: [Fun Activity] Can you think of a Champion kit from any of the following 5 images?
1: Melee-focused bruiser, some ranged capabilities through the claw. Could probably have some grab move similar to Urgot. Likely a top-laner or jungler. 2: High-range, low mobility marksman with stealth possibilities. Probably some sort of bonus to attacking from stealth. (Isn't that Ana from Overwatch?) 3: Control mage who summons weapons and limbs made of rock. Probably like a knock-up in the form of a fist from the ground, and ultimate could summon the pieces of the golem in order to attack and provide defenses. Definitely my favorite option of the bunch. 4: DoT-based support with decent bulk. A kit focused on corrupting their enemies, who allies could attack for benefits. A mix of offense/poke and enchanter. 5: Mage based off setting up their spells to deal damage or enhance themselves. Probably an ability that allows them to prepare a spell by using other spellcasts. For example, if W was the preparation ability something like W->Q+E = damage, W->W+E = CC, etc.
: Riot isn't responding at all to player feedback.
I'm here to call bullshit, Riot does reach out to players not just on the boards but on other platforms like Reddit. The main reason they don't respond all the time is they don't want to accidentally promise something they can't go through with, so they'll sort things out before making a statement on the boards. Yeah, the game's bad right now but it's not as if Riot is _completely_ ignoring the community.
: Aatrox rework was good, change my mind.
Been playing new Aatrox too, and starting to warm up to it. I feel it has potential to be great, but its release was a total flop and in the next few weeks players should practice more with new Aatrox and Rioters should consider QoL buffs.
: Why Many Aatrox Mains are Dissatisfied with His New Rework
Aatrox main here, definitely don't like the rework. While I'm mostly OK with the new model (could use some tuning), and love the VO, I really dislike what Riot did with the kit. Usually a champion is reworked to somewhat keep their old playstyle and mechanics, such as with Swain still being a battle mage with a drain ultimate, or Warwick being a guy who chases and locks people down. Aatrox got none of that, turning a AA-based duelist/diver into a straight-up juggernaut. Hell, I'm pretty sure we were supposed to still get a diver kit, not a pure juggernaut. Aatrox's old kit wasn't good, that I agree with. But is it necessary to destroy a champ's gameplay theme so much? They could've made him a hybrid of AA and abilities, poor example but even Yasuo does that right. It sucks that it's a VGU, because now Riot won't change it back (not like they'll change it back anyways). Course I'm going to try new Aatrox, but so far he isn't looking like what I want. His playstyle is drastically different, and from what I've heard from PBE Aatrox players, very clunky. So, if new Aatrox doesn't work out I either find a new main or stop playing.
DW Diana (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Legacy Hydralpha,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tUjOu0gm,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-13T19:53:55.695+0000) > > Aatrox was one of my first main toplaners, and I&amp;#039;ve played him consistently since right before Season 8, and somewhat less often before then. I have about 115K mastery points on him, but I&amp;#039;m only Silver if that matters. I&amp;#039;m going to give my thoughts on Aatrox rework, but I&amp;#039;d like to make it clear that I don&amp;#039;t have PBE access, and have not played new Trox. This is only observations I made. > > Overall Scores/TL;DR: > > * Thematic/VO: **7/10**. The new voice fits what it means to be a Darkin in League&amp;#039;s lore, while still retaining parts of old Aatrox. I think that it should have been presented better in the trailer, but Aatrox still has his poetic moments (if you agree with me calling it that). > * Kit/Abilities: **4/10**. Looks clunky, unsatisfying, and unfinished. Doesn&amp;#039;t capture the juggernaut/diver we wanted and instead just gives us a weird kit with an unsatisfying ultimate. > * Compared to Current Kit: **3/10**. Very little is similar between old and new Aatrox. From AA-based duelist/diver to spellcasting juggernaut, with even less Blood Well. > * My Final Thoughts: **5/10**. Could be much worse, but could be much better. IMO, make his kit smoother and look into altering E and Ultimate the most. It&amp;#039;s too late to change the VO, but I don&amp;#039;t mind that after hearing more of the new lines. Make him left-handed. > Hey buddy, So I used to be an aatrox main last year before his mini rework (mainly jungle) so was very excited to see his rework. I just played him for an hour on PBE and would like to let you know a couple of things you might not have seen/noticed in the videos. Firstly his Q. It's actually pretty smooth. It doesn't feel half as clunky as it looks, and works well with Triforce (you'll want it or BC, I'll explain why in a sec. His W is great fun to use, but you REALLY need to hit your first Q afterward to have any hope of hitting them with it at rank 1 (unless they're bad >.