: Why lots of people are quitting league
but then when you play with friends, especially where your friend is not Gold... it gets EXPONENTIALLY harder to win. Like you need at least 2 Golds (assuming you yourself are Gold) to make sure the game is playable. 1 Gold and 1 Bronze/low Silver from my experience, is MASSIVE CURBSTOMP either for or against you (absolutely nothing you can do and you as the Gold, are expected to do all the killing). 1 Gold and 2+ Bronze/low Silvers... literally unwinnable. You'll win the lucky game here and there but match-making is just insane. 2 Gold and 2+ Bronze/low Silvers... its doable. 2 Gold and 3+ Bronze/low Silver... back to the the 1 Bronze/low Silver effect. 3+ Golds... LITERAL SUICIDE (you'll be fighting literal high Plats). ... Not to mention, when playing with friends of lower MMR... you must always Try Hard. You can't go Zed, Jhin, Riven etc and try to test mechanics. No, its got to be Vladimir, Miss Fortune, Viktor etc...
: How long we gonna pretend
since rhinos are not horses, they cannot be unicorns furthermore, their skin texture is too different
Shock16 (NA)
: Better to main one role, or two?
You should main 1 role and have an off/secondary role (and have a pocket Support/JG in case, because sometimes you are autofilled there). One tricking for 1 role while having a few pocket picks for all roles is probably best for climbing.
: Ezreal is such a fucking useless champion.
it always seems like he just does no damage in team fights whenever the enemy picks him, I feel confident even my {{champion:202}} and {{champion:22}} will outscale him... and not even outscale him late game, just out scale him by mid. I could care less what items he has, I know that 80% of Ezreals won't deal the optimal damage with him and even where the optimal damage is dealt, it MATCHES (does not exceed) that of a well played right clicker plus the nature of his kit promotes bad play "I have a safety button with E so I can be really aggro" (and die)... conversely, "All I have to do is Q max range poke repeatedly and not die, see? highest damage dealt." (except it loses team fights)
: This game is god awful for anyone that isnt playing a tank or ADC.
Its actually awful for ADCs too. About 50% of the time you'll get an absolutely useless Support and not be able to do anything as you lose Tier 1 and then have to farm for the next 20+ mins to catch up. And its "always" the "bad ADC" comments from your team. Also, there's never a proper frontline (or there is only 33% of the time). This means that you'll be fighting pretty powerlessly in most of your games. Now take Mid by contrast... you have near complete agency over your own lane. For the first 15 mins of the game you're the boss with the most firepower. Its way more fun.
Ponderss (NA)
: Why play Veigar vs. Syndra
Veigar is better. Event Horizon (if you master the cast range) is the most powerful zoning/CC/catch ability in the whole game. It can trap/mind-f a whole team. Plus at 2+ items and with appropriate Q stacks you can carry games in the style of Vladimir/Viktor.
: What's('re) the best champion(s) for climbing out of low Silver/high Bronze?
{{champion:8}} He goes even/wins all lanes in Silver 5 when mastered. Flash Combos can cheese players very easily and get ahead, creating a "Zed Snowball Effect" on a supposedly late game/weak early game champ (he's only "weak" early in higher elos). With good CS-ing and a few kills he can easily get 1-2 levels ahead and stat-check the whole enemy team (literally no one can go near him without getting blown up). Has powerful and reliable spammable AOE abilities to dominate team fights and blow up squishies. Late game hyper carry (even better and more reliable than ADCs). With the following end game build he can fight and kill nearly anyone {{item:3158}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3157}} (Morellos prevents enemy fed ADCs from life stealing and will allow you to kill them with even/superior EXP) Teams will keep throwing their leads so the game will tend to get to late game about 60-70% of the time. This is where Vladimir absolutely destroys.
nm1010 (NA)
: Its funny that when I was duoing/dicking around in gold for 2 years on my main it was fine, but when I get a smurf into high elo in 100ish games I am ruining the new player experience.
its funny how you complain about player experience when you get destroyed by diamond and master smurfs but when you do it to others your whole worldview changes
: How do Smurfs and Boosters sleep at night?
wow it is most unexpected that this thread would be flooded by smurf apologists... I never knew so many people could intentionally do something to ruin new player's experience and be so self-justified/self-righteous about it... its truly shocking... and you wonder why there are so many legitimate remarks about how match-making is broken; there is a sub-culture devoted to undermining it
Ixoziel (NA)
: You act as though smurfing is some ultimate evil. There was a duo in korea who played tahm kench / anivia and threw every game. They did it for hundreds of games. There have been bronze games held hostage for over 6 hours. People regularly int. People BUY boosts. But smurfs / boosters are the ones that bother you?
