: Abyssal Mask viable on Viktor?
You lose way too much AP and you're going to feel it (less 1 shots) I suggest {{item:3102}} in an otherwise, generally flat AP build. If they are super fed you can add an earlier {{item:3151}} (the HP will mix well with Banshee's MR stats) meanwhile it still brings flat AP and magic pen.
: is new swain lex luthor
he's more of a Palpatine/Sith Lord...
: Exactly. Plus, the laning phase is now ten times harder because of the Stopwatch rune. Adc's are now the most powerful ones since everyone can get a goddamn stopwatch in the game. Also, the fact that Zed can be easily erased with champions like talon in the early is just stupid. Makes him a worthless pick. If he doesn't snowball in the early, he fails the game. No comebacks from that one unless his team carries him. And snowball is even more difficult now when stopwatch rune is free. Free six hundred gold for an item that completely counters zed
even if he snowballs, he's often worthless... I popped off on a Zed yesterday in Japan Server and got 10+ kills, roamed bot repeatedly, deleted 3 towers on my own and was 2 EXP ahead of the enemy team. Didn't matter. Still lost when forced to team fight against {{champion:498}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:59}} If you gave me even 6 kills on a Mage by comparison... no way I'm losing that game. You're literally likely to throw every single team fight with Zed because of how tricky he is to play... Even a 46% win rate Viktor with half the number of kills is more useful mid to late in team fights, dropping a bunch of Force Fields and lasers.
TylerBrah (EUW)
: ADC. If you're doing well, that's already 2/5 people on your team ahead of 2/5 people on the enemy team. Add to that the carry power of the meta ADCs like Vayne/Tristana/Twitch and yea, it's probably the easiest to snowball with. Sure people will say it's support reliant but unless you've got a legit braindead support (doesn't happen as often as ADC mains act), it shouldn't matter. All you need to do is survive the laning phase and it's usually GG. With that said, Mid/Jgl aren't far behind either.
In my view its Mid, and it has always been Mid. Its a 1 vs 1 lane so you can snowball off superior mechanics. You deal tons of damage and for the most part, your kits are extremely powerful and independent. You are also closer to Bot and Dragon so you can be part of early skirmishes and team fights. Gain an EXP lead and you can steamroll most of the map very fast... and you don't have to depend on Support/JG to make plays.
: Help im stuck in bronze 5
In Bronze? I wouldn't roam at all. Just sit Mid and farm up. Work on trading mechanics and you can consistently be 2 levels ahead of everyone else. This will allow you to come out of mid game and become a totally unstoppable force. Just don't die, focus down those towers, and use your EXP/Gold lead to crush everyone else. Pick a champ that is unstoppable with an EXP lead... I recommend Vladimir (with the slightest EXP/kill lead he can hard carry and 1 vs 2/3). If you can't play him then someone like {{champion:99}} will work just fine. Just don't bother with assassins (easily throw games, too much mechanics required, kits focus on 1 vs 1 when you need to 1 vs 2/3 to win so you'll be playing with a disadvantage). You don't need to roam because if you do you put Mid tower at risk and there's ZERO guarantee your team mate will respond to the roams appropriately. If the enemy starts roaming and getting Double kills for his team just Mute everyone and keep farming Mid. Get 1-2 levels ahead of the other laner and start carrying. Half the time in Bronze if they leave lane, you can shove up and damage their tower safely while gaining a HUGE gold/EXP lead.
: Zed buff
I agree. There's no reason to pick him. You can do so much more with conventional mages from mid to late game... He split-pushes better, that's it. But you can't even do that if they send an armoured Top with TP to guard against you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lannister Gold ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7pViJkjb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-15T06:02:46.853+0000) > > Regardless of the meta, more than 50% of the time you are in control of the outcome of the game. If you cannot climb then you simply need to Git Gud. > > Blaming the Meta will only get you so far because 1. Some people can still get to Plat/Challenger from Bronze regardless of Meta 2. if X is "OP" and "braindead" then why don't you play X?. Meta is just the favoured tools at the moment, whether you climb or not depends on your mastery of said tools. > > This game is 100% Performance based. You will lose some games, but if you are Good you will Climb over time. If not, then you won't. > > It make take a few 100 games to get to your true Rank but getting to your true Rank is a test of dedication too... wth are you even saying? wait did I talk about meta here? Wait what? Are you okay in the head? wait Dont type
The game is 100% performance based. Your performance (your ability to work with players of certain skill variations/variables) will over the long term determine your rank. Blaming your team mates will get you nowhere. Focus on your own performance, not theirs.
