: > [{quoted}](name=LegendOLeague,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1Xp0eGOQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-23T07:23:17.838+0000) > > Dear community, > > Today I received my first ban. A full two weeks. Now I won't be posting chat logs Stopped reading right there. Your argument would be much stronger if you posted your chat logs and recognized the evidence of your toxicity.
This guy is a clown, he's legit the biggest Riot fanboy ever to have access to a keyboard. He sits here spewing nonsense all day about how great the ban system is when it is clearly flawed beyond belief. As for you reforming, take 2 weeks off and play something else. I highly recommend that you don't reform though and continue telling people how garbage they are when they make idiotic plays. It makes for better league players overall when they know their mistakes and stop playing like complete noobs.
: Did the summoner code of conduct change?
Trash talkers and people who call others out on their mistakes generally win more games. The people who lose games are the clowns in this thread who support the perma-ban system because they get so butthurt that people call them out on their mistakes. They literally sit there crying irl the entire game ready to fire reports away as soon as the game is over instead of worrying about playing better and winning. People who say nothing either 1.) Don't have a sack. or 2.) Don't care about winning games. Either way, I don't want to have either on my team.
WreckIes (NA)
: Perma Banned for this?
You are unfortunately preaching to a bunch of fanboys who literally are all bronze and cannot play this game or climb ELO unless they are carried through dynamic que. They will blindly support this broken perma-ban system which results in people being banned if they call someone the equivalent of "poopoo-head" or worse. This is quickly turning into a kindergarten game thanks to what I refer to as "the Riot Lyte special." To never get a chat ban on this game you literally have to have no ballsack, or be on so much marijuana and percocets that you are more sedated than a postal worker watching a Bob Ross marathon. I think it is great that you told them how trash they were at this game and what mistakes they were making, you will help them not make those same mistakes again. I urge you when you make another account to intentionally feed while never saying anything in chat, and as soon as someone utters a word that is as negative as "poopoo-head" or worse, report them and get them perma'd. You might even get some people that are in here supporting this perma-ban system if you get in bronze.
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BurstDmg (NA)
: Why such a harsh ban?
"i'm a diamond smurf" - bronze5. ROFL. Aside from that, I'm so glad that you let these ignorant kids in bronze have everything they deserve. They need to start playing better and it takes people who have a sack to actually tell them what needs to happen. The rest of these kids who are idolizing a broken ban system are the kids who are playing like garbage game-in and game-out and don't want to even try to get better. Hopefully demoralizing these fools will get them to stop playing the game and go grow a pair.
: Will Piglet cry today?
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FrankerX (EUW)
: you know that we have about 10-15 banned threads every day? and you know that makes 3650 banned players A YEAR right? that is nothing lol. i bet around 100 ppl make a smurf every day and rage on low level. also what a fact is: if you would read those threads on the board here you'd see that a lot of players are so angry the either uninstall or just never touch lol ever again. that is a fact. if they would permabann my main, i would never play again either
The community would be a better place if you were not a part of it like you say in the last line.
: 14 Day Ban, Road to Reform
I think you should stop listening to these fanboys like Dominick and tell people how you really feel. When some loser decides that he is going to go 0-10 in under 15 minutes then he deserves a berating for causing me to waste AT LEAST 20 minutes of my life on a losing game. If someone isn't the sole cause of the loss maybe that's a different story.
: Yeah because facts = fanboyism ! Oh wait.
Everyday there are more and more players banned if you push your glasses up, stop sniffing at the screen, and read the player behavior and moderation chat. This means they are going right back and making new accounts and doing the same thing to new players. Facts.
: This seems suspicious right?
Yep, I saw some Elo boosters yesterday this ezreal had a 90% win rate and was getting like 20 kills a game in plat 4 and his duo partner was gold 5 he was boosting lol
HighH1 (NA)
: You have pick intent USE IT
I use this period to choose champs like teemo and heimer and make my team so mad.
: The system is fine, we have the lowest levels of toxicity that the game has ever had.
: Why are some players so toxic?
Riot doesn't care about Gragas ruining your game, all they care about is uttering the words "report" and if you got reported for it you would be chat banned.
: @ mods Why did this thread get deleted?
probablybecause the mods are bronze
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FrankerX (EUW)
: buhu someone on the internet called you bad names. report and move on.
Or just grow a sack, show these ignorant noobs that they need to start playing better, and let them absolutely have a 2-piece and a biscuit along with their humble pie.
: PSA When someone messes up, you don't have to say anything
PSA, it's not too late to actually grow a sack and be brutally honest with people when they play like complete trash.
: Saying to report someone for calling you the N word is punishable? LOL WHAT
Yes saying the word "report" is punishable -- it's called the Riot Lyte Special. The system sucks.
