: Not at all how that works. Period.
Just find it funny you basically put 3 "periods" in a row by saying that.
: Worlds Pick’em is Coming!
At least TSM isn't here again to mess up my pick 'ems...
Byrden (NA)
: oh hey ahri, i see you're getting your 50th skin {{champion:516}} {{item:3070}}
Relax... I'm sure Riot is going to make a Santa Ornn skin. It's too easy to make a Christmas theme Ornn skin.
Coins (NA)
: The artist in charge of this skin should be fired.
Coins (NA)
: > I was going to rely on skins to make her look less like a pear with a trashy drag wig-n'-crown. I laughed so hard XD because it's true!
: why do all the prestige skins have shorter haircuts? Someone at rito has a preference xDDD
I mean some of the prestige skins kind of have the same length/hairstyle like Firecracker Vayne PE, K/DA Kai'Sa PE, K/DA Akali PE, Fuzz Fizz PE, and Blood Moon Aatrox PE
AidanWR (NA)
: Any hard CC. This includes, knock-ups, knock-backs, snares, stuns, and whatever Mumu's ult does. CC effects like slows and silences will not stop her w
Amumu's ult is basically a immobilize ability that snares and prevents basic attacks.
: ***
How can someone be a hardstuck norms player? No need to go into insulting based on his opinion. Also, I agree with Richard because Tahm top actually not as hard as you think if you pick the right champions. Also, Tahm is pretty bad into front to back teamfighting comps. Now, I'm not saying he doesn't need nerfs, but I am saying he is not as hard to beat as you may have experienced already. The main reason is why everyone is having trouble is because everyone is picking bruisers and believe conqueror will kill Tahm when it really won't. Champions who like drawn out fights or can poke, such as Darius, Gnar, Fiora, Gangplank, can really do well into him.
: Trials: Three Days Left
: Trials Standings: Week Two
See the Council players already see into the future of rising to 1st place. All planned.
: Trials Update: Week One
I feel like people picked United in the thought of what League should be like. People chose Warband in the thought of what league is really like. Faceless because it looks cool. Council because they actually were being honest like this was a personality test.
: Also that enchanter "supports" can carry late game even if their ADC does poorly. Examples of midlaners going support: Veigar, Lux, Brand, Xerath. Tank supports are still solid picks with less tanks in toplane recently IMO.
Enchanters are people with Shields and/or heals or any time of buff to their ally. Veigar, Brand, and Xerath have neither of those.
Zac x Me (NA)
: Magical Footwear is a straight nerf to all supports. You have to take this skill due to your already low and cippled gold income and now you will get your boots even later on top of being completely dependent on your ADC in order to got the flippin Sightstone bonus from your gold income item. Gj on making the Support role even less attractive by just nerfing and nerfing them! Instead of doing things like "If you start with Spellthief/other gold income items Magical Footwear time will be reduced by 2 minutes".
You do know Supports carry the ADCs in lane, right? I don't know why supports believe that because they are a "support" they have to stand back and soak up exp/coins (if taking Ancient Coin) then be useful doing other things such as poking or engaging or picking Synergy-like support that goes well with their ADC. Like ADC vs ADC only occurs when they pick Draven or any other early game ADC, but Support picks matter more due to the amount of CC, sustain, and poke you have. Which is why people are playing a lot of enchanters supports because they hard poke and sustain the lane usually demeaning support tanks like Braum, Leona, Alistar.
: Honestly the rift scuttler change is the best thing they've done to the jungle in a very long time. If you're playing a tank jungler (God bless you) and the enemy jungler is, say, Vi or Kayn, you just might as well not even walk over to the river because you know they are going to eviscerate the scuttles the moment they spawn, and you too if you dare challenge them. Pushing the scuttle timers back gives junglers with less power a chance to set up some vision or coordinate with an ally to actually have a chance not to be behind for the first 15 minutes because they can't 1-shot scuttle crabs. I would still really like to see purple and/or green smite come back. Smite color options are really stale now. Old purple smite allowed so many cool niche junglers.
