: > [{quoted}](name=LaserDeathBlade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wEAotcy5,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-08-26T08:08:25.509+0000) > > Lol so like attack-move on champions > > That would make ADC the easiest role overnight No, it doesn't work like that. You still have to click the champion. It's already possible if you press both keys but it's not very smooth.
SirPurrr (NA)
: Hotkey Request: Target Champions Only + Player Attack Only Click
Lol so like attack-move on champions That would make ADC the easiest role overnight
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IVG Bad Dog (EUNE)
: Why Nexus Blitz should stay
Blitz honestly feels much more balanced than Summoner's Rift The insane damage makes sense There's strong solo carry potential There's strong come-back potential It's got strategy, teamwork, objectives, etc. I would actually play Ranked Blitz over SR
: Congratulations Riotgames, you just lost a Season 1 veteran
This is the worst season of league I've ever played through I play more Blitz than Ranked because it honestly feels more balanced. At least dying instantly makes sense there.
: Season 9 is the last chance to stay relevant; League cannot afford another Colossal Cock Up Cascade!
It's not even just Zoe anymore, everyone and their mom has a 1 shot combo, or more like 0.5 shot because you can miss half your spells and still get a kill with ignite As those casters pointed out, you can't have a strategic macro game when random BS can just 1 shot you
: Why are some people still acting like assassins are OK right now?
Assassins are prevalent because damage is just insane, and assassins are very reliable at putting out damage If Tanks could actually front line and not die instantly, Assassin pickrate would go way down immediately.
: After 10 games of the Nexus Blitz *feedback*
I think the snowballing is because matchmaking is not where it needs to be The team that has better players is going to get the early lead and keep it. The fire buff only makes it even more obvious when there's a skill difference between players.
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Yòmi (NA)
: Unpopular Opinion: Season 8 has been the Best season riot has ever released.
How are assassins good in particular? Damage is so jacked up that anything is an assassin now
: We need Tank back in the meta, I'm sick of getting killed super fast without a frontline
We don't need tanks as much as we need less damage across the board It's stupid how easy it is to 100-0 someone. This a MOBA, not call of duty.
Yenn (NA)
: If I'm not fed to shit by 10 minutes as jungle, ganking most lanes pretty much becomes suicide
You can say this about literally any role The game is way too snowbally, a person with a minor lead can easily 100-0 other players. It's retarded
: My thoughts on playing ADC atm.
Everyone does way too much damage, what's the point of playing ADC when assassins already 100-0 tanks with a serrated dirk
Nosnide (NA)
: Does Udyr deal too much damage right now?
Dude, everyone does too much dmg right now
Amorith (NA)
: Riot, I get I'm in my promos, but what the fuck is this?
Yeah I swear they make your team suck on purpose during promos
Kazo Kurosu (EUNE)
: Explaining Chaos as a mechanic and why it makes new Irelia top tier.
lol let's not over-complicate it She's top tier because she has a million dashes, 1 shots everyone, has a great ult, and is unkillable.
: Feedback is great, so let's gather some constructive criticism from this current preseason
It is my humble opinion that the new masteries favor offense wayyyy too much. Everyone and their mom does so much damage. Not only are the damage-dealing or kill-getting masteries super strong, the defense and utility masteries suck donkey nuts (And no, I don't consider Aftershock or Aery to be defensive/supportive, they do a crap ton of damage). In S7 most squishies would go 18/12/0 and have armor yellows + MR blues giving them a good amount of defense, but now there are no runes and most squishies go double offensive masteries which says to me S8 defensive masteries are so garbage that you might as well not bother with them. This leads to incredibly snowbally games because even a small lead means you can utterly erase other champions. People have like 30 MR and 32 Armor or something on the first back, compared to S7 it's like everyone has a free Serrated Dirk + Sorc Shoes. Then on top of that consider Sudden Impact, Cheap Shot, Scorch etc etc and that all the random things that boost your Adaptive Force or give you offensive stacks on takedown. Just for reference, I think Ezreal starts the game lvl 1 + Dorans with 88 AD or something. That's right, EZREAL, the incredible wet noodle boy, has 88 AD + Scorch + whatever pops out of his Klepto vs your 0 bonus AD/MR at lvl 1... and Ezreal isn't even that good early game compared to the real lane bullies like Draven and MF. Remember how bad it felt to get hit by a lucky Trynd crit lvl 1 in other seasons? Well now getting axed in the face by Draven is like getting crit by Trynd in S5/6/7... on every fking auto. I know GD has a hate-boner for tanks, but if you think about it - the meta tanks all do a ton of damage. You don't see people picking tanks because they have a lot of sustain or whatever, people pick the tanks that can beat the shit out of everything.
: Everyone at the top of challenger is playing damage, damage, damage, damage, damage.
