: a sorta? guide on mord support
I like this, I will have to give this. Try
Mártir (EUW)
: I used to get Supp (Im Main) 95% of the times... Since Yuumi release, never anymore.
Yah I am also a support main and every time they release a new support champ I just take a break from ranked. I never get my role and the people suck at the new champ.
: {{champion:429}} She has had no skins that are not pro related (both of which are legacy) since her release 4+ years ago.
I logged in just to upvote this, she seriously could use one. {{champion:429}}
: We also need a darkin support if that even counts :P
Yes please, that would be legit
: Piltover & Noxus Supports
I would like to add that I have been waiting for a void creature support since I joined this game like 6 years ago... (I know some play {{champion:161}} support, but i want a true one!)
RR8Rosie (NA)
: Who do you want to be the next 5 star guardians?
Hmm tough choices {{champion:518}} is probably top pick {{champion:44}} {{champion:267}} Are both cool options and then the last ones should be a little more random like {{champion:69}} or {{champion:143}}
: So Less VGU and More New Champions
Lol this also protects my main from being reworked so... it could be they like some of the old champions as they are. Just sayin
: [Champion Concept] Izma, the Queen Bee
I play mainly support and this sounds like a really fun concept! Cool idea
: Jesus Christ, just remove Tahm's ally Devour at this point.
This is literally wrecking my favorite champ as a support main. Like these changes actually hurt to read.
: Riot recently made the best addition ARAM ever got just to remove it mere days later...
I logged in just to upvote cause bans were the best Aram addition ever
Rioter Comments
: Can we talk about these new Papercraft skins?
This is one of my favorite skin lines they have ever done! Bummer there is only 2, and I don’t play these champs much.
Rioter Comments
Thuban (NA)
: Newly Released Champions Should Not Be Bannable
I think the compromise here is new champs should not be allowed in ranked but remain unbannable in norms
: Ivern skin ideas?
I was hoping for some Christmas tree like one with a giant snowman daisy, but that ship has sailed for the year. I think it would also be cool to do deathblossom. You could do a cool design for daisy that way.
: [Very WIP](Champion Concept) Gwen, the Hextech Prodigy
I mostly play supports and this idea sounds awesome. There is a lot of cool gameplay options for a support like this. I would play her
: So. The Good {{champion:236}} The Bad {{champion:412}} and the Ugly {{champion:6}}
I logged in just to upvote this.
: Kaisa is the most fun champion i have played since Darius' release
I agree. I haven't had this much fun with a new champ for a bit
Pandeonor (EUW)
: Mecha- {{champion:427}}
Haha I would buy this in a second
Rioter Comments
: Champ Mastery Costs, Masterwork Chests, and Some Loot Buffs
Thanks for caring enough to do this riot!
: I own the battlecast skarner skin and, as much as I love chromas, it would look at little weird. Maybe if they changed the light colors.
Yah, even if it was subtle i think they could do cool stuff
: Forming a casual/ semi serious bronze silver team.
Might be interested especially with the tourney thing riot is doing Ign: LePruck Role: support but fairly decent most places Do you rage or give up easily: nope What champions do you enjoy playing: braum, tham kench, taric and many more
: Riot Please Do Not Remove the Active on Face of the Mountain :/
I agree, the shield is what give some supports a little more protection for their ADC. It's nice in braum! Jump in and have extra protection if they get low mid fight. I will miss it
Rioter Comments
: Varus Splash Art Update
So say what you will about all the changes but my main question is, will his in game model and dialogue change? Because if not I feel like it will all feel a little disconnected. Like if your going to overhaul at this point you might as well go all the way
: Kalista needs a non-competitive skin
Thank you! I dislike the team skins, and championship are cool and all but not creative or unique. She needs an actual new skin
426287 (NA)
: Remove champion shards from hextech chests
Agreed, I get champion shards every level, I don't want them in my bonus chests I earned. I have 11 chest sitting...it takes me forever to get keys and when I finally do it's another champion shard. Just sayin, it gets annoying
: First win of the day and orange essence problem.
Yah the orange essence changes make no sense. I don't get the logic, "we are making it way easier to get champion shards, and therefore get blue essence. Also you now get less orange essence for skin shards because reasons" what change orange essence?
: Champ select upgrades incoming
finally! i can never remember which people i have chests with! glory to riot!
Statikk (NA)
: Mid-Year Mage Update
My only concerns when trying to "diversify" these champions is that you'll lose what makes them fun. Vel'koz is one of my most favorite champs in the entire game. All his abilities seem to combine well together and the passive, trying to land the 3 hits, makes him fun to play. I worry that the change will take my favorite champ and make him someone I don't enjoy playing anymore. I understand the purpose of what riot wants to do, but there are other mid makes who feel less unique then Vel'koz. Fingers crossed that the squid stays my fav through the changes.


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