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ozzzz666 (NA)
: New ranks
I guess I don't feel as bad being Bronze 3, when I finished Silver 4 last season...but climbing out of bronze to still be in bronze is just mentally draining.
: My thoughts on the latest Dev Diary
I agree that Morgana is fine as she is. I mean, I guess she could use some quality of life changes, but I'm mostly looking forward to a new model. Dear god, her model is so friggin ugly. And a new voice over, if that's in the works.
: Riot these quests are getting out of hand
*Win a PvP game as Neeko OR *Play 4 PvP games either with or against Neeko There, I fixed it for slightly less salt. :3
QMighty (NA)
: About Kayle & Morg's skins... (and Morgana's dance)
I don't mind her dance, but Riot, please fix Morgana's arms.
: for some more diversity can we get a biracial champion
Krizalid (EUW)
: So why Neeko and not Vi&Cait?
No one can convince me that Cait and Vi aren't a couple. Not even Riot.
Zyranium (EUW)
: I would love a new skin on her, something unique and vibrant this time. Like a psychedelic hippie Zyra skin or a sunflower Zyra skin wearing an elegant gigantic hat. But alas, they will shove a dull robotic skin down our throat, like they did for pretty much all the unpopular champions, I'm thinking about {{champion:69}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:7}} Master Yi got 2 good quality skins last year, and he's receiving another skin AGAIN ?
"Sunflower Zyra skin wearing an elegant gigantic hat" made me think of a pool party skin for some reason...but that would be kind of cool for her to have a water skin, I think.
: Actually, Mundo has a skin where he's green.
Yes, he also has a skin where he's red. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: {{champion:202}} This would be easier if Soraka came in more colors.
She needs to be more like Ryze and strive to be a rainbow. Let's see, she has Purple, Blue, and kind of Green down. Time for Yellow, Orange, and Red!
: Hey, so umm, Zyra ever getting a new skin?
Maybe she'll get a legendary valentine's day skin. _Feel the thorn's embrace~<3_ ... I'll show myself out now.
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: I don't like Neeko's character or design
Same. Except my preferred type of champions are already in the game, so I don't really care for these new champs so much. How much do we want to bet that Neeko will become obsolete like almost all the other "new" champs released the past couple years? Meanwhile the "old but gold" champs will remain as they are. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Velivolo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Le Kaikai,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hRcRNWyI,comment-id=0004000100000002,timestamp=2018-11-19T19:40:33.373+0000) > > To be fair, as a fellow female, I prefer to play attractive lady champions like {{champion:103}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:40}} (to name a few), and yet I still have no desire to play unattractive champions like {{champion:420}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:6}}. > Is it shallow of me to only be interested in playing a character based on their looks alone? Yeah, probably. > I don't think it's shallow. I just think it sure is nice that you have five outright bombshells, plus dozens of "average" girls like Quinn or Kai'sa, to choose from. If I want to play a female monster, I only have one choice {{champion:421}} . Would it be so wrong for players like me to have more choices? Or, how about a woman of color who'd like to play as someone who looks like herself? You like Quinn because she looks like you. WoC have {{champion:420}} or {{champion:163}} . I think to include Karma is stretching it. And dark-toned women get to have no choices that look like them.
> [{quoted}](name=Velivolo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hRcRNWyI,comment-id=00040001000000020000,timestamp=2018-11-19T19:47:59.381+0000) > > Or, how about a woman of color who&#x27;d like to play as someone who looks like herself? You like Quinn because she looks like you. WoC have {{champion:420}} or {{champion:163}} . I think to include Karma is stretching it. And dark-toned women get to have no choices that look like them. I agree that Riot should be focusing on including women of color. This game is hilariously whitewashed. I wish they would make more beautiful female champions of darker skin tones, rather than making more childish characters. Or at least if they want to bring more children to the Rift, they need to make a boy--you know, for diversity (Now we're at 3 little girls and 1 little boy...and {{champion:32}}, I guess)
Velivolo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sexy Ahri,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hRcRNWyI,comment-id=000b00000000,timestamp=2018-11-19T18:59:56.162+0000) > > The Koreans and Chinese are even more resistant to non traditional beautiful females than their western counter parts. > China has millions more men than women, it's basically the patriarchy on wheels. Not really a good argument. And you'll need to cite the data to back this up, because I sure bought Rek'Sai and definitely not Zoe, Camille, Kai'sa, or any of those schmucks.