IDK why GD thinks it's only the ADCs that scale in too fast EVERYTHING does way too much damage, the offensive masteries are way stronger than the defensive masteries. If you fall behind you don't have enough time to react because you just die. Even the meta 'tanks' are only meta because they do a ton of damage.
GigglesO (NA)
: What I've Learned from Playing HotS...
HoTS is fun to play casually because that's when the game is played as it's intended - as an action packed brawler. The moment you try to play it even the slightest bit competitively, it becomes cancerous. Because the heroes are so 'unique' (read: imba) and individual mechanics are so downplayed, the game is basically decided between hero draft and the game-knowledge of your stupidest ally. I actually made it to GM in HoTS, but it was totally unworth it because the gameplay got so dull I burned out and quit. All you do is hump your teammates and rotate around farming minions while your heimerdinger-equivalent soaks the side lane. If someone gets caught, you're done-zo. If you rotate too slow, you're done-zo. If you have the gall to pick non-meta heroes, you're done-zo. My advice to anyone who wants to play HoTS is just stay bad, and stay glad.
Die Alone (EUW)
Bro I've been max honor since like a week after that shit came out. The secret is just don't be a toxic, and play bot + supp. Supp + AD have an unspoken circle-jerk, as long as you don't feed you'll always get at least 1 honor from your lane partner.
: - Riot actually thinks these mages are good for game health, and they're right. Back when I was advocating that we make more ap support items for supports that want to be a bit more aggressive, you want to know what people told me? "Play a mid lane mage or just play mid". Well, as hard stuck on enchanters as I am, I think it's fine and dandy if someone's got the option to approach the role more aggressively rather than sitting back and healing all day. Before anyone has a cow, think of it like this: Would you rather someone actually fight you to win lane, or would you like Soraka to be op again? - Doesn't this scream as a wake up call that support bases are way too low? These mages bring base effectiveness. By late game, Locket/Redemption are bloody broken beyond belief, and these guys hardly build those items, so it's not like they're late-game powerhouses. Rather, the early and mid game is where they do the most damage, but...that's the job of ANY support, anyway. People are having the wrong complaints. Traditional supports are weak, rather than these mages are too strong. Well, they might be a bit strong, too, but the point is that most supports are too weak. If someone's being picked for early power, a support should be able to contest that naturally...because they're picked for early game power. Apparently now they're picked because they're supposed to be fucking wimps with a slow and a heal. - Given point 2, I think much of support's problems as a role are grounded in the fact that the community wants support to be a helpless role where you do very little outside of apply slows. Without damage, you can't protect yourself or assert yourself that well. You can kinda try, but if I don't do any damage, what's *really* deterring someone from ignoring me once my cds are done? What's *really* deterring someone from not chasing me if I'm caught out warding? Obviously, I don't mean for a support champ to be able to 1v5 carry or chunk as hard as a carry, but to remove all damage threat from the role is legitimate stupid talk. This talk of forcing supports to rely on others to be half their presence in a given situation isn't wise. Hell, that's the very thing people tend to quote when they talk about why they DISLIKE THE ROLE. With this said, yeah, the current ap mages could use nerfs, perhaps, but it'd be a shame if they were removed from bot lane outright. It'd be really telling about the community as a whole.
I think it's fine and dandy if mage supports are viable picks, but right now they're just too damned jacked. They're basically mandatory because early game is so important; Unless you're looking for uphill battle there are just no alternatives to mage supports. The prevalence of mage supports also forces other lanes to pick tanky CC champions to compensate for support no longer providing that utility, e.g. this super stale tank vs tank top lane meta.
Geropac (NA)
: I wouldn't mind waiting 5extra minutes if that meant I get one of my roles...
Without autofill, pretty sure the queue timer would be way more than just 5 mins more
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: What if more Marksman had ammo?
I don't think Ammo is why people like Jhin/Graves lol It's honestly a minor detail compared to the rest of their kits.
Elohaven (NA)
: Why buffing the Marksmen-class' early game is a horrible idea:
IMO the failing Support class is half the reason why ADCs are so weak ATM. Maybe ADCs don't need a direct buff, but the support meta needs to change. All of the normal supports who are actually 'supportive' have been pushed out of the meta by the likes of high-damage mages, support's become basically a second mid lane except you don't have to farm.
: Best Top Lane Carry
Nothing dumber than a fed Riven
: Why the hell is there not a latency limiter for rank and league in general?
They don't need a special system, ranks already account for that over the long run. If some dude has insane lag every 1/5 games and still makes it to Gold or whatever ELO he's at, then he actually is Gold accounting for his lag.
KiddFly (NA)
: [GamePlay] Tryndamere Ult proc during Guardian Angel
The point of Trynd ult is that it can be activated no matter what effects he's under It's unintuitive to add special cases where you can't activate Trynd's ult
: ADC/Marksman class and Selfishness
I mean.. I don't think it's an unfair stereotype. It's inherent to the class to be selfish. ADCs can't function without gold income and at least 1-2 teammates revolving around their dik. If the ADC and/or Support suck, then sometimes it just is better to not have an ADC over some other class at all.
