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: Actually it still is Lux. Think about it. She sounds more mature becuase she is. She is a prodigy mage that has been shown to be able to copy spells just be seeing them once, bend light to her whim and fashion her own spells. After years of practice she could become a master of the elements themselves, not just light. She has changes in those years. She no longer is as upbeat and happy as she once was. She has seen things. She tries to fake emulate her old self, but it comes off as fake.
Her face looks nothing like normal Lux, as I mentioned if you compare the character icons for elementalist and the original they look like completely different people. She had plastic surgery? Also her new voice over is halfway filled with a bunch of jokes and puns, I never described her as sounding "more mature", I described her as sounding like an "edgy punmaster who's always biting at the bit to crack her next joke". I actually disagree, her new voice over doesn't sound mature to me. Less cheerful, but not more mature.
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: I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE bitching and complaining. It's a god damn game with a company who I'm sure tries their best. If any of you people who sit there bitch and complain why not get our ass up and try to work there since riot is full of "retards". I'm sure everyone can do their jobs better then they can. Oh wait you don't work their i guess you're just too intelligent for their job. So please shut the hell up and thank these people for their damn time and effort and stress. I'm sorry that some people have to work for a living while others are just handed everything to them in life. Some news that's not how the world works. Edit: I have an issue with grammar so I apologize for any mistakes in my post
Ah yes, the "Riot is so kind and generous as to give us the **privilege** of playing their game, so just accept whatever comes out of their ass and be thankful for it" brand of apologism, bundled together with the classic "You're not allowed to complain about anything unless you're one of the people in charge of fixing it". This is the absolute worst kind of apologism. That's not how this works, and that's not how the world works. It's not our job to take whatever Riot wants to give us. Riot is a company and League of Legends is their product. If their customers are unhappy / unsatisfied with the way Riot is managing and developing the product, its the customers job to let them know and its Riot's job to fix it. With a game as big and popular as League, they can get away with pushing an unwanted change or feature past us every once in a while, but if they consistently ignore their customers and pursue design decisions that directly contradict what the vast majority of players want then they are going to drive this game right into the ground and kill it. And that's **exactly** what they're doing right now. Remember Runescape? Remember WoW? Unlike you, most people don't just roll over and take the garbage that they're given, they get fed up and leave. More unhappy players = less paying customers. The longer they continue to manage things like this, the worse their reputation and public image is going to be, and the more players they'll lose. For fucks sake, Riot does not deserve a fucking consolation prize just because you think "they're trying their best" (Hint: They're not!).
: Taliyah(no icon yet rito plz??): Earth {{champion:63}}: Fire {{champion:40}}: Wind {{champion:267}}: Water {{champion:44}}: Heart Team Captain Planet anyone?
Um, excuse me? How is Taric heart? {{champion:201}} I {{champion:201}} think {{champion:201}} you're {{champion:201}} forgetting {{champion:201}} someone {{champion:201}} here. {{champion:201}}
: It looks like you can place it, and knock them up to cause the damage yourself.
Good point, I didn't consider that. We'll have to wait till she hits PBE to confirm if that's how it works.
: Champion Reveal: Taliyah, the Stoneweaver
Everything looks awesome to me except her E. The delay on that is way too long and it looks kind of useless, especially if you're fighting someone who doesn't have dashes.
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GigglesO (NA)
: Also you have low action and cs even for a support.
Actually, that website says I'm above average in every aspect except warding, **especially** for action and CS. It says I'm the yellow graph, not sure what you're on about. Also, is this for ranked? It says it only analyzed 135 games and that 7% games were jungle, which couldn't be any farther from the truth (the percentage should be pretty close to zero). I rarely play ranked anymore and my normals MMR is high enough that I get plats and diamonds every game. My stats are likely higher than what that website is letting on, especially the warding part as I've improved a lot on that since I stopped playing ranked. No offense but you should probably learn how to actually use these tools before you try to use them to prove a point.
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Laraso,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cujeatUc,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-04-09T06:36:37.929+0000) > > Did you even read my post? "I just had a game where I went 0/2/21 as Taric support, had almost 100% uptime on all 3 of my wards after I got sighstone, had a pink ward up 24/7, cleared over 16 wards, over 70% kill participation, and ended the game with an A. Not an A+, just an A." I read, but here is the thing, your healing is low, your damage taken is low, your damage dealt is low, your gold is low, you have 0 of your teams turrets, did you assist them with turrets, what about that dragon? Just to give you an example.... 37 minute game I was full build... My KDA is garbage too... AP ashe (support) ontop of that.
