: > [{quoted}](name=Aeszarck,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=MxL5p4nk,comment-id=00180000,timestamp=2016-12-16T20:39:34.513+0000) > > Is it not unethical to be a terrible teammate? Yes and one does not excuse the other. If Hitler came up with e= mc^2, you can still hate him but we can't pretend that the equation is incorrect and unimportant.
No, but you can choose to not reward him for it.
Astôlfo (NA)
: Not sure if serious. Every single one of Leona's abilities has CC. All of them are stuns except for her Shield which bursts into a slow, and her ultimate, which slows if you don't get hit by the center. And Kindred got buffed for LCS and then murdered with nerfs afterwards.
Not to be picky but her E is a root if I remember correctly.
: > [{quoted}](name=LaowPing,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zw5zfzvL,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-07-20T23:21:10.054+0000) > > She's vulnerable if her stun isn't up. That's the opportunity for to hit her in lane. If she's support she's nothing but utility from her stun which a lot of champs have anyway. If you're ad get a QSS. If you're ap go for abysmal. Unless she's fed she's not too huge of a problem. Support annie can 100-0 the adc lol
First off, my comment is 10 months old. What are you even doing here? Second, support Annie ain't going to 100-0 anyone unless you fed her like it's Thanksgiving.
: Any advice on fighting against {{champion:104}}? Of all the ADCs I fight against bottom lane, he's the most challenging one for me. It feels like he can deal with all three types of bottom lane compositions - Burst, Poke, and Sustain. And if you're really feeling like a sassy gentleman/gentlewoman, by all means, feel free to give me tips fighting against a {{champion:236}}
Kite graves as best as you can, poke him when there is a minion in between you, dodge q (obviously) and if all else fails just don't die to him. Lucian's tough since he's kind of made to win lane but as long as you at least go even you're fine. Your job against both of these guys is to go even for the most part.
: I'm an Ahri main, and yasuo is my worst enemy. He blocks my entire kit, lushes faster then me, and doesn't really have to rely on mana. I mean, its not like I can't beat a Yasou, its just more tedious to do so. XD
Let the wave push to you and poke him early levels to get rid of his shield, especially with autos. Bait his wind wall when you can. All of your spells comes back faster than his wall does. At level 6 it's a skill match up but if you hit level 6 before him you have kill pressure.
: {{champion:119}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:54}}(Top) all put me on tilt
Malphite's hard to kill but easy to beat in lane. He has INSANE mana problems early on so it's impossible for him to kill you early. My best advice is to shove him in constantly and keep up wards in the river to avoid getting ganked (get scuttle if you need to). Malphite can't cs under turret worth shit. Keep him shoved in and you'll gain a huge CS lead on him.
: Fizz. Just Fizz in general.
You might like this https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3z8sdk/apdodopa_guide_tf_laning_vs_fizz/
: I'm comfortable playing against any champ really except for these two: {{champion:203}} - Every time I play against Kindred I'm pretty much tilted from the get-go. I just don't really know what to do to stop her from destroying everything I love. You can't burst her, she'll win a duel, so how do I effectively kill her? {{champion:90}} - Now this champ INSTANTLY tilts me, to the point that I'll try to laneswap/trade champs to avoid laning against him. I have no idea what point he's really weak at (besides when you get a QSS, an item that doesn't really suit every champ..), and every time I'm completely shocked at the amount of damage that comes out of his space aids and ult alone. I'd ask for help about playing against Rengar as anyone squishy, but I don't play games where he's not banned! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Against Kindred you want a champ with displacement or a strong execute since both counter her ult. Kalista is really good at killing her during her ult, for example. Malazahr's biggest weakness is getting ganked and his lack of tower pressure. He's very immobile so he can't run from your jungler. Farm CS passively and if he pushes, call for help. If your JG can't help you, roam. Malzahar sucks at taking towers so it'll more than likely still be up by the time you visit bot lane.
