: Tahm Kench in top lane is filthy
Tahm Kench was alway good at top lane way before the new changes. Its just many people never played him top. He has been my main top since he came out and 95% can always win my lane if I play it right. The new changes just enhanced this.
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Tokio Dl (NA)
: how is league so trash .? u waste ur money on skins and boxes and u get permabanned ... l
: WHERE TF ARE THE 2019 9.2 SKINS!??
same I thought they were coming out on day 5...I dont care about a video I want my TK skin WTF!
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Kinjishi (NA)
: We love Laureall for posting this - because they are worth it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
> [{quoted}](name=Kinjishi,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=jxkEdzOT,comment-id=0021,timestamp=2017-09-18T22:29:05.897+0000) > > We love Laureall for posting this - because they are worth it. > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} your welcome!
: Wow. Just... wow.... I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland and Tahm Kench is actually my main support. I really want this skin to happen. If they bring that out, I will buy it on release day. It is just amazing in every single way and definitely deserves alot more attention. So upvote and hoping for this to be a thing in the future.
> [{quoted}](name=SatomiKun,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=jxkEdzOT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-14T00:04:39.432+0000) > > Wow. Just... wow.... > I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland and Tahm Kench is actually my main support. > > I really want this skin to happen. If they bring that out, I will buy it on release day. It is just amazing in every single way and definitely deserves alot more attention. > So upvote and hoping for this to be a thing in the future. Yes it is Tahm kench is my main support as well!! I would pay for this so fastt!!
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Mhija (NA)
: Tribeca Games Presents The Craft and Creative of League of Legends
I would love to go to this event however I cant. Why not have something like this but it be like a virtual meeting?
Róót (EUW)
: attemping to reconnect after patch 5.19
I having the same problem. Ever since this patch I getting attemping to reconnect and sometimes I cant move but everything is moving fine. Its not my ping or net. My pings stays around 80-9- range the wold time so idc
: Team Up and Pool Party coming up!
: The Birth of Evil: Teemo
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmZOSoCknSc my teemo montage of old kills from when I first started playing teemo
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Arie (NA)
: Share Your Best URF Moments
My favorite Urf moments was playing as {{champion:103}} and getting {{item:3285}} sooooo fun! {{champion:43}} plus {{item:3285}} and no mana or Cd issues omg she became my favorite Urf champ went 34/1 once. AND MY FAVORITE was playing{{champion:17}} in his new omega squad skin and watching people just run into my new mushroom mine field back to back omg so much FUNNNNN. T-T i miss URF
: Patch 5.7 notes
that teemo skin
Sydelle (NA)
: He's a high skill cap support. First off, you need to have enough map control to open a magical journey to catch the enemy off guard. Second, once the teamfight begins, you need to put the ult on the second group of enemies advancing to join the fight. That gives u a 5v3. If you can't land a Q in a teamfight, practice in bots till you can or just don't play him. But practice makes perfect.
Osallia (NA)
: Bard's healing isn't too awesome to start off but once maxed it can heal for a good amount, especially when it can charge up. And speed boosts are very useful. I've saved several people this way. Also try building him more like a tank. I usually do and it makes him a little more sustainable. His meeps help a lot too.
Thank you I will try that! I really like Bard and really want to try and master him!!
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: Tell me you can't look at these without hearing this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezRrrdboWLc Well, **now** you can't.
Lycaeus (NA)
: So what is the meta bard build?
