: i like it! the champion has a lot of potential once he's polished, but there might be some tiny fixes i'd like to input.i like the idea of a longer version of the ziggs E. he seems like a champion that would be able to clear lanes easily so he should be able to put out no more than two at a time to prevent ganks. they could be activated by a unit/champion stepping on it, or remote detonation ie pressing the ability while hovering over it with the mouse since there could be multiple ones. his ultimate passive seems very strong in the sense of a 70% armor penetration boost on foot soldiers. either the passive should dissappear while the cd is on and increase the cool down to about 150-160, the amount of footsoldiers should be decreased, or you can adjust it to where they have 70% to creeps and a lower amount to champions. if the third option is chosen he wouod be more balanced in laning phases so he isn't bullying anyone far too much. i honestly like this champion idea and appreciate you taking the time to create something like it. it's always fun to see people in the community sharing their love for the game.
Right now the way E works is that you place it in an area, then it stealths. You cannot place a new one until detonating the first one. The soldiers do very little damage and they hardly scale, so 70% Armor Penetration will mean at most they'll do around 70-90 damage per attack.
: so you made it where two of his abilities give him a bunch of health regen and make the only thing capable of countering it make his healing stronger instead i dont think this idea will get that far in all honesty
The current problem with {{champion:36}} is that you build him tank, but his only tank-esque abilities are completely negated by two things,{{summoner:14}} and {{item:3123}}. Health regeneration is Mundo's only tank stat, other than that, he has no tank like qualities. ---- This makes him almost impossible to pick up in any high elo games _(It's normally not a problem in low elo because people there are actual dumbasses when it comes to itemization)_, because _Grevious Wounds_ cuts healing by 40%. Imagine if any other tank had their damage soaking effectiveness reduced by 40%. They would be practically unplayable. The new passive on his R in effect cut's grevious wounds healing reduction to 30/25/20% _(I have reworded it in order to clarify my intentions)_. That still will have an adverse effect on Mundo, but it won't completely cripple his ability to tank. ---- Also, his passive healing has been removed, which means less healing overall in throughout the game. With this new kit, It's much more visible when Mundo is healing, and he doesn't get all this passive/invisible power. The new **[Adrenaline Rush]** doesn't scale as well as his old passive either in terms of percent health, which is what the previous passive was based off of. In addition, it can only be used in combat, removing a good chunk of the toxic **"Walking Fountain"** interaction that Mundo has currently, while adding a layer to his gamplay that he didn't have before hand. ---- Overall, my intentions, so to speak, was to do several things: * Make his gameplay more interactive _(Current kit is very straightforward)_ * Make his power more visible _(Less passive healing, more visible healing)_ * Make his counter, **_Grevious Wounds_**, not completely cripple him yet still hurt him.
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Kloqdq (NA)
: That is better. Now he won't just shit on someone level 1. He'll still be really strong at level 9 but not as toxic the first couple of levels.
As intended. He is supposed to be a champion with a mid game powerspike.
Kloqdq (NA)
: Mhm it's for sure neat but I think it lacks a lot of counterplay for his opponents to interact with. Namely his W. It's just an AoE that seems like an instant cast that does nothing but make Marcellus better than his opponent. I like the idea of No Man's Land but it's just a general stat buff. It would be cool if it marked an area and created like wire in that area that slows and damages champions that move through it. E is reminding me a little of Ziggs E but it stands out enough that it is different. I am not sure how effective it would be as it is an odd effect. Q is pretty cool. Sounds pretty annoying to deal with however. Maybe the number of Soliders scale on rank or level to help balance out there power. Having 4 Soliders come out and attacking me without any chance to really counter act it isn't the most fun. R is fine.
I was thinking about adding debuffs for ally champions that enter no man's land, in order to fit the thematic better. However, I feel like teammates would hate that. Also, took your Q modifications into consideration, check out the new Q.
: The only problem with this champs kit is that he is too reliant on minions for him to be viable. He should have an ability like malz' w except he needs to use a certainly large amount of mana every time he summons the creep, like a zzrot in a sort of way.
I've reworked his kit, let me know what you think.
