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: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
This brings so many questions to mind, so I'll start rapid firing them. Sivir and Stormrazor- will this bring her back in? With a guaranteed crit on an auto after being out of combat, doesn't this take away the rng of her e? Makes all those bounces crit as well. Miss Fortune and Stormrazor- will her double up be changed? Again with the guaranteed crit, it takes out the rng of crit chance making the bounce crit as well, even if it doesn't kill the first target. Also, wont this make love tap even more disgusting? Building a runaans hurricane already bypasses the stipulation of having to change targets before reapplying. What do all of these changes mean for hybrid builds? By hybrid, I mean the crit auto attackers and ad damage. Quinn, Kalista, and Varus rely on their abilities to pump out the maximum amount of damage but have to auto before using abilities to get the most out of them. I don't know if you have ever seen a Quinn, Kalista, or Varus just auto, but their base ad is extremely low. Even though they build some crit items, the infinity edge is what makes their autos hurt instead of tickle. How do you plan on supporting the adc's who don't just right click the entire game? How is Ezreal going to be limited with these changes? He makes himself useful by purchasing cheaper items than normal adc's and getting his power spike early. As you emphasize in your post, you want to have it take longer for hyper carries to be effective and losing lane to be more punishing. Ezreal is the best early spiking adc and can make laning against him much more difficult than anyone else. If he isn't balanced with everyone else he will be an auto lock again, which makes this great game feel stale. Going against a marksman in solo lane can be aggravating, especially someone like Vayne who can tumble away at any sign of danger or Ashe who you can never actually reach without flashing if they know how to attack move. Making all marksmen easier to get to or making them harder to play smartly presents the opportunity of the traditional bot lane not being as effective. If the changes go through, lane bullies will become a lot more viable. If you can kill them enough to make them useless by losing lane, you no longer have to worry about getting 2 auto killed by a late game Caitlyn. But by the same token, now the adc will be an even bigger target, making the position more frustrating when your team won't protect you to let you do your job. Overall, these changes focus again more on higher skill levels than on low skill levels, making low skill levels not want to play the game. And for a game that is struggling to bring in and keep new players, that is something worth considering. We still don't know exactly how these will impact the game so this could all end up being irrelevant anyway.
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: Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes
Come on Riot, focusing on new game modes? How about we just use the ones that people already love. Ascension was fun, but please, stop with the ARURF and Poro King. People loved URF because we got to do stupid stuff with champs that we wanted to play. Give us a ban system and we will love it even more than before. And the Poro King? Its glorified ARAM with a forced summoner spell choice and most people wouldn't even use them. ARAM is an every day mode already, we don"t need two versions of it. Hunt of the Blood Moon was fun for a little but getting one shot has its limits. Not being able to access half of the items took away the point of counter picks and counter building. You talk about bringing back the oldie but goodie ones when we saw One for All once last year. That was a huge let down. True URF never even made an appearance. Nexus Seige was innovative, but over 50% of the games I played had at least 1 DC. Ascension was the same way. The optimization for these RGM needs to be revamped to make it fun for everyone, not just getting smashed half the time because its a 4v5. I know that this has been a harsh critique thus far so I do want to focus on some of the good stuff. * Nemesis Draft is a huge success for both the people playing it and for the statistics department at Riot. It shows you which champs the community believes to be weak or underplayed and those champs often receive mini reworks or tweaks to make them better. It is also great because it has provided me with some of the champs I now main. * Overcharge was interesting in the fact that it was an all marksman version of the game, much as how Hunt of the Blood Moon is an all assassin based mode. Still the balancing of ADC's is a question to be answered because there is always a clear ranking of who the best ADC's are at the time. * Dark Star: Singularity was a plus and minus because it was new and innovative way to play the game, but relied too much on being able to play one champion better than other people. Being that I do not play Thresh, I tried the mode out and found out it wasn't for me. * Doom Bots of Doom was a great intro to the Devil Teemo skin but it fell off for me because it just became too difficult. Didn't stop me from buying the skin though. I don't know if anyone is even going to read all of this, but some kind of recognition that they did would be greatly appreciated and I am certainly open to discuss all of this. Just a voice in the crowd, but glad to know that someone is out there listening.
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: _Scoffs_ Mac users >_> I use windows so I'm not sure if its the same problem I had, but what I did was open my task manager and scroll down till I saw league and ended the task. When you start the app there will be one at the top and another one in the l's and I close both of them. Start it again and it works. I'm not sure how the task manager works on mac but try that.
