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: Jesus this is like an abusive relation ship. I'm just wondering if I should start a new account irvif its something like a week ban...
that was not apart of your original question so i didn't comment on that, yes making a new account would be the best option for participation in hexteck, but if you get punished again you will be in the same place of trying to get back in to good standings
: Is there a time frame that I will be locked out of hextech crafting.
There is no straight answer you simply have to keep playing as a good player into your considered a good player Here's a quote from riot nuro cat "We're working on putting out a better explanation for this. For players that are punished by the Instant Feedback system and work off the punishment, they will still be restricted from earning Hextech chests or keys for a period while the system ensures that they have reformed their behavior. There is no fixed interval here - if you continue to play with sportsmanlike behavior, you'll eventually get back into good standing. We're looking into making a player's status more clear/visible to help avoid this kind of confusion."
: Welcome to the Aurelion Sol Q&A!
What person (being) would Aurelion sol find the most interesting on runeterra?
: You are now aware that Aurelion Sol will be capable of having his W permanently active on URF.
: What about Yorick?
He is getting worked on after taRic expected to come out at the end of the year
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: wardlords vs fervor on adc
I thought the rework to wardlord made it kind of bad for adc like late game and mid game you if you are at the 50% mark as an adc and you try to fight to heal you will most likely pop
Statikin (OCE)
: Aurelion Sol IS MID OKAY
They said a Mage was in delvlopment , they never said it would be the next champ out
179 (EUW)
: new shaco skin?
He got while card last year right so my guess is chances are low but he is sa fan fav so it hard to tell
: Zuko and aphromoo
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: Snow Day Malzahar Backing animation
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=3ogo1OEu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-29T18:28:35.047+0000) > > Hiya RomanorumLegio! > > Thanks for the report! We're aware of the issue and are working on a fix. ^-^
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: Hit up the direct links above for now, it sometimes can take a bit to propagate to searching. Also try: "Riot League Friends"
thanks for posting but dont you thing adding more tags might help find esaly i type league , riot games, etc before having t look for this post
Leu07 (NA)
: Cassiopeia skin when?
well you could have looked it up before flaming, but she is getting reworked and all champs in the process of getting reworked will not get a skin until they are done getting reworked
: @Riot The time as come, With the resurgence of Blood Moon skins
Keep in mind that lore event no longer exist as it used to , it is a skin line used more for Expressing Japanese culture into the game rather than the blood moon festival
KłedGod (NA)
: More tenacity please
Please look at the pbe before posting.
ToolooT (NA)
: Is Rito really changing Vel'Koz????
They want him to be more different in team fights more than just pure damage , from my interpretation they will be adding more cc to his kit
: I had the shield on before the hook.
Well try to replicate it in a video other wise your report won't go far
: Is there a way that players can get their primary role more often in the new champ select?
By that logic puting your main role as your secondary should work out well
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: Yes, and for each traffic violation after that you also get a fine. You see how it's consistent? We're not talking about the ban after the 3rd or 4th violation. We're talking about how it needs to be consistent for both parties for the same offense.
After reading all your reaponces ,You seem to be making the assumption the other party continued this type of behavior after your game with them. You have said you have done bad thing as such your punishment was in order, but you have no evidence that the other party is still doing the toxic behavior.
: @Riot Question about the mage update.
Let's see riot said no lore would be changed with this update as they decisions are out of the parameters of this update. I think they said 2 days ago that they would consider zyra's model update
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: New Soraka Skin Idea
She got a skin last year right? Order of the banana?
: Permaban Account Buyback System
Going back up the latter is part of the punishment as well should they continue to play keep in mind when you make an account you get the option to pic noive or expert , given that you are more likely to get low skill play should they pick expert thur resulting in them reverting to the behiover that caused them to get baned in the first place. My point is buy back would not be a good idea as it causes a reduction in the permanent ban punishment
: Gameplay Question for Riot Regarding New Soraka Alignment Mechanics
Sources saraka, but this is far more balanced and manageable to deal with over the current heal
: Game Lingo...
It would be best if you try to explain the lingo you don't understand Like other people can help you if you don't give as a starting point do you know Gank means ?
GreenLore (EUW)
: Is there anything that hints at the next champion being void-related?
No there aren't he just saying if the next champ is void then.....
MeilinII (NA)
: Yes. There is never a need to ask for multiple reports. 9 reports in one game are the same as 1.
Not true...riots often make refferince to the number of report on a person as a indacator for flagging an account
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: Here Comes Nicki Taylor
Cool having a different format for this episode really makes it feel like a community pod cast , really interested to see how the the pod cast evolves now.
: We no longer have launch discounts, no. This took effect in 2016 - you can grab more info [here](
Did you guys think about putting a Pin in that article ?