<) His E is probably the key to his Q. This is because the range on each part of his Q gets shorter and shorter. Obviously with Triforce/BC you will get some mobility, but having his E there to re position quickly is really essential for his Q to work. Also notice that it has his heal built in. It's a lot more important then you'd think when just watching video's/reading his stuff. His ult... I mean this thing looks and sounds like a worse version of his old passive, but it really works well with him. He gets and AOE fear, which while sounds kinda crap has already been gamechanging for me in both teamfights and in lane. It doesn't last long, and I will admit i miss the longer AA range, but the large AOE fear for 1 second is great. Also it's his old passive, meaning you can CHOOSE when your GA style res is up. This is again great as you can be in a bad spot, blow this fearing everyone, do a bit more damage with that E sustaining you, and if it all still goes tit's up, can move away while ressing. It's actually a lot more powerful then it initially looks, and people blowing their ult's etc on you is fine if you can counter it with this (no more "CC the aatrox and he's fucked".) On the whole I'd give his kit about an 8/10 at this point. It synergises really well, and once you have a BC or triforce (i prefer this because of the sheen proc after Q) you have some nice chase potential. I do think a yorwick style build might be nice on him because his movement speed is AWFUL (390 with boots), but unfortunately the PBE sever went down so I couldn't test this. Will try to keep the boards updated anywho :) Laters, Loki Edit: I agree the passive needs to NOT proc on minions, but I will say I love it proccing in the jungle!
Great to hear about this! It's good to hear that he isn't as bad as I thought, must just be worried about the rework.
Rioter Comments
: Twisted Fate [Rework Concept]
I really like a lot of ideas with this rework. First, the passive opens TF up to more build paths with crit and AD, which can work really well especially with stuff like {{item:3124}} or {{item:3085}}. Second, having the W Red Card be a MR shred, which feels a lot better than the slow. Lastly, while TF is immobile now it would be interesting to see him with some sort of dash. Overall sounds like a lot of fun and it would be great in-game. If only Riot would do something like this.
: Change Pykes mask back to the teaser version
The issue is with the teaser mask is that it wouldn't translate well into game, and it would be hard to make out while playing. They should do a compromise of both, remove the lines on the top and bottom from the in-game mask and make the teeth a bit sharper and less aligned.
: The god skins
God Bug Mordekaiser
vthief (NA)
: because who doesn’t want to hear Aatrox physically and verbally destroy his enemies.
Never said they'd make him more talkative. Though, hope they give him a thematic around talking little, but the words really mean something when he does.
: Aatrox's new Sword
While I like the organic feel of Aatrox's current sword (especially the crit animation), this new sword fits the champion near-perfectly. It's elegant in a simple way while keeping a brutal appearance, fitting of Aatrox's more controlled personality (compared to Rhaast).
: The State of ADCs right now: Balanced or Broken... ?
I feel that ADCs are strong, but it's more of a byproduct to how the game has developed. With all the healing runes in the new rune update as well as the massive heals/shields supports can give without repercussions make the ADC class not only strong, but unsatisfying to fight. I feel a good first step towards making the ADC/Support roles less of a bother in game would be to nerf the heavy healing and shielding in the game. Heals shouldn't be strong at all, but more constant as to provide sustain or just barely get away. Shields should be either a short-lived but powerful form of protection, or a long-lasting yet very weak extra wall of defense. There shouldn't be shields that last for massive amounts of time while also provided tons of extra protection. And it's likely time to do away with point-and-click healing and shielding. Along with that it will help to change towers a bit, and then afterwards look into changes to crit items or even the crit mechanic, as well as measure the amount of impact other lanes have, and what they can do better when ahead besides from gank bot lane.
: League is no longer fun.