> [{quoted}](name=Velivolo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hRcRNWyI,comment-id=000b000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-19T19:16:08.113+0000) > > China has millions more men than women, it&#x27;s basically the patriarchy on wheels. Not really a good argument. > > And you&#x27;ll need to cite the data to back this up, because I sure bought Rek&#x27;Sai and definitely not Zoe, Camille, Kai&#x27;sa, or any of those schmucks. "I bought the ugly female champs, therefore 100% of (presumable female) players buy the ugly female champs because that's what they all want--and anyone who says otherwise is WRONG!" Meanwhile, I will happily avoid playing the unattractive female champions in favor of the conventionally attractive ones. Cute atrocities like {{champion:142}}, or maybe even whatever the hell {{champion:164}} is supposed to be...but not something that makes my eyes (or ears) bleed like {{champion:421}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:429}}. Honestly, the only think I really dislike about Neeko is her obnoxious personality--I thought we were over that with Zoe. Ugh.
Velivolo (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sexy Ahri,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=hRcRNWyI,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2018-11-19T18:53:35.209+0000) > > Riot is making what sells. Cute or sexy champions, at least for the female champions. Riot's vision of "what sells" and "what's popular" is clouded by its toxic patriarchy. Cute white girls will sell to men because they always will. what about the female playerbase? Which, by the way, more women are gamers than men nowadays anyway. That's a HUGE potential, untapped market (aka money) that Rito is just ignoring.
To be fair, as a fellow female, I prefer to play attractive lady champions like {{champion:103}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:40}} (to name a few), and yet I still have no desire to play unattractive champions like {{champion:420}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:6}}. Is it shallow of me to only be interested in playing a character based on their looks alone? Yeah, probably. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} I mean, even when it comes to "average" looking female champions, like {{champion:133}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:163}}, I'd rather play Quinn or Jinx over Taliyah--because in terms of personality that complements their appearance, Quinn is more mature (and looks more like me), and Jinx is a lot of fun...meanwhile Taliyah is...? Earthbender Korra? "Throw another rock!" Pass.
Pika Fox (NA)
: Yordles and cute died with lolipoppy.
You right XD {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Anyone here put off by Riot's current art decisions?
I mean, this all stems from a couple years ago when the (female?) players bitched and complained that there wasn't enough female champion diversity--as in, all the female champions were visually appealing, sexy ladies. Which then led Riot to create more female characters that were distinctively not "hot" or "sexy" (or just the standard female-video-game-character hourglass body figure). Hence we got {{champion:421}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:498}}. So now, with Neeko, we see the same pattern of 1) creating a female character to add more female characters to a male-character dominated game, and 2) creating a female character that is not a stereotypical sexy lady like the majority of the existing female champions. So basically, now we get a hybrid of Xayah and Zoe: a Vastaya....child? Hopefully after this we'll be good with "spunky children" characters, because god forbid they add one more and now we've got too many "cute" and "spunky" little girls running on the Rift (I guess Yordles can't be the cute little ones anymore?)
