: This is too serious a post. I'm not used to the Emotions!!!!!!
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: http://i.imgur.com/KWYy3Uj.gif?nodirect
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: Aw thanks <3 Lol xD
: Did you know Garen can reach almost 100% tenacity with runes, boots and his kit?
And yet all those knockups can't stop these sick spins. https://i.imgur.com/cQlSw01.gif[/img] Garen will just spin through the air like a helicopter made of pure justice
: Mmm... Voli steaks. Uhh... I mean...
u wot m8 https://78.media.tumblr.com/825f063962022082e495236921ede8b9/tumblr_n30xmdzwQb1sx3qw2o1_500.gif
: I wanna laugh, but i can't get past the OCD part of me that's focused on the use of site instead of sight. Like, i think it's funny, but why "site" D: . It was all a ploy to mess with me ;_; lol.
There, fixed. Now you can laugh my child. https://i.giphy.com/media/BnhIfw9hBDlLi/giphy.gif
: When your entire team ends up disconnecting, leaving you 1v5.
1 vs 5? Good, that just makes it a fair fight. https://78.media.tumblr.com/41e69f79dd738248605b1d5cd8806989/tumblr_inline_mra7n7w4eQ1qegw8v.gif
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: Official GDer Tier List (Thanksgiving 2017 Edition)
> Meme Tier Laughing Fish http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7bor3owH21qbabry.gif
EkyonKun (NA)
: "Yasuo" "Flamers" "Feeders" "AFKs" No nees to be redundant.
Only when the Yasuo is in your team. The Yasuo in the enemy team is usually a smurf.
: "There may be a day where we succumb to the evils of the promos... but this is not that day!"
: So who saves your promos?
Last year it was {{item:3504}} {{champion:16}}. I just enjoyed the freelo lol
: Remember: Teamwork is OP
You need mana to raise your art-per-minute http://pm1.narvii.com/6052/30057cabaa6618de1a3f49cbfab7d5d29e740b8a_hq.jpg
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: @Riot: Weren't we supposed to start getting a small amount of Blue Essences after each now?
: I find that adc really feels different from any other role in that you need to be in the fight, but can never allow yourself to fight in a duel, but must instead fight around your team.
Yeah exactly. You are so dependent on others. I prefer to be on the front line.
: I agree. Claiming you made a meme just because it was posted once (by you) ***is*** a stretch. Glad we''re on the same page here. ;p
: Remains to be seen if it *is* a meme. 1 post does not a meme make.
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Skelenth (EUW)
: Riot back at it again with troll missions
itzSinn (NA)
: Trading skin shards?
The problem with this is Riot can give away **more** free content *because* it is RNG. You can unlock something for free, but the odds you will unlock the thing you want is far lower. If people could trade skin shards, then the odds you will get the skin shard you want becomes almost certain, and at that point there is no motivation to buy that skin when you know you could get that skin for free with a little patience.
Ralanr (NA)
: Within up? I suppose it’s time I drill into the heavens.
Whatever do you mean? http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/925/494/218.png_large
: To Celebrate Laughing Fish's Enlightenment
I have awoken, and now see the truth. Memes are not a competition. Memes are not a resource to fight over over. Memes are not even pictures on the internet. No, memes exist within us. We are all one within the great meme that is life. And me? I am loyal servant. http://i.imgur.com/DjC24Yp.gif[/img]
Kloqdq (NA)
: Top is feeling the worst but I do think Bot and Mid could use some better fleshing out. Honestly I just think the way it works now is a little cheesy and I think there is better ways to prevent lane swapping than just making bot tower the weakest. Tahm Kench top does sound pretty good lol.
Tahm Kench top is amazing. Grasp of the Undying + his passive + Titanic Hydra allows him to deal high damage while building extremely tanky. Just.... don't pick him against Rumble lol
: If 50 Cent asked Riot "Who runs this shit?", what would they answer?
Kloqdq (NA)
: Yeah that is something I really wish they could push for as well. Fortification used to last longer if I remember correctly but it was lowered. I push lanes really hard and without even trying I can destroy a persons tower quickly. Top lane feels this the worst too because now I never want to leave lane. If I try for a TP gank I know I am losing my tower 100% of the time and it just makes that role feel way worse than it should. It's why I just play GP so I can at least get some map pressure in top nowadays :/
I believe it used to be 7 mins in all lanes. But then it was changed due to LCS lane swaps. So mid/top get for 5 mins and bot doesn't get at all. The asymmetrical approach isn't necessarily a problem, and I don't really feel this same pressure mid or bot. The only time I am really dissatisfied with towers is top lane. I mean yeah, I would _prefer_ some more safety mid-lane and bot lane, but I don't think it is really *needed*. > It's why I just play GP so I can at least get some map pressure in top nowadays :/ Yeah, I have been going Tahm Kench more often so I can ult back to top lane. Combined with his very high sustain, it makes it a lot easier to defend top tower without much worry.
: Let's talk: The Future of (AP) Galio
Galio is at his best imo when he is a tank that also can deal some damage, rather than a damage dealer who is also tanky. A lot of his problems come from scaling that is way too high, which forces his base to be low, which then in turn forces him to build AP instead of tank. While he can hit quite hard, he is far slower and less elegant than a true mage still, which puts him in a weird spot. Higher base damage, much lower scaling, and some increased health early would allow him to better serve his true purpose. One idea that you proposed that I think is a great idea is lowering the initial damage of his Q but raising the secondary damage. This would maintain strong waveclear, and in teamfights could still soften targets up, but it would make the primary use of the ability to force enemies to move lest their health get chunked away. This zone denial would be very fitting of Galio, both in terms of his in-game style and in his theme. Combined with his AOE taunt and AOE knockup ult, it would secure Galio's place as a slow but powerful zone denial tank who punishes anyone for staying too close to his allies. However, something I am in disagreement with you about is lowering his %health damage in favor of baseline damage. I think the opposite would be more effective. %health damage without baseline damage makes it difficult to actually kill squishy or high priority targets, but it makes it easy to damage and soften up *any* target. Making Galio focused on protecting allies and softening up enemies for those allies to finish would better help him serve his purpose as a tank. Galio's kit and fantasy both are at their best when he is protecting and working with an ally, and the combo of strong AOE zone defense with %health damage to soften up targets for his ally to finish would be very thematically satisfying.
