: Will current champs get removed for future seasons? I would imagine so as it will be harder to find champs you want if there are more champs in the pool, but at the same time it’ll be sad to see them go. It’d be neat (imo) if available champs were those in a random and limited amount of origins/types determined each match. That way you’d have the possibly of seeing every champ, but each match could sport a different champ pool with few enough champs to build a comp. Maybe, the random pool only being available in non-ranked. Other feedback: * Little legend rng: this is a big topic of debate and it would be nice if we could get some response. Personally, I’ve always been proud of Riot for not forcing people to use lootboxes/rng to get what they want. Even when the loot system came out, skins remained affordable and attainable without loot (minus the prestige skins). But now, with TFT, only 6 “skins” can be attained without rng and even then they are extremely overpriced compared to the quality of normal League skins. * Damage immunity: PD and Dragon buff are way too good in the right circumstances imo. Last game I played I managed last long enough to get the full sorcerer buff with karth and lost because my team could blow up everyone except the dragons who took literally no damage. * Item management: I’d like to be able to combine or at least hover combines without equipping items. Also it’d be nice we could unequip an item or something similar. Sometimes I get a rare champ with a spatula on the carousel and it feels bad if I have to waste an item (to combine) and lose the spatula for later use just to equip other items on that champ. * Pathing and melee comps: obviously there are some pathing issues, pls fix. Also, melee comps start to feel really bad as the game progresses. For example, a pure assassin comps just fails late game because there is not enough spaces for them to attack and so some champs will just sit and watch until one of your own units dies. It’d be nice if the board were bigger and/or melees could attack if all spaces are occupied (maybe they could share a space if that is the case). Also, tanky comps can be bad because they can exceed the round time limit. Also, Bitz gets countered pretty hard by assassins. If a assassin is the furthest unit he doesn’t bother pulling until the assassin lands and then he just pulls someone else anyways, probably after your team has agro’d on the enemy frontline. * Small thing: it’d be nice if the little legends are not forced to look in a different direction when they lose the round. It’s kind of awkward when my bird decides to turn away and stare into the abyss after getting hit with a loss.
this: I got a sej in the shop with a spatula combine with a sej I already had [ she had an item] and it combined into... *drumroll* glacial. sej is already glacial. and selling a lvl 2 sej just to get the glacial buff off of her is asinine. like yeah I get that the game is about tactics and that means being tactful with items but it's a real bummer to get glacial on a glacial esp when it's not intentional. prolly my only reason I hate how RNGesus reliant this game is. Tactful decisions are undermined by sheer luck. and right now the game is luck based.
Calv1n79 (NA)
: Just wondering, why can't we combine items in our inventory instead of always having to apply it to a champion first.
Ty921 (NA)
: "To be up front about this, we think RNG is good for Teamfight Tactics in the long term. It prevents every game from feeling the same and makes high moments and stories when you happen to get everything you want. We’ve already seen player stories of that one game where they managed to get 3 Force of Natures! This is a good thing." Riot you play a game where you don't get a single item in the first 4 rounds when 3 others have gotten an item every round and the minimal (make it to where you at least get one item on minion waves would make it fairer). Also, stop making me fight the same person who happens to be at 100 hp still halfway through the match twice in a row.
try 5 times in a row. when there were other players. it literally kills my desire to play. and I'm just here for the fun.
: Teamfight Tactics-- /Dev Update: Your Feedback and the Road Ahead
how about making the carousel more user friendly? I lag every time that comes around. It's pretty. I get that. But I already have issues with ghost gaming as it is [ and I know it's a known issue] among other bugges that I have to just accept as "normal" but... when first loading in that carousel never loads for me. I don't see champs half the time or items and by the time it loads It's done. That first stage goes by so quick that I'm just clicking the screen hoping to have just gotten something. and by user friendly I mean the way it attaches. There are times where a champ you aren't after you just happen to get close to attaches to you and you're like... wtf. and the bugge about units- where they stand still and don't attack if something was unnaturally or something in a square near them. They just stand there and do nothing. It's infuriating. I see it a lot more on assassins [ they're weird to begin with jumping all over the place so...]