: Rank the Worlds Songs
I don't think it's fair to do a numerical ranking, because that suggests that one is objectively better than the other(s). Instead, I prefer an onomatopoeia-with-visuals ranking: **YEAH!** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Tied between Legends Never Die and Warriors. Warriors is objectively the better hype/fight song, but Legends Never Die (which boasts the BEST Worlds music video) is just SO GOOD (I also love the Alan Walker remix). Both of these are just generally good songs. **Mmmkay** {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} RISE. It has a nice composition, I'll give it that. It's not top tier, but it's not bad either (just new, and like all new songs, everyone compares it to the previous best of the best). That said, it's like a B- version of Warriors. **Meh...**{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Worlds Collide. It's obvious they tried to out hype Warriors...and it sounds like a tryhard wreck. There's also no real video for this song, which is disappointing. However, Nicki Taylor has nice vocals (and it was nice to see Riot reach out to work with a fan creator for this). Unfortunately, the lyrical composition is just bad. It's bland, monotonous, repetitive...~~you know, boring.~~ **Ugh.** {{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} Ignite. I was SO HYPED when I saw Riot was collabing with Zedd, because I LOVE Zedd. And then they made this garbage. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Definitely not his best work. The animation is good, though. Too bad the video and the song seem mostly separate from each other. TBH, I'm waiting for Riot to make use of Pentakill and have THEM sing the Worlds anthem one year.
: I know these 2 skins got canceled (for good enough reasons) but is anyone a little upset?
I was disappointed because I actually really liked the Amumu skin {{sticker:cass-cry}} I feel like there was generally a lot more going on in the background, though. If I remember correctly, these were 750 skins, in a time when Riot was releasing 750 skins back to back to essentially give every champion a skin more know, quantity over quality in a response to everyone complaining about X champion not getting a skin in Y years while Z champion got a skin annually. Notably, after these skins were scrapped, the 750 skin parade died down. And now, thanks to the community complaining about getting an influx of skins that were "low quality", Riot only seems to ever release 1350 skins now. So, thanks complainy community. Not everything needs new sounds, animations, and fancy particle effects...[I say as I also complain about the lack of particle effects on reworked skins]( {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: > Apparently BlackPink requested her, so that's why the made the skin. Honestly, that just brings up more questions than it answers. Why would Riot give a group of musicians they hired the same skin treatment they give their World Champions? Why couldn't they say "not that champ" to them when there was a direct conflict with an existing skin?
Probably because 1) Worlds is in S. Korea this year, 2) S. Korea has a highly dedicated and skilled League playerbase (and at least two Worlds championship winners are S. Korean teams), 3) K-Pop stars are practically idols in S. Korea So if they're getting a relatively popular K-Pop group to perform at Worlds, taking place in S. Korea, surrounded by both highly skilled players and hardcore makes sense to milk it for all its worth and cater a skin line directly to the time and place. In this case, the skins are most obviously aimed at Koreans and K-Pop fans. The real question is how they're going to handle Ahri, who's original Popstar skin was based on another K-Pop group, Girls Generation. Does she really need TWO Popstar skins, and are the two separate or same skin-universe? If anything, simply making a second skin along the same skinline for the same champion is the most confusing part. It's like if Riot decided to make a second Star Guardian Lux, it just...doesn't make sense...because it's already been done...?
: Why I'm slightly disappointed with the Ahri skin.
Yeah, another Popstar Ahri skin isn't at all what I expected for Ahri (though, they should really take the opportunity here to call her "PopstAhri"). Apparently BlackPink requested her, so that's why the made the skin. Of course, they could just be reworking the old Popstar Ahri skin as others have suggested (which I'm neither for nor against, as I like the old skin and bought the Girls Generation chroma for I'm set either way) to fit into the revamped Popstar skin line.
: Aquamarine Odyssey Sona is what base Odyssey Sona should've been.
I'm still debating whether or not I want to spend money on the Auqamarine chroma because, yes, it should already be the base skin. I might just wait for the next chroma sale and buy it with BE instead.
: Janna and kai sa get Halloween skin ..and the one champ that is perfect and deserves it waits
darkdill (NA)
: If Odyssey ever returns, who do you think needs to be added to the skin line?
