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: Wouldn't this be more of a Meme and Games, given no chance of there actually being a character based on very questionable (top tier) porn in League of Legends?
Riot doesn't seem to mind the porn of their current characters. hell, they fuel it with characters like ahri and evelynn
: **Character Design & Lore** Looking at the picture, I first thought that your concept describes a Yordle, not a dragonlike creature. I really like the picture and think that making her a Yordle with special traits would work pretty well. Putting Vel'Koz into her lore seems kinda random. Did you have any specific reasons to chose him? For example, since she has that complex about her size, Cho'Gath would be another candidate as a void rival. Unlike Vel'Koz, he doesn't already have a main rival and he being that gigantic beast is a nice contrast for her. ______________________________________ **Kit & Gameplay** As I see it, she wouldn't be an assassin, but a skirmisher. Skirmishers main trait is that they are target agnostic, they can kill squishies and tanks equally. Which would be the case here, since you put alot of health damage into that kit and her MR shred. Since I already mentioned the health damage: damage based on max health of most health target on E. Simply put, that's broken. Squishies would get blown up simply by standing close to their tanks, meanwhile wardens as a subclass of tanks are supposed to stand near them to protect. Make it max health damage based on the individual champ, so squishies don't get blown up just by your movement ability. R absolutely lacks any kind of counterplay. You didn't describe it properly, but it reads like this is point and click targeted. It suppresses the enemy, meaning that he has no way to defend himself or get away from you. And it makes you untargetable, meaning that their allies are not able to them either. Look at other suppresses in the game Malzahar and Warwick stay targetable and the ability gets cancelled if they are hard cced. Urgot cancels if he gets killed before the execute, it is a skillshot and just works if the enemy is below 25% health. Suppresses are extremely powerful, there needs to be something the enemy can do against you. ______________________________________ **Facit** The character seems interesting and I love the artwork, but in my opinion the kit needs changes. Right now the champion gets the best of 2 worlds (mobility of assassins and target agnosticism of skirmishers) and it lacks counterplay. I hope that the creator will keep working on the champion and flesh out something great.
I'd originally considered a yordle with special traits, but as I've talked to the artist about it, Smoldr is _not_ a yordle derivative, but instead a full blown dragon of some type. As for putting Vel'koz in her lore, this was done for a large number of reasons. Firstly, Cho'gath was subdued almost immediately upon coming to this world. Secondly, Vel'koz has no real enemies in the current lore, and he was not subdued instantly like Cho'gath was. Additionally, I was looking for something that could and would have motivation to wipe out a splinter tribe of yordles. ___ I'm not sure where you're coming up with names like "Warden" and "skirmisher" because those aren't exactly classifications over here in NA, but she was designed to be anti-tank and an assassin. When you look at a lot of the assassins like Zed or Twitch, they excel at shredding opponents quite easily, but with an emphasis on mobility. Additionally, her ultimate and E are both skill shots, and again when you look at other assassins (Kayn and Zed nominally) they have executes that not only make their character untargetable, but also gives them a lot of additional outplay. Both of them can use their enemy's new positions to get closer for more kills, or to escape. The only valid complaint I would have is on the suppress. Malz's ultimate isn't used for the suppress alone, though, but the additional single target and AOE damage from his ultimate. Warwick's ultimate is very similar to what I had in mind for Smoldr's, but he also facilitates a specific style of play. His suppress is much much lengthier than what hers would be, for instance, and his entire design is built around hunting down and picking off isolated, low health targets. Hers is not.
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: You spoke too soon. & I never said I disliked her. I just wouldn't want to animate her. I'd pity the poor art team lol
: Then so be it for Veig. But... Lissandra's kit still bugs me.
we're discussing veigar here though... and Lissandra is bae. shush your dirty pie hole
: It's a legendary skin, and it's a recent skin. I'm trying to think like the developers.
we wouldn't have certain champions with no legendary skins, or with so many skins to begin with, if the developers thought like that. generally they care about the themes. which champion fits the skin set, which champions offer new takes on the themes.
: Because Final Boss {{champion:45}} already exists. But you just gave me an idea. Adding it to the post.
final boss is videogame themed, not space themed
: I didn't suggest {{champion:127}} because her movement animation would be hard to remodel if we wanted something themed for space specifically, plus she has a lot of skins. It just seemed unlikely to me Riot would try her for this theme. {{champion:55}} LITERALLY just got a new skin.
her movement could literally just be an amorphous purple nebula at the base of her feet wherever she walked. I'm thinking of what's thematically appropriate. who cares if they have too many skins or just got one.