Kloqdq (NA)
: > Active: Marcellus targets a nearby ally melee or caster minion, ~~creating them into a~~ promoting them to _Squadron Minion_ after a 0.5 second delay. That sounds better. So overall after looking through the kit it is kind of neat. I like the general idea of using minions as your main tool. My main issues with the kit are both his Passive and Ult. His passive is lackluster and is only going to be annoying to deal with. It won't feel good to use and that is one of the most important aspects with a champion design. Does the players involved with the interaction, whatever it may be, feel good being involved in it. Here I would say it fails to engage both parties. As for the ultimate, it just sort is there you know? Feels like it is just tacked on and it doesn't go further in enhancing that minion using kit. Maybe he super charges a minion wave? Calls in more minions. Does something different. The current ultimate isn't playing to that very cool aspect that this kit is trying to embrace.
I've reworked his kit, let me know what you think.
: Mm. Alright. In that case, you're in some trouble for an ult though.
New ult, let me know what you think.
Rioter Comments
: The numbers are all great. I would like to add a suggestion though: Claudius shouldn't kamikaze, he should belch. Then hop away in the chaos. Also, what if you made her ult relate to another familiar? It could be a cat or bird, and provide another damage/utility tool that fits her style.
We already have a lot of "Pet Summons" _(for lack of better terms)_ for Ultimates, that's why I didn't place Claudius there. For example: * {{champion:427}} **Daisy!** * {{champion:1}} **Summon Tibbers** * {{champion:74}} **UPGRADE!!!** _(The best one of course)_ * {{champion:133}} **Behind Enemy Lines** _(Not exactly a pet, but conceptually it is)_ * {{champion:112}} **Chaos Storm** _(Not excatly a pet, but still a summon)_ * {{champion:83}} **Euology of the Isles** * {{champion:7}} **Mimic** I was trying to branch out with her abilities, and not just rehash a new champion in the form of "Granny Witch" >For clarification, **"detonate"** _(As used in **[Claudius, the Frog]**)_ is a Riot ability term. Thematically, he can just run away, similar to Kled. Detonate just means passively consumed and then dissapearing.
: I loved the concept of the character, and the way you designed her kit. However, some of the pieces didn't fit quite well. The main one was the ult. Compared to the rest, it was not only less interactive, but also thematically different. It made me think of Morgana. The only other critique I have is that you don't provide numbers... and that there are a **lot** of pieces to this kit. Though that's also what makes her fun. ~CrimsonCobra3
I did provide numbers for everything except Base Stats. Look at the bottom of each ability. Those that are based on level will only include the numbers at level 1 and 18. Your critique of the ultimate is fair game. However, I currently don't have another idea as what to do with it.
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: 💬 C&C Discord -- [Information & Verification]
: I think i got it. We play fiddlesticks differently, I can tell by the way you're talking about his abilities. Based on what you said, I'd say that you play him as an Aoe team fight spell caster, which is not how I play fiddle. Also, i don't believe that crap about having 130000 mastery points. You don't even have mastery level 7 on fiddle. Still, we just have differences in how we play him. I, for one do not like fiddles ult and i don't build zhonyas as part of my core build. So, lets just put aside our differences. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
OK... You don't like his ultimate and you **_"don't"_** build Zhonya's. Let's take a look at my credentials: https://www.masterypoints.com/image/profile/LeifTheExplorer/na OK, now lets take a look at yours: https://www.masterypoints.com/image/profile/DistortPlus/na Also, in your last game with {{champion:9}}, you were building {{item:3157}}. OP.GG doesn't lie. Now this would be an appropriate time to say **_"Exposed."_** {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} If you want someone who is based of unkillability, play {{champion:8}}, not {{champion:9}}. {{champion:9}}'s ultimate is the best part of his kit, hands down, pros agree. You clearly haven't done the math or have any game knowledge if you say otherwise. You need to stand still and not be inflicted with hard CC in order to use **[Drain]**. Your **[Terrify]** and **[Crowstorm]** naturally make people run away from you, so **[Drain]** is in quite a pickle. Standing still and not being hit by hard CC. I'll let you think about that. You literally make yourself a sitting duck. Sure, the heal is nice, but it will still fuck you over once you hit mid game. There are two options: Rework **[Drain]**, or rework the rest of {{champion:9}}'s kit. I don't know about you bud, but I reworking **[Drain]** is a much better option.