: "Your Performance begins" in Jan 16
Regardless of the meta, more than 50% of the time you are in control of the outcome of the game. If you cannot climb then you simply need to Git Gud. Blaming the Meta will only get you so far because 1. Some people can still get to Plat/Challenger from Bronze regardless of Meta 2. if X is "OP" and "braindead" then why don't you play X?. Meta is just the favoured tools at the moment, whether you climb or not depends on your mastery of said tools. This game is 100% Performance based. You will lose some games, but if you are Good you will Climb over time. If not, then you won't. It make take a few 100 games to get to your true Rank but getting to your true Rank is a test of dedication too...
: Some basic knowledge to supports when your adc is ezreal.
If your ADC is Ezreal, its important to pick one of the following support champs: {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:143}} Build a {{item:2301}} (at least on this patch) and then just go full AP damage to make up for the damage deficit created by the Ezreal pick.
: Yup I'm Bronze and need help
You should not play Top and if you play Top you should avoid Riven (too many bad match ups, you end up doing what other champions do better anyways but with much less mechanical reliability). If I had to play my way out of Bronze I would play Mages with powerful early and late, and lots of AOE 1 vs 2/3 potential. Annie is good but Lux and Vladimir are even better (though they take more experience to use). In general Lux is probably the best option. Taking Ignite and trading well will allow you to win all lanes and snowball immediately. You can win all lanes and the elo is low enough that the enemies will group and get hit by your binds. This will allow you to 1 vs 2/3 repeatedly. Also... just remember that you're not playing League of Legends, you're playing League of Towers. Get those towers... don't chase kills... destroy towers, don't over-stay... repeat... and win. The don't over stay part is huge. Also, keep safely attacking the minion waves (tons of people don't attack free waves); you'll gain a ton of free EXP and gold and a level lead is huge for carrying.
: The Zed Gameplay Experience
Can't play Zed right now... the enemy team: {{champion:57}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:44}}
: Why has Riot remained silent about duskblade for so long?
because even with it around... there's barely ever a reason to ever pick an assassin over a mage without it, assassins would just be useless
: Who is a true counter to annie?
{{champion:112}} Aggressively Q trade against her pre-6 when her stun is not up (out-trades hard). Can poke her over and over again with Death Ray. Hex 1 into Banshees with strong poking, kiting and wave clear at level 6 and beyond. Always get boots first so you can kite harder. If you get caught... place Gravity Field and Chaos Storm on her (she will get hit because she's busy combo-ing you). And then run/Flash back.
: does anyone else find nasus to be overbearing to handle right now?
Its so stupid for a Nasus to be taking Kleptomancy. I know its Meta but gameplay fantasy wise its so dumb. Why would a battle god need to hit the other laner every X seconds to maximise some gold generation objective? I much preferred it when Nasus just sat there and Q farmed. And he was either countered or he countered (ex loses against bullies, wins against tanks). But yeah his whole design is just uninteractive. However, Klepto Nasus looks SO DUMB... I hope they nerf the hell out of Klepto.
Enselus (NA)
: Amazon guy passed bill gates as the richest man in history
So he's become the new Number One Exploiter? Gotcha.
: Any recommend easy top lane champ?
{{champion:54}} You farm super defensively until you get a {{item:3068}} at which point you can go for minor trades. His Ult is extremely over-powered in team fights and you can button mash into their carries after. You build armor = get free damage. You do have to resist the temptation to team fight all the time though, still have to guard tower and stay even/ahead in EXP. Often out-damages the ADC at the end of damage charts in low elo. God late game.
: At least it isn't a damage buff... {{champion:112}} pretty much already hurts a lot.
He can already nuke the entire enemy team with high reliability using his E and R ticks. Never mind the delays... they generally always hit if you time it right. Also, this Q buff will allow him to use well-timed shields to negate fatal damage like Zed Death Mark and Lux R. He'll be a walking Riven except AP... massively outplaying and out-shielding enemies in micro outplays while nuking the whole Rift.