: I see.. That was my biggest question, everybody is familiarizing Dark Star with the Star Guardians but I couldn't fit them together in any other way than the theme. But I would like to continue the Dark Star line with a few others to counter the 4 that have been added if that was the case. IF. But my suggestions still stand. Plus, I REALLY LIKE SPACE. I'll probably repost this later with a different title if this doesn't get much notice. People hate to read.
wait a tic, why don't we have a dark star veigar? he literally already uses space magic!
: Dark Star & Star Guardians: The Dark Star Skin Line
I'd love a new skin for Lissandra, and a skin for Jhin. maybe Kat too?
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Iivaitte (NA)
: Thanks, I forgot about passives :P Moved his W passive to his champion passive.
nah man, the W was fine. go crazy with it. these days, every champion needs something unique. one thing I've toyed with conceptually is the ability to basic attack allies to heal them instead of damage them. maybe have it scale off of his life steal or something
Iivaitte (NA)
: Champion Concept: The Doctor ; Wish we had an actual Doctor champion
: [CLIENT] Launcher running slow and lagging my entire computer
: Now that we have Baker Pantheon
the order is given{{champion:268}}
Porocles (NA)
: The most common cause of this is usually a security setting that's preventing the client from opening. As a first step, I suggest making sure your permissions are set correctly through the [permissions]( guide. Let me know if you still have issues, and we can go from there.
even running it as Administrator isn't fixing the issue
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: Olaf Rework Idea
while I agree with WoonStruck, I do like this idea.
: Taliyah's Brother
post this on funnyjunk ~dndxplain
Stacona2 (NA)
: What the fuck is that?
Stacona2 (NA)
: Fenney, the Fire-Breathing Yordle
: An Idea for Varus and a talk about a new role. AD Caster. Read (Just an Idea)
I believe the term you're looking for is burst assassin. characters like zed.
: Reds please!
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: I understand what you're saying. I just disagree. I don't think it's necessary for a champion to have options. Not the way the game plays right now. And I don't think I'm completely destroying what Teemo is, since I don't think he is anything. I don't see anything unique about him. You want to talk movement? You brought her up, Quinn. She does everything Teemo does, but in AD form. She's a fast, gank-heavy AD caster/marksman who provides vision. The only thing she doesn't do is area denial, and that's arguably one of the most frustrating things about Teemo right now. It doesn't require thought or skill to put a mushroom in a bush. And if you look at it, she does what he does better because her ult makes her so fast you can hardly react to her ganks. You flash away from Teemo, and there's nothing he can do abut it. His mushrooms aren't going to help you with that gank. So what does Teemo want to do? Gank? Or provide vision? One or the other? Because dividing up a kit among two discordant playstyles is super inefficient, and makes the kit confusing. Like, if his Q is burst, and his E is for sustain, then by building straight AP, you're underutilizing one of your abilities that could otherwise be helping you do even more burst damage, or reposition, or something. Yeah, you can build Teemo as either, but neither of them are good because his kit isn't dedicated to either of those roles. Yes, it is making Teemo an assassin, but have you actually read his lore? He works best on solo missions. So why is he running bot lane with a support and providing vision for his team? That's not his style. His backstory is very assassin-esque. Maybe the changes are radical, but that doesn't mean they're unwarranted. I'm sorry, but the way the game works, everyone fits one role. With the new champion select and dynamic queue, Riot's already made it clear that that's the direction they're pushing it. If you want to go blind pick and play whatever off-meta thing you want, that's fine. But if I'm a champion whose sole purpose is to burst you, and you have a skill dedicated to giving your autos additional damage, and you're not building for that, I'm going to be the better burst mage. As fun as it is to have options, I'd rather have focus. To recap: His passive makes him a ward. His Q makes him a burst mage. His W makes him a ganker. His E makes him a marksman. His R gives him map control. None of this is in any way coherent. He doesn't excel at any of this. Why should I pick him? I made him an assassin. His passive gives him stealth, gives him damage, gives him CC. His Q gives him damage. Gives him CC. His W gives him stealth. Gives him movement speed. His E directly interacts with his passive. His ult gives him damage. Gives him CC. Directly interacts with his passive. It's coherent. It's efficient. Maybe the playstyle is specific, but at least it's clear. At least you know what you're picking Teemo for. The current Teemo's kit is eclectic. It's inefficient. It's unremarkable. And none of that is going to change if you hold onto this idea that a champion can be more than one thing at a time. Some champions can be built AP or AD because they have multiple scalings, but no champion is just as strong one way as the other. With the exception of maybe Shaco and Udyr, who are exceptions because their utility is so strong that it doesn't matter what kind of damage they're dealing, no champion does not lean toward either one or the other. Riot designs them for very specific purposes. And if Teemo wants to be either or a burst mage or a marksman, then he's going to fail at both roles because one or more of his abilities don't support that playstyle. You want to focus an entire kit on map control? Good luck making that balanced. Vision is one of the most powerful mechanics in the game. Early Teemo had an increased sight radius for a passive, and they scrapped that because even that was too strong. And area denial is, as I said, punishing players for /walking/. For just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can put down pinks. You can buy red trinket. But despite your efforts, you're going to run out of resources. And if in that moment, you hit a shroom and die, I guarantee you the tilt will be so strong, you might as well be an old arcade pinball machine. If you want to doom Teemo to a life of never being good enough at anything because his kit has split personality disorder, you go right ahead. But I'm designing for how champions are built now. One role. One purpose. Concise. Coherent. Efficient. As I said, I built him as a burst mage and not a marksman. That is, if you actually read my notes. To self-quote: "...if you don't like that, you can click away and go write up your own rework."