Beldair (NA)
: Let's see. ADC- Vayne and Quinn.. I have some major troubles against those ladies. Support- Tahm and Blitz Jungle- Rengar Assassin- Yi Top- Illaoi Mid- Ahri, Cassiopeia, Malz, Vel Those are the few I struggle against a majority of the time.
Vayne can get rekt in lane relly easily now due to thunderlords meta. Try to get an all in on her early, most ADC's will out damage her pre-6. If she falls behind she takes a LONG time to come back. At mid game, try to avoid giving her duels unless you have some sort of lockdown. Vayne's not a strong team fighter since she has to fight people one at a time and loses a lot of damage, so group often if your comp permits it.
: > [{quoted}](name=JimMaru,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=GhWdm3R6,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2015-12-19T00:20:25.733+0000) > > On a champion like Zed they will have this twice. And then maybe even Thunderlord's Decree to increase burst. It will make being a squishy pointless. > Not only that but it makes assassins very KS-y. **You don't need to burst the target, all you need is to hit one long ranged shadow + Q and you already kill anyone low on health.** You know it only procs on autoattacks right? I know you guys all have an irrational fear of {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} because you're all silver Lux mains, but cmon now
: Jax is NOT broken.
I don't think Jax is OP, I think the item is op. It makes him strong enough to delete who ever he gets the chance to dive. Once the main damage dealers are done he just cleans house. Sure, peel can work decently against him but he's a bruiser who can do damage as quickly as an assassin. OP doesn't mean uncounterable, just too strong for what ever the standard is. Also, being "only Plat" puts you at a higher elo than about 90% of the people on the boards. Just something I wanted to note.
: I also see long distance Sion ults slam into wall corners, overrun stationary targets, and try to tackle down one target only for a tank to casually stroll into the line of fire. Long distance Sion ults are high risk, mediocre reward, and that lack of reliability will keep you from seeing them in higher level play on a consistent basis over shorter range ults that just add a bit of damage and a near guaranteed knockup. I'm even beginning to suspect Riot wants you to use Sion's ult in close quarters; what with the horrible steering mechanics, needless global alert sound, and stupidly slow start up speed. And yes, I would definitely say players finding more success using my product in a way that was not intended is a failure of design. Maybe Poppy players will get more proficient with her and fully charged ults will become the primary use, but I'm predicting against that. Only time will tell.
Again, that's people using it incorrectly. If a Bard accidentally ults his team it doesn't mean Riot wants bard players to troll their team mates. If a Lee Sin kicks away the target you're trying to kill before you finish them it doesn't mean Riot wants Lee to prevent his allies from getting kills. Failure of use =/= failure of design. I have a friend who plays Sion frequently and I've seen him land it at long range quite a few times, especially from lane ganks. I've have matches where I've been paired up with a SIon I didn't even know but he carried the shit out of us with proper ulting. The steering mechanics and start up are there to give the ult counterplay. The move would be impossible to avoid if you didn't know it was coming. Successful Sion ults work the same way pantheon ults do, your team just needs to know to go in when they see it. Just start a fight and everyone groups up and often doesn't notice SIon even coming. And seeing more success in other ways than intended =/= failure of design. Trundle support is a viable option but it didn't stop Trundle from jungling or top laning. Brand support is strong but he can still go mid. Illaoi support did decently well for a phase but she still works top. Many champs like Kog'maw, Lucian, and Miss Fortune liked to build AP for fun. You can't stop people from trying out your product in ways you didn't expect. Them finding success in ways you didn't intend will often happen especially in technology. Dota came from a mod, so did Day Z. That doesn't make the original game they came from failures as designs. It just makes the player base creative.