: Patch 9.3 notes
Wow is nobody talking about Vi x Fiora? Like I'm totally shipping the two now. Skin splash is super adorable {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Rioter Comments
: This game isn't fun anymore, its a gamble in each game still. Always onesided.
my issue is that this game isn't about skill anymore- it's about how to tilt people. Or getting people tilted- or legit having somebody who tilted last game still que up and say something outlandish that makes this current game a loss. I've legitimately lose games where the ENEMY carries are out damaged by me, the support. Oh this game is more than just dmg charts? It's lane priority, it's rotations, it's wave management, it's learning which minions to kill and when... it's number crunching of which minion do I kill to hit next level so I can agro in the same second OR which minion do I kill so I lvl up and safely run away because BOOM leveling up just gave me that extra bit of health to slip on by... [ there's more numbers to this game than any math class I took in school cuz MERICA *insert sarcasm here* wait none of my games show this sort of thinking. It's legitimately being matched with people who don't know how to play the game. Or at this current moment is people who legit are raging at each other since lobby. But you can't dodge without losing LP and getting low prio que. I'm just about to say Fk it and go to low prio que. Apparently I hear a lot of high tier players are there [ according to friends, I don't personally know] but seriously. This game isn't about skill. It's about who's the biggest b*tch on your team. Or theirs. That's the reason I just don't enjoy playing ranked. I'm not learning anything. I'm not being the best nor even trying at this point [ I play ranked on and off- I specifically take the time to note school hours because I ABHOR playing when the children aren't in class. Like that stops them...] Seriously. A lot of thought goes into my ranked experience. And experience has taught me that no matter how much effort or thought I put in, I'm gunna get somebody who tilts my team before the game is even decided- which by logic decides the game at that point. *sigh* Like I don't even play Summoner's Rift anymore because team mates. And muting them doesn't solve anything.
Rioter Comments
: Winter Wonder Neeko Boarder
you were able to buy the border if you bought the neeko bundle. I got it through that as well as Soraka [ chromas + border] I believe the only hextech exclusive token crafting is the Crystal Deer Icon and the Poro Ride emote. The skins themselves will be around for the remainder of this Snowden and then next Snowden. Like they do with every seasonal skin. However if you missed buying the bundle and don't have enough tokens to get it then no, you missed your chance at a border
: Riot - Cashing in event tokens for BE is the shittiest process ever.
came here for the same complaint: we already know a system is in place for opening mass quantities of loot- because the option to open X chests/whatever is there. Even last even you had at least an incremental process of 10-15 BE, and higher amounts. This time we're stuck with... 1 again. and it's not even BE it's... a gem you have to take down into BE worth the same amount? 1 BE- Forge into 1 BE.... asinine process. Definitely expect better. I'd prolly be a tad bit less annoyed if I don't have to go through the animation process of even trying to forge one.
: Academy Adventures 3
Ok this Galio scene is the best
Strigina (EUNE)
: Do you have links to his works? I am searching for them for like 30 minutes already :-/ EDIT: Found some of them https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/hL1dWYx0tu4 https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/Um3UEphHnsg https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/TmAuWIKJrRo https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/6YBGiJw5ItI https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/rbJbvOfSwzY https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/TrpmiWOj6Hs https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/HixAC0IpHXA https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/d9TtImhWflE https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/_oXEcZGj46I Still can't find the Nami and it drives me crazy. EDIT2: NAMIIII https://woobox.com/f4sis9/gallery/A6Aku1wJ2JE
: Punches and Plants: A Piltover Police Story 2
Nobody else noticed Hatsur was misspelled Hastur on pg 2- the building?
: Patch 8.8 Notes
idk where to post this but... ya'll should take a look at Kayle's pentakill skin when dancing- the wings are legit unattached and hovering like some high tech accessory.
