: I can never tell if people who suggest these kinds of things are serious. They couldn't, even if they wanted to, because of copyright issues.
Literally make a name thatโ€™s not yoda, tweak the look a little just like they did with Jedi Yi
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: Yasuo respawned. Pentakills require an Ace (or to be on Hexakill).
Ahh I see, thank you. :)
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: What about Pool Party?
That's a good point but I think it's just I don't like the scheme of that skin for some reason.
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: Practice with purpose
Definitely gonna use this in my jungling to improve it just tat more{{champion:64}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:35}} ... it's gonna be funny watching noobs now and see their excuses to why they're bad xD{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: SKT Braum would be so cool. I kinda picture him wearing a hoodie like SKT Alistar.
: Rio Scantzilla (i think that's how you spell it) confirmed on reddit that team skins are NOT restricted to champs that where pkayed at worlds. Although he was disappointed for not playing her at Worlds this year, Faker said that he would like an Ahri skin (as he wanted one back in 2013).
That's fair, I wouldn't mind that decision either because Faker does deserve the champ skin he wants.
: Honestly i would like to see SKT {{champion:22}} because it is so nice to see season 1 champion being played in world other than what currently in the meta but sadly its going to be {{champion:202}}. But the thing is they won world 3x now isnt it time for some legendary skins for them
I main Jhin and I'm an SKT fan so this will be the skin I'm gonna spam buy then lol
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: People who are new and too afraid of ruining other people's games. Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, drives this pretty hard. I know what it feels like to have some clueless noob in game completely running around with his/her head creating a huge handicap. No one likes 4v5s. So as a new player with this level of empathy, they will do anything and everything, learn as much as possible, before venturing into a public game where your performance affects others. Also, xp wise, its faster just to grind bot games. Its a guaranteed win (so long as MOST of your team is HUMAN that is!) >.<
Definitely go in PVP because I was the same way and once I started playing with and against other players I had noticed my skill cap rising at a very noticeable paste. Plus nothing beats the feeling then coming together to destroy the other team you know you just tilted more than the Titanic. :D
: Thank You
I think this is sweet gift, it's not too often riot goes out of there way to put out **free skins** (and champion if you didn't have them). Besides the codes for Garen and them, but none the less excited to use use Kayle now because I have a skin to flaunt.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Looking for fun people to play casual with :D
Sure I can Jungle{{champion:106}}
Quertsi (EUW)
: Looking for players to play normals
I can jungle {{champion:106}}


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