You mean Green and Purple Jungle items, for there was never a "Green" Smite.
: This is a huge buff to _every_ lane. I guarantee his win rate will rise in every lane now. The only place this is a nerf is in pro play. Edit: Lol at the downvotes. You guys sure know balance! Who's right now? Yeah, win rate in every lane went up.
You're telling me you're going play ADC Tahm Kench? xD
: You're actually out of your mind if you think bot lane is bad. Bot lane has been in a good spot ever since the item reverts. Not to mention that it's nobody else's fault but yours if you can only play marksman instead of what's meta in the lane.
Also it is true Riot really did revert the items, but I'm not sure if you noticed, but they lowered the Critical Chance on {{item:3094}}, {{item:3087}}, {{item:3085}}, and {{item:3046}}, and lowered the attack speed a ton. Back then, Crit items used to give 40%-50% attack speed which, for an example, helped {{champion:202}} out a ton. Now with attack speed items being 30%-40% Attack speed, it is really hard to get that "orb walking" feeling when you can never always take Alacrity in your precision rune page due to lack of life steal in your later build. See the issue is, in my opinion, a typical ADC build would go like this (when people actually picked tanks and whatnot). {{item:3006}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3026}}, but that would mean you have to take bloodline in your rune page which sacrifices your early game attack speed. Additionally, to the nerfs on sorcery (Absolute Focus and Celerity) marksmen take Inspiration or Domination meaning you essentially will not even be able to get your boots early on due to Magical Footwear, or if you take Domination, you sacrifice the biscuits for sustain. Overall, I would not say that ADCs are struggling, but I say that there is not a lot of options when it comes to picking an ADC to play, for so many of them are out of meta it's difficult to play ADC in this Bruiser meta.
: trophy pedestal at top lane. yeah, you know exactly which lane is the meta carry lane ad has been irrelevant for ~8 months (they can still feed though, but cant carry)
I agree, however, it is not just top lane. It is the types of champions in the top lane/jungle to be exact. Looking at {{champion:120}} and {{champion:421}} with the 2 highest ban rates for 2 patches now, and for some reason, they have not been nerfed at all. Continuing on, Bruisers have been very oppressive for many patches even after ADC items have been reverted (when they really shouldn't have been changed honestly) due to high mobility, {{item:3053}}, and overall high damage. Riven is also really strong this patch, but worse of all, Conqueror has been favoring bruisers exclusively for a very long time. Even when Conqueror was changed, the literally second marksmen/DPS mages took Conqueror, the rune was changed to favor Melees more. Personally, I feel like there are a lot of strong champions wreaking havoc in solo queue right now due to their 1v9 potential, but I can also see why they haven't been nerfed, for which it means there are too many strong champions to nerf. In my opinion (and sorry if I'm wrong or you disagree)I feel like {{champion:8}}, {{champion:92}}, {{champion:120}}, and {{champion:421}} are these champions that are really tearing through the balance in solo queue. Honestly, there are more champions I personally feel like should be nerfed, but for the sake of this forums, I'm only listing some that others will agree with rather than flame me for just being bad.
: 1. Where are the akali buffs? We're sitting under 40% winrate and were promised buffs. Why is it so hard to add a little power back to make this champ remotely viable? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Yall gotta remember that pro play is also a variable that riot considers when they nerf champions like Akali and Urgot.
: Got to love the OG memes btw neeko ult is still super broke along with akalis shroud . . . .better nerf irelia xD
They just nerfed Akali's W
: I spent 150$ for that prestige skin of Aatrox, continuously played league for half a month to get that prestige skin of Akali, these two champions are the only two mastery 7 I have, now ur nerfing both of them to an unplayable lvl, without 2nd E of Aatrox and special mechanic of Akali’s W, it would be hard af for players to win 1V1 in lane and snowballing their opponents, no mention that nerf on healing, which will make it hard for both of them to even try to stay in lane and get cs. GJ RIOT :)
Why did you even buy the Prestige Aatrox skin in the first place?
