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: I think the fact that RIOT has intentions of getting this figured out is something to be happy about. The people with photosensitive epilepsy playing league are roughly (per statistics) 30,000 out of 100,000,000. It did not make fiscal sense to not launch the product this time, because no matter what this will be the framework for future events, and needs to get tested. Upon release of the next version the toggle will most likely be added. The amount of work that went into this had to cost a lot of money, and to straight up not release it would be a big financial hit as well. Just realize RIOT does not OWE anyone anything. This is a free to play game and these effects are a part of it. There are people in the world who cant walk, run, swim, or breath on their own. Get over it, get some fresh air, get some of the salt out of your system and get ready to hit the fields of justice in a couple weeks when the event is over. Riot if you are reading you should let people freeze their accounts if anyone is in decay range in Ranked until the event is over, per support ticket, for the people that are really unable to play due to a medical reason.
>did not make fiscal sense to not launch the product this time Umm.. the house thing has nothing to do with MSI and could have easily been pushed back.
: Zac changes coming to PBE for 9.11
I don't see why they are reverting the current ult. They are just making him from a pure tank to give him a "bruiser" option with the expectation of him still being full tank. The logic they are showing here seems very ignorant and waste of resources on Riot's end.
Audhulma (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Toxicate13,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=yUEAxMFk,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-27T02:41:15.741+0000) > > Why are you being rude? it's just a simple post 1) There was nothing rude about what I said or how I said it, I kept things short and civil 2) People come here daily to bitch and moan about how X person from their match hasn't been banned yet for Y, and they **know** they haven't because they've been no-life stalking, and _assume_ that no instant feedback box means there was no punishment. It's a common misconception, and it's related to people that take it upon themselves to stalk another player's profile because they want instant satisfaction of getting a person punished. I'm not saying OP is wrong to want this issue rectified -I'm actually not even sure why the name creation filter didn't catch it in the first place- but given how anal Riot is about words with this game, believe me when I say they're on the case. Not everything can be instant gratification.
> You don't need to be nosy about it. You are being passive aggressive here while insulting someone. Since you couldn't self-evaluate yourself, I'll point it out for you. If you read your comments, I'm sure you will find plenty more examples.
Malak (NA)
: Why hide opponent's rank? Just gives an unfair advantage to people using I think it's pretty important to know that your enemy mid is significantly higher skilled and you need to play safer, for example... Please reconsider
As someone who used like it, it can also cause you to play worse. It is easier to get a players "level" through play in game than anything. Helps to detect smurfs as well.
Squad5 (NA)
: Ornn changes on PBE
Unstoppable on W again. I know some people will be back to maining him over this change.
Bycke (EUW)
: ***
Just for the record, ratings don't apply to online interactions between players. Also, whatever you say isn't going to change the outcome of the game. Might as well just move on to the next game. All you are doing by lashing out is making yourself feel better.
Sparkle (NA)
: Runes Corner: The One About the UI
I think it's more important to view what the opposing team is running. Are we able to see that? B/c it appears we won't be able to.
: Looking for 3 Star Guardians to complete remaining missions with!
I'm looking to complete the premade group ones
: You do realize that it is the size of Florida, and you expect internet to be back within two weeks, let alone considering their house could be completely demolished!
So what you're saying is that got more problems than game modes on league???
: Can't play onslaught bc irma
: > [{quoted}](name=Leon Etoile,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1mE9EPwY,comment-id=00250000,timestamp=2017-05-09T01:55:53.034+0000) > > Basically, they fail at trying to get low play rate champs popular. They gimmick those champs to OP levels for a quick cash grab before nerfing them to beyond playable. Can't say last time I seen a Morde. Kogmaw needs comps that don't happen with randoms. Zac players were rare. Malz was low low on play rate but used by a lot of players as a pocket pick for specific mids. I mained Malz and hate him now. He isn't even a mid laner anymore. > > > {{champion:90}} Is basically having his rework gutted but they insist on his stupid shield passive and old passive on his W. They're officially nerfing his minions (W) to being killed off any auto by a champ. Reason it is happening is b/c they've nerfed him so hard he's now a support. {{item:3070}} {{champion:82}}
Pretty sure {{champion:82}} was nerfed out of existence b/c he curbed stomped a Riot employee.