Rebonack (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Stacona,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=agtTtqk8,comment-id=000500000001,timestamp=2015-12-10T01:51:57.075+0000) > > Vayne is broken, but by no means is she a hyper - Kindred, Kog, Ashe, Jinx, Twitch I say are hyper marksmen Out of the champs you mentioned, only Kog and Twitch have hyper-carry curves. And, you know, Vayne. In case you're unaware, a champion displays a hyper-carry curve if their win-rate grows strongly with game length. Before his remake, Kog wasn't even a true hyper-carry. His power spiked mid and dropped off due to his synergy with Trinity.
Jinx and Kindred are most definitely hyper carries. Kindred's hypercarry status is more dependent on her stacks compared to the rest but she can hyper can. Jinx destroys entire teams late game.
: That's not the point, though. Sion and Poppy's ultimates were specifically designed to be used primarily at full charge, and most players don't. That indicates a failing in the design. Players would rather sacrifice fun (and power) for reliability a lot of the time, when a good design would have both. And it's not like newer champions can't have both. {{champion:245}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:429}} Why can't Poppy (and Sion)?
Wouldn't call it a failure of design, just players not using the moves properly. I see SIon use his ult from long distance all the time. Poppy is a new champion that people don't know how to play yet. Once people learn how to use her ult at full charge it will happen more.
: > [{quoted}](name=TemporalDonut,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eVAU4IPt,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-12-07T00:33:57.692+0000) > > She does significantly more damage than most melee champions, and does it in ways that are almost entirely unique to her. It'll take a while for people to have the experience to play against her properly. At the same time people will learn to play *as* her properly, and we'll start being able to see a more accurate picture of how she's doing. > > Personally, I think the increased tentacle attack speed during her ult is a little ridiculous, but then again, if you don't clump up in the first place the amount of slappage she dishes out is significantly decreased. It's not ridiculous because she has no lockdown.
^This She's strong if she can get into the middle of the team and ult everyone, but she has no way of doing that unless you do it for her. She's one of the most kitable champs in the game but if you don't kite her and just run at her (especially as a group) she'll destroy you.
: How it feels to have a 1v1 ADC duel during the Pre-season
Shit be getting real in the bot lane now. So used to my attacks not mattering until 20 minutes in. Now, you can do half someone's health in on trade solo. It's crazy.
Niyumi (NA)
: Well, let's see... It could be because I insist on playing the champs I enjoy (even ADCs, I play AD Casters like Sivir, Lucian and Ez), but all of them are sub-par, apparently. Or, it could be the fact that, in 9.9/10 games, my team feeds like no other. Or it could be that, in every game, the entire enemy team is made up of champs who can just click on me and delete me, even if I'm a full tank. Or some combination of the above. Can't really out-play targeted abilities, now can you? Short of just not going near them, there is no counter. Resistances are worthless in this game, so that's not an option.
"My team always feeds and holds me back from challenjour. Rito plz"
Dalanin (NA)
: With a good Support, that shouldn't be a problem to achieve
But good follow up doesn't make one a lane bully. That's the distinction I'm trying to make. Jinx and Vayne have great follow up to a support's engages but that doesn't make them lane bullies. Lane bullies can do damage without you having many ways of answering it. Tristana has to get into roughly the average ADC to E Q attack, meaning the other ADC can fight back. Caitlyn doesn't give you a chance to hit her back. Lucian and MF use your own minion wave to hit you without having to get hit back. Draven out damages you so much that there's not much of a fighting chance if you try to hit him back. Trist needs to either all in you or let someone else set it up.
Dalanin (NA)
: i poke with e a shit ton, and when they're low enough if just dunk them
It's really easy to avoid getting the max stacks on E in lane. Lucian is a lae bully cause he can burst you down in a trade before you can react or hit you past your minion wave. Draven is a lane bully because just a single auto will out damage yours. Caitlyn is a lane bully due to her insane range. Miss Fortune is a lane bully cause her Q can delete half your health bar off a minion and her Love Tap is strong for poking. All of these champions can do large amounts of damage in short burst or from range. Tristana just trades well, which is something you can avoid way more easily by just backing off once she plants a bomb.