: Patch 9.3 notes
Jinxalot (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=deathslayer1602,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=cOEbv1GO,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-01-09T20:31:32.705+0000) > > Not the most toxic. There are several people more toxic than Tyler. Case in point, XJ9, who leaked his girlfriends nudes because she picked Lee Sin(A champion that XJ9 hates because he thinks he's too strong). Also there's DarkwinJax, RatIRL and Pornstar Zilean, all of whom never reformed as Tyler did. Has he? But it fits with a lot in this community. I get so many down-votes. And all I did was state facts. There are plenty of other gamers who have never been banned and could better represent a good example for the community.
The thing is, who are they? It's all about popularity dude, and to be honest, some of the streamers listed right now I don't even know. However, someone out there does, so riot just gathers those people who seem more out there than most.
: Prestige Points and new prestige edition skins
I mean what would have been great was just to have 1 Prestige skin in general... the second I saw K/DA Akali coming out, I basically was like "welp guess this Kai'Sa skin isn't as rare as I thought anymore..."
: What about Rengar's ult, not applying bonus damage or armor shred?
Doesn't he already 1 shot squishy champs?
: nice work on not fixing the issue with pyke getting all his health back by pressing w
you mean him utilizing his passive?
: Where is the Jinx buff? She's still almost unplayable ):
They nerfed Crit ADCs as a whole, so a Jinx buff wouldn't make her any stronger than the other Crit ADCs
: The problem with these so called buffs are you doing it wrong.. Why are you guys not nerfing burst & poke mages among with {{champion:236}} ?? You are just escalating the problem more. There was a reason why adcs got nerf to begin with.
Thanks for targeting the weakest role right now >_> Lucian is the only viable ADC right now because he builds faster than the other Crit adcs and has a strong early game. Also he doesn't fall off as hard as Draven does late.
: Support for Windows XP and Vista Ending Soon
That Riot Fist in the thumbnail looks like the Windows Error pop-up is gonna come in with some heat when you try to launch league again
Legãcy (NA)
: Is Defending yourself a way to get banned?
*UPDATE* My account has been restored back to me on August 6, 2018. Thanks to Riot Gunny and the player behavior support team appealing me. A great and forgiving company we have here. <3
: Twitch is like the strongest adc late game right now... and vayne got buffed already. Vayne isn't on the low adcs anymore
Yeah but thats the thing, adcs hitting late game nowadays are a real gamble, and even so ADCs that scale faster than twitch will thrive more. Also, Kai'Sa is stronger than twitch late game I 100% guarantee it. I do not really think that the Vayne Q being 4 secs from 6 can compensate the fact she lost the ability to crit with her Q.
: Would it be possible to bring URF back for the duration of the Worlds events? It's been too long...
I'm down for the Dominion MAP (Crystal Scar) to come back because I loved playing Hide and Seek still. Also good thing TSM isn't at worlds because now there won't be any upsets in my pick'ems.
: Patch 8.19 notes
So, why hasn't riot brought back Vayne, Twitch, and Sivir? Like Twitch has been garbage all season ever since the new runes. Vayne got gutted with her Ult AD nerf and Q nerf that made it unable to crit. Sivir has just been perma trash; she needs a rework xD.
: How are Graves, Irelia, and Kaisa untouched????????? What a complete joke.
ay chill with that, lemme hit diamond on my smurf before a kai'sa nerf
: Wow that 52% WR combined with the STAGGERING 1.85% playrate. Wait that means only one tricks play him. Waaait that means OTPs get 51% WR. That is completely normal.
Garen had a 53% WR, and people who didnt even main Garen (myself included) were winning a ton of games on him. Why did Garen get nerfed? Because there was actually something about him that made him really strong, and riot (I think) found it. P.S. I main ADC, so me switching from ADC to Top lane to only play Garen and Darius and climbed from D5 to D3 in about 2 days shows that maybe Garen was really strong in the meta atm.