GGLineaR (NA)
: But that depends entirely on how the enemy is playing. Most people seem to try to make the game end as quickly as possible. Late game monsters can't GET to late game as reliably nowadays.
Most people = bad. Also, I've played at your level before. It's 50+ mins of people throwing b/c they don't know how to end a game early. Wanting a game to end quickly is different from being able to end quickly. They have over 100 unique champions that need played in a specific manner that is adjusted constantly based on what is happening on the map.. Yes, they can. In fact, looking across highest win rates by position, that's what wins.
GGLineaR (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=I Feed Krugs,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1mE9EPwY,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-08T18:31:13.573+0000) > Credit where credits due, not all of these are bad, and a handful of champion reworks actually turn out pretty great,{{champion:8}} being a few examples (I know people have mixed feelings on Vlad, but I really liked his rework and as of now, it's pretty balanced imo). I was with you until you mentioned Vlad. His rework was great, Then they nerfed his items. Then they gave him a (very) tiny buff. He's genuinely awful right now, unless you're challenger with him, you're almost guarenteed to lose lane when you're playing as Vlad. ------------------------------------------------------ EDIT: While an item nerf doesn't sound gamebreaking on paper, it can, and in some cases, will, make a champ incredibly weak because of the changes. I mean, sure, you COULD play Vlad and hope you can use your skill to outweigh his weakness, but why do that when you could play someone who's just better? It's like shooting yourself in the foot and attempting to run a mile. Sure, you can DO it, but it's going to suck getting there.
That's the tradeoff/balance of Vlad you are complaining against. You don't seem to understand Vlad or the game. He's a weak laner (weak early) and scales to a monster (strong late game). This means you can pick Vlad into matchups you know he'll lose and just play safe. You still become a massive threat when it would have been impossible to on another mid.
Wygol (EUW)
: Shit class updates are determined by Riot trying to "break new ground" with a Champions identity: {{champion:82}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:154}} . Good class updates (rare as they are) are determined by Riot sticking with the identity and either enhancing it or focusing on game health issues: {{champion:8}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:91}} . That's how I see it anyway. Ideally I'd like Class Updates scrapped because they're a fucking shitshow that ruins game balance for ages, and they could instead have a third VGU team so we get quality work more often.
Basically, they fail at trying to get low play rate champs popular. They gimmick those champs to OP levels for a quick cash grab before nerfing them to beyond playable. Can't say last time I seen a Morde. Kogmaw needs comps that don't happen with randoms. Zac players were rare. Malz was low low on play rate but used by a lot of players as a pocket pick for specific mids. I mained Malz and hate him now. He isn't even a mid laner anymore. {{champion:90}} Is basically having his rework gutted but they insist on his stupid shield passive and old passive on his W. They're officially nerfing his minions (W) to being killed off any auto by a champ. Reason it is happening is b/c they've nerfed him so hard he's now a support.
: So malzahar voidlings are "reworked"
Best part is they just reworked Banshee's veil to the point of malz having his passive is pointless
Sukishoo (NA)
: Yes but it's also giving you +200% base health regeneration which is 50% more than what {{item:3211}} normally gives and increases all healing effects by 30% to the wearer. So it's a trade off.
No that increases your health regen after being attacked for a time usually.
: When you finally get in a game after 5 dodges, but then there is a remake
If only you took your cs'ing as serious as you do queue times.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Heimerdinger Changes for 7.10 (Request for Comment)
The obvious reason RQ is used the most is b/c RW and RE require their cds. If RQ did the same, it would even up the numbers a bit.
: so basically, you annihilated heimers damage at all points in the game, but ''its going to pick back up mid game'', I'm assuming the same way that lee sin falls off right?
It looks like they are gutting Hiemer to support like Malz.
Vallalan (NA)
: People do not play lee because he is good. he is popular even when he is bad. they play him because his kit is fun. for example: Ivern is straight up busted right now, but has a lower playrate. Lee Sin is not busted, just relatively strong. and he is being played all the time. People play this game for fun. Sure we love to win and we're all serious but there are very few jungle champions as fun as Lee Sin. Hell he may be the MOST fun jungler out there come to think of it. I'm tired of Lee too, just like I'm tired of Lucian, Yasuo, Ahri, Ezreal, and Thresh...but there's a reason champs are popular. just gotta accept it.