Yes, I assisted them in almost every mid lane and bottom lane turret, and the mid inhib. So because I didn't last hit the turrets I don't get an S? There wasn't much healing to be done because my carries weren't taking much damage. Was I supposed to max my heal and rush a spirit visage to get an S? I used all my spells and auto attacked whenever possible. So I should have built full damage instead of tank in order to get S? My gold is low relative to my team because they were fed and I'm on a support income. Was I supposed to afk farm empty lanes, take jungle camps, and steal kills to get an S? - I completely denied almost all vision in their jungle and had it lit up like a christmas tree 24/7. I got my carry fed in lane and set up picks later in the game. But none of that matters apparently because I wasn't CSing enough to buy an Infinity Edge?
GigglesO (NA)
: Except that I've had like 3/7/20 S rank games... You realize its more than just kda right? It includes things like wards, objecties and ect...
Did you even read my post? "I just had a game where I went 0/2/21 as Taric support, had almost 100% uptime on all 3 of my wards after I got sighstone, had a pink ward up 24/7, cleared over 16 wards, over 70% kill participation, and ended the game with an A. Not an A+, just an A."
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Raoul (EUW)
: Maybe the answer for fixing Soraka is... going back.
Actually in many situations her passive is absolutely god-tier, it's almost twice as strong as a distortion ghost, that's hardly "shit". Her E is likewise and extremely strong ability, it is currently the only instantaneous silence in the game right now (correct me if I'm wrong on that) and it also doubles as a zoning/crowd control ability. Her Q, on the other hand, is complete shit. It's rarely ever useful in lane, the one thing it's good at is slowing enemies who are chasing you in a straight line, and that's basically it. Unless you're playing mid Soraka, then it's a very good waveclear tool, but that point is irrelevant because you're playing Soraka mid.
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JARmates (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sulghunter,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=W8YeIzrB,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2015-12-14T19:01:35.527+0000) > > I used to like playing as the support, but then I tried supporting in ranked. Now I don't trust a single soul in this game. I would not play support in rank. You need to play someone that can carry or 2nd carry or otherwise you ain't climbing.
Just play Vel'Koz "support". You'll always get your role, everyone will ignore you and nobody will take you as a serious threat in teamfights, meanwhile you can delete the enemy carry at level 6 with one combo and no AP and end the game with more damage than anyone else on your team. Placement matches at the start of the season put me in Bronze, waited until about a month before the season ended and then just spammed Vel'Koz support straight to Gold V in about 2 days (could have kept climbing but all I cared about was season rewards).
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: When i see a rageblade jax
What anime is this from?
Laraso (NA)
: I mean if people used their brains it wouldn't be possible. Don't group up in close proximity to her. Disengage if she gets a good ult. Don't get hit by her E (easy), kill the tentacles (easy), and kite her (easy). She's pretty weak actually if people would bother to do that. Instead, people seem to deliberately choose to not do any of those things, and then whine about how overpowered she is after playing into all of her strengths.
You've got to love how yesterday this post had like 7 upvotes and his reply had 5 downvotes. Then suddenly that completely flips around in a very short period of time. Vote manipulation much?
: I hate when people say this. "Just don't let the champion do stuff that the champion is supposed to do" "Don't let the champion hit his/her abilities" Yeah obviously bud
I'm guessing you're one of those people who also thinks Darius is broken as well.
: No champion should be able to get a triple kill 1 v 5 unless they are enormously fed.
I mean if people used their brains it wouldn't be possible. Don't group up in close proximity to her. Disengage if she gets a good ult. Don't get hit by her E (easy), kill the tentacles (easy), and kite her (easy). She's pretty weak actually if people would bother to do that. Instead, people seem to deliberately choose to not do any of those things, and then whine about how overpowered she is after playing into all of her strengths.
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differ23 (NA)
: Maybe you are just bad with manual CSing with him. I find no problem with it and find it very easy, even without his E. Tbh, i think anivia is worse.