I agree with pretty much everything. While a player shouldn't truly solo carry, I think they should be able to bring up their team to gain the advantage by playing smart. Going off that idea, I do feel that bot lane has too much impact on the game because hypercarry + free shields and heals = ez. There's definitely too much damage, but I feel tanks need just a bit of damage in order to do well in laning phase and be a bit of a threat. Nothing massive like what we have now, just some decent-enough base damage to have kill pressure in laning phase and make sure they aren't completely ignored, but tanks shouldn't be doing half my HP in one combo. As for how toxic the game is, that just happens. People are gonna be hella toxic because the game is slowly becoming less about fun and more competitive. And when players feel they aren't getting what they want in a competitive game, they may turn toxic. While Riot definitely made some very questionable decisions in the past few months, it looks like they're trying to improve. I've noticed them talking with the community more when they have issues with the game, but that may just be me. Hopefully they keep on this and don't ruin the game further with some shit like "All marksmen immediately get the gold for an Infinity Edge if they score 4 takedowns."
: Is Morgana a Darkin now???
: What is the most ridiculous balance decision ever made in the game that you can think of ?
For me, either the massive {{champion:3}} you mentioned, making {{champion:20}} a walking Deathcap, or whenever they Sejuani, Ezreal, etc. a champion by nerfing them and not what's making them op (or vice versa). And class updates. We got some good things out of them that people liked, but for the most part they were failures that broke champions and their items.
: Who do you hope's gonna be featured in this April's Roadmap?
I'd be happy to see any of the older champions get reworked, Riot's had a very good track record as of recent when it comes to VGUs. But please, official Aatrox news. So far we know it got upgraded to a VGU, he's a Dark Souls boss, his entire kit is getting changed/looked at, and it should be out some time after mid season. Outside of that overview I don't know if there's just that much information.
Wither really needs some changes. Off the top of my head, an idea may be that on use Wither has a weaker slow and no attack speed slow, but if Nasus lands his Q on the target (or alternatively, just auto them), the Wither slow becomes stronger and _maybe_ have an attack speed slow, but do melees really have to be fucked over that much?
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: You missed one thing with Pizza delivery Sivir and Chicken Galio
We need Ice Cream Man Ekko. Q is a sundae that blows up and spread aparts, W is a freezing sphere, E causes sprinkles to show up, and ultimate should play a ice cream truck theme. Give him a uniform and makes his weapon a popsicle and we're set.
: MF discussion: what does the community want in an Ulti Skin?
First things first, I'd much rather have a top laner skin. So far, every role has an ultimate skin EXCEPT top. ADC has Ezreal, Supp has Sona, JG has Udyr, Mid has Lux. There's a good bit of popular top lane champions, ones I can think of off my head are Sion and Gangplank. Reflecting off that, Gangplank may be a great option. Have models change with ultimate upgrades and GP doesn't have legendaries (as far as I can remember). Second, GGMF's different forms and how she changes to them just isn't interesting. Until we get a good look at particles and SFX, they're just chromas with different guns. While I love the idea behind it, it sorta falls behind in execution. Her way of transforming is basically just how DJ Sona does it, you select which one you want (from what I know). Why not have it where you unlock transformations as you utilize different spells? To summarize: Give an ultimate skin to the one role that doesn't have one, and make each different ultimate skin compelling in how they transform, with different mechanics behind each.
: So...what is the purpose of this Ultimate skin?
I'm pretty disappointed. Not only was everyone expecting (hoping for) a top laner skin, we got Lancer Blitzcrank 2.0. Every ultimate skin has had a different way of changing their models (Pulsefire Ezreal level ups, Spirit Guard Udyr maxing stances, DJ Sona choosing theirs, Elementalist Lux getting points for theirs), but GGMF just copies what Sona did. If they want this skin to work, they need to do larger changes between models, and from the base skin. New hair style, different sets of armor on different models (not just chromas with new guns), etc. Though honestly, I'd prefer release a top-laner skin, no reason for Miss Fortune to have more skins while a bunch of champions sit top lane without having anything new in years.
: Kleptomancy has to be changed in the future, this is becoming stupid
Klepto is too much of a free gold advantage and too RNG to be reliable for any player in a match-up. They should make it instead: * Whenever you gain gold through minion kills, player kills, objective kills, etc. you get a small amount of a black market currency * You also slowly gain this currency over time (much slower rate than gold) * You can use this black market currency to buy the kleptomancy items, or convert a large amount of it into a small amount of gold (replace sack of gold item). Boom, you can counter it by zoning the enemy, but they can still use the rune due to passive generation. It also loses it's oppressiveness in lane and RNG factors.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Who would you like to see in next Star Guerdian team if Riot make more?
{{champion:163}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:142}}(Regrettably) {{champion:6}} It is time for Star Urguardian.
Kukiel (NA)
: How to lane against Teemo as melee champion?