Nailed it. His kit makes him fun and everyone wants to try and pull off Insecs b/c they are so hyped.
: When your jungler pings that he's coming
Pinging that he's coming doesn't mean he is there dumbass. It literally means he is coming; not there. Look at the map.
Tik115 (NA)
: however it could be argued that with Lee Sins mobility he could simply go around the back, if Lees frontline is crashing into theirs they won't be able to get to him. Lee is one of if not the only champion that can quickly go around the back of the enemies (Outside of maybe Kass,Kha and Rengo) instagib a carry (Again, those 3) But also provide utility for their team and having enough tank to easily shrug off the retort from say, the mid laner. and even then it's not a CONSISTENT falloff, Late game Renektons damage falls off vs other brusiers, that is a consistent weakness that's why you don't see people howling for Renekton nerfs, because he has a consistant weakness late game for his powerful early game, Lee however has an inconsistent weakness because if Lee jumps in from the side with a Banshees over the wall by mashing W ult Flash Q Q a squishy is basically dead and Lee gets chunked but the tankier builds Lees use is good enough to get him out, and I know your gonna say "CC him" well with a good lee it will be absurdly difficult to do and even if you do land the CC odds are your squishy is still gonna be kicked to the enemy team regardless because of how little delay his "Combo" has, you see it in higher play too Lee normally gets a kick off before the CC hits. If anything Lee having such a powerful early game he SHOULD have the Renekton style weakness of doing crap for damage late game because a champion which is good on all stages of the game is an unbalanced champion
The whole point is they don't have a frontline b/c the OP choose to take Xerath top. Rengo should be flanking/diving which just leaves a super squishy braum. You can't run Braum as the only tank with all the dive (Vlad,Lee) , burst (Lee,Syndra, Lucian) and pick off (Syndra,Bard). If he took anything with reliable cc he could have shut down Lee. Literally, almost any of these 56 champs would have been better: Like their teams only form of engage is a rengo ult...with little disengage (braum ult, rengo ult to scare in skirmish)
: Fall off can mean more than just falls off in damage. Pantheon falls off late game, not because he doesn't do damage, but if he goes full damage, he get's insta-deleted. Renekton falls off in the way you think he does, because he doesn't scale very well, but he can get really really tanky to ignore that fact. Lee Sin falls off due to Teams no longer giving him easy access due to a Front line. Fall off is not a singular definition
Yea, and as the top laner to counter that Lee when they grouped the OP decided to pick Xerath..
: A summary of this post Waaaaaaaaaaah! I LET A LEE IN MY BACKLINE! WAAAAAHHHHHHH! Im suprised you have a 2kill rengar. But anyways... WAAAAAHHHHHHH!
Yep, just think if he played a top laner who wasn't Xerath. He could prevented Lee from getting to his back line.
: How do you mute pings?
It sound settings. It mutes whole team though..
: Sure you can say he's fun and interesting but the problem is that he's too overbearing in the role he plays. Most junglers can't even compete with Lee and Graves.
You do realize Lee is sitting at 50.13% win rate w/avg kda around 3 and Graves at 47.94% w/avg kda around 2? If they were so overbearing, they'd have higher win rates for how much they are played. Also, in avg. kills a game Lee is 16th for JG and Graves is 18th. Lee is 17th in assists and Graves isn't even in top 20 of JG in the 41 tracked in the role (looking plat+). In comparison, Ivern (number 1 JG in terms of win rate) avgs 2 more KP (all assists) than Lee with an avg of 2 less deaths per game.
Paquay (NA)
: You can mute people for a reason...
I've muted only a couple of people. They then spam ping the shit out of the game forcing you to mute all pings. Just don't read chat
: Would someone mind linking the rewards
It's the carrot to get people to actually play flex queue and keep the queue alive.
: remove runes and just meld all pre-game stats into a universal mastery screen
I think they've said they are removing runes. Thought something about rewarding people who dumped so much into them as well.
