases gluten. > **Are any Summoner Spells not available in Ascension?** > Smite, Revive & Garrison are disabled. My suspicions are confirmed. Please stop talking about Summoners. Just like it's well known that an activated cell phone on an airplane can cause the pilot's head to suddenly explode, such non-canonical terms as "Summoners" can cause Runaan to faint and fall down a flight of stairs by disrupting her finely tuned loresense, which she also uses for navigation. Like a bat.
Laughs were had 10/10 P.S. INB4 Ascendant Retcon.
: All characters in league have stats and scaling that are unique to them (see Magic Resist per level or Attack speed per level). Like the others, she doesn't get to opt in/out of this experience but its seems similar to the fact that ashe doesn't get to opt in to magic resist per level etc. What do you feel the character is losing because of this aspect of the passive? All characters have strengths and weaknesses and this is intended to accentuate her strengths and weaknesses.
What goes on in base stats is far different than what Soraka is going through here. She is the first case (That I know of) that BONUS stats are being reduced on her. Any other champion in the game gets face value or more from each piece of equipment they buy, with Soraka, you have to constantly try to remember and reduce every item's Armor and Mr you buy by 20% to actually know what you're getting. It seems like a solution to dissuade her building tanky and abusing it, but it seems like a rather inelegant solution. It's setting a precedent on a champion in a way that's non-essential and I think if Riot were to add a "Descaling" mechanic with Bonus stats, it shouldn't be on Soraka.
Opeli (NA)
: We're basically reworking it all. No Summoners, no Institute of War. That was a convenient excuse plot when LoL was first created, but we want to give champions more life/energy/agency/blah blah blah and remove them from the confines of the League. I certainly don't want to think Joe Schmoe Summoner can call upon Cho'Gath, shrink him down to human size, and have him fight Heimerdinger or something (although that'd be a cool battle to see). I want Cho'Gath to be at his fullest height and size and see people get rekt. Part of the struggle, for me at least, is that it's a monumental task to do a FULL re-envisioning for the ENTIRE cast and beyond, and we'd always be battling with time. I don't think piecemeal the ideal way to do it, but we now feel compelled/pressured to give you a start and follow-up. The entire time we wanted to do story "part 2's" and stuff we knew we were going to re-explore League's world, so a lot of those efforts were put on hold until we said something about our lore reboot.
As a HUGE fan of the Institute and the whole Summoner ideal, You can see why I'm completely outraged at the seemingly flippant decision to remove it all from the game. (The fact it seems so flippant is a WHOLE other argument that basically boils down to lack of communication) Well I guess that's not true, it's not the game you're removing it from, but rather the lore from the game. *WHICH MAKES IT ALL THE WORSE* One of the things I applauded Riot for and what drew me way back in Season 1 was the fact they somewhat tied in their Gameplay and Lore, they gave a reason, and a pretty darn valid one too for having all these champions come together and fight one another. Out of any game out there, this game made that leap to go beyond the "easy way" of lore by connecting the two in an MMO game and actually engaged their audience by writing up "Judgement" stories which gave purpose to champions. Now that it's going to be removed, I'm going to be 110% less interested in lore, I'll probably still read it on the off-chance, but the fact that it won't make any connections to the ACTUAL game now, I'm just essentially reading glorified back stories without any sort of impact on the actual League of Legends Game. The worst of this all would have to be that we as a community still had hope for lore, after the Judgement stories ceased to come, we were told "There'll still be lore and it's gonna be better!" Even after the JoJ got axed, and we were all CERTAIN lore was dead, Riot came back saying "We got plans! Lore will be back guys!" When we saw Jinx's Music Video, Udyr's Comic, and other various Mixed Media dealings being touted as "The Awesome Lore we promised" we knew we were done. But no, you kept stringing us along, you kept promising lore would be back and better than ever, and now after 2 Years of the JoJ being cancelled, you've announced that you're retconning all of League's current lore. Because let's be honest, without the Institute and Summoners being a part of Runeterra, you've lost a good 80% of your lore, and the best you could hope to accomplish with that is to patchwork the remaining lore into a new world. There's no real hope of salvaging what's left of Runeterra and saying that the this new world you're making is supposedly the same as the old one. My only suggestion seeing as this new direction seems to be set in stone is this now: Don't retcon the old Runeterra. Pull a move from the comic books, and "reset" the world as it were with some cataclysmic event that shatters everything (perhaps use a champion to do so) and re-creates the world without the IoW. Leave us the memory of Old Runeterra at least, don't completely dismiss it as a failed experiment and toss it aside without a second thought. Some of us, most of us, lived with that "failed experiment" and enjoyed every flawed moment of it.