I've found that rushing MR like {{item:3211}} and {{item:3155}} help greatly against taking less damage. And a {{item:1054}} can help too. My main strategy is to rush MR, bait out his Q, and then if he does dive in. Or if you have ways to attack without using auto-attacks, dive in a bit after getting blinded, use your abilities to start off, then just cut him down with AAs.
: Bruiser Keystone on PBE
I sorta like where they're going with the whole tank-busting aspect. I'd prefer some sort of defensive bonus though, maybe flat Armor/MR during the initial duration? 4 seconds of decent defensives could prevent against hard burst and allow a fighter to make it through hard damage, while not being too oppressive in long combat. And if it hurts too much to completely lose those defenses, the resistances could just be halfed for the extended duration. And if they do something like that, it could go back into Resolve. Maybe even a Dived-based keystone in Domination and an anti-tank or anti-shield keystone in Precision could be added?
Fawksea (EUW)
: Riot just give everyone a 10% reduced damage debuff for like, a week.
I've always thought they should have a rotating game mode in which damage is reduced, and maybe some other changes players want, like stronger towers or less CDR. Do that for a weekend or two, see how people like it. If it's positively received (and honestly, positively received. Not just people playing one game and saying 'I love it!'), try to make the game closer to that. But with tweaking as to not really have to mess with the code as much.
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: Mark Marill
Rioter Comments
GigglesO (NA)
: Riot, can you let us test a gamemode where there is just a 20% debuff to all damage?
Sure, call it NURF. Reduce damage from champions by 20%, and potentially even reduce CDR from items by 1/2. The two major complaints I've seen is that there's too much damage, and that CDR is too abundant. This would be a great idea both for Riot and players to see what would actually happen, in a simplified form.
: So, no defense buffs to AP items?!!!
Mages shouldn't have too massive defenses, but it's likely that a small amount of armor or MR on one--two items each wouldn't hurt. An alternative upgrade from {{item:3191}} that helps against dps (instead of Zhonya's which is good for avoiding big damage/strong effects for a short time) could work. If they do really beefy AP items, they should be melee only. We have melee AP champs such as {{champion:131}} {{champion:68}} and a good item might work for them. Then again, if they get a beefy item so does {{champion:84}} and {{champion:245}}.
: Whelp... Tracker's Knife and Skirmisher's Sabre are gone on the PBE.
Support items and sightstone had to be condensed into one item and all the jungle items had to be condensed into one so we could get more AP items. Depending on your main role, this may or may not be worth.
: I've really been liking OW lately as well! Easy to get burnt out on it tho, but I love Dva right now. And Symmtera ofc.. Spent 40 bucks to get her Oasis skin..... Lets say my senses weren't at peak performance..
My issue with Overwatch was always how quickly I got burnt out when playing it too. For a while I could barely do 2-3 games without wanting to stop playing. Lot more fun now, and the OW League is actually really fun to watch! As soon as the update came out I spammed arcade games to get loot boxes and used leftover in-game money to get the Butcher Roadhog skin. Sadly, all those lootboxes were blues and whites. :(
: (Poll) Has the current state of the game had an impact on the time you spend on League?
I've found myself playing far less League than I once did. When my primary role (support) stopped feeling fun to me, for changes unrelated to patches (I just got bored), I played more of my secondary role top. While I enjoy top lane, it feels a lot worse. Regardless of what I do, I have little impact on the game because their ADC can just stand still and get tons of heals and shields so even if I dive them with my entire team they might as well get a penta. And the direction Riot has taken in balancing and growing their game is terrible IMO. With _very_ questionable balance decisions such as nerfing Ezreal and Klepto in the same patch to not actually nerfing Ornn or Zoe's damage output and instead making them less fun, it feels like a bronze Vayne main could make less risky and more intelligent decisions. And where the hell are the fighter changes? All we've been given is promises and "soon"s and not a single fix in sight after the change to how targeted spells work. Making bruisers better? Nothing. New fighter keystone? Not a sight, only promises of "it's a good fighter keystone". Word on the tons of shields and heals in bot lane for ADCs and supports? No one knows. At least I'm enjoying Overwatch again, so I have an alternative.
Rioter Comments
: I kinda feel sorry for CertainlyT
Dude makes some of the most interesting and unique champs in league, but doesn't take into account how people feel playing against them, or giving them some sort of drawback when they make mistakes. They should put him on the champion rework team instead. That way he has some sort of limitation but can really bring life to an old champion, like {{champion:19}}.