it undermines the new player's experience there are worse variations, but its all in the same vein and bad spirit
Zed genius (EUNE)
: I sleep just fine, especially after playing some games on my smurf account
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: kiba vs yugi
Yugi is a cheat. And a superstitious cheat at that. Nothing more, nothing less. With respect to Kaiba, he's got an ego the size of a cathedral.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: The silver challenge
I have maybe already done it at the start of the season. I got on a plane to California, I was only going to be in NA for a week so I decided to place and get Gold V fast. I placed in Silver II and played for 1 + 1/3 weeks in a lightning campaign to Gold V. I think it took at most SLIGHTLY over 70 games (probably less, but how do you check?). I didn't do any all-nighters or anything and it was on average about 3-5 games a day. I reached Gold V but I had to do the final promos twice. Gold V is the highest I have ever reached so if I can do it, then I'm sure Diamond etc can do it too. I did it playing non-meta picks like Viktor, Vladimir, and Miss Fortune.
Bolroy (NA)
: Can I please get an even game for once?
We cannot always save our team mates. But we carry their memories with us. (this was from your Bronze ally) *hands you a piece of Garen's amor
: The current state of Jinx.
Her laning is extremely weak compared to {{champion:202}} {{champion:22}} and {{champion:21}}. That's my main issue with her. I feel that she swings between 2 extremes. With 3+ items she becomes an unstoppable hyper carry who just turns on and kills everything and everyone. But with anything less she's completely useless. The games where you're even/slightly behind and stall out to 3 items are AMAZING (because she will destroy). But losing lane feels really terrible (it will take over 20 mins to catch up).
: > [{quoted}](name=Lannister Gold ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=chuiENxm,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-04-20T13:40:36.811+0000) > > The ADC with the 1 item isn't going to do a whole lot unless he's way fed and got there way early. > > Assuming neither the ADC and Mage is fed and both are even with laners... at 1 item the Mage has far more contribution to the team for the next 10 mins. > > I play both Mages and ADCs and I'd take the unfed Mage with the Luddens over the ADC with the single Crit item any day. > > With your range, EXP advantage, and AOE damage capability you do so much more. > > From my experience unless fed, the ADCs not going to have ground-breaking impact until 2-3 items. A mage and assassin can hit the game immediately at 1 item and start making super big plays. The Mid and top are not going to do much with just 1 item. The problem comes with how fast you get that 1 item before anyone else. That is what is known as a spike. Furthermore what makes you think once they reach that spike they will suddenly get the second item before the people that were behind them will. When people say bot is the problem they mean exactly that, they are getting their items too fast and that situation gets compounded when there are too people down there to feed the ADC kills instead of 1 like solo lanes.
people over-fixate on the complete gold cost of the ADC's first item and the Mage/Assassin's first item and not on actual capability and EXP... At 10-12 mins into a game assuming the Mage/Assassin ad the ADC has the same gold they will each have a semi-completed first item (the ADC's first item is cheaper so they have a closer to complete item)... Now the mage/assassin has more EXP (from solo lane), has a kit that has more range/mobility/safety/CC. So who is going to do more? The mid. In the first 15 mins of the game, its mid lane's show. They are the big guns in team fights and skirmishes, not the ADC.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lannister Gold ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=chuiENxm,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-20T03:25:30.040+0000) > > Many calls for ADCs to be "fixed" are based on blatant falsehoods. For instance, the following notions are completely wrong/misleading: > > 1. **ADCs deal 80% of the team's damage** (in fact, in a large proportion of games, Mid deals the most damage and in nearly all games, any other 3 roles added together surpass the ADC's damage) > 2. **ADCs are mana-less sustained burst damage dealers** (in fact, this is not the case by default, unless massively fed, they are DPS champs who rely on the front line to set up plays and appropriate peel and positioning by team mates) > 3. **ADCs right click to win **(in fact, this is a gross oversimplification of the positional complexity, mechanical skill and game knowledge needed to actually play the role well consistently) > 4. **ADCs have an extremely cheap build that immediately allows them to massively power spike even when not snowballing** (this is actually not the case, ADCs do not power spike to "god mode" at 1 or 2 items, in fact, the vast majority of ADCs like Jinx, Tristana, and Vayne in fact now require three items before hitting that hyper carry phase. For the ADCs that hit their spikes earlier, such as Jhin or Ashe, they fairly fall off relative to other hypercarries later) > 5. **The better bot lane wins the game** (the truth is that this is true half the time and false half the other time, mid in fact deals the most damage in enough games that statistically speaking, a stomping bot lane doesn't guarantee the win condition) > 6. **ADCs are mana-less burst mages/mana-less assassins** (This is a blatant falsehood. The comparisons are hyperbole to the max but suffice to say, ADCs do not have the range or utility to be compared to mages and they don't have the mobility to be compared to assassins; plus they are not burst by default, only if fed through appropriate teamwork and coordination) > > Since the calls for ADCs to be fixed are based on so many misleading statements; I think I'm leaning towards them being fine in this meta They arent based on those they are based on real stuff like how fast they spike due to how cheap their items are compared to other laners. That is indeed a fact. I notice your counter arguement about them spiking. It seems that you are confused when people say spike. They do not mean they reach their strongest point. They mean they are outscaling everyone else early because their first item is cheaper than everyone elses. Theres a difference. Furthermore you getting your first three items is much quicker than everyone else getting theirs. Not to mention as soon as u win your tane you are taking cs from most lanes and snowballing even harder.
