: > [{quoted}](name=Lazypeon100,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qix4hawM,comment-id=00040000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-20T20:54:09.778+0000) > > I respectfully disagree with this. Yes, this season has plenty of problems (many of which I've openly criticized riot about), but you are wrong in thinking that being better / skill has nothing to do with it. > > Seriously, dynamic queue or bad players can screw you over in the short run, sure. But if you can't get back to a rank, or can't climb for some reason for an extended period of time, it's not the people of the system at fault. It's you. Look to your own game play and improve. I don't want this to come off as harsh, but making a guide to get carried and suggesting it's impossible for your own skill to make the difference is ridiculous. > > I can understand preferring normals and aram. They aren't related to the post though / to ranked. I think most players couldn't care less about being carried in a normal for example. But in ranked, it ruins the competitive integrity. You're basically getting gold without earning it which feels awful for anyone who has gone out of their way and worked to earn their rewards :/. See, that part where you said the fault lies with the Bronze players? Let me give you a reality check. I only started playing ranked in S5 (currently waffling between Bronze IV and V), but I've been playing since release, so I know how to play the game. I wanted to get halfway serious about ranked this season because I wanted to play with my friends (most of them are Gold) while I was in college. Whenever I asked them, their advise was all different depending on who I asked. I'd watch Huzzy's Unranked to Diamond series in between classes in the hopes of learning a few things. Well, I learned a few tricks. Mostly work on CSing (which I knew already), wards (I'm probably the only guy in Bronze who still wards, and even then I'm bad at it), and not overstaying when you're lower than 25% HP in lane (which was actually new to me, but that's a really hard habit to break). Didn't really help. I tried taking advantage of longer games to play champs that scaled better into mid-late game (Caitlyn/Ashe over Lucian) or snowballed early (LeBlanc over Ahri, which was kinda painful considering I main Ahri). The results are too mixed for my liking: I either get super-fed and win, or I crash and burn and everyone reports me for feeding. So when you tell me to look at my own gameplay and improve, it just makes me want to punch you in the face. Not because your advice is bad, but that it's the ONLY advice anyone ever gives me. You may be right, but you're not helping, either, and that just makes me more frustrated. And the worst of it is, I'm convinced the only sure-fire way to climb is to have a coach, and not all of us have money to burn just learning to play video games at a higher level for almost no benefit.
Part of the problem is that we're on the forums. It's very hard for me, or really most anyone else, to give out specific advice here because we can't see your gameplay, and see what's going on from a game to game basis. Are you consistently winning lane? How is the ward coverage? Are you pressing objectives when you get kills, etc. All of it is stuff that sounds basic, but telling some people actually does help them. I'm sorry you're mad at me, I'm not sure what to tell you. I still firmly believe that things like ELO hell do not actually exist.
EVG Mike (NA)
: I just got outplayed by a Yasuo
I actually have said those words regarding a yasuo.
: Hello? Is anyone out there?
If the issue persists, call 1-800 Top Lane. Another suggestion, get a volleyball, draw a face on it, name it after someone you can relate to. Wilson seems like a good name.
: Attn Rocksurfers: Seismic shove changes in internal testing
These seem like overall good choices to increase the usability of her W. I think currently she is too much effort for not enough reward (not meaning to call her weak), so this seems like a step in the right direction to me.
Hòpe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lazypeon100,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1XozYyvZ,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-06-24T18:13:57.179+0000) > > Ward up then. He's not the only jungler who can do that. He also falls off hard by mid game if he hasn't gotten fed. If he is in your jungle, laners need to collapse and kill him. What DrCyanide says is also true. you cant kill someone that is invisible at level 2
You can kill him. If you don't want to take advice that's fine, I just don't understand the point of the OP when you asked if it is time to nerf shaco and people tell you no and give ways to counter him and you don't want to listen :/. Go ward your jungle entrances, you will see him coming. Have team mates ready to collapse. If he invades, he's a dead man.
Alberich (NA)
: but his ability to invade the enemies jungle level 2 is retarded
Ward up then. He's not the only jungler who can do that. He also falls off hard by mid game if he hasn't gotten fed. If he is in your jungle, laners need to collapse and kill him. What DrCyanide says is also true.