Following the pattern of this year's line up: ADC: {{champion:81}} Just seems like an easy + natural pick, with the whole "explorer" and "adventure" themes going on Mage: {{champion:112}} I don't know...this universe just seems like a place where Viktor can shine. Especially since they made Ziggs an Viktor not an inventor? Melee: {{champion:240}} Hear me out: He rides a giant space lizard. Plus he needs skins. Tank: {{champion:420}} If they could finally do her space-themed skin, that'd be nice. Support: {{champion:43}} Except this time, she has too look vaguely like Sona so people get confused. Gotta continue the optical illusion trend they have going on. Assassin: {{champion:238}} Can you imagine an augment that spawns like six shadows at once? Shit would be bonkers as hell. As for which one would be the villain? Hmm....I doubt they'd do an assassin twice in a row (gotta shake things up a bit). In terms of full "boss fight" potential, I'd say either Viktor or Illoai.
Remss (EUW)
: What about Quinn ?
I wish I could upvote this a million times. While the current state of Quinn is okay, I forever miss the old "Quinn and Valor", where Valor was actually his own thing. I know it's controversial, but kiting people as Quinn and then switching to Valor to jump on the enemy's face like an assassin was SO MUCH FUN AND I MISS IT SO BAD. I wish they would just rework Quinn to bring back Valor's gameplay, tbh. But they're probably never going to do that. At least changing "Quinn" back to "Quinn and Valor" would be suffice, I guess.
: She has an ultimate, tho... And honestly, I wouldn't pick her for the legendary skin in the next Star Guardian line anyway. I think they can come up with something better here.
Just because she has an ultimate skin doesn't mean she can't have a legendary skin. I'm pretty sure one of Riot's skin-related goals is give every champion an ultimate and legendary tier skin at some point.
: SG Sona please... :(
We need SG Sona so we can have SG wombo-combo with Sona and MF #goals {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Elipo (NA)
: I really want more sg skins. I liked the guardians of the galaxy video but this skinline isn't for me. I hope next year we get more SG and that the leak was fake. The supposed leak said next star guardians would be lb sona quinn shyvanna and zyra, and from those I only see Sona as SG I'd rather have {{champion:131}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:92}} and of course {{champion:37}}
If that leak is accurate, I'm about to buy all those skins. 0_0 SG Sona, Quinn, Shyvanna, AND Zyra? #Ritoplz
: Gotta admit, this is a convincing argument. Sona can't talk, so no magical girl catch phrase, no transformation, no Star Guardian. Have to delete Sona from my suggested Star Guardian teams now. :/
No, I refuse. Sona doesn't have a 1850-tier skin yet...if they so desired, they could give her an amazing magical girl skin, using the power of music to transform, of course. I have faith in Rito to do the right thing. XD
: You eat what’s on your plate you absolute bafoon
: Agreed, but since she already had a visual update somewhat recently, I doubt there will be a chance of her getting work done any time soon.
Her visual update was 4 years ago, and it hasn't aged well.
DomoRobo (NA)
: My opinion on the Odyssey Sona skin
I have a theory that this was originally supposed to be Odyssey Karma, but then Riot decided last minute to change it to Sona, and that's why she basically looks like Karma and really lacks elements that makes Sona "Sona." That said, this is a very top-heavy skin. I personally think it would look better if her legs weren't so stiff like a stick, but also not having the apparently non-functional blue contraption thing. Like...are those speakers or something? What are they for, other than clipping her hands and halo?
: Now you know how {{champion:62}} mains felt about Lancer. Most of us didn't want Lancer nor ever thought he would work well in that line. We wanted something like Battlecast, Mecha or Program (I got even more exited about Battlecast when they added the resistance to the skin line seeing as having a partly robotic Wukong would be pretty cool). It's not his worst skin design wise as it does try to do some different stuff with his animations and aa sounds (though it does sound a bit jarring, like your hitting the enemy with something made of glass), but it was FAR from the skin we wanted. But I suppose part of the point of skins isn't to just "give us what we want", but to try to give us stuff Riot thinks we didn't realize we wanted. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes it doesn't. All we can hope for is that Riot will eventually do what they did for {{champion:122}} and {{champion:80}} and release the skins we've been hoping for the next time. Personally I've been dying to see Wukong get an Arcade skin for ages, but now that dream will have to wait another 2 years when he'll be up for a skin again.
I mean, for what it's worth, I like the skin, despite its flaws.
