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SSmotzer (NA)
: [Rework Concept] Veigar, the Minuscule Master of Mayhem.
As creative and funny as this is, I'm questioning the practicality of all of it. I feel as thought you probably weren't imagining this actually going into the game when you designed it. It seems like more of a troll pick than anything, being able to teleport your teammates is pretty sketchy, especially when it could be into an entire team. I do love the concept of the W and hoping that RNG is on your side and praying that you don't blow yourself up. Funny concept, a little bit too crazy and luck reliant to work though.
Èlisé (NA)
: Ruby, The Phantom [Champion Concept]
Super cool concept, love the idea of using items in a different way than just for the stats. I think that the cooldown on the E could be a little bit lower, considering that {{champion:141}} has a similar thing but minus the no harming or being harmed, and his is on a 7 second cooldown if you go shadow assassin. Also considering that it lasts for only two seconds at rank 1, I'm not sure if that's enough team to even escape a gank, especially if you aren't near a wall to escape to the other side of. Seems like either making the duration longer or lowering the cooldown might be beneficial. I will give you credit though, most of the champion concepts that people propose seem broken, but you have made one that seems balanced, if not a little bit underpowered. Knowing Riot, if she got released right now, she'd probably get hotfixed to quadruple her stats right after she came out, just to make sure people buy her skin. Overall great job, inventive concept, would love to see something like this put into the game.
: Crit Ap Item
This seems like it would be good on Corki
: [Champion Concept Rework] Zara, The Cryptic King
Super cool concept, I'm not sure if I completely understand the part about "Killing a minion with an autoattack will reset his autoattack animation". If his auto attacks hit instantly, what animation would there be to reset? Maybe adding something like {{champion:429}} passive where you can't cancel auto animation would make last hitting more critical and would allow for these two things to function together. This would also allow for more chance to punish him for getting caught in his .25 attack speed animation. Overall very cool concept, astonishing that people can still come up with concepts like these that Riot hasn't already covered. Every time I try to think of something I always end up copying another champ's ability in some way or another. Good job, great art too!
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Åiur (EUW)
: PVE modes
Doom Bots FTW
: why is Ivern placed under "Support Champs"
That doesn’t sort them by which lane they go in, it sorts them by champion type. Champs like {{champion:17}} and {{champion:203}} are both marksmen but they aren’t ADC
Watafool (NA)
: Qiyana's gameplay is so boring
The problem is that while she has a lot of combos, only one of them is very viable in lane (E+river Q, auto, W, Rock Q). You don’t feel like a real playmaker until mid game when you can make the big ultis in river and onto terrain. Speaking as a mastery 7 40k point Qiyana already (yes I know I’m a loser), I can say that while her lane phase is somewhat repetitive, it is strong enough that you can get a lead to open up more playmaking potential in mid game. Late game just hope the enemies line up for an ultimate or you’re useless
They try to make it so that when you get a certain item you build a comp around it. If you get a deathcap go sorcerers, if you get rapid fire cannon go volibear. The problem with this is that sometimes you get no items and from there you’re just screwed. You hop into the first fights after minion rounds against a deathcap Ahri and an IE zed against your tier 1 Braum with a cloak that you’re stuck with from carousel. Feelsbadman
: After champ select loading screen disappears?
Happened to me twice on NA in the past couple weeks
: Can we finally buff vision?
I see where you’re coming from with the consistent removal of vision items, however I think that it is still very possible to shut down the enemy as a jungler with wards by predicting their pathing and exposing it for the rest of your team. I think that the removal of items like sightstone and trackers knife really hit hard against only ward hop champs like {{champion:64}} and {{champion:24}} , but I don’t think of it as a huge nerf to many other junglers.
UniSect (NA)
: Is Reworkes Pantheon's E a good idea?
I think that while blocking turret damage is a bit overpowered, the damage that it provides is low enough to not make the ability broken but just make it good. Considering that by the time new Panth hits live, they will have most likely nerfed his Q damage, I think that all around he will fit the gladiator model that Riot was going for while not breaking the meta completely.
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