: Unseen doesn't mean they're weak, it just means more people play other champions for other reasons. Case and point: Twitch was rarely played until his visual update, at which point he saw all kinds of play. Seeing all that play, a lot of people came to the conclusion that he was too strong, and he got some nerfs. Notice that the balance of the champion didn't change between being popular and being unpopular, nor the meta, nor the items if I recall correctly. I suspect Riot has been trying to keep an eye on unpopular champions to see if they're too strong regardless of their popularity, with Swain being just one of them.
It's basically what happened to Veigar. No one played him until LCS and then everyone screamed how OP he was. If Malzahar ever became popular the same would probably happen to him.
: How to nerf raka Move the self heal to Q Double the mana cost on Q If you hit an enemy champion with Q the cost is refunded by 50% Done...
: > [{quoted}](name=kitcat300,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=bdyFGEFc,comment-id=000800040000,timestamp=2015-11-24T05:12:25.938+0000) > > Swain: See new red response above They made the wrong call. > Skarner: I am able to clear all six camps on my first run without backing, that is probably why. What's your point? so can Warwick... Lee can do it pretty close as well, not all but close. Nerf Warwick and Lee? Lee also doesn't have mana limitations like Warwick. > Rammus: Most Powerballs are followed by Puncturing Taunt anyways, so I don't think it will be a big deal. That's not an argument. You did not contradict anything I said, a nerf is a nerf. If they removed 50% of Lee's base AD and said "well he mostly uses skills anyway" would that be justification? no. Rammus did not and does not need a nerf. The nerf is unjustified.
Warick is reliant on his ult. He needs to power farm until he reaches 6 and then he's useful for 3 seconds. Skarner has strong objective control thanks to his crystals and also has a powerful suppression much like Warick except his can pull the enemy to his team. Skarner just does Waricks job better for the most part. Not sure if you've noticed but rammus has been in many games as of late which is probably why he's being looked at. A nerf is a nerf but it's about how meaningful the nerf is. Removing base AD from Lee would be big since he needs to auto after his abilities to clear and do damage in fights. Nerfing his slow isn't meaningful since he'll just taunt you before the slow gets a chance to matter.
: Executioner's Calling is the most rarely built item in the game...
I've built this item almost as much as qss. What What is with people? I get that it's niche but less then ohmwreker? I don't remember the last time I've even seen someone build that shit. What gives?
Zantari (NA)
: Wait, the skin was on the market only 11 days? It came out on the 5th of NOVEMBER. why is it already gone? I waited for a paycheck to roll around to buy it and it disappeared before my next paycheck? That's bloody retarded. Well, least that answers that question >=P
Contact Riot and you might get lucky. No promises though.
: the insane utility he has is not usually something seen on support.{{champion:412}} i appreciate that riot did something else to a support other than make them a kill bot *{{champion:53}} * but when you compare his kit to someone like {{champion:432}} {{champion:201}} who don't have as much utility or cc but make up for it in other ways really my only gripe is the q length and the damage he deals on his e {{champion:114}}
Those two have insane utility and CC. Bard can zhonyas an entire team, give everyone a free trip over a wall (which is insanely good for ganks), brings a stun and sustain. Braum is one of the best in the game for protecting his carries. No one defends his team as well as braum does. He also brings one of the most reliable stuns in the game since he just has to auto. Thresh's only real strong point is the lantern if it's place in the right location though I notice most people in gold don't realize you can stop people from taking it.
: > [{quoted}](name=LaowPing,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=FVfEWElY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-11-18T05:48:53.490+0000) > > I assumed it was meant to be a sarcastic title. The moment he showed his fake Diamond rank that became clear. The gameplay of good players was meant to contrast nd make his fails more apparent. I personally thought it worked well. Yeah that's what I was going for maybe I should've put something like Step 1: Watch Youtube plays Step 2: Replicate or something. I might take it down and work on it a little bit more. Also what are your thoughts on the title? Do you think it should be changed as well? Because I plan on making this a series of sorts.