: You kidding me? You've obviously never played fiddlesticks because you got his core concepts all wrong. Fiddlesticks' kit is not based around his ultimate, only if you choose to play that way. Fiddlesticks is based around unkillability. His slow on Q, silence on E and insane lifestyle on W provide him with enough to be able to last long in teamfights, while his E punishes enemies for grouping up, allowing Fiddle to be useful in team fights. Or, instead of using E, you can do massive AOE damage with your ult. Fiddlesticks has very poor defenses, which is why they've provided him with the QW combo to guarantee survivability. Simply put, his kit is based around him being annoying to point that you want to kill him, but can't. Also "He is outclassed by almost every champion" What? If you think fiddlesticks is bad to the point of aatrox, you have a screw loose. As you said in your post, you believe that fiddlesticks relies on his cult for everything, which is probably why you think he's in a bad place. Fiddlesticks isn't an assassin. You can take him anywhere except ADC.(Yes, top fiddle works). Fiddlesticks has withstood the test of time for me, and most other people. I don't think he needs something new. e fine in the place he is, which is in the high risk high reward category. {{champion:9}} (also you got his passive wrong; its Dread, and it works amazing with his Q,W, and R)
Fiddlesticks is based on unkillability you say? Well, he must do such a good job at it. He's so unkillable, that he's forced to buy a shitty defensive item as **HIS SECOND ITEM**, whose stats have been lowered progressively every season! So good at surviving! He's so unkillable, that any team comp with some sort of hard CC screws over his early trading! He's so unkillable, that any form of focusing will make him pop like a balloon! I got over 130000 mastery points on Fiddle, kid. You don't know what your talking about.
Rioter Comments
Echoing (NA)
: I don't mean to hamper anyone trying to be creative... ...but this rework concept and your recent rework concepts are completely ignoring the problems inherent in the kits while introducing new problems altogether. Here, you kept all of Fiddlesticks' stuff intact save for his passive and E - which makes him WORSE because now Fiddlesticks loses a reliable nuke + CC in exchange for very unreliable gimmicky damage+vision that relies almost completely on RNG. This doesn't solve the problem of Fiddlesticks being a point-and-click delete champion. It DOES introduce the problem of Fiddlesticks no longer being able to reliably kill anyone without his ult. You should stop and reconsider the real problems behind an old kit instead of arbitrarily throwing skills onto the champion based on your own personal feelings.
I created some updated versions of Q and E, plus some QoL changes to his passive, what do you think of these changes?
: probably my weakest part of the argument but overall I just... don't really think he needs a change. he's a simple bot with a simple kit and multiple ways to play him should you fancy. his utility means he'll never be that weak and if he is strong his simplicity means people are always able to play around him. "just don't get hooked" is a lot less to think about than "ok if you get hooked make sure to stay within range of the illaoi but not close enough she can double q you but close enough you can hit her and shorten the cooldown or just like run and hope to live." and whatever the new champions do in their kits.
Of course! This rework is mostly just QoL changes, tying his kit together better.
Echoing (NA)
: I don't mean to hamper anyone trying to be creative... ...but this rework concept and your recent rework concepts are completely ignoring the problems inherent in the kits while introducing new problems altogether. Here, you kept all of Fiddlesticks' stuff intact save for his passive and E - which makes him WORSE because now Fiddlesticks loses a reliable nuke + CC in exchange for very unreliable gimmicky damage+vision that relies almost completely on RNG. This doesn't solve the problem of Fiddlesticks being a point-and-click delete champion. It DOES introduce the problem of Fiddlesticks no longer being able to reliably kill anyone without his ult. You should stop and reconsider the real problems behind an old kit instead of arbitrarily throwing skills onto the champion based on your own personal feelings.
Your point is true. However, what I'm trying to do is implement a more thematic approach to champion design. I will most likely modify the abilities at some point due to all this wonderful critique. E is the highest contender for changes, along with Q. For clarification on the new passive, the chances _(didn't feel like writing up a formula just yet)_ of a crow spawning near you increase for each crow that has spotted you. What do you think would be good alternatives to Fiddlesticks standard Q and E?
JuhnChan (NA)
: Interesting concept, but more map-wide minigames? {{champion:72}} I'll pass.
I'd argue that this new passive is more similar to a combination of {{champion:432}} & {{champion:203}}'s passive than {{champion:72}}. It's also more team-friendly than {{champion:432}}'s because you don't have to actively search for _Crows_, and it is more enemy friendly than {{champion:203}}'s because you can't just select the least mobile champ on their team. It's more map wide _presence_ than a map-wide minigame.