: Yeah because he doesn't need a nerf.
http://prntscr.com/koh48o 51% win rate in Platinum+ Also, again, I never had an issue with yorick because his counter picks are actually hard counters and not soft counter picks, so if you pick a hard counter into yorick you would be ok. Even if you're countered by Yorick, you can still outplay him and find other ways to be useful.
Romenji (NA)
: I had over 4k total honors before the system change. One 7game chat restriction because a 4man premade reported me because they didn't like me and now I've been at 0 honor for well over a thousand games and hundred or so onwards honors.
Dang, that's that Hardstuck Abyss right there buddy. You should play Thresh and he'll hook you right out of there ;)
: Dont be toxic, i am almost honor 4.:3
it took me 4 months to get Honor lvl 2 checkpoint 3.... I got chat restricted for telling my Kai'Sa she was building wrong and her build was dumb af. I guess talking about people's builds and trying to help them is bad too.
: Probably so we don't get forced to play with or against toxic people. Don't be toxic, and you wouldn't hit lvl. 1 in the first place.
how are you forced to play with toxic people, when you make your own team? You do know this is a PREMADE TEAM tournament right?
: Im just trying to understand here, so in advance, im sorry if i offend you in any way... i just give advice like you, use pings when necessary and help as much as i can(sometime i joke with people to ease the tension of a possible lose), and i reached level 5 last season, this season Im at 3 i believe, i have to check it xD, so way are you not reaching at least level 2? Is there something that prevents you to get honors or something? Im truly curious about it. Please let me know.
I pinged my top laner about 5 times to recall and that you will get dived.... he didn't listen and about 15 seconds later, the enemy J4 dived him. Again, my top laner sat with 300 hp, I pinged for him to recall, he refused again (but this time I knew he would get dived and was trying to get there as fast as possible). But I was too slow for being Amumu and he was dived and killed again. Some times pings just don't work.
: Requiring level 2 honor provides an incentive for players to behave properly overall in every game, not only with friends. If you have trouble getting honor, then you are the problem. Here's tip #1: Don't say anything unless it's positive, especially to random players unless you're asked (99.99% people don't ask). This is taught in college for interpersonal communication!
bet $100 they still won't honor you after the game... happens to me..... a lot. #RespectSupports
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Legãcy,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=EWVyQe1G,comment-id=00090000000100020001,timestamp=2018-02-01T04:05:36.182+0000) > > you just wanna spam Hecarim and ruin peoples day, I rather RNG URF over First Pick to Win URF. Actually I didn't care for playing Hecarim URF. Keep assuming tho.
I may have said you, but i wasn't really actually meaning you. I meant in general, tho I may have said you, when I was speaking to the league community as a whole. Tbh I dont care what people play, but I dont play URF anymore. Cause I never thought of it fun after the very first one. Also, Hecarim is just the face of all URF-spam champions. Such as, Sona, Shen, Maokai, etc...
Aeon123 (NA)
: MalrothDragonia has this right. One of the downsides of patching out balance, champion, and item changes every two weeks is that those changes end up grinding up the nuts and bolts of League's game modes. As a practical example, since the last run of One For All, Zoe didn't exist. So in preparation to relaunch the mode in 8.6, testers noticed that one Zoe could see another Zoe's W pickups, but was unable to pick them up. Game designers did work to make sure that any of one team's Zoe's could pick up allied pickups, with some follow up to get the drop rates to feel fun and semi-balanced. Then we play-tested, iterated a bit, and now we are running it through a QA test, which could lead to more development and testing. This is one case, for one champion, and we tend to have many of these sorts of cases for every mode that we release, even including some of the original modes like Ascension and Poro King. It varies per mode, but unfortunately, to ensure a quality experience for you all, no mode can just be turned on at a moment's notice.