: HIDE YO AHRI, HIDE YO ORI! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
THEY BETTER PREPARE FOR THE VIKTOR META! Viktor will become a Riven except in Mid Lane (with half of his battle time shielded). He'll keep spacing out the Qs on minions so he shielded for a lot. It doesn't scale off AP (like Riven's does off AD) so I'm sure there will be mana builds. Morello, Lich, Tear etc will grant him TONS of shield and outplay potential. Oh Ori you were going to hit me with the ball? FEAR NOT. I can suddenly Q auto a minion and negate with shield. See? Massively outplayed. Zed Death Mark? NAH. I escape... CAUSE I CAN SHIELD AGAIN. Bye bye hovering Shuriken...
: You act like it's a Janna shield, calm the hell down.
Its much more powerful than a Janna Shield. Its going to be up every 2 seconds. Shield... auto burst... Shield... Just imagine the outplays. Also, its on a full damage glass cannon champion. Literally will be able to nullify a Vladimir Ult from a complete kill every 2 seconds. This is exactly the sort of utility buffs that Viktor needs. Its not about E damage or R reliability or decreased Hex costs... its these sort of things that allow skill expression and outplays. "JOIN THE GLORIOUS EVOLUTION!" Walks into lane... twice as many shields... imagine
: > [{quoted}](name=Lannister Gold ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5F7ggl1R,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-01-12T05:44:39.894+0000) > > I thought there was a mechanism where if Twitch builds IE, Twitch gets more damage from building IE than Ashe gets from it. Something about Ashe's Crit stats going into Slowing the enemy at the expense of damage? Twitch gets more out of IE because he gets free attack speed from q and free ad from r which multiply the overall damage he gets out of the item. Ashe is simply not subject to the rng of crits and instead receives the equivalent damage increase per auto. for example: 100 ad with 50% crit chance over 10 attacks will yield 5 attacks that deal 100 damage and 5 attacks that deal 200 damage which results in a total of 1500 damage ashe would instead deal 150 damage over 10 auto attacks which is still 1500 damage in total. the added slow is just a bonus.
So she already gets full damage value from Crit? Just that its evenly spaced out? Then we'll have to buff her some other way?
Rioter Comments
: She has a Yasuo'ish passive for crits, read it
Does it work out to her advantage? Does a Twitch or an Ashe get more damage from building a single Crit item?
: She does get full benefit out of crits. Possibly more since {{item:3143}} doesn't work against her.
I thought there was a mechanism where if Twitch builds IE, Twitch gets more damage from building IE than Ashe gets from it. Something about Ashe's Crit stats going into Slowing the enemy at the expense of damage?
Rioter Comments
: "Jinx isn't as strong as the other hypercarries so we're going to massively buff her right clicking"
Well... it makes sense. Since right now with Miss Fortune being so dominant (press R to win, no need to kite) there's zero incentive to play traditional kiting right-clicking ADCs. The only other semi-viable choices are Twitch and Vayne. And that's it. So buffing Jinx' right click makes sense.
Mordius (NA)
: How can I justify coming back to League?
Well rank wise... Silver isn't much of a loss. With a new account, you can easily get Silver back (even high Silver). Its not like you were Diamond and now have to re-climb with a Bronze MMR account. And who cares about some skins? I play 12+ champs and only skin 2 of them (most of my skins remain unused for entire seasons). Skins are entirely over-rated. The splash arts can be looked at any time and in most cases, the in game models don't live up to the splash and are worse off than Classics. Unlocking champs is annoying but you only need 1 4800 BE champ to start seriously kicking. Hell, many 450 BE Champs can easily carry on new accounts (ex Annie, Master Yi... they should honestly make Lux 450). In any event, enjoy the process of starting over again. You get to pick a bunch of familiar champs... and then kick the living teeth out of low elo thugs. Just imagine that you're Batman and you've been exiled from Gotham. Do you suddenly lose all of your powers and training? Hell no. You lose the Bat Cave and all of your gadgets (champions, skins, maybe some runes) but are you not going to kick ass in New York or Los Angeles? The entire elo of Bronze will tremble in terror as you destroy half of their ranks on your climb back to your rightful elo.
: So with the confirmed viktor buffs Here is an idea.
I think it's hard to make plays based around your Q stacks (he's often not in range to Q anything, if you allow Q-ing minions to create stacks it leads to a clunky game play gimmick). I'm also worried this will introduce further unreliability. IMO what he needs is 2 things. 1. 1000 gold Hex 1 2. Increased R on-cast burst damage, add 1 more tick... (make the Ultimate scarier and have more immediate burst) Also... make the Ultimate cast LOOK MORE POWERFUL PLEASE. It's a Chaos Storm (more lightning, more lights or something)... half the time I feel I'm firing a glitched power generator; it goes completely unnoticed. That's pretty much it
Akrid415 (NA)
: So uhh....is Vlad over powered?
