: How Riot Convinced Me To Quit A Good Game
The whole part about toxicity is an invalid argument because of the fact that you had the choice to mute and yet you didn't. If someone is being annoying/toxic the mute button's only existence is to prevent that.
: It's the level of the enemy champion getting hit by the ability. lvl 18/30 = .6, so 1 lethality = 1 armor pen when the target is lvl 18 (because .4 + .6 =1). The main point of the formula is that you get a substantial benefit from lethality in the early game without it being as strong as before, and it scales better late game. This means AD assasins/casters won't be able to deal true damage to underleveled targets as easily, but their Lethality items will be more useful late game.
It wouldn't necessarily be better late game because say if you had Youmuu's Ghostblade which has 20 lethality and the level of the enemy champion isn't level 18, then the flat armor penetration you would get would less than if there was still armor penetration which would be 20, so you would get the same amount of armor penetration, but only at level 18

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