two things: just because you have opinions on something like teemo having a place or not doesn't mean those opinions trump fact also, I do release rework ideas. I just understand the fundamentals behind them.
: Clunky? What level are you operating on? You press W and a champion does everything you do. Bruh. It's not even that hard. How do you even make that difficult? Compared to a little free armor and an AoE damage, having not one but two stacking AoE heals on top of the added spacial coverage on your stun is ridiculous. And his ult makes, AT MINIMUM, two people completely invulnerable to damage for a whole TWO AND A HALF SECONDS. It is a super charged Kayle ult? That's what you call a nerf? I can't even.
you're really cherrypicking what I'm saying, but okay. Let me explain it _in a way you should be able to understand._ Many champions (generally supportive champions) are viable for multiple roles. Many of the more recent reworks (and I used taric's as an example) instead force them into one specific role. the reason I used taric as an example is because, as I said, he could be played as a top lane solo laner and jungler quite effortlessly, with differing build paths for each role. He had **_options._** Teemo, as he is right now, has **_options._**he can be a very powerful DPS marksman who excells in bot lane. He can be a very powerful top lane mage. He can, if you are quite skilled, be an very effecient jungler with high map presence. However, he can not be _**all**_ of these things. Taric's rework forces him to be a support with very few other options. This rework you've suggested has many problems with it * it completely changes Teemo's role * it destroys his current playstyle (something that a rework should _**never**_ do) * it shoehorns him into a very, very specific role. The reason that riot takes their time with reworks is because they have to maintain the balance of old and new. Sure, tarik's no longer the anti-tank tank he was, but he's still a tanky support with a heal on his Q and a skillshot stun. While those abilities have been redesigned, and his kit has been shoehorned into specific roles, it still feels reminiscent of his old play style. Graves, Caitlyn, Quinn, Garen, Darius, Poppy. All of them sport changes to existing abilities or new abilities that are still heavily reminiscent of their former abilities, with little margin. Garen is still the big guy with the sword who's great at ganking. Darius is still the dominating bleed-happy fighter. However, both of them have new properties on them that make them more interesting to play and only marginally changes their goals when laning. Darius needs to be even more consistantly in the thick of the team fight, healing and lining up his ult to get a penta. Garen needs to pull off of top in order to hunt down his villain. Graves' rework repurposed him, and is actually the only rework in this list that opened him up to more possibilities instead of just redifining how to go about existing possibilities, or removing existing possibilities. He's always supposed to have been a short range high burst damage ADC. Now he's the epitome of that. Do you see what I'm getting at?
: N- nerfed? You... you think he was... nerfed? I'm. I'm just done. I'm just... wow. You go on believing what you want to believe. I can't carry on with this debate.
he's stronger in a lot of areas, but when an entire ability has been removed and replaced with an ability that's clunky and heavily reliant on a duo lane, it's a nerf. compared to the ability that it removes, what else would you call it?
: Let's take a look at a few situations regarding the "burst mage/marksman hybrid" idea. A) He is on par with both marksmans and burst mages in their dedicated roles. He becomes a superior pick to any champion who is a dedicated burst mage or marksman because he does everything they can do and more. B) He is on par with either marksmans or burst mages, but not both. He is still better than any of the dedicated roles because he can do everything they can do, but more. If you give more tools to someone who is already on par, they become above average, even if those tools are suited for a different role. C) He is on par with neither. Why even pick him? That idea just doesn't work.
except the issue exists that you can not build both effectively at the same time. You can be either a) a strong magic damage carry or b) a strong burst mage. you can not be both. this is what comes from having a champion that encourages multiple play styles. It pains me to see new champion reworks like taric who get nerfed to all hell because they've got a kit that _**forces**_ one specific play style. Taric used to be a strong jungler and top laner, which he still can be, but he's 100% a support. He has to be in order to use his full kit.