I don't think Zoe should be allowed in One for All, since her and her opponents can just use the same summoners permanently. For an example: Zoe A flashes and Zoe B picks it up, Zoe B flashes and Zoe A picks it up, Now they both have their SUMMONER flash on Cooldown, but not their W flash. Zoe A uses her W flash and Zoe B uses her W flash, couldn't they just pick up each other's flashes again? Not to mention, in a teamfight I think 20 flashes might break the game, (possibly cause seizures you know). And Perma CC with the E, and Double Q like bro. This is cancer to the game if she is allowed. Oughta add Karthus in there too right?
: Please bring back URF.
you just wanna spam Hecarim and ruin peoples day, I rather RNG URF over First Pick to Win URF.
: I know exactly what you are talking about. I was playing Riven against Darius. Somewhat of a counter so when I leashed Volibear in blue camp I missed 2 cs because this Volibear couldn't play jungle properly. Anyways, I tried going to lane as soon as possible and I made a mistake in fighting him lvl 1 and I died. Then I asked Volibear if he can gank using the pings "I need assistance" he ignored me the whole game and Darius ended up getting 4 ganks from a ww with ghost and the game ended. It's unfortunate that people get offended and don't take criticism well.
Just Riot man, apparently they are as sensitive as the players I play with.
: https://i.gyazo.com/dc273d5d60a4d1cfda930809598978da.png" Gunny may have said you couldn't argue because it's usually negative or turns negative. However, if it doesn't get heated and doesn't affect the game in a negative way, you can argue and give constructive feedback to the other person.
People are mad sensitive in this game, I remember playing Draven and my support Janna, legitimately started trolling and left lane because I pinged the bush 2 times and said "ward the bush pls". Then she just left lane..... It was not an argument or a heated conversation, those were the first words I spoke to her all game too lol Additionally, Players take constructive feedback as you being toxic, I stated above in my essay how players take the simplest, "relax bro and play safe" as "WHY NOT YOU GANK MY LANE?!" or "STOP FLAMING ME" when you are being passive-aggressive about them dying a lot. It's happened to me numerous of times, and those are the players that mute you for that. And then you lose the game, then they report you, and then perma banned... Complete Cycle you know.
: https://i.gyazo.com/dc273d5d60a4d1cfda930809598978da.png" Gunny may have said you couldn't argue because it's usually negative or turns negative. However, if it doesn't get heated and doesn't affect the game in a negative way, you can argue and give constructive feedback to the other person.
People are mad sensitive in this game, I remember playing Draven and my support Janna, legitimately started trolling and left lane because I pinged the bush 2 times and said "ward the bush pls". Then she just left lane..... It was not an argument or a heated conversation, those were the first words I spoke to her all game too lol
: > [{quoted}](name=pizzapants,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pnFWAxU6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-07T04:22:38.071+0000) > > You don&#x27;t get banned for arguing. wrong http://puu.sh/yC7NM.png
I can relate Edit: YOU CAN GET REPORTED FOR DISAGREEMENTS NOW LOL.... Jungler: "Aight team, we are Half HP, I have no Smite, and they are all up... LETS GET THAT BARON YO!" Me: "I think we should reset" All: "REPORT ADC FOR DISAGREEING WITH THIS PERFECT CALL" Me: "You have been Permanently Banned for disagreeing with your teammates and arguing with them" #RitoPls
Xidphel (NA)
: > Everyone knows Speak for yourself. It's better to get rid of communication with toxic people since they won't communicate any other way.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Though, I understand you mean "Better Safe than Sorry", but I don't know I have that "Forgiving" mindset in me where I see that small light of hope inside every player, unless they continue their toxicity, it's hard for me to keep a player muted. I do mute players, just I tend to unmute them after a while, actually in that game above, I muted Sona and Jax. I just unmuted later on, about 5-7 mins later.
: yea this just looks like you're being made a scapegoat of a game gone bad... dude I'm so sorry this happened to you go contact riot and tell em to fix their shit
I tried, I spoke with Riot Gunny, BigPapaMIDKnight, and Riot Skiwi. It just got to the point where I got all the info I wanted to know and they XJ9'ed me. Meaning they won't take any of my support tickets about this issue.
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