: RIOT, can you please increase Lucian's model size by roughly 10%?
Have you seen other ADCs? They're usually tiny Ashe is like a legit midget
Ralanr (NA)
: How bad would Lee Sin be if he lost ward hopping and what would he need for compensation?
They'd probably replace it with normal dash, lol Lee Sin's mobility is such a core part of his champion design, if you took it out it'd be like trying to rework Draven without his axes.
: not getting your main role for 3 games in a row should never happen
Just main bot I get it literally every time I put bot primary lol
: The underlying cause of toxcity? A personal perspective
Uh.. Idk Pretty sure most of the time people just want to blame someone else for a loss (deservingly or not), or just plain don't like them.
: Why pick Garen over Darius?
IMO Garen's play-style is a lot more like Trynd than Darius, you just split-push and run away hella fast when they come to gank you. With BC+Sunfire, half a spin channel will kill an entire wave, and with his durability you can easy proxy waves to keep pressure off your retarded teammates. Darius can't clear nearly as fast and is just gunna get ganked and killed unless he can 2v1 (unlikely against non-braindead opponents)
: Riven Full Lethality...
Riven is ghey AF all the time, but right now she's relatively less ghey because tanks are so strong
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: Just because your jungler isnt ganking doesn't make them useless.
A good amount of time, jungler actually is useless In my experience laners don't understand that jungle can get completely screwed by factors they have very little control over. Sometimes rather than working to overcome that, people just rage.
: Passive aggressive players are the worst type of toxicity
That might just be how they play lol.... A lot of players have a solo carry mentality.
Bultz (NA)
: @Meddler why are ap champions(mostly ap tanks) not punished for building off regulations?
Because Lifesteal actually gives you a massive health pool as long as you can hit stuff
: One day, Lucian will not be a top tier ADC
Lucian really isn't that good ATM lol He's heavily dependent on his support but can do serious work if his team helps him out. He isn't a good solo Q ADC IMO because his range is tiny and he isn't particularly amazing at lane control. Without good support synergy he's like a squishy version of Graves ADC aka ELO suicide.
: Hey mid laners why dont u ever leave ur lane?
Probably depends a lot on vision control I wouldn't set foot in river as an immobile mage unless I had vision on where their team is, otherwise you're just begging to get ganked and die. Deep ward jungle and put down pinks
: What happens in REAL sports when a player is toxic?
There's a difference between competitive showmanship and toxicity, and toxicity absolutely does get punished in real sports. What's considered toxic varies on the sport, but it's especially strict for League because it's difficult to pick up the difference between 'competitive banter' and toxicity over a chat box so most of the time everything is just considered toxic.
: No. No. You don't get it. There is no "staff". It is all automated. Trigger the chat filter = ban. Simple as programing. It does not work this way currently. There also is no automated system in place that catches a decent amount. Everything is based on player reports. If no one was reported for toxic language, no one would ever get banned for toxic language.
No that's not how it works at all... The context of language is near impossible for chat filters to pick up, it makes no sense to make automated bans for chat especially since you are allowed to curse in league.
Hrd2H1t (NA)
: Jax's Design feels Outdated and Unhealthy
As someone who used to play a lot of Jax, I think he's actually in a really bad spot now. For practically any situation that I'd consider picking Jax in, Trynd is just a much better option with a stronger early and late game. He takes way too long to scale in, if you fall behind early game you're probably going to be useless. Realistically the best bet to winning with Jax is snowballing your lane and pushing your advantage but that's pretty difficult considering Jax's early game is terrible. IMO they need to make Jax less reliant on AS. He gets kited super easily and it's hard AF to stack up his passive ever since the nerf.
Wolfeur (EUW)
: PSA: SoloQ is not returning because of the complaining
That sounds like exactly what happened though, they just phrase it in a way that doesn't make them look bad I'd be very surprised if this "flex queue" doesn't die to solo queue
darkdill (NA)
: Once again, Thornmail lets me down because Vayne got Mercurial Scimitar...
Thornmail mitigates lifesteal Late game LS on carries actually gives them an absurd amount of health, having a Thornmail makes a huge impact on their survivability.
: Ziggs does "no damage"
I'd prefer him on the weaker side Not much in this game is worse than a fed Ziggs spamming Q's that do 50-70% of your HP on a 2 second CD from 5 miles away
Slythion (NA)
: that's exactly why I recommended buffing her competitors. In non-lcs play she shines as a solo carry because she lacks competitors, not because her kit is broken
Her competitors would be OP AF in competitive if they were to be buffed, that's the reason they were nerfed in the first place.
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