Traxicus (NA)
: Did you read her passive? > Soraka converts 20% of her bonus armor and 20% of her bonus magic resistance into ability power She would build resistances so that her low HP isn't as much of a problem in teamfights. Also, her self-heal scales with Missing HP just like Olaf's, so I'm not sure what the problem is.
Yeah that scales with MR and Armor, but this would be the first case where building HP actually would be less effective than building it on any other characters (as she has a "negative" scaling with Max HP and no compensation). Overall Effective HP might be up, but this would be setting a precedent with a champion receiving less than the base effect from a stat w/o counter-balance. However, I did miss Starcall healing based on Missing % HP, so there's the counter I was looking for, thanks for bringing it up!
Vesh (NA)
: This rework is going to be bananas [Soraka Rework Preview and Discussion]
This mostly looks really good, I can't wait to try her out! I really like the changes you made to allow for Big Risk Big Reward Plays, and just a general departure from being passive in general! ~~But I have an issue with W. I get you strayed away from a flat cost to avoid abuse cases with Tanky HP Builds, but this decision effectively ~~~~makes HP building on Soraka WORSE than on any other character. ~~ ~~She gets no compensation for effectively increasing her spell's cost, unlike anyone else with HP costs, who gain some sort of bonus for building HP:~~ EDIT: Missed an important part of her kit and thought she was being gimped with HP Scaling, Traxicus set me right though.
: there are really two ways to think about player moderation - one of them I'm a fan of and one of them I'm not as much of a fan of 1. Some players are given domain over a portion of the community. In this sense the player moderator acts more like a fan-site owner of their little slice of the community platform. They can build their own moderation team, their own rules, their own community culture. We are just providing them to tools to manage their space and the platform to make it known. I'm generally a big fan of this 2. Staff augmentation - there's manual work that has to be done. Someone has to go through all of the posts that people reported and delete the links to inappropriate websites and content, peoples addresses, and whatever else, make sure that the posts fit in the right section, etc etc. I'm not a fan of this For #2 - I think we just have to get better at building the right team internally. It's worth it for us to hire and manage the right team, build the right tools, etc. At a lot of companies this is done as a way of saving cost - not as a way of increasing the quality of the community overall, and I don't think that's nearly as much of a priority for us on these.
I much rather like option #1 too, but Riot's general outlook on anything leads me to believe they'll pursue option #2. Without trying to sound like a jerk, Riot tends to want to have COMPLETE control over anything they do, be it with E-Sports or with how the game is handled. This doesn't mean that they don't value or use player input, but when it comes down to anything related to League, they tend to want to do everything in house on their own terms. Now this is only natural with a business, but Riot in particular seems to be adamant about it. Perhaps that's only my perspective because Riot tends to be more transparent about their dealings, but it still looks that way to some people (including me). If it were to come to be that Riot did "outsource" their forum moderation to players, I'd be pleasantly surprised. It's something I'm sure most of the forums want to happen, but I don't know if they value the opinion of the community over their feeling of complete control.
: And today, many companies will be wondering why their employees got sick all of a sudden
*Cough* *Cough* I think I'm coming down with a Gnar-ly cold or something...
: This looks really cool. Interested to see people's reactions considering this is a bit more of a serious take. Is that ok? I tend to fall in line with people who want Taric to still remain beautiful, heroic and a signature paladin. As always, I'm interested in your thoughts.
