: How can you guys still play ranked and not go insane ?
Honestly, people in normals trigger me more because they do stupid shit, BUT, that's where you supposed to do it so I get it. That's why I think I like ranked more.
: I think these 7.7 buffs is an april fools joke
where are you getting that jhin w can crit? Looking at S@20 and don't see any mention of it @_@
resumed (NA)
: when their 0/4 yasuo meets our 0/5 riven in the river..
: Who do you even play against Darius/Poppy ?
Lissandra is fun against them. If you play her right, they should never be able to get on you.
: There's no armor pen, it's lethality now :^)
Not really, armor pen still exists, its just based on a formula using lethality now if you were to look into it.
: The new warwick ult makes me want to drink bleach. For the love of god, either nerf the range or turn it into a skill shot. Even jhin has to land his w after previous damage for a short snare; but to have the strongest cc in the game as a long distance point and click? It makes no sense.
: If ADCs can stop rushing ghostblade
By the time you finish ghostblade, it gives you about 10 armor penetation against the enemy adc, which, early, is a pretty sizable increase in damage especially on adc with good base damage.
: I just wonder why {{champion:427}} is allowed to walk into the enemy jungle, take the buff in front of the enemy's eyes and walk away like nothing happened.
I don't know, that's one of the FEW things ivern can do. If you look at his skills set objectively, they do very little. Thus, most of his power budget is in that ability to dominate in counter jungling. IMO.
: I had a rough day today...
I don't have this login :[
: NEW CHAMP COMIC: Camille: Severed Ties
: Redemption
We don't even know how large the zone of healing/damage is. It could be the size of a Soraka Starcall for all we know.
: The Real Reasons Riot is Forcing Dynamic Queue
Where are the y-axis numbers? I'm a little skeptical at the graph because for all we know the difference between each line could be either in the thousands or millions.
: Tank Ekko is still popular, toxic and dominating
I've had good success against him playing singed, especially, after the nerf to his base damage and items across the board. :D
: Tanks, Assassins, Supports, Mages, Marksmen; Long ago, the six classes lived thogether in harmony.
Wait. I'm confused. Six classes? Am i missing something? I only counted five.
: There are definitely some improvements I absolutely love, especially the collar obstructing his lower face, we already have singed covering his face with bandages. Beatrice does look more menacing and the subtle hints at Swain's demon bird form are a nice touch. His face though doesn't scream swain to me, something really important for a base splash art.
Completely agree with everything! I also especially like how they added in that touch of finesse with his pinky lift on his cane :3
: Riot is basically killing AP Mages in mid
I'm sorry if this was asked before but where are you getting this? I guess s@20 hasn't updated these new changes yet?
Jaygo41 (NA)
: Do people actually like the state of the game
I like the current preseason. Although things get snowbally, it isn't impossible to come back. It's hard and it should be.
Meserion (NA)
: Increase ban limit to 5 and give each player a ban
I think the reason why they won't allow 5 ban yet is because in competitive scene, a team can possibly ban an entire champion pool of a specific person. This would essentially make it a 4v5 if the person being targeted can't play more than 5 champs.
Zerana (NA)
: I won't be all that mad about the timer change to his shrooms as long as his ap ratio nerfs are reverted. As it stands you have to have ALOT of ap to do a killing blow with shrooms and the base damage early game is meh. If the traps actually hurt now I will be happy but lets be honest you have to go full ap nuclear mushroom Teemo just to kill someone with 3 shrooms and that's being generous. When was the last time you played Teemo and an enemy legitimately died to a shroom? Not your autos and then a shroom or after a team fight low health enemy shroom, just the shrooms. And when that did happen how many games did it take to happen? You see ALOT of players don't upgrade trinkets and when you face a Teemo (or any stealth champ really) your _supposed _ to be punished for not utilizing the counter tools built in the game. Teemo punishes people that don't use trinkets like Malzahar punishes adcs that don't feel like getting that QSS even though Mal just went 7/0/2 midlane. So what does riot want Teemo to ultimately be hmm? An ambush champ who lies in wait or a trap champ? It seems he always has only one of the 2 to do really well in this game and right now it seems they want him to be an ambush champ based on the stealth changes and are gonna nerf his shrooms for now, making them more active spells but less effective ones.
Teemo scales very well with magic pen. All you need is sorc shoes, liandries, and a void staff and you can chunk a squishy down about a 1/3 to 1/2 of their life every shroom. Thus, i dont understand what you mean where the traps dont actually hurt? Early game traps shouldn't hurt that much as it should be.
If the info is too small there is a scale that makes the HUD larger in one of the tabs in the option menu.


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