Kloqdq (NA)
: The last person I expected to make this comment lol Seriously though, you are right for the most part. Towers need to last longer early game than they currently do. A tower should drop the moment you make one mistake unless it's 20 minutes in.
Oh I agree, I was more talking about during lane phase. The most annoying part of top lane is when you are winning lane, but die once to a gank and then they 100-0 your tower in a single wave. Post laning phase towers are pretty good as they are imo, any stronger and they would force every game to need 5-on-5 teamfight comps as split pushing would die away. Ideally, what I would like to see is make the Fortification passive (-50% damage taken) last at least 10 mins on the top lane instead of 5 mins. This will still allow all the same late-game comps that exist now, but would make laning phase feel less oppressive
: So my recent having a post removed without any time ban wouldn't disqualify me for this?
Not necessarily. There isn't really a specific cutoff point for recent history. Recent history will of course be considered and play a role, but other factors will as well. If you are interesting, I recommend you apply still. There is no harm in applying.
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: >_original content_ https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ValuableConventionalBufeo-small.gif That was your best joke to date by a hugh mungus margin.
I mean I made this meme, and have made a lot of my recent memes. I used to be a meme salesman, but now I am a meme manufacturer.
: Thanks! I really appreciate the explanation. The changes caught me off guard, and I wasn't certain why the system kept getting updated.
No problem. Part of why we are updating is to hopefully make these things clearer and easier to understand in the future.
: >Does not have an excessive history of breaking the Universal Rules or in-game punishments Like, a lot of removed posts, or punishments like (if any exist) timed bans from boards? Or just no punishments (on boards) for X months? Never been punished in game.
We mean particularly bad recent histories. A few minor issues won’t disqualify you. Like I have been given 24 hour bans twice before for spam, but hadn’t been causing problems for a few months when I applied.
VulDread (NA)
: https://i.imgur.com/qf962ky.png FTFY
But you just posted this in M&G..... https://m.popkey.co/097205/Joe1j_f-maxage-0_s-200x150.gif
: GODDAMMIT! We now have even MORE titles for positions, and now I have more questions.
Basically, the three groups of volunteers are as follow: Moderator: Moderators are pretty straightforward, they enforce the rules of the boards. Their job is to maintain order on the boards. Advisor: Advisors are similar to moderators, but their primary focus is to be active on the boards answering questions and supporting the community. Herald: Heralds are big picture kind of things. They handle larger project, help make sure the moderation team is on the right track, etc.
: PInk wards
That is a good idea. It is an elegant way to allow more control wards late without having to do a major overhaul of item slots. Afterall, herald can already replace the trinket temporarily, so it should be possible.
: This game no longer has strategy in solo Q
I find it far less snowbally now than it was last season with the Ardent meta.
twocanx (OCE)
: We NEED More Rune Pages
You can buy them with BE. And, assuming you had even a small amount of runes before, you should have gotten a decent amount of BE when preseason hit. Enough to buy a rune page or two at least. If you didn't, it shouldn't take too long to get enough BE to buy another page.
Wuks (NA)
: https://images.bigcartel.com/product_images/143445607/thomas-the-tank-engine-for-on-my-shop.gif?auto=format&fit=max&h=1000&w=1000
Mewko (NA)
: Oh so 1 of every different summoner spell according to your explanation. Thank you.
It needs to be in one game. While summoner spells will help, it will be difficult to achieve it with just summoner spells stolen. She can also steal active items, which also count.
Wuks (NA)
: God fucking bless. I've missed you so.
Oh I'm back, with original content this time. Who now can stand before me? https://i.giphy.com/media/UO2FqRJkan6bm/giphy.gif
Mewko (NA)
: Zoe's mission
It is important to note that it needs to be 8 _unique_ spells. Meaning even if you steal 10 flashes, that is still only one unique spell stolen. She can steal summoner spells or active items.
: I'd swear Moderators were green like a second ago but now you appear blue to me. I might've went colourblind in the meantime I had milk two days post expiration date.
Moderators = Green Advisor = Blue Herald = Purple
: ...Well...that IS Teemo's specialty after all...
https://i.giphy.com/media/a5viI92PAF89q/giphy.gif That's very true.
: {{sticker:sg-janna}} its so clear now
How could we have been so blind? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
aliya (NA)
: im just dead on the inside
: http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/7c/7c9f1a398d7d4cfd57693985d655d00a8dbbe2c5b3ddc630507d35bf3b5275bf.jpg
He can't get away with it! http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/mobile/000/023/397/C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg
agEdri (NA)
: I gotta agree with that, when you've got Zed's and Talon's just blowing you up from left field it makes it a really hard role.
Exactly. That is something I feel people don't consider unless they have played ADC themselves. Yes, mechanically speaking, most of ADC's damage and power comes from right clicking. The damage itself is simple. But when you have an entire team hellbent on killing you as fast as possible, and entire classes of champions designed specifically to kill you, things get a lot more complicated.
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