While this is cool and would probably make for a pretty good Taric rework, I don't want to see him remade into this. Why? Because he reminds me of the old League of Legends. Where champions blended serious themes and abilities with just the slightest brush of silliness and absurdity. You can still see this in old champions who haven't been revamped (Shaco, Alistar, Corki, Teemo), where they come across as heroic or powerful most of the times, but what also shines through are the little quirks in their personalities that make them uniquely unique. Taric has this quality right now. He's heavily grounded in a paladin archetype, with his armor, shield, willingness to protect allies, and of course being SaF (Suave as Fruitloops). But that's not who Taric *is*, he has this grand over the top flamboyantly badass quality to him that really defines him as being Taric. Any rework that attempts to update Taric should keep this in mind, Taric has a legacy and that's about all he has left now, so don't take that away, pretty please. EDIT: I realized I was a bit vague on how this connected with the image OP put up. Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful artwork, and if this was used as inspiration to update Taric, that'd be wonderful. The style of the artwork gives off the impression though that he's far too serious, which is something Taric should never be.
: The item to your left is your only weapon
A Backpack. I think I could take {{champion:17}} on.
: Idea for new Champion- Gallager, The Brutal Brawler
I really like the idea of a brawler like this, though I feel your concept and Vi's are way too similar. How would you justify this guy when his playstyle and theme are about 80% of Vi's as well?
: Eclipse leona skin concept
I've seen this skin floating around forums for awhile now, and even seen the Parrot reply, thinking it an awesome concept. I really hope this becomes a thing because it is such an awesome skin <3
: {{champion:69}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:115}} Lets hear it!
You take a cautious approach when it comes to problem solving. You analyze the problem from afar and chip away at until it becomes manageable. Only then do you go in full force, confident you can tackle the rest of the problem head on. Most people would critique you for waiting too long, but when you finally dig into the problem, there are no doubts about your prowess.
: Welp, at least you almost got Fiddlesticks. P.S.: Where do I donate?
You donate by adding I love elo hell and carrying him through a game, every game carried brings us closer to a Rage Free League.
: Create Your Own Doom Bot!
{{champion:131}} Passive: Her power to channel the moon has greatly increased. Her passive now stuns the target for 1.5 seconds as well. Also, all of her abilities now apply Moonfall (with the exception of Lunar Rush). Q: Enhanced with Lun-R cells, her Crescent Strike now leaves behind a small pool of moonlight, blinding enemies inside the circle. (Think Graves W) W: Orbs will now lock-on and fly towards the nearest enemy champion within 500 range. Homing Planets ftw. E: The range of this spell is now more in sync with the actual size of the moon, tripling the range to 600. R: Much like if you were rushed in the eyeball region with moonlight, Lunar Rush now also blinds the target for 2 seconds.
: Create Your Own Doom Bot!
{{champion:103}} Passive: No more stacks, it's always up. Q: Launches 5 Spheres in a cone in front of her instead of 1. W: Like her tails, there's 9 of them now. Deal with it. E: Ignores minions and grants enemy champions hit by this a 100% movement speed boost for the duration of the charm. Also the damage boost is now increased to 50% R: Thanks to the new Graggy-NRG drink, she now has the stamina to dash 5 times instead of 3.
: They did a rework of his story Orignally he was just a Child Pharo who died...that was too dark for some so they made him a yordle instead...doesnt work since yordles arent really egyptian
Maybe there was a group of yordles way in the past that lived in the Shurima Desert.
Zarkkast (NA)
: I hope that ultimate thing doesn't happen. Doesn't seem like a skill path that fits Fiora's personality. A mechanic like that would work on a champion like Tryndamere for instance, who could augment his ability with fury, or Renekton. I don't think it suits Fiora playstyle.
I'm not quite sure, the way Guinsoo described it wasn't Karma's ultimate per se, but more like a meter of cadence (think charging up Shiv) that would allow your next ability to have extra levels of awesomeness. It may have also been her passive instead of her ultimate he was talking about, it's been so long since I read that post that I'm a bit fuzzy on the details. However, I do remember being completely stoked after reading Guinsoo's initial concepts for her Rework and hope to see what he has in store for her currently!