: The problem I have with this, is that it keeps the point and click of Fiddles current kit. Why not make his fear an AOE cone, that fears enemies facing Fiddle, and slows those that aren't? Or you could make his tether a skillshot, similar to an LB chain.
Problem with modifying W is that it is his only real farming tool. In addition, placing a mini {{champion:69}} ultimate on his Q may not be a good idea, especially since {{champion:9}} has crowstorm. Would make it insanely difficult for teams to play against him. Other than that, I understand where you are coming from.
: [REWORK CONCEPT] Aatrox, The War Bringer
Very interesting idea. So if I understand correctly, the new Aatrox passive is a sharable version of {{item:3200}}? Metal. I like it, but I never really liked {{champion:266}}'s abilities thematically. I just felt like they didn't tie into one who lusts for war. You are on the right track though, excellent work!
: Seira, Mother of All Champion Idea
Try utilizing the blockquote format ">" along with **Bold** "****" and _Italics_ "__" in order to make this easier to read. Right now, my eyes are jumbling across the screen and I'm having trouble honing in on one ability and its various numbers. Your grammar is understandable, it's just that there is a ton of text that is difficult to differentiate. In addition, many champs have different resource bars, so having a knew resource isn't too unique. _(e.g. {{champion:150}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:8}} to name a few.)_ If your main selling point on a champion is _**"it hab different resource bar so inderesting"**_ I'd say you may need to go back a few steps. Lorewise, being the "Mother of all Champions" is considered a _**Mary Sue**_, which causes balance issues when implemeting concepts into the game. Familiarize yourself with the term "Mary Sue" and learn how to avoid it when making champion lore/abilities. Also, please use official LoL definitions when describing abilities. For example, when you say "seen through walls" on her W, the proper definition is **"revealed for X seconds"** or **"Granted True Sight of the Champion for X seconds"**, depending on what you actually want it to say. You can find definitions on the LoL wiki by looking up similar abilities. Glad to help!
SanKakU (NA)
: No. He's the only tank so far that hasn't been brutally slaughtered by updates.
If anything, I'd say Malphite is even tankier with this kit. Having control over when to deploy your shield would definitely increase his viability. In addition, his shield scales with 100% of his Armor, therefore making you even tankier for building tanky.
morris1 (EUNE)
: If they rework Blitzcrank (which they should) they need to take power out of his Q and put it in other parts of his kit. This Q seems to be a buffed version of live which I don't really agree with. Props for making his other skills more interesting though.
I lowered the damage and range, but did decrease the cooldown slightly. Blitz is about creating plays, the more he can do that the more viable he is. Still has very high mana cost though, but that's evened out by his more mana-oriented passive.
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: seems kind of unneccesary shuffling his skills around like that. the w (should be e) change looks pretty interesting in terms of giving more early power but I like him as he is now. you can go tank support, full ap, or my favorite, triforce manamune bruiser. not many champs can pull off the tanky mana build these days.
This new version of his ultimate actually rewards building mana, as he scales better with mana now. I moved his E to W as I see his movement speed ability as like a mobility spell, whereas his power fist is a damage ability. Made more sense to put the mobility spell on his E.
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: Runes Reforged: Picking your playstyle
Honestly, the **_Store Credit_** rune changes the game in tons of ways. Being able to not worry about 150 extra gold on your first back will speed up the game by an enormous amount. * Support champions now only need 650 Gold on their first back for {{item:2049}}. Considering the slow early income of a support, this could change the way botlane is played. * This could make early item champ abusers such as {{champion:112}} w/ {{item:3196}} and {{champion:427}} w/ {{item:3158}} more powerful even earlier. In retrospect, this is a buff to everyone that speeds up the game for various champions tremendously. Excellent job Riot! I congratulate you!
Yenwai (NA)
: (1) great! :D even better than what i said~ (2)perfecto~ just saw the %maxHP damage on there :) (3) decaying buff is also nice, probably better that way, i didnt like the health buff because thats a skill/perk champs like Sion{{champion:14}} and cho gath{{champion:31}} get, didnt feel right for a support like this to have that...the health restoration is amazing though~! and the mana restore is icing on the cake~ (4)i get that, but as you mentioned it had no use once the team has full sets...so by being ably to do damage or cc with it as well it can still have some use, though i do acknowledge the mag res buff given now :) the only thing ive got for his ult is to buff an allies magic resistance and armor by a % of your gold paid to cast the ult and have the cost of the ult a % of you current gold! like buying magic armor for your buddies :D as is the ult is great looking this is just the only recommendation i have for it left oops one more thing! in his Q, add that kills with the 3rd hit always drop a coin, so the passive can be reset :D hope everything goes well for you~ :)
I thought of a new interaction for his R. Instead of giving a temporary MR boost, what if it gave a small amount of permanent MR? Say about, 5/10/15 per use? That would solve the scaling issue.