Alberich (NA)
: Is it time for Shaco to get a nerf?
He does not need a nerf. He actually hasn't been a very strong pick for several seasons now.
BoeBu (EUNE)
: I am stuck in Bronze I what should i do?
Try to recognize any mistakes you may make and learn from them. Focusing on your team mates mistakes will not help you. Learn when and when not to chase for kills, which objectives to push and when, etc. I believe you will get there.
: I think its perfectly fine.
: cancel it with a stop command. I have never clicked on the wrong person in all my games as zilean. Maybe the ability description should tell you? something like "Use the stop command key (default S) to cancel the channel"
Which still leaves it as inconsistent from all other channels besides vlad E. That's not exactly good design imo.
: you just gave me cancer. thanks. I seriously have cancer. Have you played against a thresh once? Have fun standing still for a 3 second channel. they totally won't abuse that window. Flash hooks do exist.
Zilean is actually one of my main champions I play. I'm sorry man, but the only thing wrong with his passive is how it sometimes won't activate on someone ready to level up. This isn't a QoL change. Sometimes I realize the person I coicked on is about to level up already from one more minion kill and I'd rather save it. With youe idea, there is no way to cancel it. Or what I accidentally click someone else instead of who I intended to click? That feels bad too being unable to cancel it. Having it so you have to stand still is not only consistent gameplay with other channels, but also gives me the option to cancel it if need be.
: No i mean does he have to have it canceled if he moves? its very annoying.
Why shouldn't it? Almost every other channel in the game requires you to stand still.
: will yorick be part of the assassin update
: Does zilean have to stand still while channeling his passive?
As you channel it, you need to stand still, yes. If you move it will cancel it.
MrPharmD (NA)
: The fact that you, and others in the community, equate saying "rekt" after getting a kill to being a dick is the problem. Way to extreme. Extremist don't get anything accomplished. Not in League, and not in anything else. Riot has not gone through excessive lengths to try and fix it. All they have to do is be stricter on trolls. You would see the "toxicity" problem decrease dramatically. I played Call of Duty. I have not seen anyone get banned in it (not saying it doesn't happen, just I have no seen it). I just bought my first Halo when I bought an Xbox One this winter. My brother played with a bad connection and afk'd in 2 games and got hit with a temp ban afk penalty. My other friend killed some annoying guy on our team and got temp banned for trolling. The result? Call of Duty is filled with flaming 12 year olds. Halo is not. League will continue to have these toxic players as long as they allow this toxic gameplay. I mean, ffs, I submitted a support ticket WEEKS ago over a player afking by pink warding the jg camp and aa/reseting it. That player has had 0-0-0 level 1 games for MONTHS. Yet my ticket is closed without anything happening. The only thing they address is "omg he said bad word". And the simple fact is that is why this community will never not be toxic. They are too worried about social justice warrioring people, saying that telling the enemy "rekt" is "one of the WORST possible things you can do". Like, da fuq?
I think we'll just have to disagree. I don't think it's extreme at all to not want to put up with such nonsense if I just want play a game for fun in my free time. I shouldn't have people who try to ruin the fun for others just because it might give them a percieved advantage or because they find it fun. The community has pretty much decided that's how they feel on the issue as well. If you want to trash talk in other sports and it's accepted, go for it. I can choose not to play those games just like I can choose to play LoL or not. I think over the years the LoL community has gotten better because we don't want to put up with people purposefully trying to ruin the fun for others. If you don't see that as being a dick, it's whatever man.
MrPharmD (NA)
: And again, that's why I said not soccer lol. It typically is more of a panzy sport (in general). And again, in hockey they literally first fight each other. Fist fighting is fine but saying "rekt" after killing somebody is "one of the worst possible things you could ever do"? That doesn't make much sense to me to be honest.
