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: Compare crit items now to Crit items then: IE: 10 more AD, 0-25% less Crit multiplier (the 250% Crit multiplier was only about 3 months towards the end of season 7. It used to be 225%) 200g Cheaper RFC: 5% less Crit, Same price. Runaan's: lost On Attack application, and only applies On Hit. Lost 5% Crit Static Shiv: Went from 165 base damage to 100 base damage, due to high abuse. 5% Less Crit Essence Reaver: Lost 10% Crit based CDR, but gained 10% constant CDR, a better mana mechanism. Phantom Dancer: Reworked, and arguably better, since the shield can reduce more than one target's damage. ------------------------ Runes/Masteries: Press the Attack: Nothing in Season 7 or before compares to Press the Attack. It's new damage. Fleet Footwork: Been converted from a Crit based heal to an adaptive heal. A little weaker than Warrior's Bloodlust, but also gives move speed, and has a shorter cooldown. Lethal Tempo: Absolutely nothing Season 7 or before did was this run does. PURE BUFF. ------------------------------ Coup Des Gras: A rune existed, but it was 4% weaker on damage. Pure Buff. Triumph: Only the heal existed, not the extra gold, and the heal was smaller. Pure buff. Overheal: No such rune existed. Pure buff. Legend: Alacrity/Bloodlust; Masteries existed, but they were FAR weaker. Attack speed was only 3%, and Life steal was only up to 2% These are 15/12% Gathering Storm: Pure free stats that didn't exist before. Celerity: There was a movement mastery, but again..... much weaker. It was up to 4.5% movement speed. Transcendence (usually not part of the Caitlyn discussion): Pure stats that didn't exist before Season 8. Has increased 293 AD champs to almost 400-500 AD in conjunction with other runes. Try comparing a 293 AD adc with a 250% Crit multiplier to a 400 AD adc with a 225% Multiplier. I DARE YOU.
I just find it funny over the argument of Direct buffs vs. Item buffs. Because common and uncommon build paths have a direct effect on the utility, damage output, and win rate of champions. ADCs notably so. As for Caitlyn, it seems that people forgot that the nerf to Runaans "Headshot" which took out the massive amount of stacking of headshot procs that Cait was doing(each of the bolts could Crit other champions also) by having {{item:3085}}. 7.11 Caitlyn Changes/Nerf and What It Means Base Attack Speed: 0.568 > 0.543 Lvl 1 Bonus Attack Speed: 10% > 15% Attack Speed at Lvl 1: 0.625 (Unchanged) Passive - Headshot: Runaan's Hurricane bolts no longer stack Headshot Once that left her build path, she stopped being as much of a lane bully and wave clearing menace, as well as a massive team fighting terror. That is until {{item:3087}} and {{item:3094}} were adjusted for Crit Chance and Attack speed, along with her base stats to make her more balanced for higher elo and pro play. Since then, there have been many balance attempts to make her something of her old self with ranged damage, and crit options, And reworks on how much damage her head shot does, and how it can strike structures- Season 8... However, True damage on champions and now items, vastly distort the ability to measure damage fairly as even rune choice from game to game can change the play potential.


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