: Clash Beta launches in North America
Sorry if this has been answered already- is there in the future to make plans to have Clash available on a weekday? AKA for those of us who work in Pink Collar jobs or other jobs that require you to work the entire weekend- Friday-Sunday doubles. I find that I don't enjoy a lot of gaming events and community days simply because I never have a weekend off. I know I'm not the only one who is in this boat.
: Play Like a Pro with SLG City Champs!
still waiting on Pittsburgh. Like I get it... they FINALLY got a PA team in general. Except I can't drive across the state nor is it economic for me to do so. EDIT: 5 hour drive with tolls... Cleveland would be closer XD
Rioter Comments
: Missions no longer working. FWOTD and Revel missions no longer progressing..
Came here to second this- one of my missions should have been completed [ do X amount of dmg mission] no progression
: Learn More: Lunar Revel 2018 Event
I only came here to say the Lux skin in game looks weird. I don't know best to describe it other than [ and I was using the chroma] the style wasn't the same as the other models.
Rioter Comments
: Is anyone else sick of lethality?
I'm tired of the Lethality items [ and also {{item:3078}} ] being... a crutch. I see a LOT of champs build these items and if they don't they're useless. if they do they're overpowered almost. Like being serious- Tri on a lot of champs makes or breaks them. a lot of lethality items make or breaks a champ. like champs are SO dependent on them to do damage that its rushed. and then somehow they snowball back and beyond [ that last part I can't explain but I've seen it happen SO MANY DAMN TIMES *STARES AT {{champion:18}} -- like you can shit on people bot lane and they somehow come back and carry] reason it sucks for the rest of us Plebs is because there are no good armour options for poke heavy AP supports and mages. if you're a mage your only armour option is zhonyas. as a poke support you... really don't. unless you build zhonyas the other items that gives armour are just defense stats only. there is no ap. so either you build utility with no ability scaling or you just don't build armour. **TL:DR NEED. BETTER. ITEMIZATION.**
Jaspers (EUW)
: The 1 game I played yesterday had a Zed, so he should be building it, a Sion Lethality Top (against me) chunking me to silly amounts of HP til I got decent armour and a Lucian bot who built Black Cleaver and Youmuu's. On my team, the Fiddle J4 Bot lane, J4 was full lethality. I don't mind it but when a Sion top is rushing Duskblade, something is up. If the new season starts and all Pros are doing again is picking Jhin vs Varus bot lane, it's going to get stale again. Like the start of last season. Yet they still don't pick Malphite or Rammus.
I just played an aram where the tanks- even tanks who scale off of AP- were building lethality. Duskblade, etc... And yeah they're chunking health. It was scary.
: Pretty much all mages feel like either burst mages or DPS mages
Karthus is an AOE champ- the whole point of him is like... anivia's ult... except you're the ult with his aura. You want them to stand in you. With that being said I've always had issue with Karth because his ult is fairly weak- it's a clean up tool guys. His q is his damage. But his ult is one of the longest CD's in game. Considering ya'll gave lux a steriod with her ult [ for reals lvl 3 kill somebody with it and it's up in 10 seconds, else it's 27.5 seconds on 45% CDR NOT COUNTING THAT HAT RUNE] like ok... so maybe it's high because it's a global. Again... Panth's semi global ult has a lower CDR. Soraka's global has a lower CDR. TF's is lower. Like even Zil's ult which used to have the same CD got reduced some time ago. Like I get the fact the new runes aren't working for HALF OF THIS LIST. Ya'll keep buffing their damage output in these patches. _We've noticed Rito..._
: When you see your team has a Zed mid, Vayne Top, and Yasuo Jungle
: All to counter pick your karthus
My mate being a karth main would pick Karth into zed....
