: I prefer spear nuke nidalee to this new nid bullshit.
Isn't that all the assassins nowdays though? Like that tank Ekko/Akali? And yeah people always find a way around the issue and abuse all the shortcuts.
Khurby (NA)
: Next on Dark Horses: Miss Fortune, the ADC! Jungle Udyr! Top lane Shen! And other truly meta-breaking champion picks!
Don't forget top lane Urgot {{champion:6}}
: Dark Horses: Support Nautilus
Season 3 called, they want their meta back.
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: Champion Update: Tristana
Seeing as how Riot has a habit of doing things, this is my tribute to Ap Tristana, I'll miss getting 2 shoted out of nowhere and e's that take half of your health away ): Hopefully I'm wrong. http://youtu.be/TVsdR6AdAE0
: AP rengar?
Yes he's good, but no at the same time, he can go Shaco mode and delete your squishies thanks to his ultimate and the formula below this comment.
brad (NA)
: am i the only one who doesnt want this "zz'rot portal" to be put in the game
I'm sure there will be lost of limits to that item, and it will either be overpowered and nerfed into oblivion later or just not be good from the get-go, usually what happens with like, I don't know, everything in the game? So I'm not too worried about it myself, only the first few days of people buying it every game, again, if its that good.
: This happened to me several times but I thought it was not what I thought. that maybe they initiated out of range and that my mind was deceiving me. Even when I was sure that wasn't the case. i am glad to see that it wasn't me and that there is proof that this is happening.
Sometimes my mates or I would dive someone and kill them, the turret wouldn't even bother even though we're in range, seeing this however, definitely a bug.
mrzomby (NA)
: That turret is working as intended. The only time they are supposed to switch targets is after their current target is dead, the enemy vayne waited for the cannon minion to get aggro, then killed you before the tower had time to kill the cannon minion.
Dude, no, the turret switches targets immediately, not only that, but the Vayne attacked Ezreal multiple times, the turret ignored her existence.
: > [{quoted}](name=Redcadaver,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=EsvbUed7,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2015-01-07T17:51:09.802+0000) > > did she have ohmwrecker? Ohmwrecker makes turrets **stop** attacking completely, it does not make it ignore champions.
It also has this "shock" effect that clearly shows it went out due to the item's effect.
: Sona wants a AP Sightstone
Whats that? Do you hear the sounds of all those sweeping lenses? Because Riot needs to hear their plea, BRING THE SIGHTSTONES!!!
: shyvana is a trash champ
GG champ who pretty much destroyed top lane a while back is trash, uninstall game if she isn't removed, Riot will surely understand my threats and react according to my whim, also while I'm at it Morde is trash gg, also Lee Sin can't even see remove him too.
ebood (NA)
: more like why does the blind champ of league have better vision than everyone else (reveals stealth on top of normal vision otherwise)
Because he doesn't use his eyes to see (Instert your version of the force here) {{summoner:13}}
: {{champion:20}} No damage on people.... BUT THE JUNGLE SUSTAIN
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: Nasus has a weak early game. Everything about him is for his late game domination. If you can't stop him from farming then you and the Jungler did not do their job. If you can be a little more specific on what to nerf, then maybe a legitimate discussion can happen
Pfft you're trying to reply to someone incapable of coming up with any strategies or ways to counter a champion, sometimes its hard but it can happen, for example if I go Sir'gath {{champion:31}} top against a Nasus then the jungler will camp 24/7 because that Nasus will have that lane shoved up the unmentionables and I even go as far as to basic attack the turret, forcing him to either Q me or lose turret health, oh wait his Q does no damage because all the minions are getting killed by the Turret that I'm taking down, uh oh, not so op now, is he?
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: Daily ARAM videos on my Youtube channel
I'm doing some ARAM videos myself, a series called ARAM Junkie, we could play together sometime if you do daily vids, we do need more videos outside of Summoner's Rift. TheGamingPandaCat if you're interested, I'll check your stuff out in the meantime ^.^ {{summoner:4}}
darkdill (NA)
: Braum does not like Poro King mode
I feel you Urgot, noone notices me either :(
: Bot users in beginner twisted treeline
I'm having similar problems, I was playing with a friend and suddenly we get a Garen guy who just goes up and runs into the enemy team and such, he pinged a lot of careful pings before the enemy went for the altars, I'd rather gave these "bots" go afk the game would actually be beatable even if you're on a one person team, and its not just twisted treeline, aram has some of those too.


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