: Glad you're enjoying it! Just wait until SRU! ^___^
I just can't wait! The SRU looks freaking gorgeous as is and if that's just the "early" stages of the SRU, then I can't imagine what it'll look like once it's fully polished up and shipped out to us! EDIT: I just saw you were a New Rioter, so I wanted to say Congratulations and Welcome to the Forums!
zork824 (EUW)
: > > At first I thought that Tantrum was his resource bar, but the other 2 bars, "calm" and "warning"...I don't think it's for the new champion. I think it's more for the Shurima Event > > Rumble's Heat meter has three different colors as well, doesn't it? Normal, Danger Zone, and Overheat. Mmmmh...yeah, it could be this too, but tantrum, ascension, we have Amumu that has a skill named "tantrum"...I don't really know to be honest. I hope it's for the new champion really, but I'm thinking about Shurima too, and since they haven't announced anything yet..
I wouldn't get too hung up on the name of the resource bar, it's probably just an internal name given to it and may very well be Rumble's heat bar. It may have started out that the concept behind his overheating might have began as his "temper" raising instead of the mech, and the internal name just stayed as not to confuse or cause problems. It may simply be a VU to his resource bar and nothing else, but I too hope it's tied into a Shurima Event, it'd be nice to see Seth in whatever forms he takes.
: #DragonMasterSwain
This is the ultimate skin I've been expecting to come out for awhile now. It's a heavily supported community skin concept, and on top of that, plenty of Rioters have come out and all but said that this is in the works. Considering it's been a couple of months since anyone at Riot has said anything about it, my money's on Dragon Master Swain being the ultimate,,,,, That or DM Swain has been inflicted with the Scorched Earth Renekton Disease =(
Rioter Comments
: I tend to disagree with the defense...if you build him ad-heavy he´s an assassin in essence, relaying on his high mobility to flankan opponent and get his dmg to the target he wants to execute(or just kick out of position), and to avoid dmg. It´s somewhat high risk-high reward gameplay - at least in some circumstances. I totally agree on the e as-slow being too oppressive...-60% on a huge AoE currently allows a very offensive built Lee to just jump into 5man from the front and come out alive, as they can´t really fire back while they suffer the cripple...though I think the biggest offender is the ability to ward-step: Lee is a strong pick in 3v3 and Dominion, but he has less mobility here and really relies on proper positioning/flanking to get a good engage - and on his allies if he wants to get away from harm after getting in. Just taking away the free step opens him to a lot more risk and making him a lot more team-reliant, lifting his skill-floor by quite a lot (as it should be).
Bad Lee Sin's in general won't have quite a great grasp at Ward Jumping anyways, so if you take that away, all you'd be doing is lowering his Skill Ceiling. Lee Sin is only dangerous/abusive in the high end of the Ranked spectrum, where all of his kit is understood and used efficiently by those who play him. I 100% agree that the 60% AS-Slow on his E is ridiculously unnecessary, especially in an environment where AS-Slows are exceedingly rare to begin with. The fact that it's an AoE AS-Slow at that makes it even worse. I think nerfing Lee's kit will come down to the decision of what role should he lean more towards. Because right now he shift roles extremely fast throughout the game, starting off early as a great assassin who can bully people throughout the jungle and in-lane, but then transitions into more of a Bruiser/Tank role later on with all the utility he provides. If the want to tune down his "assassin-ness", I think they should hit his mobility and ratios just a bit, possibly make W cost more if you decide to Ward Jump and increase the CD on R just a bit to make it a more decisive cast rather than a "better use it because it's up" sort of deal.
: One of the components received a cost reduction of 75 gold, so the old 3 gold upgrade cost became 78. I doubt they have any intention of making Triforce cheaper.
I was honestly thinking they were gonna boost the combine price up to 333g when I first saw the component cost reduction. It'd make sense and still hold the easter egg, even more so then.
: It used to be on there, and if I remember correctly the reasoning was that it continued a meta of AP tanks that wouldn't fight you, they'd just slowly creep forward and there wasn't much an AD based champion could do, they'd just progress steadily forward. I know Singed and Amumu were particularly common offenders of this, as well as any huge health stackers as AD is the thing that usually chunks it. Essentially, with Thornmail a lot of champs got the capacity to tank all three champions, as it's armor and damage return was tuned for 5 people. If it comes back in any incarnation I can bet it's going to have a reduced effect in armor, return damage or both.
