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: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
Following up on what I said here earlier. Good steps in the right direction. Sustained damage is alright. But wu has no more burst anymore. Q damage is pretty non existent, and his e feels a lot weaker than before. These things are especially more noticable late game. Small suggestions: Wu's all in at mid game is fine, but late game he is too squishy to get off any decent damage in all in team fights, and doesn't do enough to be impactful. Having his E or R scale into later game a bit better would help a lot here. His q does like no damage no compared to how it was before. Suggestion, maybe give it a slightly lower CD if you want to promote sustained fighting over burst? Or another option, one that I like a lot more, providing it some sort of scaling, I think it would be REALLY cool if poppy's old Q could be reintroduced here, even if it was at the cost of the bonus healing or damage elsewhere in his kit because it as is his Q is underwhelming. Personally I was a huge fan of Poppy's old on hit Q skill, that converted all the damage into magic and dealt some max hp damage. His current mana costs and mana pool size dont work. Before it worked cause he was built with a lot of AD/lethality, did a lot of burst damage and didn't involve a lot of sustained fighting/skill spamming. Now that wukong deals less burst damage and is more likely to be in longer sustained fights or trades I think a larger mana pool or lower mana costs to match would make sense. Overall opinion: I like the direction of the changes as it could possibly make wukong more viable top again, but he loses too much burst with the current changes and that kind of ruins the feel of his kit and his previous strength. I would like to see this compensated with either a slight boost to his burst (like his Q), sustained fights to be rewarded more somehow so his new kit has some sort of identity if not one as a bursty AD assassin anymore, or better late game scaling because his E and Q have lost a lot of damage scaling.
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: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
How much Wukong have you previously played? 90k Mastery, 100 Ranked games on Wukong last season. Have played him on and off since his release. Do you feel these changes result in you playing in somewhat different ways? Yes, the newer changes make him less of a glass cannon assassin and more of a bruiser. If so, do you enjoy that? Sort of. I like the direction of the changes but the damage nerfs to his Q and E I think will take away from one of his most enjoyable aspects, and that's his big E > Q Burst late game once he has a few AD items. I hope these changes don't take away from his identity as an assassin to turn him into a pure bruiser. Why? Take a look at how the poppy rework turned out. It was decent but she isn't enjoyable to play anymore (to me at least) because she feels like an entirely different champion, gone from assassin to a more tank type champ, I'm afraid gimping Wukong's burst damage may have this same sort of harm. I would not mind if the damage was just moved around to a different part of his kit, maybe to make it so that he can't burst every time his E and Q are up, like maybe increasing his R damage per rank (be it AD scaling or flat damage) or something simpler like raising his AD per lvl stat to compensate. What builds would you be inclined to use with this kit? I think more of a bruiser triforce/cleaver/iceborn gauntlet build. So some sort of build using a triforce/black cleaver/iceborn gauntlet at it's core, merc boots or tabis then 4 of these items; steraks, titanic hydra, death's dance, GA, spirit visage, ravenous hydra, etc. I would probably use Conq vs tankier matchups and electrocute vs squishier ones. Overall his build would be similar to what it was before minus the lethality items. I have to agree with what the others are saying here. I don't really get the direction things are going here. His kit becomes more bruiserish but he still cant fight/play like well like one. He doesnt have enough CC to be a disruptive offtank, and he isnt going to have enough damage to be much of a kill threat. I think a large part of why he isnt good right is just that he has a very weak and exploitable lane phase, but does fine once he has a few items or manages to get a lead. With these changes I think he will do a bit better in lane, but loses a lot of the kill threat he had before which I dont think is a good trade off. I hope I'm heard here. I saw the suggestions be made before the poppy rework, which I thought weren't great but didn't say anything. Unfortunately they went through, making her go from just bad but fun to ok but boring, while completely ruining her identity as assassin. Might as well have made a whole new champion instead.
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: [CLIENT] Conqueror's true damage numbers shows weird & improper results
: God Fist Lee Sin
This is how I imagined tyler1 as a champion.
: Join the Camille Launch Day Stream on 12/12 PST
Flustig (EUNE)
: Unable to connect to the server. Please check your network connection and attempt to reconnect
Don't know if it's client sided or server sided, but it's definitely either the server or the new patch.
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: looking for new duo
Ay, hit me up. Gold 3 top here. Antichamp
catm1123 (NA)
: I am a gold main supp. Looking to duo
If you want a top duo, add me up, Antichamp
: adc looking for a duo gold 3
Gold 3 top here, add me, Antichamp
: Silver 1 Pushing Gold
If you want a decent top laner, hit me up at Antichamp. Sitting in gold 3 right now.
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: Her ult wasn't a tad bit broken, it was one of the most overpowered things to ever exist in the game, also she has bad base stats to make her early game so horrible that she would never be actually viable because of her late game, due to her ult making it so there was literally nothing you could do to her if you had even one person without nautalus levels of cc or enough damage to burst her, which her passive made it so you could never do.
Has everyone forgot about kayle? ;').
Ralanr (NA)
: Her passive and ult were the most toxic things in this game. I'm glad they were cremated and buried deep underground in a bunker so they couldn't bring out fallout.
Idk about her passive, there were a lot of things that countered it, and her poor base stats more then made up for it. Though I do agree her ult was a tad bit broken, but then again there are other champs with ultimates that are just as potent.
: You forgot one thing that made us all happy old poppy was buried...
LOL I love that splash art though. The reactions at the start of every new game were priceless.
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: reroll 3 of them into kled, save 3 for ivern disenchant the rest for blue essence to spend on champion mastery
> [{quoted}](name=Latitoast,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=pxKA30uE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-29T21:00:08.365+0000) > > reroll 3 of them into kled, save 3 for ivern > > disenchant the rest for blue essence to spend on champion mastery Thanks! Didn't know reroll gave you your missing champ. Didn't know blue essence could be used like that too.
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