Synchrø (EUW)
: I think i've discovered a way to get season ranked rewards as honor level 0 or 1.
yea you are right but you would have to climb to gold again plus spend the money to transfer the account
: How long does it take to bounce back to honor level 2?
I took me a month and 10 days playing at least 3-5 games a day so its 100 percent possible just type less
: How Long does it take from Honor Level 1 -2
took me a month and 10 days and I didnt do a major reform I just typed a bit less. so you can 100 percent make it before the season ends
Latiøs (NA)
: Honor Grinding
Update its been done reached honor level 2
: From Honor 0 to Honor 2 !
this gave me hope as im 2 checkpoints away from honor 2 again
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