: Please don't wait until season 8 for 10 bans
The biggest argument for 10 bans is the tower buffs and first brick gold changes Rito added last year to kill lane swap meta in pro play. They wanted ranked queue to look like pro play so they locked teams into standard play. The precedent has been set and I don't see why they aren't following it.
: Grow the fuck up.
So, I actually looked up the OP's JG game. He had a 14% KP as the Jungler...on VI. That's not ganking anyone.
: Lee sin 48% w/r, yasuo 52% w/r. Jesus christ these freelo champs are just out of control! Lol I've never found myself being screwed over by these champs moreso than say a fed syndra or veigar, something with a one shot mechanic u cant do anything about except hope u can tank it. But all the time I see them banned, dont get it.
Yep, you ban them b/c they are freelo for the enemy every time they are on your team and freelo for the enemy when on their team. Just like shaco.
tysup (NA)
: yeah, maokai's ult is what made him maokai, the saplings are cool and stuff but nothing can beat an AoE ring that reduces dmg to your team
Yea, he honestly didn't need touched imo. He was the basic easy to learn top that was popular to play and wasn't cancer to go up against either.
Ralanr (NA)
: Maokai's new ult is too slow to work as an engage ult.
His new ult is basically a shit version of Nami. He already had a unique ult that defined him. Honestly, he didn't need to be touched at all.
: How am I a liar ? Also I was commenting on this SPLIT but people started to comment about what happened from the earlier SPLITS NOT me, I said from what Turtle went through from the 2015 TSM split to how he came back and played much better this go around he deserves to be on an ALL LCS team. Once others started to talk about the previous splits I did so as well. Also I wasn't the retard that brought up QTPIE who hasn't played in 3 years.
Performing better than he did in the past doesn't mean he deserves All LCS team. All LCS team means he is one of the 3 best at his role. He's not anywhere near there. Which I've shown repeatedly. QTPIE is totally relevant b/c he was was mentioned in regards to ADC talent that plays in Solo Queue that is better than WT. Not in reference to how he played back on Dig. Yet, you can't seem to understand context. Is English not your first language? Understandable mistake if you don't know English.
: > [{quoted}](name=Leon Etoile,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=tldYHmkv,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-04-21T04:36:46.619+0000) > > I was playing viktor.. HOW IS THAT A "LONG" LASER,and a castor(mage) should be staying back
IKR It's what made the situation so funny. With Viktor's range you have to walk up to use your rotation and then you back off when everything on cd. It's typical trading pattern on any caster. With Viktor's low range (for a caster) I'm on the frontline anytime I need to trade. We didn't have a tank to stand behind b/c it was an aram so you have to position even more.
: who the fuck in league has a fancy long range laser? i know lux has like a 1 time one, but other then that, if its a skin? but its his fault, ive played kog twice and even i know to stand back and let me team soak up dmg. tip:fuck everyone who says shit about you, there is no point in taking these opinions, i suggest you just quit the post game chat
Rioter Comments
: I didn't say Sneaky is the "worst" if you thought I meant he was the worst ADC he's not. QTPIE did play on a pretty bad team all considering, the support he had early on (Patoy) was good but more so passive more than anything. Crumbz would be the only player on his team to pretty much ward because especially in 2014 Summer no one but Crumbz would buy a ward, Shiphtur the mid at the time didn't buy many wards until the Playoffs later that same year. Kiwikid was pretty bad all considering he was #1 in deaths I believe as DIG's top lane back in 2013 Summer and the #2 most deaths under(28 games) 2013-14 was Reginald TSM's mid laner who was also there shotcaller, leader, owner etc, Turtle had to play with him for the whole 2013 year. 4.48 is QTPIE KDA 2013-2014 5.22 was Turtle's KDA D-Lift yeah he's better