The ADC with the 1 item isn't going to do a whole lot unless he's way fed and got there way early. Assuming neither the ADC and Mage is fed and both are even with laners... at 1 item the Mage has far more contribution to the team for the next 10 mins. I play both Mages and ADCs and I'd take the unfed Mage with the Luddens over the ADC with the single Crit item any day. With your range, EXP advantage, and AOE damage capability you do so much more. From my experience unless fed, the ADCs not going to have ground-breaking impact until 2-3 items. A mage and assassin can hit the game immediately at 1 item and start making super big plays.
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: Is it selfish to just ban a champ you hate rather than what's meta?
No. In fact you should ban what you can’t play against, not necessarily what is meta.
: How do you play against a player who is flat out better then you?
if she’s playing the mind game of calculated counter ganks (and is too good at it) then the best thing to do is realize this early and fall back to just farming the camps. Do not gank when she’s not on the map. If she doesn’t gank then you both power farm (which is an okay outcome). If she ganks/shows then start to predict her pathing and steal her camps (that you know have spawned and her team can’t make it to stop you). Or lunch your own ganks on the side of the map she’s not on. Or you can gamble that some of her ganks will fail and do while you power farm you can get 1 level on her. Then you sit in a “lane” bush (the one in lane, not riverside) on the friendly side and launch some mean ganks/counter ganks.
: I think Jhin's ult is a little unfair.
they wanted to showcase his superior sense of perspective as an artist
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: ok adc ARE broken... but i really help riot adresses them properly.. becuase it not the actaul ADC "champsion" that are broken and in needs of nerfs... its their items.. that and the damage creep caused by runes. i dont have the data myself... but im sure some people could pull of the amount of AD that was on items in season 3. and its about half to 2/3 what it is now. where as at the same time.. AP champs have LESS ap per item and to make up for it we are REQIURED to get a {{item:3089}} which has an absolutely ABSURD 35% ratio.. what mages need is a higher base damage on every item and less from {{item:3089}} so its not fucking REQUIRED.\ and it also donest help the pretty much all mages are forced to get {{item:3003}} even if they dont want they scaling because its the ONLY decent mana item
mages must buy {{item:3089}} in the same way that ADCs must buy {{item:3031}}; the fact that Deathcap is more expensive is balanced by the fact that mages have way more range than ADCs and in the first 15+ mins of the game can defeat ADCs 1 vs 1 through level advantage alone unless the ADC is fed as hell. {{item:3003}} is not the only viable AP item, some mages build {{item:3285}} As for mage itemisation, its not any more or less restricted than ADCs. Each mage has a "meta" more or less fixed build path with slight adjustments depending on the matchup and team comps... just as each ADC has the same. There's one meta build for Vayne and Tristana in the same way that there is one for Viktor, Ziggs etc. I don't see how mage itemisation is particularly poorly designed. You have to remember that despite the hype of ADCs hard carrying, the truth is that for the first 20 mins of most games, the mid laner (whether mid or assassin) if he's even or ahead in lane can 1 vs 1 and murderstomp the ADC without the help of his team through EXP advantage alone.
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Naalith (NA)
: Mage changes are confirmed to be a result (in part, at least) of mage dominance in pro play. Really?