: I really like the concept of this champion. It's role in the game is very clear (assist the carries, but in a position to defend yourself). Has some amazing potential to be more of a midlaner version of Bard or Ivern. Great work :)
Yenwai (NA)
: i think he should use his gold a a resource in more of his skills, with that you could add more gold generation and restoration on "successful" hits :) his passive looks great~ Q --- when his passive is up for the 3rd strike, instead of extra damage, why not add a gold generating buff on kill?(+10% earned gold for 5 sec to you and nearby allies, range 800) more support~<3 W --- wonderful ability~ maybe make the needed gold scale of AP to make it less spammy late game?(base 10G or 15G+15% or 20%AP perhaps?) E --- no max health buff please :o its just...strange on this character...feels wrong... also change the "away from enemies" speed buff to 40/50/60/70/80% for 2.5 sec maybe? help with escapes R --- cool, but...needs more...oomf!...why not try this~ when you target an allied champ, you channel for 2 sec, afterwards you give them 500/650/800 gold and cause an AOE around them(range 500) dealing (25%gold before cast+10%AP) magic damage and charming them for 1 sec towards the champ. when you target and enemy champ the same effect applies, but you give them no gold and instead deal (40%gold before cast+25%AP) with a range of 750, the same charm effect applies here~(bonus: on kill, give the slain champ +1 gold if they were killed by this ability) of course this is AAAALLLL opinion and just what I would do, no need to use even 1 bit of info here if you dont want :) id love to see a champ like this~ watch him and kench{{champion:223}} run around bot together hehehe~
Awesome ideas! I'll address them one by one. * I added a cost of +3 flat Gold to his Q. Thematically, I see this ability as Esben throwing three coins, putting some extra oomph into the last one. This could fit the thematic nicely. In addition, a unit kill with the final ranged attack resets his passive. With Q dropping 3 guaranteed _**Propagating Coins**_, you will get indirect bonus Gold upon kill. * Added Gold Scaling on W, let me know what you think! * Removed max health buff on E, added decaying percentage movement speed buff. What do you think? I still kept the health restore though, helps with laning and gives you a reason to put a point into it. * Thematically, I see R as Esben tipping his hat while handing a bag of gold to an ally. Also, bags of gold, although heavy, don't deal too much damage. This is his main support ability, and I desgined it to not be too damaging in combat. I mean, Esben's a businessman who hates getting his hands dirty! He'd much rather give some gold to a champion and let them do the dirty work. Perhaps I'll add a temporary MR boost for about 30 seconds on his R, keeping in theme with **"Magical Coins"** _(In all honesty, Esben probably used some Vastayan magic under the table to get himself rich, greedy pig.)_ Also, I feel like he'd be good friends with {{champion:223}}.
: I really enjoy this concept, it feels fun, light-hearted, and all-around interesting. Minor critiques though. I feel like the q has a bit too strong of scaling (if the Passive is up, it deals 70% AP damage). While the scaling is not ridiculous, I feel like it should be toned down just a smidge (something like scaling up as the game goes on? 25/26.25/27.5/28.75/30% AP maybe?). Also, I feel like the passive should either have a higher cooldown or give less gold (not both though) simply because 16-46 Gold every 5 seconds is a little bit strong for a champion that has the scaling to build AP. Once again, these are not major issues, just things that I feel could balance out an AMAZINGLY fun concept. Keep up the good work :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
* I agree with your first critique of the Q increased damage. I will make the passive bonus damage scale. * I partially agree with your critique on his passive. I will increase the cooldown on the bonus Gold of his passive, however, keep in mind he isn't necessarily keeping the gold for himself. His R allows him to **_give gold to his team!_** If I played him, I'd be spamming that on the ADC, not giving two cents _(quite literally)_ about what I buy after I get my first item, {{item:3057}}. His pick potential is nice, and he scales well with AP, but his teamfight sucks. That's why I'd be pouring all my gold into champs who scale with items. The sooner your ADC reaches full build, the better teamfight you have. _(In addition, you fall off very hard late game. R becomes practically useless when everyone has full build. His only abilities that truly scale are Q, if you build AP, and his W, which deals max health damage. Besides that, he can't contribute much late.)_
Rioter Comments
: Couple more tweaks are necessary: For context, lets compare it to {{summoner:21}} : >Shields your champion for 115 - 455 (based on level) for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 180 seconds What is the cd on the active? Is it click to get a better version of barrier instantly or could we perhaps tie it to an active which modifies the next auto-attack to yield the barrier so it's more like Poppy's buckler thematically. Just throwing stuff out there. ------------- Edit: stepping out for a bit. I'll be on later tonight probably. GL with your tweaks, I like the premise of the item.