than Turtle; mechanics, shotcalling, gameplay etc except for 1 thing and that's being a teammate. When things go a little sour D-Lift tends to kick people off the time and it only gets worse and worse until he starts to play the blame game; Everyone else is trash, Everyone else the the reason why the old CLG was losing not to mention CLG was the best team in the world before he joined. CLG was winning multiple tournaments; each tournament they were #1 ( mainly because I think Korea didn't get a server until a year later but 2009-2011 League for me/memory is a little hazy considering League/LCS wasn't what it is today). D-Lift would also require double what any other ADC would require to actually carry games, more gold, more cs, more kills, more of everything. Hell 2013 was D-Lift's year mainly because CLG would give him everything " Protect D-Lift" and it got CLG #5th place it seemed each split during his early years with CLG. D-Lift on TSM his first year was ok but TSM wasn't that great, he was #3rd in Kills while Turtle was #1 during the regular season. That Summer TSM/D-Lift did great #1 team for NA - TSM/WT was #1 team for NA too in the past. 2016 Worlds 3-3 2014 Worlds 4-2 .... 1-3 SSW Turtle also actually beat RNG/UZI that year where D-Lift again needing Double what any other ADC requires to carry failed to beat RNG. 2013 Summer Cloud 9's KDA( not including Sneaky) 6.44 Sneaky's 6.96 TSM's KDA ( not including Wildtutle) 3.28 Wildturtle's 3.33 Meteos' KDA alone was higher than Dyrus', Reginald's and Reginalds' combined. 2014 Spring Cloud 9's KDA ( not including Sneaky) 5.57 Sneaky's 7.7 TSM's KDA ( not including Wildturtle) 5.52 Wildturtle's 7.13 Wildturtle would actually have a higher KDA than Bjergsen. 6.32 was his. 2015 Summer Cloud 9's KDA ( not including Sneaky) 3.55 Sneaky's 5.58 TSM's KDA (not including Wildturtle) 3.97 Wildtutle 4.63 WIldturtle for the second time would have more kills than Bjergsen 109 Kills 52 Deaths Turtle 94 Kills 47 Deaths Bjergsen -- To be continued ( Ran out of time on my essay for the moment, and I don't know how to save it. Do you know ? Continue it later.
Are you retarded? Or just a liar? Legit question. All pro is purely based on the split that just happened and you are looking years past. Even the stats you list show and prove Turtle could never replace Sneaky in All-Pro. You list KDA stats while hiding assists in comparing two players and not listing Bjergs KDA in 2015. 2015 comparison- Spring- Bjerg (6.7 Kda) vs Turtle (5 kda) Summer- Bjerg (4.3) vs Turtle ( 3.4)) Also your 2015 stats are wrong b/c Bjerg had 107 kills in summer to Turtles 60. Turtle only gets to 109 counting playoffs. Bjerg gets to 139 with both (107 and 32). Sources: TSM 2017- Bjerg- kda:5.5, kills: 197, Deaths: 87, Assists: 284 Turlte- kda:3.9, Kills: 154(43 less), Deaths: 107 (20 more while having range adv and 1 less than frontline hauntzer), Assists: 260 (24 less)
: I highly doubt there are many if any NA solo Q players that if not in the LCS are better than WT, look at Fabbyy he was a NA solo Q player for 5-6 years, comes to the LCS and got pwnd and is back to the solo Q grind/CS scene etc. Are there players that are better than Turtle maybe, but the LCS isn't just about skill as far as playing your designed champion but also about working with 4 others/coaches etc to form a team. Not a fanboy honestly and truthfully, I just think Turtle is better than Sneaky.
QTPIE and DL (just recently back) both are levels above Turtle. Here is Turtle's rankings for adcs while being on the best team in the LCS: KDA- 5th, Deaths- 3rd most, KP (kill participation)- 11th worst in league (this is embarrassing), CS/M- 4th (Turtle's low KP actually helps him barely get more CS than others) Sneaky's who you think is worst: KDA- 2nd, Deaths- 4th most, KP- 7th, CS/M- 8th (difference between 4th and 8th is .2 cs/m) Turtle is not an All-Pro. The stats prove that. Just looking at his games and comparing his stats to his team shows he is the weakest link by far on TSM. Show where Turtle is a better player or even deserving of a top 3 adc in NA please. The only thing I see supporting that is you're a fanboy b/c nothing backs up Turtle being better than Sneaky.