Different games with different expectations. I don't have to like that they fight, that's part of the game. I wouldn't say take out fighting out of boxing as an extreme example. The community as I said before gets to decide what is ajd isn't okay for league. This game has been notorious for years for having some of the most toxic players, and Riot has gone through excessive lengths to try and change that (look at the DQ nonsense as an example given their stated reasons for it.) The community in general doesn't want people trash talking in their games. It ruins the fun and detracts from the actual game play. And what I was saying earlier is that people on the hockey teams didn't even like people who trash talked. If Riot's stated rules essentially boil down to "don't be a jerk and ruin the fun for others" and the community doesn't like trash talking, then trash talking really shouldn't be an acceptable behavior. I'm not overly thin skinned or anything like that, but I am rather intolerant of people being dicks to each other for no reason. Edit: also, other than the silly injuries you see on TV, what about soccer is panzy exactly? I've met and played with people who don't exactly scream panzy to me through soccer.
Fegone (NA)
: Link #1 goes to a post where none of the links directing to a tribunal work any more. Pretty sure he didn't get punished for just using /taunt and laughing, there must have been more to it. Especially since it was in times with an active tribunal, where people actually looked at this stuff. Nice try, Next. Link #2: Omg, you're playing the ball directly in my hands with your links: "Because every game is unique, and played by different standards. How much fun would a rule be that says you can never say the F word in your matches?" See, depending on the situation, even RIOT says you can even use the F word. It just depends on the context. So if I would join the game and start spamming "L2P" in ALL chat, yes, ofc that would be inappropriate. But as I've stated many times, I do these things as responses to mistakes the enemy makes, such as a failed tower dive or gank. In this case, the situation is appropriate and a reaction of that sort is justified. Thanks for bringing up this link, you're just demolishing your own case here... Next. Link #3: Sooo you post a discussion that's not even on the official forum and try to use this to prove ... what exactly? Come on, now it's becoming almost laughable. People are having a discussion whether it's reportable or not. Some say yes, some say no. No statement from Riot _at all_ in this thread. How is this supposed to help your case? Exactly, not at all. Again, nice try. Next! Link #4: I don't even have to say what I thought at first, because someone on the thread already did it, right then and there: "Eh, I would rather wait with judging it after we have red post. There's always a handful more reports besides these in Tribunal." No Redpost, Tribunal link is down, you can't tell me you believe this is really the only reason that person got punished. Maybe he had 100 previous reports for harassment, and these reports just finally brought the case up in tribunal. Like the person on OP already said: I'd rather see a red post first before I believe this, because there is obviously more to that. NEXT! ------------- Soooooo that's it? You couldn't come up with a Single!! not 1 !!! valid example? Thought so. I'm not going to report you, since I don't personally feel offended by your choice of words (even though others might when someone calls them an asshole, but that just shows everyone your choice of words and what kind of player you most likely are in game if someone doesn't agree with you.) I never broke the summoners code, this whole thread is an argument about it, and while you might believe so, I've clearly shown that it's not the case. IF ANYONE is breaking the summoner's code, it would be you. Just because you're not in game, doesn't mean you can run around calling people assholes. Don't be a jerk, remember? Or would you argue that your behavior in this thread is in total compliance with the Summoner's Code? .... Thought so... Tribunal in its original version doesn't exist any more, that's correct. However, with tribunal I was merely referring to the process of reviewing reports, regardless of what entity that might be doing (human or computer).
As I said earlier, if you truly think I'm breaking the rules, report me. Also, go reread that redpost. He specifically mentioned what the general rules of thumb are for punishment. Which was to not be a jerk, something you're clearly being if you are attempting to enrage people like you stated in your OP.