: So Teemo's purpose is to be a ward? That is the most unfun concept I've ever heard. Also, if you look at his bush passive, it makes no sense. Either: A) The bush you just went into is warded, and even if you go into stealth, the enemy will know you're there! OR B) The bush isn't warded and the enemy won't see you regardless! It's hardly ever useful, and literally everything about it aside from the bit of attack speed is completely negated by proper warding. And no, for someone trying to evade capture, using an ability that makes you unable to move for a second, allwoing your opponents to gain on you, and only stops your opponent from AAing you is not the best idea. You know what is? Something that stops your opponent from moving. Like a root. If the core of your gank potential is moving faster than your opponent, I weep for you. All that means is that you have no other way to keep your opponent from getting away while you autoattack them to death. You might as well be the old Fiora. And btw, we already have a Yordle who moves really fast. His name is Kennen. His E could just as well be removed in place of a stronger autoattack to make room for a more interesting ability if that's the case. And let's be honest: no one uses Teemo's mushrooms for vision. They stick them around the map in hopes of picking off a free kill on an unsuspecting low health enemy. Yeah, it works as area denial, but literally making your opponent afraid to walk isn't a good thing.
I agree that the bush portion of his passive doesn't make much sense, but it's saved my life more times than I can count. teemo's purpose is not "to be a ward." It is to provide vision and map control. Like a scout. all abilities make you unable to move unless they're mobility or specifically are designed not to do that. Considering the minor "root" (as if) duration which can be made shorter by properly animation cancelling, that portion of your argument is not only invalid, it's stupid to try to cling to. The core of his map control and gank potential, like most champions who have great map control (hecarim, rek'sai, rammus) comes from being able to manuever around the map effectively. Teemo came out before kennen, so maybe you should argue that to kennen mains? It also isn't a thematic core to kennan, it's a thematic core to Teemo. His E is not only Iconic AND thematic, it's DOT is a lot more utility-based than just a "stronger auto attack." Why don't we just replace Vi's W with "just a stronger auto attack" and let's be honest: Bad players don't use teemo's mushrooms for vision or map control.
: Yes it is. Look at Ryze. Why did they make his Q a skillshot? Because walking up to someone and clicking a bunch of buttons requires no skill, and losing to it feels bad. You get free trades in lane because that damage is unconditional. If you look at pretty much any mage, they're all skillshots. That is the core of conditional damage. Did you hit the ability? If yes, you get damage. If no, you get no damage. As opposed to: Did you click on the champion? Yes? You get damage. There's only one role that relies on clicking, and that's marksmans and even they have conditional damage in some way or other. Draven's Axes, Ezreal's Q, Ashe's W. They're all conditional damage. It's what mechanical skill is based around. And not accounting for that is lazy design, and it's unhealthy because there's no way to avoid it. You can dodge a skillshot. You can't dodge a targeted ability.
I'm not sure where Nightmare Crawler got the idea that Teemo is an assassin, but the reason that his skills are often automatic are because he is quite literally an APC. that is to say that he is the hybrid between an ADC and a Burst Mage. I've always said that his Q should be turned into a skill shot, though. Especially if it had a thin hitbox and longer range. It'd make playing and decemating people as him so much more satisfying. As iKratosKlayton said, the only real thing that could be improved on Teemo is his W, but it's still thematic to both his character concept and role. Like I said, teemo's entire point is to be a map-controlling APC. instead of being a movement speed steroid, I would keep the passive movement speed and make it a roll, swapping its location with his poison darts.
: His kit really is not fine right now. He's in a spot where he's really difficult to balance because his damage is unconditional. As I said in the post, there's no way to play around it aside from not be near Teemo, and post 6 even that may not work. Currently, he's either really strong because he bullies his opponent out of lane because his autos do tons of damage for literally no reason, or he gets stomped because he has no reliable utility. Which is terrible.
damage isn't supposed to be conditional. League of Legends is a game that, at its base, is about numbers in and numbers out.
: What is Teemo's overall purpose right now?
Teemo is and always has been the swift scout. He's a gank-heavy burst mage or magic damage Marksman who focuses on map control. His passive allows him to essentially function as a ward and evade enemy line of site while providing it to his team. same goes with his mushrooms. His Q, the core of his burst potention, also functions as a somewhat-supportive ability, preventing enemies from dealing basic attack damage for a set amount of time. and what would the best contigency for someone who's trying to evade capture be? blinding them maybe. His W is exactly what makes him the swift scout. Movement speed buffs form the core of his gank potential and map control. his E allows him to output quick, persistant magic damage on his otherwise weak basic attacks. and last but not least, his ult, which functions as wards and area denial tools. Are you going to gank mid and dive through his mushroom? Did he realize that you just triggered the one in tri bush?