Remember, barrier can shield against both physical and magical damage, whereas this item's active can only shield vs physical damage. Added a cooldown. When I say buckler, I refer to a small shield. Couldn't really find a better name.
: drop the mana and add more armor. 20s not a whole lot
: >If the shield expires or absorbs it's maximum damage, the shield detonates, dealing 50-230 (+35% AP) magic damage in an area to enemy champions and slowing them by 20% for 1 second. ^Legit a big reason everyone hates Ivern. Even if you use good gameplay sense and pop the shield before it times out, you still get the brunt of it. Most shields lose their benefits when destroyed--except Ivern.
Rioter Comments
: You gotta be Giddin' me, deer! ...I'll see myself out.
lol is that criticism or just a joke
Rioter Comments
Verburner (EUW)
: Since the new Runes are still in early development: The keystone rune I'd like to see
So I believe you want a buffed, more specialized version of Expose Weakness? What do you think of this version I cooked up: **(KEYSTONE) {{item:3513}}: Unmask** When you snare, stun, knock back, or knock up an enemy champion, it affects them with **_Unmasked_** for 3 seconds. Your team gains _true sight_ of the **_Unmasked_** unit and other ally champion's attacks and abilities deal 10-40 bonus True Damage _(Based on Level)_ to the **_Unmasked_** unit. You cannot effect more than one champion with **_Unmask_** at a time. If you CC multiple champions at once, the closest champion to you that you CC will become **_Unmasked_** **Cooldown:** 30-10 seconds _(Based on Level)_
: Death Blossom Zyra
: [Champion Concept] THE RlVER KlNG, The Overdue Apology
holy fuck your reviews are so well thought out You don't need to but if you wanted to check out my champion concept and leave 2 letters worth of critique it'd make me happy lol [Esben, The Leveler](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/KIl5bKEI-champion-concept-esben-the-leveler)
: It looks like an interesting kit, especially with the ambush aspect which is one of the more attractive parts of being a jungler. Lore wise it is an interesting idea that this is just a normal guy who's armed and skilled and doesn't have magic, high-end hextech. Overall, I think it's a great champion concept and I wonder what idea you'll have next. Otherwise, there isn't really much that I could say as I can't really suggest or advise anything to make it more balance as that was never something I was good with.
: The Bone Crafter (Champion Concept)
Just to give you an idea of how long 6 seconds is in game, **that's double the time a {{champion:25}} snare.** Also, a five second silence is very OP. This prevents any champion from doing anything besides moving for 5 seconds. It has next to no counterplay, because I assume the ability is based on auto-attacks, which can't be missed normally. If you lowered the silence to a max of two seconds, and lowered the duration of the fear from the totem, this champ would be much better balance wise. Also, a few clarification questions. * **Does this champion use Mana?** Because without one the E toggle has next to no counterbalance and can basically always be on if Mana isn't an issue. * Also, **does the W totem have a priming time that prevents it from activating instantly?** Because I'd just throw it at the opponent and see if it lands on them. Otherwise, really cool idea! I'd love to see it expanded upon number's wise. BTW shameless plug, could you check out my champion concept? Thanks! [Esben, the Leveler](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/KIl5bKEI-champion-concept-esben-the-leveler)
Rioter Comments
Terozu (NA)
: Not really a concept more of a question.
4/20 {{champion:427}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:143}}. BTW you should post this in general discussion instead of concepts and creations
: [Champion Concept] Skipper, The Stream Hopper
I like this concept. A very slippery hard to kill champion who is balanced by the fact that he really doesn't do damage. I also love the effect of reducing the effects of mobility spells on enemies. I'd love to see that in-game! What I'd build on him: {{item:2301}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} It's perfect!
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