MrPharmD (NA)
: Na, soccer can be a sport. I just love picking on soccer players lol. I never played, so I'm not sure what the culture is. I just hate how if you touch someone they fall down crying. Anyway, the point wasn't about soccer specifically. The point was that in every single sport I played in high school, and the one I played in college, trash talking was a very fun part of the game. If you threw the receiver away and tackled the running back for a loss, you let him know it. Basically the equivalent of saying, "rekt" in League. If you were covering a wide receiver and he dropped the ball, you would say, "nice hands, pam." So when you say that OP is "one of the worst kinds of players" for simply trash talking, I can tell that you haven't done too much competitive activity, sports in this example. OP said nothing "toxic" in these examples. There does come a point when people have to realize they are being far too sensitive. So when there are players flaming random people for no reason, telling you to kill yourself, rage quitting, and most importantly trolling, and you say OP is "one of the worst kinds of players", I seriously have no idea what you're talking about. And don't get me wrong, both extremes exist. But there is a HUGE difference between crazy right people saying, "ur 2 sensitive ermehgerd political correctness" to everything somebody says, and crazy left people saying, "omg you can't say "Oakland face with an LA booty" because you're appropriating black culture." Both are wrong. Trash talking is absolutely NOTHING to be overly sensitive about. This community is the only one that I have seen it in. I bowled for a season in high school because a football teammate had to be suspended from a sport for one season (he was a dipshit and got caught drinking). So we all did bowling. There was literally more trash talking and less overly sensitive people on fucking bowling teams that there are in this community. Bowling dude. I mean, fuck. Your brother played hockey. Did you run out onto the ice every time somebody start fighting just to try and be a social justice warrior??
Nope. I played soccer up to and throughout highschool. Tbh, my experience has been very different than what you've dtated. The people who openly trashtalked got warnings and shit. Granted, that's likely just because it was highscho but whatever. The people on the hockey teams that openly trash talked other teams to their face were often disliked because they were assholes. Wanna trash talk someone on the other team? That's fine if you aren't doing it in their face and trying to start fights. There's a line between messing around and being a dick. And the community has made it clear what that line is on league.
dbddbs (NA)
: I thought Riot fixed primary roles even if you pick supp secondary
Even with improvements, that's not surprising. The fact of the matter is, there aren't enough supports in the system currently. They have to come from somwhere, so it will end up picking secondary roles quite a bit still.
Fegone (NA)
: OK, show me a punishment for it. If you claim there have been, you must have seen it, somewhere on the forum, somewhere on a video. Prove it. Everyone can make false claims, if you want to make your point, prove it. I highly doubt it.. Plus, there is a strong difference between something being reportable, and something being punishable. I can report you if I wanted, for insulting me on this forum. I can send in a ticket with text and screenshots to Riot and prove that your behavior is out of line, you insult me personally, just because you disagree on something with me. Is this not provocative you think? Don't your think people would be angered by being deliberately called bad names or associated with cuss words? Well, tell me, how is this ANY different from being provocative in game? How is this ANY different from what you claim is unsportsmanlike conduct? If you would have called me those names in game, I would report you, and IF it would have made it to the tribunal, you would get punished for it, wouldn't you agree on that? Using the exact words you used, i.e. "you are an ass" plus using the F word, I think I would have a strong case. But because you do it on the forum, it's OK? It makes you a better person? Hypocrisy in it's pure definition, RIGHT there!
http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2832512 Case from 2012 http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2795867&page=12#post31839662 Red post there also explains riot's view points on how they handle reports and bans. http://www.lolnexus.com/forums/league-of-legends/general-discussions/84045-is-emote-spamming-reportable 2014, people asking about it and confirming it is reportable and people have been punished for it before. http://www.nerfplz.com/2012/11/player-time-banned-for-spamming-emotes.html?m=1 Also, feel free to report me if you truly think I'm being hypocritical. I'm being hard on you because you've admitted to openly breaking the Summoner's Code and you're trying to defend your actions. I can find more links if you want as well. I literally just used google. Just a quick note (edit real fast). Probably just going to stop responding to you here. I don't see much of a point to it since your stance will not obviously change nor will mine. In addition, since you brought it up in a few other posts, Tribunal no longer exists. Originally they were going to bring it back in some improved form, but it has been so long with no mention on it that it's likely not actually coming back.
MrPharmD (NA)
: Just a quick question, have you ever played sports (real ones, not soccer for example) on a high school or college level?
Soccer isn't a sport now? Welp. In that case, no. Older brother played ice hockey his whole life all the say up to college as a goalie.
: the #1 problem of golds is not being a carry when ahead. It's being not too heavy when behind. If more golds "lost" as 0-2-15's rather than as 0-9-1's, plat would be the new gold.
That's why I added etc (pretty sure that was in my post, if not I'm a dumb) because the skills I mentioned weren't going to be all of what you need in order to climb, was just skills off the top of my head.