: Teemo, the Swift Scout [Rework]
I'm a really big fan of reworks, as I like to see people's takes on the character's theme, however this drastically changes teemo's playstyle and overall purpose, which is not a good thing. the reason that it was acceptable for Sion is because the former incarnation of Sion did not have a set role and his playstyle was a mess.
DutchMatt (EUW)
: (W.I.P.)Champion concept: (I suck at names, feel free to suggest one), the mana leech
Kassadin had a mana leaching ability on his W early on but it was quickly removed because it was a very aggrevating mechanic to play against.
: Salty much?
if there's one thing I love, it's the F.E.K. because I can hide people's comments from my view.
: I would have the kit not heavily reliant on this move, the champ can still function to a degree outside of his ult and that the ult would be a last ditch effort with huge drawbacks and high risk
so you're going to constantly punish something that already gives you massive penalties? even if it doesn't give allies a gold lead on you, it'll put you behind in farm for both gold and experience, not to mention take you out of the fight. Not to mention the dude's a walking target for "oh shit, stay away from this guy"
: By comparing it to "true" damage, he must not have been referring to the amount but the type. The only types of damage in the game are physical, magical, (mixed), true, and pure. Pure is technically stronger than true due to it ignoring more than just resistances, it ignores invulnerability. The correct term for what he meant by "extreme" damage was "pure".
He could have been comparing it to true in order to frame the strength of the damage (aka what he would consider "extreme")
: the fountain does "pure" damage. Please don't make up words when the wiki spells it out. besides, that move sounds like what shaco clone does, blows up and dies.
I think he was using extreme as an adjective and not a noun.
: I would hope the drawbacks to the move would either be an absurdly long cooldown, increased death timer, or both.
: Champ ult ability idea, a suicide type explosion move that kills the caster
there shouldn't be anything in the game that rewards you for dying. I really dislike Kog'Maw's passive for what it is. that's just my two cents on the subject though.
: And yet, I wouldn't say that the honor system is making much of an impact at the moment, enticing people to not be toxic. Again, no system is perfect. We can make improvements, but there's no easy fix when humans are involved.
there was a period after they had implimented honor, since the quotas were low for the rewards, and everyone was trying their hardest to get all of those dank borders man! the issue was that riot didn't do much with the rewards or maintain the honor system very well.
: Fair enough, every system has its flaws.
The system would easily be fixed if riot implimented positive incentives for actually being social. Remember what it was like when riot implimented the honor system? How, for a time, people were a lot less toxic?
: And some of us are just bad at criticizing, and some posts don't deserve criticism (troll posts, or blatantly uninspired ones). But up/downvotes are a matter of opinion, as long as you put good effort into your concept and make it look good, one or two petty downvotes aren't going to matter in the long run.
the real issue he's talking about is the fact that many posts get four or five down votes before people should rightly even be able to finish reading the post. Not only is it severely discouraging it's counterintuitive. you don't like this? why? what can be improved? other than that, I agree with you.
: This idea is amazing, especially because it gives him a lot of room to be versatile in playstyle. However, I actually have a thought of my own in that, in the late game 2 seconds is a lot of time for a key piece of his kit to reactivate. I'm talking about the passive proc. Maybe at level 10 it should be reduced to 1.5 seconds, and at 16 1 second? Or maybe you could put that on his ult as a passive, reducing the period of time that his passive has to wait before being procced on a target again. Also, just as a side note, my god rylais, albeit an ap item, would be devastating on this champion. maybe consider putting a light ap ratio on his w and e?
: Jinx's Sister
what if she doesn't have a sister and that's just a part of her insanity? that's always been my theory {{champion:222}}
Omeneon (NA)
: Downvoting spree?
there's actually not a single post right now that hasn't recieved at least one down vote. my guess is Regonos being salty.
: This is an amazing idea, and all the abilities combine beautifully. There are two things to address though: 1) Please specify that he cannot have multiple tethers to the same champion. 2) 30% of the target's current health is really powerful. Especially as initiation. And given the fact that the damage may occur to an entire team, the damage is crazy high. Sure, it won't nuke them, and it certainly isn't likely to finish them, but it's a very large chunk of your current health. 20% (1/5) is generally better, even though that's strong too.
I think you're confusing current health damages with max health damages
: Arctic Ops Jhin?
I wish I could vote things up multiple times. Absolutely love this!
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