: I definitely feel like he needs an actual identity and a complete art overhaul. Not necessarily a gameplay rework since I don't have an issue with his abilities individually, but he needs to be given an identity as a tank or a mage: not both. I really want a VU for Amumu because his comical in-game model just doesn't fit in League any more. (You beg to differ? Just juxtapose Amumu with Rakan and Xayah or Zoe or Kayn [He NEEDS to stop head-butting]) I would really like to see him become an actual part of the Shurima storyline and be more of a realistic royal looking mummy like his inspiration King Tut. He's just an excruciatingly unfortunate and pathetic iteration of what a mummy could be in the League Universe when it comes to his art style.
I guess i dont really pay much attention to lore, you have a good point. Why -1 tho feelsbadman
: Riot doesn't want comebacks. They don't want longer games. They want shorter games, they want snowballing, they want surrenders. I don't feel like going on another rant, but suffice to say riot profits more from keeping game times shorter. The snowball mechanics and unbalanced early game meta is completely intentional.
Its not unbalanced. Its just in regular games its usually one side starts snowballing and there is no stopping, but in lcs games they understand that they cant afford mistakes to allow the enemy to get out of hand so they are rather slow games, Riot Gamed dont really want "Shorter" games, just more strategic and planned out games.
: AP Shaco: A Year in Review
Shaco will never be the same again, i missed not having to max q for stealth duration v.v
: Does preseason effect your.mmr for your placements.
Yes playing ranked will affect your mmr, thats why people play pre season not to climb but to win as much as they can and raise their mmr a bit higher so they get slightly better placements and mmr next season
: I am a yorick main(snow ball tower destroyer) and i have an idea for come backs.
If riot wanted this, they wouldnt have made the ff at 15 feature lmao, plus its kinda unfair knowing a team got a early advantage cuz they played well but they arnt able to siege their base because of the shield and the players are forced to wait til late game ish where the enemy can pick up back without any consequences
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