I support the changes. Its about time Zed and Talon returned to the meta and the pro scene. The mindless mid lane wave clear game has got to stop. Its time to return to skilful close quarters outplays.
: The people who were bashing pre-rework leblanc were just a bunch of circlejerkers and assassin haters in general, who cannot play malzahar or any anti-carry and counters themselves with their own pick. Remember which midlaner was popular when pre-rework leblanc was out? LUX. Damn lux who Leblanc counters the hell out.
so it was political? The Lux Lobby had too much power over game balance back then?
: Why league lost its luster to me...
As a zed and kha player, I disagree Mobility is skill
: 1. Would be a legit change, but nonetheless wouldnt exactly stop the meta from simply shifting botlaners to toplane, nor would it stop them from camping bot anyway. 2. This would simply mean we just group to the lane with the weakest tower and force it down first 3. This is probably more detrimental, just because youre playing support doesnt mean you belong to the ADC. This would also disincentivize roams from champions who have naturally strong ones like bard or thresh because they lose gold if they decide to help somewhere else. Then adding slight discounts based off of how long you stay botlane would put healers/enchanters through the roof because they are already pretty gold efficient as it is (namely janna, lulu, and soraka)
If there has to be a new weakest tower it should probably be Top. The threat of a "fiesta" top would be somewhat counter-balanced by the presence of a Dragon on the bot side of the map (the team has to consider if its worth gang-banging Top) if it means risking an exposed dragon to the enemy. Furthermore, Top is harder to "gang up" on because bot laners do not take TP so at most you're going to get a JG and a Mid laner show up. The individual plays have more agency in these situations than in bot where the 2 vs 2 dynamic on top of the intruders makes for a giant out of control fiesta. A Top fiesta would also be less detrimental because Herald has so much health that its highly unlikely one big battle will result in both top tower AND Herald going down. If you wanted to further decrease this probability you could make Herald spawn even later (and/or increase its health even more, with Baron even later still). With the above in mind, I think the game could survive with Top as the new weakest tower. It would still be an improvement and there would be some dis-incentives from "gang-banging" top. > This is probably more detrimental, just because youre playing support doesnt mean you belong to the ADC. This would also disincentivize roams from champions who have naturally strong ones like bard or thresh because they lose gold if they decide to help somewhere else. Then adding slight discounts based off of how long you stay botlane would put healers/enchanters through the roof because they are already pretty gold efficient as it is (namely janna, lulu, and soraka) Yes, playing Support doesn't mean you "belong" to the ADC. However, if you're going to fortify bot tower, then you need a mechanic in place to keep the existing ADC/Support duo there. Otherwise, we would return to the lane swap meta in the LCS and while that sort of thing might not happen in regular play, it would be seen as "boring" by the LCS crowd and Riot wouldn't keep it up. The discounts wouldn't be based on how long you physically stay in Bot lane, rather on how much gold/exp you soak up WHILE in bot lane. Hence you could still roam to mid, you just need to calculate (as you already do) on how much Exp/Gold you might be missing out from the roam (which you can reasonably predict with good wave manipulation). You're not going to be roaming mid anyways if you've got a ton of minions to farm and collect in bot anyhow right? Though I suppose you are right in that we would have to further up the numbers for items like Redemption and Ardent Censor to compensate for the bonus from staying in Bot. And just to be clear, the "Bonus" wouldn't make those items easier to get. It "forces"/"incentives" the players to stay in that lane if they want to even be able to buy those items on a reasonable schedule.
: 1. and 2. would destroy top lane. It is already an island some games. This would make top lane pointless almost. Rift Herald would be the only thing on that side of the ma[ that mattered. Also what about lane swapping?
I would say it helps Top lane. Since its harder to take Bot Tower, the chances that the decisive play in the first 15 mins will happen somewhere else (maybe Top) will dramatically increase. Top lane now has the option of carrying from Top lane (by solo carrying against the other laner) or roaming Mid, they are not longer FORCED to impact the game by going Bot. Your island 1 vs 1 in Top will actually have a higher probability of impact on the game. How many times did you crush top lane only to find that it didn't matter because the rest of your team has already exploded from a fed enemy bot that took Bot Tower in the first 15 mins due to a fiesta there? Well now with the increased importance of Herald, the increased difficulty of all lanes (not just top) from making plays Bot... there will be more focus on top side objectives and top side 1 vs 1 outcomes (or 2 vs 2 with the respective JGs). The solo carry could bust out of any lane now and not just more than often consistently from Bot.