Fegone (NA)
: I hope to squeeze some mistakes out of other people's gameplay, that's all. If that means they don't enjoy it that much, that's just an acceptable byproduct for me. But to be fair, who does enjoy losing...
Fegone (NA)
: No, they haven't. Riot has never made a statement like that. Maybe one person from Riot may have voiced his/her opinion, but clearly, as we all know, one person that's just working for Riot, does not represent the entire company. (Hint: SoloQ is coming back, later, I promise - as stated by 1 person working for Riot, and people took it as Riot's words. Clearly it was b.s.) And there were postings from other Riot employees who posted something similar to what I said, trying to get a psychological advantage by taunting the enemy provoking mistakes out of their gameplay. I don't remember who it was, and it must also have been at least 1-2 years ago, but again: the opinion of 1 person at Riot, not Riot's opinion.
It matters on intent, but yeah, it is reportable and people have been punished for it (along with other things you have inclided in your OP actually.) The summoners code even goes out of its way saying you shouldn't "enjoy yourself at someone else's expense." No matter how much you claim just being provocative isn't being a giant jerk to someone else doesn't make you right. "causing annoyance, anger, or another strong reaction, especially deliberately." That is literally the first definition for that word that comes up on google.
Fegone (NA)
: Low silver because I just ranked myself up there from Bronze 5. Slowly but steadily it is working. Good enough for me. As long as by the end of the season I'll be in high silver again like last season (or maybe even gold, who knows), I'll be happy.
You started high silver, went to bronze, got back to silver, rating went down again, and then back up and is still lower than when you started. I'm not sure how you call that working but alright man lol.
: Why are You buffing Thresh more?
Thresh, while certainly viable, isn't really that strong right now. This bugg will largely go unnoticed. I feel like there are more worthwhile things to question. Yes there are other champions who need help more, but that shouldn't exclude thresh from getting possible help he needs in a patch aimed at supports.
: woohoo! I'm Gold Now! yayyy
Grats dude, keep at it!
: This is an extract of one game in Ranked I had: Me: Hahahahahaah your kha is unranked gg easy Kha: Why are you trying to tilt us this is how you want to play games? Kha: thats very sad Me: This is ranked, this is war Kha: Wait... is this ranked?... fuck... And this has happened to many, "Ranked" queue is on top of every other queue, so if you are making a lobby to start a game it will be ranked instead of normal. This was made purposely to make people play ranked instead of normal even by mistake. Past seasons ranked was at the bottom of the options so you would have to be sure if you wanted to play ranked. Now its the first option pre-selected so you can play ranked by mistake too. Ranked is no longer to prove you are better or to improve in a serious skill environment, now its for casuals thanks to riot designs.
Your post encourages DQ. I hope you realize that. Also, that's a dick move at the start of the game anyway. I feel bad for that kha'zix having to put up with being laughed at over their ranking in the middle of the game.
: I earned it, I played good in those games, I wasn't a hindrance to my team. I did it by Riot rules. Riot made the rules and I followed them and found the most efficient way to reach my objectives. You can try the impossible or near impossible way if you want, but the end result is that we got to the same point by following different paths. In other words: work smarter, not harder.
You've admitted to being carried in your OP and you're suggesting for others to do the same. That's not earning it by your own words. And I understand Riot's rules. It's also why they have been criticized heavily this season because of DQ. If your idea is to just be carried, and if everyone were to take this idea to heart, who is going to actually carry people? Skill does matter. I have problems with the group settings in ranked, but I won't criticize people who do that and get their rankings. I will criticize openly making a guide that suggests screwing other people over, play with people better than yourself, and get carried. That is awful. If your complaint is DQ is holding you back and you're tired of it, why are you encouraging it? Ranked is there for people to play and better themselves. No matter why you want gold, the way you are going about it and suggesting for other players to absolutely ruins the competitive nature of ranked.
: This season I reached Silver 1, 100LP. I got to my gold promos by solo, I was 2 wins away from Gold. Then massive wave of unranked. I've been promoted to silver 1 4 times by my own. then I dropped to silver 3 by my own too. That's when I decided I had enough and used the tips on this guide. And I lost only 2-3 games until I reached Gold. My skill lvl is of a Gold player and has always been, I don't have any desire to be "plat material" I just want to have fun. And thanks to the tips of this guide I can go back to have fun without caring about Ranked or what Riot is shitting this mode with the Dynamic Queue Drama. I made this guide to help those who had enough of Dynamic Queue in ranked and just want to go back to having fun in normals or ARAM.