I play over 20 champions at the Silver/Gold level and Vladimir is who I pick when I just want to win. The only way to defeat my Mid Vladimir is to either out-rank me (ex/current Plat+) or else defeat my team (instead of me). You are not going to win lane against me (my kit is too good and I will keep escaping with a sliver of HP)... even if you do, I'll just come back to hyper carry at 3 items (better win fast). I limit the number of Vlad games I play because my skills on balanced champs (ex Lux, Viktor etc) will actually deteriorate...
Akrid415 (NA)
: So uhh....is Vlad over powered?
Yes. I climbed to Gold just spamming him. There's absolutely zero point to learning any other mages or playing anyone else if you just want to win.
: There was this one game, {{champion:75}} had 500 stacks. He got locked down by {{champion:25}} Q and dead. It was late game and that's how they lost.
Thing is... you don't need 500 stacks. At around 200+ stacks, you already insta-delete towers and 2-3 hit squishies with almost no counterplay. If you use aggressive game knowledge and macro play... go around and delete towers and group up where it makes sense... a Nasus with any amount of stacks over 200 is just broken. They either have the champions to CC you or they don't, usually they don't. You can just Flash engage on them anyway anywhere and your team has a huge edge. They focus fire you, your squishies fire on them... they ignore you... you Q their whole team to death. Again, he's basically a better version of Darius. I don't care about working hard to get those 3-0s in lane before 10 mins... I can just chill, farm, and safe carry if the team is alive past 10 mins. Like why should I even bother strategising how to build up bleed stacks when I can just walk up and Q them to death? Game should be LONG OVER before 500 stacks. If you have 500... its probably because "you got too greedy" with the stacks. The point of Nasus is not to get stacks, its to win game (and he's too good at it).
: nasus is anti-fun
He's a top lane God. I pick him and LOL all the time at how easy it is. You sit up there, let the wave push to you... and just Q to 100+ stacks. Enemy can't kill you LOL cause of all the free healing. YOU ONLY NEED TO CARE ABOUT KEEPING THE MINIONS CLOSE TO YOUR TOWER (so no Ganks). If your team's already lost the game by the time you get 100+ stacks (shrugs... well its not like anyone else could have changed the game, feeders are feeders right? So I don't feel bad... just ff no big deal). But if we're even or ahead? Now we're in business. Cause I have 100+ stacks and I will carry now (I will, cause I got em stacks). Your mid to late game is just absolutely broken. You legit walk up to towers and destroy them in seconds with Qs and auto resets. At 150+ stacks NOBODY (I feel its really nobody) can 1 vs 1 you in a melee duel. NOBODY. You walk up to them and Q them to death... no counterplay. Riven fancy combos? Jax fancy E timings? Fiora Parry counters? I don't give a ****. I am Nasus, you will Q-ed and Withered to death. When I play Nasus my plan is really simple. I farm to 150+ stacks (no one has been able to stop me, I legit think you need High Gold+ knowledge to stop this simple strat) and then I don't give a damn about the enemy laner. I look at the mini map for the enemy JG. THE ENNEMY JG (not the skill of my laner) WILL DECIDE THE FATE OF THE ENNEMY TOP LANER. As soon as he shows up (I kid you not) in any other lane (and he will because I'm un Gankable always)... I say to myself, "JG, you've just condemned your top laner." I'll walk up to the enemy laner (and I don't care if he's Darius, Fiora, Renekton... I don't give a ****), and Q and W and auto them to death with my 100-150+ stacks. The enemy's skill is irrelevant. What matters is 1. is his JG around? 2. Do I have my stacks YET (if I don't yet, I can wait another 2-3 mins for them). Late game? The team fight is ridiculously easy. You just walk up to (or Flash up to) the carries and Q them to death. That's it. Basically... Nasus = God of League
Saïx (OCE)
: that shield gives a speed boost
I mean... if my team is winning; the other champs are better at locking down the wins (ex Leona, Morg, Sona etc). And if my team is winning, its because my carries are good at dodging stuff so they probably don't need the handicap space of a few extra shields. If we're losing... shields are not going to do anything (especially since close to half of them won't actually block anything assuming carries can side step... if they can't, then no amount of shields is going to save their overall bad mechanics). Healing is at least reliable and consistent.