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: Thing that annoys me most is that he is able to jump back to his R shadow after he's done tower diving you, or that his R is point to click in general. You were not wrong about many things that you said even if it was in a somewhat toxic format, which I can understand since Zed is frustrating to play against. Btw, prepare yourself to see this post get downvoted by Zed one tricks.
if he couldn't R back to his shadow then there would be no reason to pick him its already way easier to just stand back and play artillery with a mage, I'm glad they are nerfing Archangels now but last patch it was absolutely ridiculous. I could pick a Ziggs/Xerath and just Q the minion for 80% of the game and wait for 2-3 items and then stomp from a safe distance. Literally infinite mana.
SushieNa (NA)
: Zed Crypost
My main champions across all my accounts are: {{champion:8}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:238}} I disagree that Zed is a no skill champion. In fact, I think he takes way more skill to play than mages. It took me five times as much practice to be even just a decent Zed. There's a massive learning curve. First you have to get to the point where you consistently get a very high KDA, then you need to be able to play the game Zed Style (splitting and picking without throwing). Using your lead as Zed to close out games is very different from playing as a mage. With Viktor and Vladimir, at 2+ items you can basically AOE blast their whole team with near absolute reliability and hard carry. They aren't even the easiest mages to play, if you pick up Ziggs or Xerath you can adopt an even safer play style and more consistently safe playstyle. There's actually a lot of calculation that goes into playing Zed effectively. Its far easier to mess up a team fight with a Zed than with a mage. Zed also gets out-scaled SUPER hard. If my life depended on it, I definitely wouldn't pick Zed for a trial by combat. I'd definitely stick to a mage. But its fun to spam Zed in normals for a good challenge.
saltran (EUW)
: Is the ADC responsable of 80% team's dmg?
Well not from my experience. I play a lot of Mid and often out-damage the ADC or else have 90% of the ADC's damage as 2nd highest damage. But it might be because I play champions like Viktor and Vladimir who deal insane battle mage damage. When I play ADC, I struggle to even hit 2nd highest in many games. Half the games consist of me watching the Support get ganged up on 2 vs 1 by the other laners (and I have the choice to either back off or join him in dying). And then when it comes to team fighting all I can do is farm while everyone else pings ????? but keeps fighting and dying everywhere. I think you need at least 3 items to deal actually high damage as ADC while as mid (Zed, Viktor, Vladimir, Ziggs etc) you can handily top the damage chart with just a single item.
: cc spell shield long range ult that does a lot of damage.
would you rather have a spell shield or the ability to cut down at least 2 enemies every team fight?
: The problem with Rengo is he's not an assassin, he's the world's most glass cannon diver. (By a long shot!!). Two options really; 1. Give him a way to get out 2. Give him some stats or tools to survive. Personally I lean at option 2. Rengo certainly *looks* the part. He should at least require some effort to kill.
so then buff his W so it can actually tank? Interestingly enough, I think that was what they tried to do after the "Assassin" rework. I like the idea too.
: You all complain about. {{champion:121}} going into melee range and attempting to 1 shot. Meanwhile {{champion:29}} does the same thing except from 850 range so you can't even fight back.
To be fair Twitch seems over-nerfed at the moment. I couldn't make him work at his "OP" patches but now he's just really really bad
Glory97 (EUW)
: Rengar is not weak. Kha zix is just way too strong. He has a over 50% banrate. Picking out one champion and comparing this champion with most broken champion in the game to justify buffs is not how balancing works.
well let's just compare him to Master Yi then. Master Yi can power farm to level 6 relatively efficiently (he has strong clears, just like Rengar). He's considered to have no play making ability pre-6 against competent opponents (just like Rengar pre-6). However, after 6 Master Yi can pretty consistently cut down at least 2 opponents by hitting R. Meanwhile, Rengar after 6 has a kit that can only kill 1 target. If you're good at Rengar you MIGHT be able to calculate a bit better and also get 2 targets per battle situationally. However, with the way Master Yi's Highlander is designed (with resets) and with the way Rengar's abilities are designed, Yi will more often kill 2+ targets than Rengar. So again, why play Rengar? Isn't he basically an inferior Master Yi?
: Kha has a reset on jump . Or why choose either of those 2 over noct
Nocturne has close to close to no playmaking capability before 6. If you're going to play Nocturne you're better off playing Master Yi. He's the best and most reliable of the level 6 power farmers in my view. You don't need a longer strike range or invisibility because Highlander's DPS OP.