: Fixing the Perma-ban system (quality of life)
May I ask for more transparency? Like the last time I dodged a game was... October? I did it again in December and got put in a 20 min timer. How long do those effects last? I legit maybe dodge 3 games a year and it's a little ridiculous to be put 20 mins before you can even que up for.... something you did MONTHS ago. And probably because playing ranked and my team decided malzahar was a good adc. [ off note- this ranked season was the worst] but I'm more interested in transparency on a whole. Like how much do you have to do to get X negative effect in action against you ALSO SINCE WE APPEAR TO BE DOING SUGGESTIONS A willing chat ban. As in in the game itself you can click a box that prevents you from typing in chat. Now this wouldn't stop people from inting/feeding or rage quitting but... if somebody knows they're just ragey keyboard warriors maybe just the inability to type...
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: New Weekly Comic - Crystal Quest
: Incorrect. The minimum limit only applies to post-lvl 30 accounts. If your friend got 500 BE, then he must have hit lvl 14, 16, or 17 as that is their predetermined reward. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/pt/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments
Still not true. I've opened a chest and got ONE champs shard. One. Technically it was two but it was Amumu x2. And he definitely ain't worth anywhere near 810. Post lvl 30s tbh I feel are burned by the new system. I don't earn BE faster. In fact I used to play arams as a way to farm essence. ( they're quicker than SR) Now I play.. at least 2-3 first win bonus games and a few others to lvl up. Get a capsule that contains prolly a yi, soraka, nunu and jax. No seriously I've gotten shards for champs I own every time. Every time. I don't even own all champs.
MadGuy (NA)
: Preset Runes bug replacing my runepage when i enter a game.
not exactly the problem you have but I'll have my support page up, load into game and it's replaced by my "mastery 7 runepage" [ the Klepto keystone one I have] it's annoying. I'm expecting Aerie, and instead down a completely different tree and path. and by annoying this is the second time it's happened on SR and i'm very miffed.
: Compare Your Connection With Lag Report
97/100- tied with the highest in Pittsburgh! OK TBH WHO HAS 100/100
Pingiwin (NA)
: EM04 Error
I don't care if I'm bumping this but I'm getting the same message and my basic emote won't show in game. I haven't edited the key binding. It used to work
: > [{quoted}](name=Sythriel Iolas,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=VFLos60P,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-09-26T21:20:19.827+0000) > > I'm only sad that there's no specific TF voice lines that I've heard so far :( Sadly, TF and Eve are not a thing anymore, according to Reav3 on the Eve mains forums: "TF would not survive such an encounter" https://www.reddit.com/r/EvelynnMains/comments/72lm4h/will_evelynn_and_tf_still_be_canon/dnjius8/ So, no reason for there to be other than a nod to the old journals of justice days - like the Tango skin is. EDIT: OwleyCat made an addition: In the _**alternate**_ universe that Tango depicts, TF and Eve remain. I wonder if they stayed together, or broke up like in the JoJ?
I just miss the fact there was lore to this game. Like I know they've been doing stuff for the past year but... before that everything I knew about the champs was either looking up the old journals or reddits or forums. needless to say it was pretty cool. All the interactions in game are meaningful.
Vhan8765 (NA)
: Arcade Event Pass Bug - Daily Missions Broken
I haven't had daily missions show up since this event began. I just completely blitzcrank and working on the Veigar themed one. But that's it. That's the only two missions I've had for days. No daily.
: Arcade 2017 Overview
I can't help but notice you have "Raid Party" up here but no Raid Boss Nasus {{item:3070}}
Eggbread (NA)
: What Are the Lyrics To Urgot's Log In Screen?
I swore I heard "that's the price of their paradise" Took it to refer zaun and piltover
: sure {{champion:245}} dont look like {{champion:62}} with tht skin .Only reason ik it's ekko is becuz splash art
um... I can see somebody mistakening for Yi cuz sword [ splash art wise]. Put glasses on next time?