: @Riot KateyKhaos. Can we expect the next ultimate skin soon-ish or not for a while?
I believe they said sometime in December that there was not one in devlopment, so that being said I don't think we aren't getting one until this December considering that they want to raise the bar for each new realese
: Really Rito? That's all?!
If you're really that much of a masochist you can always send the request to Riot to delete your account .
: Is underworld yasuo going to be available ?
A few things One yas is getting a skin in two weeks so it's a bit of a sore spot to ask for a new skin right now Second underworld skins only come out on Durring harrowin
: Does anyone ever think about team comps?
Nope , But there is a decent reason for it most people would like to do their own thing , inherently there is less communication mechanics like pings wards etc used in lower ranks so having a good team comp would be less relevant . Also most people are in bronze silver and gold but mostly the first two are new to the game and rank for the sake of raking as such they don't have a large champion pool to begin with .
: Skins
Pretty much what ace said if you want to go but other people's opinion that'll be on you , I love the blood Moon skin line And the splash for that Elise skin is amazing
: How is **ACTUALLY saying WHAT they're doing to him** repeating "don't worry we'll try to keep him like you like him".
hmm i am a bit lost on your argument. if you look below i post the answer to many of the questions op post, not 100% if i hit them all even the red reply sated the answers to his question have been posted which is why he did not answer them because if he did then HE WOULD BE REPEATING HIMSELF, thus making him have good communication as seako said
: It has been, but it's starting to taper off, and over the last week has had a decrease. They need to become publicly traded.
I like your argument! but where is your proof that it is tapering off as you say, i am Farley certain that type of info is very well protected. Secondly I don't see much reason to go public they don't have capital problems and teitant will definatly not allow it
: Why Is The Crystal Scar Being Removed From Custom Games?
Keeping it on custom would still require a team to be allocated to balancing it so it would basicly be a mode (still just as rarely used if not more so) that wouldn't have a main queue. As for the items they would go into the ether with bmb items
Veraska (NA)
: Targon event incoming?
Not likely for this patch just yet as there have been no event files added to pbe yet. Today is the last day of the week that pbe and so far there have been no game modes or icon , and riot likes to test those think out early . I am assuming if we do get an event it would be in 6.5, also this is not a bug
GlockHammer (EUNE)
: Can we get a system that kicks people that deliberately feed?
They do have a system that dos that the thing is that the person in question not only has to be reported but has to do it repetitively if they do say once a year (for example ) it would be hard for the system to detect him.
IvanRez (EUNE)
: Swamp Monster skins
I think rek sai has that cornered (the swamp monster angle. As far as yoric goes I don't think he will look anything the same think of some like sion who went green to grey
: Aren't spells the backbone of a champion's gameplay though? Keeping them under wraps is the kind of obfuscation that a lot of people are getting really tired of, I think. Discussion of "goals, direction, player concerns" is all well and good, but at the end of the day that sort of thing is so vague that it's effectively meaningless to us. Okay, so you're going to keep Taric's kit "simple" -- well, what does that really mean, in a gameplay sense? No skillshots? No minigames? When it comes to a relaunch, we want to know more specific details. I mean, at least with Malz you teased what his ult might involve.
They don't teases spefics because a lot of the things don't actually make into pbe for testing hell in sure in these past two months alone that they dropped and changes an ability. Now let's say the ability was a really op mechanic and riot decided that it is too strong for its kit then they decide to remove to replace it with some weaker to balance the kit as a whole the community would go in a uproar about how the ability needed to stay etc.
Saeko24 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JY9cEAPO,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-02-11T06:40:00.834+0000) > > I actually don't really think it's fair to say we're entirely holding out for a big grand reveal moment on everything as far as Taric is concerned. There is some stuff we'd like to keep under wraps as well polish it, such as which spells are changed and what they do and what direction his visuals should take. But as far as goals, direction, and various player concerns surrounding him go (including "please keep him on the simple side"), I feel like I've been pretty open, and there should be answers to most of those questions out there already. Dont worry. Your communication was fine and this guy has no idea what he is talking about.
Yea most people I have noticed don't like to look into thing and just want riot to repeat themselves
: > [{quoted}](name=LaoBushido,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E8JqHVwY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-11T05:41:09.854+0000) > > Zed can't use it as ez as you say he must aa to use the new item and he won't be able to do that that easily against ranged mages . Zed always auto attacks as a part of his combo, due to his passive. Its not difficult to auto attack in the large majority of cases when your ult puts you right on top of them. That's like saying its hard for Irelia or Xin to auto attack as part of their combos...
No the way op phrased it was that he can easily switch between having 2 of the same ult to force hour glass
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