: Just nerf twitch and vayne for hells sake. I'm playing league less and less each week now. I legit only played 3 games this week, and it is getting to the point of bursting in frustration. Counterplay to adcs being removed each patch, tanks overbuffed and no incentive of aggresive early gameplay.
Vayne did receive a nerf to her attack speed and ult damage, but nothing for Twitch that I've seen.
Rioter Comments
: Again, is mallet necessary in the game with the advent of glacial augment?
I don't see mallet as an issue, really. If it's getting abused by marksmen Riot could just make the slow weaker for those champions (hopefully they would but their balance has been a bit weird).
: I agree, but where did you get the picture?
I've tried looking it up, but I can't find it anywhere. Sorry. :(
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 24
It's good to hear that there are plans to make top lane feel and play better. My secondary role tends to be top lane, so I'm hoping the process goes well. A few points I want to talk about though: * You mentioned a new keystone was being worked on for fighters for the Resolve tree, which would act as a replacement for Fervor. What other keystones have you considered making? I was thinking that perhaps a diver-based keystone (likely in the Domination tree) as well as a mage-based keystone (likely in the Sorcery tree) for mages that don't make much use of current keystones (Viktor may be a good example). * In the same patch both Kleptomancy as well as Ezreal was nerfed. Do you think this was a good choice? A champion getting nerfed and THEN the rune/mastery/item that made them broken gets nerfed. It happens so much it gets memed about (Sejuani?). Can we expect changes to this style of balance, cause I really feel that it may not be the best idea. It might even work better with the new patch system; nerf a keystone or rune making champs too strong in a large patch, then use the small patch to fine-tune them. * While on the topic of balance: the Zoe and Ornn nerfs. I feel that the changes made to them didn't really fix their damage output, but made them less fun or unique in turn. Zoe QRQ combo, from what I've heard, now feels less smooth and so could probably turn some players away from her. But then the Ornn nerf happened where his W no longer is completely unstoppable (disables end the ability, but stuns/slows/etc. allow him to keep blasting fire). When fighting Ornn top, I cared less about his W being unstoppable since it was easy to counter that (wait for Ornn to use the ability, then CC) and more about his damage output. I feel the change just made him a less interesting champion. Do you think the balance team might revisit this change and give him back the unstoppable effect, while actually hitting his damage, or just making his W less oppressive and more punishable. * This may not be the right place to ask, but how's the Aatrox rework going? It's been a good while since it initially got announced and it feels farther and farther away, but I'm hopeful that it goes well. * In a recent video, a Rioter mentioned plans to have more non-marksmen options in bot lane. Does this mean some champs will be pushed into being an ADC/APC? Or (preferably) will the bot lane be opened up to allow more options to become present? That was a lot of text, but It'd be great to get some more feedback. While I feel pretty negatively about the current state of the game, I'm looking forward to a good year for League.
: where's this model from?
If I remember, it's the model they used for one of their cinematics, _A Twist of Fate_. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEnsqpThaFg
: #Give Swain a Haircut
Hopefully Riot considers this, looks a lot better.
: The problem with toplane, from a toplaner
You make a lot of good points, and I agree that bruisers need a keystone to replace (or bring back) Fervor, though the question is in what path would such a keystone go? It could belong in Precision, due to the nature of auto attacking, but would champions like Darius really want attack speed over something else? Since Precision is meant to be the DPS/in-combat power tree, Fervor would make the most sense there. Another point I'd like to add is the amount of damage mitigation champions (mainy ADCs and supports) are able to have. What with Fleet Footwork, Triumph, Overheal, and Legend: Bloodline all being good healing options for ADCs, as well as the shields from using Relic Shield and the big chunks of heals and shields supports can provide through items, it can be hard for bruisers to really kill them. Since they're capable of restoring or blocking damage taken and if it's in a teamfight, there's enough peel to prevent a fighter from sticking to an ADC. As a top laner, I tend to play Aatrox, who as a diver should be able to jump and blow up at least one target, but through damage mitigation it's very hard to really kill a marksman. The point I'm trying to make is that at least in my experiences, ADCs (and their supports) have enough damage mitigation to not die to divers/bruisers which ends up being unfun for divers, when you can't accomplish your goal.
