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sigma190 (NA)
: New player looking for friends for loot boxes
I'm not a dude, but you can add me. I need more people on my FL who actually play together... :D{{champion:131}}
Quepha (NA)
: I can't believe people fall for these random cosmetic unlock scams...
What? Scam? Really? I'm 100% this is no scam...not like the Snowdown Scam.
Pharoh (NA)
: Will a lobby vote to kick ever be implemented? I'm sick of people trolling in lobbies and either ruining the gaming or causing everyone to requeue.
Cronovey (NA)
: Unfortunately, some of us have to stick it out and take the hit to our LP to report these types of players. I rarely (1 in maybe 100 games) dodge a game because of these types of players because I consider it the right thing to do to play it out and report them later for their behavior, but also because it prevents this person from possibly ruining the experience of the next group of people that they would have gotten into a lobby with anyways. I'll take the hit in LP to save 9 other people from having to deal with those people most of the time, and I know other some people do the same thing. I do agree though; while Riot has access to the pre- and post-game chat logs, it's very frustrating to not be able to do something about the champ select trolls going "mid or feed smurfing" who will autolock the only champion they know how to play and ruin the experience for everyone else on the team. Unfortunately, there's not really a good system to put in place that couldn't be abused by players who just didn't like someone's pick. Any type of vote kick system could be easily abused, and having a report button in pre-game chat just ends up with players being angry before the game has even started. I think the only good option would be a "Leave Queue" button (with the traditional dodge penalties) that would give you a "Why did you leave the queue?" pop-up in the client to ask you why you left, with a dropdown box offering options such as "Did not have time to play", but most importantly a "Player Toxicity" option that would bring up the names of the other 4 players in your lobby and allow you to select and report that player(s) for their pre-game chat behavior. While this can obviously still be abused like any other system, it would at least allow for this behavior to be reported when you dodged a game instead of having to suffer through a 10-20 LP loss just to report the toxic player in question.
Awesome suggestion! This is a problem for me as well. Love, love, love!{{champion:254}}
: Exactly. They're helping to create a world of submissive cowards. Rather than kick out unskilled kids from rank queues until they improve, they pamper them.
I fail to see the logic in this. Removing someone who is a bully is pampering to submissive cowards? How about...we should all be able to get online and play a game we all enjoy, in a SAFE ENVIRONMENT? Does that mean you should be allowed to push around some "nerdy, loner kid" in real life, too? That's acceptable? You NEVER know what kind of a struggle someone has, you never know if they suffer from clinical depression, or anything. But I imagine with your state of mind, it wouldn't be your fault in the slightest if someone took your "Go kill yourself, you f.cking (insert slur here)" to heart and actually harmed themselves. Did your parents teach you compassion? Heaven forbid you have a child who has to deal with bullying, because you'll probably be the culprit.
: Instant feedback powers up
I am beyond relieved to see this. Too many times have I gotten into groups of people who are nothing but bullies, and intend on reporting for the sake of reporting. I'm not getting enough kills, I didn't save them/let them die (mind you, I'm on the other side of the map), I won't take orders from the self proclaimed team captain, etc. Bullying is bullying no matter what form, whether it be via the internet, or in person. Thank-you for taking a stand.
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