: They are all so amazing, I love it! I do want to note, however, my disappointment in Nami having very little impact in her own splash. She looks like a background NPC only vaguely noted in the image to fill up space. The least she could do is face the camera.
you mean it doesn't look like Nami. It really doesn't. Besides the tail attached... More Human than Human buuut I think that's just simply an art critique. Because Syndra's pose looks uncomfortable af. And I didn't even recognize Olaf. At all.
: still waiting for a {{champion:420}} skin
she's getting one this year. idk when but Rito mentioned it during one of the Q&A's about skins [ the picture for it was of the new Zyra skin]
: though was urgod rework for a sec...
SAME! I got all excited. The let down {{item:3070}}
: Put Recently Played List
I want this back. I need it back.
: Xayah and Rakan Available Now + Launch Promotions!
So... on the off chance that you get both rakan and xayah on an aram... would that count towards the 2 games or naw? [ lets face it those odds are pretty wild XD ]
Thèseus (NA)
: I haven't gotten a box in months, just key frags, starting to think only way to get boxes are to buy them
I'm sitting on maybe two more champs to play before I have to learn new champs to get boxes- I have earned chests for {{champion:136}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:134}}
: Everyone likes a good Support. No-one wants to be one.
I main support and the start of this season I got S ranking on every promo game I did- still got B4. Salty beginnings to a salty season. And being in that elo you can't support- you either carry or you fed. It's insanely frustrating. Your the one to blame if things don't go right even tho it was your adc or jungler who got caught out. Or if you steal a kill because if you hadn't done that auto attack they would have killed your carry. Or when you engage and friggin errbody is farming so ult wasted, or your dead. Or get yelled at for not warding but nobody will follow you out to jungle in case they're waiting in that one bush cuz you get caught you get yelled at for getting caught. Or yelled at for no map awareness even tho you were the one there to help a jungler when he got invaded and the adc is still farming. There's no reward to it because even if you spoon feed your team kills they won't remember it. It's a very salty experience. But I love Nami so I keep on playing her.
: always upvote! I've been unhappy with how Riot tracks support contribution for YEARS - and adding more metrics now is the perfect time with the mastery system getting some updates anyway. I just hope Riot makes it more meaningful to get an S on support, instead of the current state of "better not die ever and steal at least a couple of kills".
until your team rages at you because you have a better KDA than your feeding, idiot of an ADC. When you carry harder then they do but you're to blame because they're being dumb -.- If the game isn't going right support is the first role to be blamed, along with jungle. I've had damage charts where I do more than half my team and it makes me salty.
Mhija (NA)
: Leona VS Diana: WHO WOULD WIN?
I see people haven't played against a bruiser leo before. She'd stun lock Diana and obliterate her.
Bilby (NA)
: That's an interesting point--it makes sense that the less popular champs need more updating love than the popular ones. But from here it looks like the players that play those less-popular champs play the OTHER less-popular champs as well, and might even like the champs BECAUSE they're not used a lot. I wonder what the data would look like for "mains" of a champ before & after a champ is reworked; are the same people that played old {{champion:78}} now playing new {{champion:78}} or did they switch to champs like {{champion:83}}? It helps me appreciate the work that the champ update team is tasked with--it's a tall order to revamp a champ in a way that doesn't alienate the people that love her.
I honestly thought Karth was gunna get a bit of that mid mage update love after my mate got a message earlier this year- it was a poll asking if his passive was a key component to his character [ not exact words mind you] and I'm kinda happy he's still the same old bag of bones that makes me feel spiritually dirty when I spam play him during URF among other things. Cuz who doesn't like skittles ;3
: Please change Mordekaiser back into a mid range burst mage...it legit makes me "angry" that I can't play him the way he is anymore.
my mate used to main him mid- esp against a LB and they just trashed him. You can't even take him bot lane anymore
: I didn't know dodging his grabs could ever be difficult. You can basically all-in trade after he misses one.
and when have you ever been in a lane when the adc and support dodges every single one of his Q's? Never.
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