: I don't think the boards really grasp how ADCs should be nerfed
From what I understand, you want bot lane tower to have increased damage reduction overall compared to other towers? That might lead to lane swapping again, or bot lane shoving up a wave and going somewhere else for an easy tower. Maybe if fortification was 50% on all towers but while it was active it took less damage the more champions there are? Towers wouldn't die as fast from bot lane or jungler ganks.
: Petition to make Veigar's voice higher the more ap he has
Make Teemo's laugh more annoying for each time a champion steps on a mushroom, too. Then we're getting somewhere.
Wafflê (NA)
: Riot can make a cool cinematic before the new season but not actually balance the game
Those are unrelated. Different teams at Riot work on different things. Someone who makes cinematics doesn't also work in game design.
: does anyone else find nasus to be overbearing to handle right now?
Eh, I haven't had too much general trouble with him. Only times I get screwed by Nasus is late-game or as {{champion:266}}.
: Why are people so upset about the Sightstone changes?
* Takes away options for supports. This is a bit of a stretch and probably hyperbole, but supports no longer get to itemize between early vision or having their quest item sooner. Granted, this isn't a positive or a negative. * Makes support role less fun. A cool part about supports was the quest rewards which made being support feel a bit better to play, as well as the item actives. Putting the actives on new items isn't a good idea since supports tend to be locked into certain items anyways. (Locket, Redemption, Ardent Censer come to mind) * I think it's being done for the wrong reason. Riot has said that this change could work since during Ardent meta people weren't rushing Sightstone, which showed that it's possible to not get it early. But they're forgetting that it only happened since having Ardent during that time was more important than early game vision. * I'm worried about poke becoming too dominant in bot lane because of this. I mean, my main support is a poke support (Bard) but I'm worried that if this change goes through, it'll be harder for some supports to actually get their sightstone active because they will be pushed out of lane (and away from their farm if they're using Coin or Relic Shield) and be unable to have that early game vision. I definitely think Riot needs to make a change to how vision works to make support a more fun role, but I'm not sure this is the right way of doing so.
: The first line of your post is kind of hyperbolic in the claim that 90% of players are massively against these changes. This tends to be a wall we run up against any time we try to introduce some sort of systemic change (elemental dragons, jungle plants, adjusted cs scores on jungle camps etc), where initial outcry can be quite negative, but once players have played around with the changes they actually tend to like them (now I won't say that 100% of people do, but the vast majority). The designer who's been working on the project has been doing a load of tuning to the sightstone quest reward so that it "turns on" roughly around the same time supports are buying sightstone on live. What this means is you'll have vision around the same time as usual, but will also have that 800 gold that you can put towards a more exciting purchase. The majority of the negative pushback (which is warranted) seems to be revolving around the idea that we're doing away with the item actives which people find exciting. While it's true that we're going to be taking it off of the gold gen items, we're going to be looking for ways to re-introduce them back to the game as soon as possible, just as new items. Who doesn't love spooky ghosts? In regards to the poaching concern - that's something we're super aware of and will be looking to actively tune if we're off. There's a change going out for relic shield to the PBE today (was supposed to go yesterday) where we're cutting the healing for ranged users in half (this does hurt Thresh so we're going to look to buff him in another way as a fast followup should he need it). We'll see if that pushes relic far enough from desirable in every game territory for marksman, but if it doesn't, we have other things we can try.
Even if you stay with the idea for now, I think you should hold out on it. A number of players seem to hate the idea, and I'm one to them. I've heard that the idea is being considered because supports can function without rushing Sightstone, as present in the Ardent meta. But this was because having Ardent Censer was better than early vision. This change would also make support less fun in general, since you don't have the option of rushing for Sightstone, you no longer get a quest reward for using your support item, and in cases where it may be harder to get your quest reward (Relic Shield or Ancient Coin against a hard poke bot) it can feel less fun. I'm no game developer or balance team member, but I do play the game. Keep playtesting the change and see how people feel about it, and maybe find other ideas on ways to balance out other classes abusing support items or making supports less locked behind Sightstone. There could be a happy medium.
: last time i checked i can be afraid of whatever or whoever i want yes :^)
Doesn't make it a good thing, especially in this context.
Lipton (EUW)
: Sivir's spellshield against Aatrox 's dark flight
Aatrox's Q has always been buggy, maybe the knock up and damage are applied separately? Hopefully Riot takes a look into it and fixes the interaction (and the rest of Aatrox's Q).
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