Keep in mind what ArmaMalum is saying happened before the Armor Pen changes hit, and flat was always calculated before percentage. Couple that with an environment where HP and Resistances reigned pretty easily (Season 2 / Pre-3 / Some of 3) and it was easy to see how abusive Thornmail actually was at that time. Like he said, tanks (especially Singed) would be able to get tanky enough to pretty much ignore everyone on the opposite team and push through towers and win games like that. That being said, I think the game is in a much healthier spot that if they wanted to put Thornmail back into TT, they easily could by slightly nerfing it and perhaps it's what needed right now to combat this new wave of AD Bruiser Meta that's infected TT.
Thryale (NA)
: Concerning Chalice
I do agree with your opinion that chalice is pretty oppressive in the fact that it's pushing out most other sustain items, because it is typically the beginning and end-all item when it comes to mana sustain. However, unlike most people I do actually like it's presence in the game, it provides a focus (mana sustain) that was sorely lacking before with other items. You had {{item:3070}} and {{item:3010}} before of course, but their purposes didn't hone in on the problem the way chalice does. I think instead of nerfing anything about chalice, the opposite approach needs to be taken. Chalice needs a slight buff and an increased gold cost to make to delay the power spike of that powerful passive by another minute or 2. So instead of having: {{item:3028}} **Chalice of Harmony** *{{item:1004}} + {{item:1033}} + {{item:1004}} + 120g = 880g Total Cost* *+25 Magic Resistance +7 Mana Regeneration + Unique Passive: Mana Font: Increases your mana regeneration by 1% per 1% mana you are missing * **Why not make use of a new item that hardly anyone builds to help ease the transition between chalice and Athene's, like so:** {{item:3028}} **Chalice of Harmony** *{{item:3114}} + {{item:1033}} + 120g = 1220g Total Cost* *+25 Magic Resistance +10 Mana Regeneration +10% Cooldown Reduction + Unique Passive: Mana Font: Increases your mana regeneration by 1% per 1% mana you are missing* This change would help those who actually rely on Chalice as a means for mana regen, and possibly help cut back on the few champions who use it only as a lane bully tool, since it would require a heavier investment to actually reach it now, limiting it's window of opportunity to harass mid-laners in the early game. The only issue I can see with a recipe change like this is that Mikael's recipe would also have to be altered, since it already uses Chalice + Idol for it's recipe.
yuyiito (NA)
: Summoners' Wedding !!!!
Congrats, it's awesome to hear about how games like this can bring people together from around the world! Here's hoping your marriage moves to the Silver Tier really soon <3
: Next Ultimate Skin?
Honestly the most likely candidate would be Dragon Master Swain. It's a hugely popular fan skin, and up until a couple months ago, Riot has been tight-lipped about it, but we do know it's confirmed as being developed. Unless there are some serious internal issues (Scorched Earth Renekton style), Dragon Master Swain is going to be legendary or ultimate level.
: Braum and his Massive... Monologues
What I think OP was trying to get at is that since the quality is being held to such a higher standard than it was before, are there any plans to go back and update the extremely outdated skins to try and match the substance level of the newer content that's being pushed out? Or to readjust prices to have the older "Legendary" skins meet price points of similar skins, now that they might almost classified as normal 975 skins since the content level is about the same or even in favor of the newer 975 skins?
: Personally speaking, most champions don't get any LCS spotlight because the top champs are fairly defined... so it gets sad Q_Q.
> Personally speaking, most champions don't get any LCS spotlight because the top champs are fairly defined... so it gets sad Q_Q. There are only a few champions left that haven't been played in any professional manner this season, I think the number is somewhere around 15. While I'll agree not every champion has it's fair share of LCS spotlight, this season has seen more variety in champs I believe than any other season (except maybe season 1 percentage wise).
: One thing I'd warn against here: URF mode doesn't really show that a champion can be "viable" with certain buffs, because the whole landscape is skewed to *very specific* types of damage and crowd control. Using that as a meterstick to judge a champion's overarching game health is super dangerous. If anything I do hope URF shows how frustrating certain champions can be when completely unleashed (hello Sion, hello stunlock).
This is very true. URF Mode only shows the potential of Champion's "Ungated" capabilities; That is how strong an ability is without resource cost or cooldown. On top of that, URF Mode emphasized and encouraged utility and offense over defense in all but the tankiest of tanks(Leona, Alistar). So it doesn't offer up a realistic view of a champion's power level in a "balanced" mode.
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