: But... magical girls have to say magic words to transform, so how could Sona be one?
: To be fair, Sona isn't flowing at all. Her ancient animations are jittery and make her feel anything but. To make her feel flowy, they needed to have disabled her "hair" rigging for the split cape in this skin, and command the capes to operate on physics engines like Cassiopeia's tail, Ahri's tails, and Lissandra's braid.
Generally she has a "flowy" aspect to her in all her skins, or some kind of kinetic aspect. Usually it's represented through her hair and dress (or in DJ, her constant dancing), but this time they've opted for a top heavy design and a skin tight dress. Her stiffness is most obvious in her death animation, which just looks bad because her legs just don't...bend, or anything--again, something that's usually hidden by her flowing dress. It's disappointing because they have the technology to fix this, and for 1350, they certainly could've done some model changes if they wanted to fix this.
: I'm actually willing to overlook the legs for now, as they're victim to the fact that Sona has a terrible base model and animation rigging that this skin is built on - so until she gets a proper Visual Update, her skins will always have a tinge of shittiness to them. That said, there's no excuse for the shoulder pads. They're horribad.
Yeah, I rewatched the skin spotlight, and it's painfully obvious where the pads clip with her halo thing (and her hands clips into the pads lol). Such an impractical design.
: On seeing the skin in action, there's a few things - the floating "shoulder pads" are EXCESSIVE AS HELL. I don't think they contribute to the skin, and only serve to make her look super clunky. Secondly, the biggest issue I have isn't with the skin, but the animations of the base model. Her ancient animations make this skin feel clumsy and twitchy, and it doesn't have the fluidity it needs to have. She feels spastic, and again, this isn't a fault of the skin, but of the fact that Sona hasn't had a proper VGU.
My main complaint is her legs. Once you see that they're rock solid and don't move at can't unsee how stiff she is. It's comical, almost.
Chessoms (NA)
: I don't understand all the hate for the New Sona Skin
To be fair, her legs look weird. Like...really weird. That's the only thing I really don't like about the skin. She just awkwardly has super stiff, statue-esque legs. For a very "flowy" champion like Sona, that's just visually jarring.
: you already have a shit ton of skins, so zip it
Sharuken (NA)
: SG skins are weeb trash
Sona is literally a weeb trash champ :')
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Hey I never asked for a McDonald's zed skin but you win some you lose some
: And you're gonna buy it anyway because you're a Sona main
Sõna (EUW)
: I have nothing to say, just sad, disappointed. I like this skin's particles, theme and its sfx, but not with the model, I honestly feel it looks weird compared to the splash. Everything is alright except the model ONLY.
Yeah, her legs are weird. They're so she's a statue. It's weird.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: I'm 99% sure the skins have chromas because riot wants moneyyyyyy {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
They already have my money, so I'm about it {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Sirsir (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Le Kaikai,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=AFfZU9Fr,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-10T18:42:17.099+0000) > but now, if there was going to be a Star Guardian lineup (aren&amp;#039;t there a bit too many cosmic/galaxy-esque skins this year?), Sona will not be included (because God-forbid she is, then the community will rage and bring up the list of champions who haven&amp;#039;t had a skin in X years). > > Just a bunch of mixed feelings now. > > {{sticker:sona-playing}} To be fair thats not stopped them before
: I love this skin, and I honestly don't think Sona needs a SG skin. She's already pretty heavily influenced by Hatsune Miku on her own, so she's already shaped and influenced by Japanese culture, to the point where a SG skin might be overkill. I don't think we'll be getting SGs this year. They usually released around this exact time of year, so the fact that there's another large event instead points to a skip, like the Bloodmoon skipping.
**a SG skin might be overkill.** That's why I want it. 0_0 I do like this skin and will buy it instantly, though. I wonder if it will have chromas.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Maybe next year. We don't even know for sure if they were gonna do Star Guardian this year as they said in the Dev Blog video near the start of the year that there were plenty of new things and other themes they might be skipping from year to year
At this point, I feel like they should skip it. Too many Space themes in one year.
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