{{item:3069}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3117}}
H2ojames (NA)
: Bard is very problematic, especially his Shrine
I completely agree. I had the same problem my last attempt at using him. My lane ended up getting alot of poke and I'm trying my best to use shrines(which btw used up alot of mana) trying to help with the poke from the enemy jinx and braum. This in turned used up so much I needed to roam but couldnt because my adc was having a hard time. Then the team fights like you said his Q is hard to land at times while doing little dmg, plus the shrines taking to long to charge and at which point are useless because the fight is over and half the team is dead.
monissa (NA)
: playing bard
I played bard a few times and I feel like I was doing it right...? At the start of the game I run towards top drop and heal while picking up 2 or 3 chimes on my back to lane, help jun with rock guys drop a heal for him then we start our lane. At this point I'm full mana and just kinda sitting there, poking a little bla bla. I don't start roaming til level 3 that way I have my q,w,and e up. I drop 2 heals grab a quick chime come back. Now when I first played him in a normal this worked however the next time I played I found it kind hard. I was with a jinx, the other bot team was a jinx/ braum and omg they were so pokeie!! All I could do was try my best to hit them with my Q and set shrines. The shrines at low level use ALOT of mana which drained me so fast trying to keep up with the damage to my ADC. I ended up being very low on mana and needed to roam but couldn't because the enemy bot team was just doing too much while I couldn't. But here is the thing I noticed in team fights I feel useless kinda. I'm dropping shrines while trying to stun peeps and Idk I just feel so useless. OMG dont get me started on if the enemy team is feed, because at the point bard is nothing more than a big red target. I found myself unable to do anything for my team, because the shrines were being used way to fast and couldn't help with the damage being dealt. I think Bard has alot of potential but at the moment people need to learn HOW to play him and HOW to play with him on your team.
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: Bard the Wandering Caretaker
Thats the point. Its an ability that just like his ult brings something unique and new. Yes the enemy team can use it but at the same time it can also work to set up ganks if positioned right. A good tip if you set up a portal and an enemy is traveling behind you use ur Q to stun them at the exit, seeing that its a wall your Q will stun them setting it up for your team to kill if near by.
: His passive is early game XP to supplement what you lose by roaming. If youre trying to rely on them to get you to level 18, youre doing it beyond wrong. Q: Bard himself is MEANT to get into the fray. His Q has a strong slow, decent range for a medium range champ, and has a conditional stun. W: Are you serious? You dont think his heal does much? You are, clearly, NOT leveling him properly. His heal, like ALL others, is meant for the early and mid game. Bards heals can easily hit 300 on a support budget. You need to let them sit for 10 seconds, and then they almost double in strength. E: Good. :P R: His R is a pantheon sized AoE stasis. If used properly, its functionally the same thing as a stun. You seem to now understand that bard is a support. Supports should neither have damage nor kill potential. their job - their ENTIRE job - is to secure kills and ward off ganks. Do you play morgana by chance? Or karma? Or any damage-oriented mage primary support? Bard is similar to sona. Hes mostly about his utility rather than his damage. That being said, Bard IS weak. Hes a strong support with a great deal of opportunity in his kit to SET UP plays, save allies, and make utlity plays. (Like stasising dragon for a 5-man assault, which results in your team taking dragon). Giving him damage would break him, and make him something like thresh. Which no one wants.
KuSizzle (NA)
: Feedback (and wishes) on Bard
I agree with you on all points but one. I love the skin I Think its super cute
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Laureall (NA)
: I want the 5.2 AHRI BACK!!
Ok yes I agree she was abit OP but at least they can give her back her range on foxfire and spirit rush!!! I mean I cant even hit anything unless im right on them!!
: Let's look at Ahri, Pre-DFG and Now
I totally agree wit you 100%!! I mostly play ahri because I like her play style, now with all these changes I'm just pissed. I cant even play her like I use to anymore because FF does shitty dmg now and I literally have to be in up their face now for to even hit. Idk what riot is doing but It sucks.
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: Patch 5.2 notes
I play {{champion:103}} like all the time!!! What am I suppose to get now instead of DFG. And why take away the effect of charm. RIP {{item:3070}}
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ray12370 (NA)
: Lag lately
your not the only one. Im experiencing the same issues
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: Warriors
Nice video HOWEVER, there was not one girl in this! Come on now girl play lol to!{{champion:103}}


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