Kyokyra (NA)
: Well, since i'm suspended I might as well FINALLY speak my mind.
How do you really feel though, bro? This automated ban system sucks, it caters to multi-que prepubescent teens who group together and blatantly bully one person in the game. When people defends themselves the prepubescent teens giggle and lay on the bullying thick. They get reactions, they report, and since there's 3-4 of them but one of you- - Riot chat bans you and lets them continue to be toxic. They never ever get banned and they are the kids in here defending the chat ban system and are the same ones who abuse this strength in numbers flaw.
lolptwo (NA)
: Just lost 2 games in a row with a full game AFK
I havent had a problem in a really long time with people AFKing to be honest, must be a bronze thing.
: I'm Done Being Toxic
That's good, the funny thing is if Riot Lyte had his way with the world like he does this game.. it would be a horrible place. For example, if someone came up to your child-- told them they suck at life and will never amount to anything and to go jump off a bridge-- based on this report system Riot Lyte would have you sit there with your mouth closed and suck it up. You all can be that guy who let's people run all over your children, but I won't.
: > apparently you can't post names, which kinda makes this all pointless What do you think shaming them will accomplish? Forum moderators are not Rioters and can not do anything about it. Name & Shame is strictly against forum guidelines because it can only cause problems; at best it's bullying. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/4LgZ2EwM-universal-rules > like why can't post game chat get you banned If you want to report a player, use the post-game reporting. Lobby chat *is* recorded and may be used in a case against the player. Just annotate in the report description that it was in the lobby. http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3377247&page=23#post37118092 https://ask.fm/RiotLyte/answers/133520179906
Ignore people like this Deep Terror Nami, all they do is protect the real trolls and condemn the people who are wrongfully banned. Worst type of person.
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: Yes, and how does the automated system respond? By reading what you wrote and comparing it to what's actually negative/toxic. If it doesn't find it, then it just became skeptical of the 6 people reporting you. So again, if you didn't write anything out of line you're fine.
Gotta love people like this guy who are blatant blind communistic fanboys who will defend a broken system to their dying breath. Hey you should try to get a hold of Obama and tell him you will take a job promoting Obamacare LOL. The system has been proven to be flawed and there are videos of it banning someone who didn't say a word the entire game because he got the other 4 people in his premade to report him in 5 games. Keep blindly being a fanboy.
: 2016 World Championship hits North America
ROFL at all the canadian cry babies... no one wants to go to Canada because it sucks. Everyone knows there are no good Canadian LOL players any way.
: Already been banned from the game... Now we just wait for the Boards ban! https://embed.gyazo.com/1879ddad395eac2137cba238079be701.png
I think it's funny how many characters like Malz and Panth you have to link in every single post you do. Are you one of those guys who flails your hand in a sissy-like manner on every verb you speak? I'm also not banned from the game.
FrankerX (EUW)
: check this guys thread history out. he made SOOO MANY trash threads i wonder when he gets a permabann on the boards
: My league of legends account was perma banned
I think this is upstanding behavior, is better than 90% of the community, and I would much rather hang out with a person like you than these kids who try to play the "victim" role in everything they do in life. They remind me of Mike Brown, the thug from Missouri who wanted everything handed to him on a silver platter and who was extremely racist. These kids act exactly like Mike Brown in the fact that they think they are entitled to respect and everything in the world without earning it but that is not how the real world works. This community is entirely living in a Riot Lyte fairy tale and it is going to be hilarious when they cross a real situation like this in life and they keep looking for a report button as someone is coming to slap the teef out their mouth for acting like a d-bag.
: I was verbally abused and this happens....
It does favor numbers. If 4 people treat you like garbage, and you report them.. but the 4 of them report you.. you WILL get a chat ban. It has been proven. Riot does not care about trolls in this game. The only thing they care about are people who genuinely care about the outcome of a game-- hence the people who question questionable plays, and the people who defend themselves against trolls. It is now my goal to make sure every single person on these forums who defends them gets perma-banned by getting in games with them and making them say one word out of line in-game when I feed so hard. It will work.
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It looks like you were only retorting to people acting like complete trolls and playing like garbage. I for one support people like you 100% and every single person in this thread who thinks you were toxic really needs to stop "playing the victim" and grow a sack and some thick skin. I am sick of everyone acting like pansies and like they are entitled to people treating them with the utmost respect when they don't give it at all. If you run your mouth, you're going to get exactly how you act back. Then when you can't handle it you want to report like a little sissy. Give these kids what they deserve bro.
Kaipop (NA)
: Lost Promos to Masters B/C of an AFK
Looks like you lost promos because all you do is play zyra and all you do is feed. 0/3 not too good. I would have afk'd too if I saw someone playing that badly in game.