Maybe putting comedy in the title. It worked well for this post and made it clear it was satire. Putting in the video title might make things more clear.
: i have 2 small bits of advice 1. Don't use gameplay of a someone who is actually good if it's your guide isn't 2. Don't call it a diamond guide if you're video is just a joke and isn't actually a serious guide. Examples of titles that would fit this video are: How not to play Lee Sin, Lee sin 420 sweg, or League Fails: Lee sin
I assumed it was meant to be a sarcastic title. The moment he showed his fake Diamond rank that became clear. The gameplay of good players was meant to contrast nd make his fails more apparent. I personally thought it worked well.
: I can tell them all day long and they wouldn't listen to me. New players accept as much advice from senior players as ghetto kids do from their teachers.
I remember an arguement happening on the boards about Thresh. A diamond support player said Thresh wasn't that good and got down voted to hell. Interesting experience.
: Kind of true, but alot of the preseason crap IS a lil op..
Preseason is meant to be crazy. Riot does the big changes when there's no competitive going on for a reason. I understand wanted narf and bufs and other forms of feed back but people seem to be going a bit crazy about it. We get it, Graves is strong, Yas/Try annoying, 'mah jungle!" etc, but it is kind of annoying to hear so many "I'm quitting" threads. Just hang in there, league will be better as a result of this insanity. And unless you've played on the PBE before and seen true craziness, you have nothing to complain about. I've seen some things man, things you should be happy aren't happening on live.
: I'm Silver 2 but if you look at my match history in Ranked or Normals I always get matched with Gold - Diamond players if I play solo. I don't think It's a big problem for me though and not only do I feel like I personally do better but games are more fun and interesting and you can learn more. As for the Report System I think that it was significantly improved over time, bans are starting to finally mean something. I still think Riot is too easy on trolls and feeders who intentionally throw Ranked games. Like in the case with Dunkey or whoever he was and the guy who fed in one of his games that he recorded, Riot will easily give Dunkey a 2 week ban for insulting the Malphite (which he probably didn't care about anyways) but the Malphite probably won't even get so much as a warning for feeding until he does it a number of times.
Either your MMR is super high or you're playing against and with duo quos. When you play duo the MMR should be boosted up (assuming they can't match you with a duo) and when playing solo it shoud be based on MMR. Your match making seems really reversed.
: Why hasn't twisted tree line been balanced? Looking mostly at the thornmail. With all the adc changes, and the amount of true damage and self peel put into the game tanks need help. Singed can no longer get to a vaybe or kalista. I used to buy at the start of a game a flask and 2 potions of my choice or a ward. Now I get even more gold and get a shittier flask. But I'm glad we can keep putting in manaless champs into the game. Can't wait to face down champs that don't use mana with al the extra gold they can start with now. Mana pots were really useful. Ad champs like pantheon with no mana regen items to build into took a real hit. Ad I teams saw a lowering of price in build paths, while tanks and ap saw all prices raised. Why? We need some common sense changes to this patch. The new Masteries seem fun and fresh.
Singed shouldn't be able to get to Vayne and Kalista. He's a kitable champion against two of the best kiters in the game. That's a match up problem, not a tnak problem.
: i feel like kalista is in a weak spot, most ppl built BORK first item but that got nerfed, most ppl then got attack speed boots or hurricane but she has no affinity with boots and hopping, and now the speed of hurricane got change to compensate for the new semi crit.... which was something kalista doesn't even need and so now her early game is weaker compared to most other ADCs , she was my favorite ADC and she can't compete with the crazy Crits and graves burst and sigh.... idk i just miss the old kalista are there any plan on kalista changes? or at least a second hurricane option like last whisper to keep the unique non crit kalista play style? {{champion:429}}
Played a bunch on matches with her and she feels fine to me power-wise. It's just her build path isn't optimize for her anymore but she's still strong.