But you didn't earn it. That's the problem. And you're encouraging others to do the same.
Cubíx (NA)
: I climbed to gold in solo or duo this season, but now I cant move from gold v what should I do now?
> [{quoted}](name=Cujix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qix4hawM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-20T20:20:08.337+0000) > > I climbed to gold in solo or duo this season, but now I cant move from gold v what should I do now? What roles do you main? Are there and specific things you personally think should work on?
: This season it has nothing to be better than the others or about rank anymore. People are being boosted like it or not so actual ranks means little now. I just get to gold every season to have my border, my icon, my invite icon and my skin, thats all. I've done it by myself every year until this season. I rather play normals and ARAM instead without any pressure of LP win/loss.
I respectfully disagree with this. Yes, this season has plenty of problems (many of which I've openly criticized riot about), but you are wrong in thinking that being better / skill has nothing to do with it. Seriously, dynamic queue or bad players can screw you over in the short run, sure. But if you can't get back to a rank, or can't climb for some reason for an extended period of time, it's not the people of the system at fault. It's you. Look to your own game play and improve. I don't want this to come off as harsh, but making a guide to get carried and suggesting it's impossible for your own skill to make the difference is ridiculous. I can understand preferring normals and aram. They aren't related to the post though / to ranked. I think most players couldn't care less about being carried in a normal for example. But in ranked, it ruins the competitive integrity. You're basically getting gold without earning it which feels awful for anyone who has gone out of their way and worked to earn their rewards :/.
: I only care about being gold to get my Victorious Skin. I got to gold so I have no desire to keep going further. I've been playing solo for 4 seasons and successfully reaching gold, this season it was impossible for me doing it solo.
Why would you want it if you can't get there on your own though? It's a reward for doing better than others competitively. I've managed to hit plat every season since S3 (started late S2). I can understand being happy where you were at (I currently feel that way honestly) but I'd hate to be carried to get where I am. The game is supposed to be competitive in ranked, and just suggesting to be carried encourages the exact opposite.
: How to reach gold in Dynamic Queue (Dynamic Queue Survival Guide)
This is absurd advice. This is just a guide on how to get carried which would be true for this season, and every season before it. Mainly because it doesn't take much to get carried, just have to know the right people (which the OP mentions about the smurfing suggestion.) You want to get out of gold without being carried? BE that carry. Consistently win your lane. Take objectives. Help your team out and translate your gold lead to a team lead. Close out games properly instead of letting them go on too long. Etc. It's really frustrating reading threads like this because I don't want to encourage boosting and what not. Why play ranked if you want to be carried? The ratings at that point mean nothing anyway. Focus on yourself, learn from your mistakes, and improve yourself. Do that, and you WILL get to gold.
: How can you have the most damage dealt AND damage taken in a game?
: Illaoi isn't effected by exhaust
The healing shouldn't be effected. That's normal. Will have to test the tentacle damage claim for myself if you don't have evidence? That seems like a massive oversight by Riot.
Fegone (NA)
: It's clearly working for me, but Peon also has put in 4000 hours or more into this game. Would be a shame if he didn't have a ranked badge....
It's clearly not lol. You have more losses than wins and your rating has dropped significantly from when you started. There's no need to lie dude. You being an ass to people hasn't helped you. I hate having to rank shame, but come on. You cannot honestly sit there, barely squeaking by in silver 5, and saying purposefully pissing people off has been working for you win you don't even have a 50% win rate. That's absurd.
Fegone (NA)
: I'm using what the game allows me to use. Nothing more. Saying its unsportsmanlike to spam my taunt emote just isn't justified. Otherwise there would be a limit put on it, like it is with pings. If you think L2P is offensive, then please don't play online games. You won't survive with a skin this thin...
Riot has actually said in the past actions like that are considered unsoortsman like. Though to be fair, that was ages ago.