Makior72 (NA)
: Pre 30 games
Maybe stop being so sensitive to what people say and playing the victim role... instead take into account that you need to get better.
These fanboys will defend them, but that guy deserved to be called awful.
: Feeders in ranked
LOL! This guy thinks Riot actually cares about the real trolls in this game.. all they care about is permabanning the people who get upset when someone wastes 30 minutes of your time on purpose.
Hamlik (NA)
: Tower eSports is recruiting Diamond+ Players for competitive team.
: So you acknowledge that you have a poor team comp, then get upset when a champion the finds the gaps in the poor team comp beats you?
poor team comp happens 80% of the time in solo que, that doesn't mean that someone with downs syndrome should be able to pick one champion and get pentas all day with it.
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MeilinII (NA)
: Try harder, troll, lol. I already said I work in the tech field. Did Grade School fail you so hard that you think Wal-Mart and McDonalds are technical jobs? Also, I'm gonna keep laughing every time you call me 'boy'. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
How was Burger-Flip Tech? I'm sure you fit right in when they told you it was all in a "flick of the wrist." LOL!!
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: > [{quoted}](name=LeBraum James GG,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1anVdQEO,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2016-02-07T23:13:17.703+0000) > > Everyone who is saying "be an adult", let's think about this. I hope some of you are over 18, have a job, and actually aren't living in their parent's basement first off. So if someone is absolutely complete shit at their job, does no work, and all-in all causes productivity to go down, what happens? Does the person in charge sit there and say "Oh I'm going to act like FKING WALT DISNEY and act like nothing is happening, sit here in silence, and then get shit on by my boss for not doing my job?" No. They fire the son-of-a-bitch or give him a good talking to about what needs to happen. > > You say act like the real world, well there is a real world adult scenario. Stop trying to stand up for and candy coat people being terrible. They need to play better. This isn't the real world. This is a video game. More importantly, this is a source of profit for a company, and they get profit from players. If said company determines that players may potentially stop playing because of toxic behavior, and that spending resources to remove toxic behavior will make more money than ignoring it, then they are going to ban people like you. Grow the spine required to hold up patience or deal with the fact that you will be punished for bad behavior in this game.
Wait so people are saying be an adult, treat people like you would in the real world lol... then when I absolutely DESTROY that theory with FACTS, a clown like this says "this isn't the real world, this is a video game" it's funny how poor these kids arguments are. When you destroy them they flop around more than a fish out of water LOL!!!
: You literally have to have NO BACKBONE, NO SACK, and be a sissy to never get a chat ban.
Everyone who is saying "be an adult", let's think about this. I hope some of you are over 18, have a job, and actually aren't living in their parent's basement first off. So if someone is absolutely complete shit at their job, does no work, and all-in all causes productivity to go down, what happens? Does the person in charge sit there and say "Oh I'm going to act like FKING WALT DISNEY and act like nothing is happening, sit here in silence, and then get shit on by my boss for not doing my job?" No. They fire the son-of-a-bitch or give him a good talking to about what needs to happen. You say act like the real world, well there is a real world adult scenario. Stop trying to stand up for and candy coat people being terrible. They need to play better.
Rioter Comments
: I cheer every time I see a permabanned thread. Been playing MOBAs almost a decade now and I'm very happy with how Riot is changing the community for the better! RIP to your old account. Hope to see you back on the rift with a new account and attitude!
If anyone knows this dude irl they should look into kicking this prepubescent kid's arse. Thinks hes some kind of e-forum hero who's 'holier than thou' while literally trolling every thread he can. Riot loves to support clowns like this kid though! Must be nice having mommy and daddy pay for everything!
: I give up. Sometimes I just have to flame.
Telling people how garbage they are at the game only makes them want to play harder. The people who can't handle it are sissies and need to be locked in a room the rest of their lives and have no outside interaction because they will always be offended.
: WHY ARE PEOPLE SO MEAN!!!??? I am quitting the jungle now.
Good, we dont need anymore nub junglers who just sit in jungle all day farming up devourer while the lanes go 0-12 and they wonder why the game results in a loss.
: As its been explained to you over 500 times now. That's not how the system works now. 1 report is the same as 9 all it does is flag your game to be looked at.
That's the OLD system. Have you seen the actual code for the program? Oh no you haven't? I didn't think so, fanboy. Riot Lyte made it specifically so that multi-ques get preferential treatment. That's why the new dynamic que is allowing 5 people to que at once.
: i guess you feeders and noobs got me eh
Just ignore all the fanboys Faceman. I am so proud of you sticking it to the noobs like they deserve to be stuck to. Look at mine, I got chat banned for saying my team was beginner bots, and that's it. You are the man bro.
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