Yea it's easier when you don't have voidlings or your E active. It's significantly HARDER to last hit with them active, at least early game where it's a total crapshoot of whether your E + Voidling or the caster minions get the last shot.
differ23 (NA)
: It's hard to cs??!??!?!?!?! He has an ability that fucking jumps from minion to minion if you time it right. I main Malzahar and i don't find it hard to cs one bit.
It's hard to CS early game when your E doesn't do enough damage and you've got a voidling + the minion wave attacking whatever you're trying to last hit. Mid and late game though yea, you can just press E and walk away and you'll be long-distance farming.
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: When are we nerfing Yasuo?
Dude you didn't know? According to secret lore that Riot hides from everyone, Yasuo is Lee Sin's distant relative. Since he comes from the same lineage, he is nerf immune just like our good old blind monk. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: It will only stop his Q. It doesn't do anything to his E most likely since it is not a dash but a targeted gap closer most likely.
OK well this only further fuels the flames of my rage Fuck fizz
: The best part about the new Poppy W
Her W literally fixes almost every issue I have with all of my most hated champs, champs that include {{champion:105}}, {{champion:105}}, {{champion:105}}, and {{champion:105}}. Might take her mid lane just because FUCK YOU FIZZ
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Puynsi (NA)
: So they will kill {{champion:63}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} ?
I swear if they touch my Vel'Koz I'm going to flip.
: When you lag right in the middle of a 1v1 dual. . . .
The annoying part is where you get into a 1v1 duel, start lagging, lose, and then the person you were fighting taunts you. They think they outplayed you when in reality you couldn't do much because of lag, but if you say that then you just look like a salty loser.
: how many champions can only use there ultimate under certain circumstances?
I'm really tired of hearing this argument. It's trivial for Yasuo to simply dash into you and ult.
: you beat yasuo in lane by sacrificing farm yes hes a lane bully. but you beat him by letting him be a bully lasthit only. take damage. drink potions. farm what you can when your low. simply back and lose a minion wave. let him damage half of your tower. it doesnt matter i like backing after every cannon wave. so i never die. yasuo farms more than me. he kills my tower. BUT WHO CARES as long as you dont die to yasuo. by the time 20 minutes comes he is useless. you are a aoe teamfight mage. he is yasuo. he is a yasuo you never died to. he may have 40 more CS who cares. once that 5v5 happens, your team will merk him
Um, Yasuo is a hypercarry, he doesn't fall off late game and a 40 CS lead is about the same as being 2 kills up on your opponent
: Not sure which is more cancerous
The answer is {{champion:16}}
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: It's not a meme...
Everything is a meme.
: Poor Poppy
I felt like a similar thing happened when Fiora got a visual update and a great rework while Mordekaiser despite needing one more got no visual update and a crappy rework.
: It's very true that he's bad at freezing. He's got the Tristana effect with more damage and range. Plus, I've only played with or against Nasus support three times, but he's really not very strong. His only good base damage is his spirit fire, which will run him oom very quickly. I get the feeling OP made some really bad plays.
It doesn't matter how bad Nasus's damage is, he doesn't need any abilities when Graves has ridiculous damage. He doesn't even need a wall to get both damage procs off of his Q when wither lowers you to like 10 movespeed. Literally all he has to do is press W.
: Did you pick up Mikael's Crucible? It doesn't help too much during laning phase, but it removes Wither and would be useful in teamfights.
That's the first item I bought after eye of the watcher. That's on a 3 minute cooldown so it isn't reliable, but does help save people from getting picked off every now and then.
: Be Morgana. Black shield the Wither. Snare whoever tries to get close to your carry. Watch the enemy team rage at Nasus for picking a troll support.
That's exactly what I did. The problem is, wither is instant; you have to time it PERFECTLY in order to successfully black shield someone. If you do it too early (once again, it's instant, you can't see it coming) then he doesn't wither and you waste your black shield and it goes on a 22 second cooldown. If you do it too late it gets wasted and it goes on a 22 second cooldown. You have to basically guess when he's going to use it and do it a split second before he presses W.
: It's called kiting. Poking also helps, but kiting is the more important one.
You can "kite" him all day but he just stays in front of your minion wave. If the ADC is in auto attack range then they're in wither range, they can stay safe but that involves giving up the entire lane and getting denied all of the CS.
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