Fegone (NA)
: Good for you that it's not working on you. That means one can't get the edge on you by trying to tilt you. Congrats. However there are enough players that it works on. How would you know whether it works for me or not? Have you ever played with / against me? Don't think so. Clearly you have enough time to accumulate 2k wins, so probably around 4k games. Must be nice to have so much free time.
Over the course of 5 years, yeah. And I know it doesn't work for you because I can see your wins to losses, and how you have been doing over the past several months. Which is to say last I looked, your rating was falling back and you were only low silver.
: So irelia utlimate is getting nerfed on the pbe ? correct me if im wrong :^à no acces to the pbe ;s
http://www.surrenderat20.net/2016/06/614-pbe-update.html?m=1 "Transcendent Blade (R) cooldown up to 110/85/60 from 70/60/50" Hope that helps you out.
: then you build refresher against him, and refresh your zhonya dodging his 2 ulti
That would counter it, but by then it might be too late. That is a lot of good to spend! Also not everyone can really use hour glass. *cackles like a madman.* I think I'm having too much fun with this idea thread.
: Thoughts On How To Improve Dynamic Queue
I think ranked fives needs to be added back without the proposed time constraint. As for solo players they could gain / lose more / less LP based on the premades they are put with. I don't think that would solve the issue but could be a band aid I guess.
I'm not. Do. Not. Focus. On. Them. If you improve on yourself, you can carry them. You won't win every game. But you can win a large majority if you focus on improving yourself. Do you get fed a lot? Do you then translate that lead to objectives and into a lead for your team? Do you play safe so you don't feed as well while going for the kills? Etc. There's a lot you can focus on, and I do not believe for a second people are held back by oher players. Maybe in the short run, sure. But if you find yourself stuck in an elo, it's not your team mates. It's you.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lazypeon100,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YELapv7j,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-19T21:06:29.971+0000) > > Improve your attitude. Promise you right now if you work on that your rank will start to go up. Simply blaming your team will get you no where. > > Look to what you could have done differently / more efficiently and improve. Your team mates do not hold you to that elo. making them feel better doesnt make them play better i dont flame or say anything just htye all suck
You don't have to make them feel better. All I'm saying is focusing on them is _pointless._ It will not help you improve or get out of your current elo.
Zarkkast (NA)
: Do you ever have that game.
Games like that always feel amazing. I especially love it when you get those rare games where people joke with each other while making good calls together. All basing and someone says "baron?" Look at death timers and agree as a team? Great feeling.
: 1. Ignore what lazypeon100 said. Attitude has nothing to do with the game. (LOL SRSLY LOOK AT TYLER1) 2. Pick a character that can carry hard, I'm not talking sivir. I'm talking about a champ that snowballs so hard, that no matter how behind you are, you can carry. Lucian, Draven, MF all good picks. 3. CS and ITEMIZATION. I can tell you right now, right off the bat from looking at your LOLKING, that you're building wrong. A lot of ADCS used to rush I.E. (S3) or their first item. But a lot of champs nowadays go B.F. sword into Zeal into their first item. (WHY? GOOGLE IT) 4. Filter all the shit. Literally everything that would tilt you, and channel that into a big ball of anger. Hold it in, until a team fight and release like you're goku and KAMIHAMEHA YOUR ENEMIES. 5. Know your worth, but don't let ego blind you. Flaming is fine, but if you flame and cannot carry, you should not flame.
If you say so bud. Many people lose games because they are too busy flaming rather than playing. Pointing out that focusing on yourself rather your team mates will get you farther than worrying about them will.
: How am i supposed to get out of silver with dumb teammates
Improve your attitude. Promise you right now if you work on that your rank will start to go up. Simply blaming your team will get you no where. Look to what you could have done differently / more efficiently and improve. Your team mates do not hold you to that elo.
: Why are champs buy-able with rp ?
I've bought a couple in the past with RP. I had spare RP and wanted more champions to just play / get me closer to having them all at the time. I don't see a reason to remove theadded choice.
: Zliean Too OP in One For All
I haven't gotten the chance to play one for all yet, though zil is one of my go to champions for normals / ranked. That kind of sounds hilarious >_>.
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