: ehm.. kalista ult? :D edit: ashe ult, sivir ult, urgot ult... sivir uses ER quite well..
Ult vs q Ahri gets way more chances to land a charm where as sivir, ashe, and urgot get one a fight. If you miss an Ashe arrow or misuse a Sivir ult it's a big window of opportunity for the opponent. That can be a chance for Dragon or Baron. Dodging and Ahri charm leaves you save for about 6 seconds. Sivir is the only one of those champs that actually gets ER but it's mostly for her ricochet and is simply a way to start the fight. And Ahri charm can catch someone out and eliminate them before the fight starts. Sivir is also balanced around the fact that she doesn't provide as much late game damage as most ADC nor is she really dominant early game. She's a more utility focused ADC. Mages often get damage and CC in one.
: As an ADC main since mid season 3, I literally have no idea why other ADC's arent buying this item. ITS LITERALLY DESIGNED TO KILL REALLY SCARY REGEN TANKS, AND EVEN HELPS YOU AGAINST THE OTHER ADC's (lifesteal? what's that?) please bronzies why do you do this to me :(
Got this item in a game against Sion and Mundo while playing Kalista. Also made sure to continue getting my BORTK first since it's still a good item. Not sure why people feel like it's garbage. It still has great utility with it's movement speed slow and lifesteal. As an ADC main it seems like this Tristana is just plain stupid.
: I feel like q and e should be switched, because it make more sense to grant flow from dashing than thrusting.
That makes sense to me. I feel like he could also use a Hecarim-esque mechanic where he does more damage the more he's moved. On his Q and especially his ult it would make a lot of sense.
: Kalista Ult
It's meant to encourage coordination and team work. When Riot release Kalista they said her kit was meant to teach ADCs and supports to work to together. That's why her w passive exist. Her kit has high reward but it requires teamwork to use correctly. I've had times where I played Kalista and my supporr ulted a different target that I didn't even think of hitting. It always ended up being the right choice.
: I'd love to see how many of the people complaining about mana potions actually bought them as well. This shit happens all the time. Watch all of the *insert unpopular champ here* mains pop out as soon as said champ is changed in any way. It's all bullshit. This game is so ridiculously infested with sheep.
I always bot mana bots on Lucian and Graves since they were always mana hungry. I don't really feel like I need them anymore though since they're mana pools got buffed. Green trinkets I'm kind of okay with. It makes warding everyone's job now and I personally haven't felt an increase or decrease in wards on the map here in gold so it doesn't really bother me.
: RIP Twitch.
.....he's a late game ADC. His laning phase has always been bad. His goal is to scale and assassinate, which is easy now since he can go invisible again after getting a kill. He's just not useful right now since games don't last long enough.
: That's the problem with Riot. They don't listen to nor care for the community. There were many people complaining about this on the PBE and they ignored them because they don't give a fuck. As long as skins sell
In all fairness, PBE is a shitty testing ground, this is coming from someone who actually plays PBE. Elos are all over the place. A platinum player can go againt a bronze. On top of that, no one plays seriously there. So many adcs bot, mid, and jg it was insane. A lot of people felt MF was going to be really week but she's doing incredibly well from what I've seen.
: Now, I'm not being sarcastic. I'm 100% serious and I mean no disrespect: what's the big different role that AP champions fill that an AD champion can't at this point? Like, range is all I can think of. I'm pretty sure Riot is just doing what Riot does: massive insane and unreasonable meta shift for the preseason just to rile everyone up and get attention for when they release the patch that undoes the bullshit done to pretty much any AP champion and sustain champion and pretty much anyone other than ADCs. Maybe I sound salty. Well that's because I am. I hate these changes, but I hate to think that I've spent countless hours on this game and quite a bit of cash on it for nothing. I'm not done yet, but if this bullshit doesn't stop, I will be.
CC is a big part. Not too many ad champions cc they have. AOE damage is also really nice. And let's not underestimate the power of poke. Getting a champion low during a fight or siege is big. It's also a lot more safety that AD champions generally don't have.