: Can we stop this "Better botlane wins meta"?
to make matters worse... whenever I play bot lane more than half the time it just feels like I can't do anything except farm and watch my Supp get destroyed over and over... so sad... So likely people who play Bot aren't exactly enjoying themselves and their high dependency on Supports either. If you want to have real fun, play Mid lane.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Rengar has a slightly stronger teamfight presence though. Popping ult makes the enemy team fear you, to the point that he makes a good sieging or baron taking threat. He also has more tankiness off his W and has potential CC on his E.
More like his Ult alerts the team that you are coming (another strange design decision, Kha Zix has no warning but Rengar has) though... And yes it scares them but it gives them time to prep too. Also, would you rather frighten the enemy team into thinking you can kill 2 of them (Rengar) or actually have the capability to strike and immediately kill 2 of them and get out (Kha Zix)?
VanaQuish (EUNE)
: You do know that a diver is a subclass of fighter. Fighters have two subclasses. Juggies and divers. Yasuo and riven are Skirmishers, a subclass of slayers.
wow if this was a quiz that's at least 25 points tricked from my score... $%#^&%$^@%$&^#%^$@
: I'm guessing its a thing called "riot being held hostage by huge swarm of bronzies/silvers" If Rengar starts doing damage, this board will be flooded by endless crying of low elo lux players about how broken/OP rengar is, how his one shots are toxin and unhealty etc. etc. So yeah....I doubt this champ will ever be viable. fking j4/wukong one shot better than rengar.
but how can he be OP when Master Yi does the same thing except he can WAY MORE easily kill 2+ people every team fight? no matter how much they up his 1 shot, if his early game is junk (and you're not going to make big plays until 6), he's always going to be an inferior Master Yi. Its low elo anyways, you don't need invisibility to flank and engage, Yi's Highlander is more than enough
: What does it take to get past Silver IV?
AOE nukes My personal favourites for low elo: {{champion:8}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:21}} Its going to get to late game around 60-70% of games and people are going to be Throwy as hell. You will be able to farm to 3 items and then hard carry if you're even or ahead in lane (with a bit of practice on the above champs, its not hard). But with solid CS-ing and the right items, you can have fail-safe AOE nukes to close it out and swing it. Once you get a bit higher (S2-1) you can consider playing more fine-tuned 1 vs 1 tactical champs like Zed and Jhin. Down there, just farm to late (kill as many bad players as you can to snowball there if possible), and then AOE nuke them all. Practiced Strong late game champ with AOE = good at all stages of the game in low elo
: Absolutely Zero Reason to pick Rengar over Kha Zix
I mean... MAYBE it makes sense if Rengar was SUPPOSED to be the underdog. Kind of a challenge anti-hero type character. You know? Like Kha is SUPPOSED to be better since he's the antagonist? Kind of like a final boss unlock. You have to play through the whole campaign as Rengar first?
VanaQuish (EUNE)
: No he isnt.
With current tuning, he's more like a glass cannon diver with slight fighter-like secondary attributes (only because of his W and low Q cool downs). Somehow officially classified as an Assassin though.
VanaQuish (EUNE)
: Hey dont ask me ask riot. Besides, diana is the same as rengar. Assassin burst, but no real way to get out. Also, which rengar uses his ulti to disengage after a kill? I mean i do have seen it to run away, but not after a kill. Even the most fed ones use it to kill and then die, or flash away. Ive never seen a single rengar to use his ulti like that. Its not made to disengage since its camouflaged .
Rengar plays more like diver than a fighter. He "dives" (in the sense that he's trying to 1 shot a target with a combo) with no easy way to get out of the fight. Hence he should be in the same group as Xin Zhao, Renekton, and Shyvanna. They go in to try and 1-2 shot a target and then fight for a few more seconds and die unless their team engaged perfectly. With good calculation maybe they take 2 people but there's nothing in the kit that allows for easy escape. A "fighter" would be more like a Riven or a Yasuo with their shields and extended mobility. They have "1 shot" combos too but they aren't on demand like Rengar's with a single R ready.
VanaQuish (EUNE)
: Oneshotting and then staying in the fight. Thats not an assassin. Riot has said that mobile champs, that can go in and out on will are assassins.
Then why was he part of the “assassin” rework officially if not an assassin himself? He can technically get in and out it’s just really situational. If he used R to go all in then he has escape. But if he camps a bush post 6... launches a normal jump combo to 1 shot and then escapes with r to re-engage or run he starts playing like an assaasin. Problem is, his current kit is too clunky to allow for this sort of situational outplay more than once on average per game
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