: > [{quoted}](name=Leon Etoile,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=E90W0bUE,comment-id=00020004,timestamp=2017-04-14T20:44:22.823+0000) > > Turtle isn't even in the top 5 adcs.. You can like the guy but that doesn't mean he deserves all pro nods b/c of it. Or does he? See that's, that's the question you gotta ask yourself.
Other than being a fanboy; there is no statistically argument that even puts him in consideration for it. I like WT but let's be honest we have adcs in solo queue who are better than him. He's only in LCS due to his popularity; not skill.
: But Arrow has been consistent in NA for a split, Sneaky has been for years
Arrow has been consistent in LCK for years.
: Not really "surprised" that Sneaky was named an All-Pro team but really wanted him to be replaced by Wildturtle instead. Turtle coming back to TSM right after TSM's best split with D-Lift and his last split with TSM when he was having a bad split and pretty much got kicked, he comes back and actually performed well even with all of the " Bring back D-Lift". While for Sneaky he doesn't ever seem to ever be needed, he can just coast and his team can win games without him actually doing much. It's somewhat been like that for his whole career as well.
Turtle isn't even in the top 5 adcs.. You can like the guy but that doesn't mean he deserves all pro nods b/c of it.
Leu07 (NA)
: of course you dont randomly Flash R in the TF, you wait till the engages, tanks might got the damage dealers busy, then you Flash R, but that's it, your job is now done.
You're making the assumption that people would make the perfect play every time. If everyone played perfectly the game would end 0-0
Leu07 (NA)
: I dont always pick Ahri, but when I do she feels extremely easy (low risk, high reward type of champ). In late game you just have to R and W around squishies and you kill them, really, I have literally missed all the skillshots but just roll my face on the keyboard with R and W and kill the carries, such balance... Another one to look after is Syndra, she has an insane range aoe stun almost all the time in late game, high consistent damage and literally she can just Flash R a squishy and eliminate them (such skills). Compare them to Cassio, Talliah, viktor or Azir with whom you have to be constantly positioning, landing skillshots (other wise you do nothing) and you will see why they are so broken. Though riot has extreme favoritism with Ahri and wont touch her, those skins sell like freshly baked bread!
Thing you are forgetting on Syndra- If you flash R, you have no escape. If anyone is around you're probably dead. She can easily blow people up but she still has to position for teamfights. If she overextends during a team fight for a squishy; she's dead.
: Numbers don't lie: Ahri is a broken champion
Dude your skill level and insight into LoL shows no one should be taking anything you say seriously. I just have to look at your builds to see you have no idea what you are talking about. For example, you are getting rid of your jg item around/pre 20 mins nor do you ever upgrade it. That's on a Rek'sai as well. You are getting rid of an item that gives you bonus exp for killing jg creeps on a jungler that you need the xp and actual item on.. If Ahri was broken; people would ban her more. She isn't banned b/c everyone knows it's a 50/50 and more about your skill. She is picked so much b/c her kit is fun to play. Lee Sin is 2nd highest most played champ atm and has a sub 50% win rate. Ahri would be the same even when she has a lower win rate. People like to play the champ.
: Blue Buff replenishes this mana loss quite easily. Also, you don't mention ww lifesteal or xin's, the former a passive, and the latter not a significant mana cost. As far as the mechanic, I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to say. Are you suggesting this mechanic works on champions...? Because it does not.
I'm not sure what level you play at but as the JG you should be giving up your blue buffs at max after second one. Even on Fiddlesticks, speaking from exp. You do realize JG Graves is teaching kiting jungle creeps? You should be kiting on every champ in the jungle. It just makes easier for people to learn and see what to do.
: AD is getting buffed, but...
{{item:3026}} Was never/rarely bought on carries. It was just used by tanks to last longer in fights with the res to soak damage.
: So he may go in the ranks of other junglers who maintain high health after clears like {{champion:19}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:5}} just not use a life drain mechanic to do so that carries into champion fights as well? If Riot nerfs this, then they should nerf those also.
You do realize {{champion:9}} actually has a trade off on his sustain; he has to use a shit ton of mana. With {{champion:104}} the pushback makes easier for people to kite in jungle (mechanic) that can be used on other champs as well
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