You can't get to your processes the same way on a mac but the way you can didn't have the client open. Thanks though!
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: There are so many game modes you guys haven't made yet that you could test out in this rotation to see if people like it. I think "russian roulette" wouldn't be a bad one. Everyone picks a champ and it's random who gets which one, or more of a secret santa where you don't know who's champ you're picking and you can only pick from their available champs. Or some other random modes.
You're describing nemesis draft more or less. You choose the champs that your opponents will be playing.
tsolanki (NA)
: I am having this problem now and when I do those steps, after deploy, there is no preferences area... it just has "bin" and "framework" folders. Do you have any ideas on what I can do?
Are you trying to access the chain while the client is open?
: I can't tell you how irritating it is for me playing against Vlad. I just can't see it being a very healthy mechanic when I walk up to him as Pantheon to throw a Q, and he pops his Q at the same time. I leave with less HP and he leaves with the exact same amount, or the pain of all inning him or Swain and them just full healing through the burst. Also I've noticed this a lot lately, but champions with dashes/teleports like graves trist ez have been getting hit with a stun or root, but they still get the dash off despite having just been hit with the CC. Any thoughts on remedying this? It's pretty frustrating to hit them with CC just to have them hop away anyway.
I wrote about the exact same thing. Its no fun when there is no real counter to his pool and its ability to evade burst. The majority of top laners rely on that one skill to get the combo rolling like a panth stun, nasus slow, trynd shout, riven everything, and his ability to shrug that off without feeling any repercussion and making the combo go on cool down is frustrating at best.
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: I'm curious to see how many people actually use {{item:3711}}. I know I find it worse compared to {{item:3715}} and {{item:3706}} that let me smite enemy champs, but I'm no jungler and wouldn't know if junglers actually prefer the extra vision or not.
Only really consistent use of {{item:3711}} is {{champion:64}} . Thats right lets give vision to the blind guy.
: fiora does too much damage.
all I have to say on this topic
: Mid Year Mage Updates - Vladimir Direction
The hardest part about laning against a Vlad is the ability to not be able to lock him in to anything. The only way to lock him down is to be able to hit him off cooldown of the blood pool but since every Vlad player I've been against builds CDR, thats no problem for him. See a teleport? Blood pool. See a flash? Blood pool. See a hard cc champ enter? Blood pool and wait it out. He is so slippery with the non targetable blood pool and how long it lasts. He gets close to his opponent, hits his combo, and (you guessed it) blood pool. Theres nothing more frustrating than dropping a {{champion:45}} event horizon and having him slip out underneath it or going in with say a {{champion:111}} ult and have him blood pool out of it. I understand that other champs {{champion:105}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:15}} have similar blocks, untargetable, or spell shields but they are hard to time in chaotic situations and only have a 1 ability limit but the length of time he can be under and the evasion techniques he has are frankly too much. Luckily not many people play him but theres still a good group of them.
Mirross (NA)
: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
So I am slightly confused on the whole idea. 1. Do we get to choose the champs and/or skins we get to put them towards or are they randomly assigned? 2. What is the complete process to permanently obtain a champ or skin? The .gifs used said skin permanent and champ permanent but does that mean that I would now own that skin/champ or would I only temporarily have that available to me? 3. So essences. Is the step process that we gain essences, upgrade them to loot, then upgrade the loot to permanent loot, then back to question 2?
: State of the Season: Preseason Progress
Can we please increase the time between a Jinx Zap! or reduce the slow percent or time? Please?
: Having the same problem, running on the mac client as well ever since patch 5.1 I have to re-log my client like 3 times to get the chat service to connect. When it doesn't, everything else works fine, and I can chat in game, I just can't see my friends list at all and I can't chat with anyone on the client out of game. Though it doesn't prevent me from playing the game, it is still super annoying and I feel like it is probably somewhat of an easy fix. RIOT please help!
I'm also running on a MacBook Pro right now and just had the same issue. The way that works for me every time is to go to your Finder->Applications-> (right click) League of>Show Package Contents->Contents->LoL->RADS->Projects->lol_air_client->releases->{release number}->deploy->preferences Delete the file there which will look like shared_[username].properties then close Finder and start up League Its a long chain but it works
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