Oblyvion (NA)
: Looking for a CLash Team! Plat 2 SUPPORT MAIN ONLY (NA)
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Stiv1234 (EUW)
: Which phrases annoy you the most?
"Kid..." "Lost lane cause no ganks" "Nice smite"
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: Game Mode - Friendly Fire Enabled
Why not just call it free-for-all
: :^}
> [{quoted}](name=TheHotelSoap,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=Ln5zZ8gj,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-10-10T05:20:27.802+0000) > > :^} Man whats uppp?
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: looking for plat + players for serious rank 5's
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TheMango (NA)
: LFM ADC and Supp Plat + for Ranked 5s.
IGN: Lee Farason Position: adc Rank: P5 and climbing Champ Pool: Sivir main but will also play vayne and graves Tourney XP: Dont do them all the time but i have done some with a few teams Just looking for some good league with some dedicated players
FB dts (NA)
: Starting A Serious Plat+ 5s Team, LF Top, AD Carry, & Support
IGN: Lee Farason Rank: p5 Role: ADC Top 3 Champions in Said Role: Vayne Sivir Graves Strengths: Objective Control and Farming Weaknesses: Usually always thirstly for kills but not all the time Forms of Voice Communication: Curse Voice and Skype Availibility: Usually night times from 11 PM to 5 AM Eastern Time Other Information: Just looking for a strong group of players looking to play some kick-ass league of legends as a group of 5
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Lee Farason

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