: Lulu Support Tilts Me
Also... who the hell plays this game and goes... "I'm going to play a Support that throws out shields and can occasionally turn someone into a squirrel. That's all I'm going to do. Hopefully someone on my team will carry and I can just spam shield that person. And it will hopefully do something. If my team starts losing... well I'll just throw some shields but probably ff." Like why? How is this even fun? If your team was winning, they don't need your shields to lock down the win (but they could have used Naut/Leona engages, Sona heals or Morg binds). Carries carry by avoiding damage anyways, if they're getting hit then the shields can hardly save them forever... and if you're losing... well the shields won't do anything.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Lannister Gold ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=T5sZj9Ho,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2017-11-30T04:27:54.758+0000) > > Is this an attempted play for free RP from Riot? > > Good try friend. Well your a terrible person...
What I want to know is... Did they succeed? Should I also try?
k wìx (NA)
: As a longtime Xerath Main, it's really dissapointing to see Zoe's kit in action.
Isn't history just repeating itself? I mean {{champion:115}} is already a better version of Xerath right? With {{champion:115}} on the table... there was already no reason to pick Xerath. Ziggs = similar levels of poke, easier skills to aim, more reliable Ult + emergency escapes and tower destruction, similar mana costs...
renrag27 (NA)
: My first post after 5 years of reading the boards.
Is this an attempted play for free RP from Riot? Good try friend.
Rioter Comments
: @Lore team, Vlad's new lore makes him identical to Elise. I would greatly appreciate justification
Dude, as a Vladimir player this is WAY BETTER. Are you kidding me? He just upgraded from some Ted Bundy who ran away and got trained by a "Sith Lord" to get some blood powers... into an actual Vampire Overlord with thousands of years of power and influence over Noxus. I mean, this is huge. He's basically a Castlevania Dracula Final Boss a la League style now. Its way better.
: Vladimir short lore update, some praise and questions
THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN THE OLD LORE. He's now a boss, a complete boss. No one screws around with League's new Dracula Final Boss.
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: Japan Server?
I'm wondering because I'm in China and it seems to be unaccessible. I'm wondering if its a server issue or if its a computer issue or if there's some kind of a rule.
: There are no proper runes for Mages
I have no idea what you're talking about. The Sorcery tree has way better minor slots than Domination. Domination's slots are awkward as hell. Meanwhile you have great things in Sorcery like Transcendence, Ultimate Hat, and Scorch. Also, I've been absolutely destroying people in laning with {{champion:112}} and {{champion:99}} and that's no matter if I run Aery or Comet (they both feel super strong). Even without TLD, it feels I have so much more mana and damage in trades. If anything, I feel that except for there being no more TLD, Mages have a better laning phase now. More damage over time, more mana, and just generally better trading and scaling.
Rioter Comments
: Mid lane is not fun anymore
You mean Zed that has to deal with Stopwatch and Replica Stopwatch?
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Rexxiee (NA)
: Ezreal is hotfix worthy atm tbh.
I play Ashe into him and beat him nearly every time in any decisive fight. Sure he can poke around but when it comes down to it, he can't put out the necessary DPS/burst to win team fights. He loses tons of damage for going Klepto tree. He gets his items earlier but who cares... he's thrown so much damage down the drain for going Inspiration. Plus his kit having no wave clear means that the game's likely to be dragged out (he sucks at closing out games). Once it goes 3-4 items he's just way out-damaged by other crit right clickers. I just pick Ashe, dominate lane, play it cool because I know if I just wave clear the game will get to 3-4 items. And then watch him shoot a water pistol in team fights while I shred their whole team. Not to mention, the player playing Ezreal is far more likely to mess up at a critical moment than I am. Miss 1 or 2 Qs and he's dunzo. Even if he lands them, its only about the same damage as I'm putting out by simply right clicking.
: no counter play.... {{item:3140}} js on and it builds into an assians weapon. Mal is easy to beat in and out of lane. pretty useless in a team fight as well. If anything he needs buffed. His spells are so slow if you get hit, its because your bad. His one true chance to kill someone is Ult and a single item counters that
I was thinking more in terms of mages fighting him. A mage can't build QSS.
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