: > [{quoted}](name=xD3st1nYx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3N9Oj3rA,comment-id=000600000001,timestamp=2015-11-11T19:25:28.719+0000) > > Bruh, most of them only cost 200 more, whereas you gain more gold from the changes to gold income, read the patch notes kid. AP cost increased, AD cost untouched. Where's the balance again? Or were ADs too weak that they needed a catch up?
Many ADC items lost stats. Phantom and Static lost attack speed, IE lost crit chance and damage, Blood thirster lost 5 but it was expensive as hell in the first place, like many adc items.
: > [{quoted}](name=LaowPing,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8MshFwE3,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-11-11T21:12:08.182+0000) > > Personally, I prefer lifesteal on him since he want's to be up close and personal. ER rush on Lucian is great since you can go Zeal after and then sorc shoes to max cdr. I went GB my first game with Lucian because i never feel like he is mana hungry. GB fits his playstyle perfectly. Though ER might be better.
: Why wouldn't you rush ER on Graves?
Personally, I prefer lifesteal on him since he want's to be up close and personal. ER rush on Lucian is great since you can go Zeal after and then sorc shoes to max cdr.
: It encourages {{champion:18}} players to not die and make stupid mistakes.
after the just reworked her to encourage players to rocket jump in more
: Blitz needs to have a nearby ally to put the hurt on post-hook. This new chick just solos you, and then when you run, you find that you still have nagakabouros to deal with.
But you take reduced damage from the attacks. Plus, it's a lot slower than a blitz hook. Look at the animation.
: Except you can try to counterplay a blitz hook to some extent after you're grabbed. That ability just has your soul stand there... it doesn't even dance or anything.
But after getting hooked by blitz, you're generally dead. You can still run after she grabs you.
: Beating vayne in lane as a support
For blitz you have to either engage with flash E or predict her tumble. I've played against Vayne with blitz/trist and it worked well. We got some good trades off and I flashed on her to knock her up. Trist planted the bomb and I pulled her back in when she tumbled away. For thresh it's the same. Engage with E or predict the tumble. If you exhaust or flay you can save the hook for when she tumbles. Not sure what's happening with Leona. Are you getting condemned during Zenith Blade? You still have exhaust and ult. Alistar is good at engaging on Vayne and keeping her out of team fights. Vel is great at zoning her from cs if your adc knows how to freeze lane. Soraka can guarantee your adc wins all trades. If she ever uses her comdemn to trade, go in a few seconds after while it's still on cd. Botlane match ups are tricky because it 2 people in a lane, so who her support is and who your adc is makes a big difference.
: ADC can be easily replaced in season 6
Refreshing to see some different opinions every once in a while. Personally don't agree though. After playing on the PBE I feel like adcs are more fun than ever. Each one is so much more unique now and they all have different item variety. I actually have to think about what I buy now. They're strong enough to where you have to give up substantial power by replacing them. Caitlyn's zone control is on bout now, Graves actually has a decent chance of killing bruisers who dive him, Kog'maw shreds when given enough peel. It feels more like everyone is on an even playing field now.
: Just 'gets in'. But yeah. Resonating Strike has a low missile speed, so it can be dodged without too much trouble. If the carries are standing behind minions and tanks relative to him, they shouldn't have a terrible time. They just need to stay aware of where he is, like with Blitzcrank.
^This. His early game is good due his insane ganking ability and good base damage. Once people start grouping he has problems picking people off and has to commit to all engages. People can peel him off if he tries to go in unless he pulls an insect with the most godlike flanking. Champions falling off isn't just about scaling, it's about how well they perform in each stage of the game. Lucian falls off late game because his team fighting isn't as good as his laning phase, same for Riven, so they have to get far ahead in lane that they delete people when it's time to team fight.
: How to counterplay Fiora?
Walking into a bush resets the location of her passive.
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