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Sukishoo (NA)
: Dunk master Ivern...
Terrible Hideous Skin.
: Ornn’s Masterwork Items
Its the first item they build. Tested it with my Duo when I was spamming Ornn after his update. Item order in your inventory doesnt matter and you cant choose. Whatever they rushed first is the item the game thinks you want upgraded.
: "People shouldn't get banned for flaming, we shouldn't have to succumb to the bubble wrap society"
Theres a big difference between actual flaming "You r%%%%%ed N****! How can you be so stupid! You should have been aborted!" and the shit people report as flaming "Dude, stop diving him. Hes 3 levels over you and you're 0:4. Stop Feeding!"
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 8
Remove something from Yasuo. Stop giving him baby nerfs when he spikes, again! Since his release he has been one of the most banned champs in the game. Hes NOT FUN to play against, I dont like having on my team either. I dont feel good when I kill a yasuo. Just relief that I wont have to look at him for a few moments. You removed the shield buster and disarm from Irelia because she was overloaded. You removed true stealth and the heal from akali because she was ridiculous. Remove SOMETHING from Yasuo. Remove his double crit, or his shield, or his free Armor Pen, or put block limit on his Wall, or give his dash 3-4 charges. REMOVE SOMETHING from this toxic champion. Yasuo players are some of the worst people in this game. You know why they all play the same POS? Because hes just like them, Toxic. Yasuo came out in 2013, for 6 YEARS the community has been complaining about him. Do something about it.
: Patch 9.3 notes
We've been saying true stealth was OP and unnecassary since her rework was first shown. You should be ashamed of yourselves for taking this long to fix something so cancerous. Towers are supposed to be your safe zone unless theres multiple people attacking you. Removing her heal was unnecessary though. Talon has a heal in lane too. She was stupid because she could freely murder you under tower, not because she had a small heal.
: Patch 9.3 notes
Now youve shaved down Irelia and Akalis overloaded kits. NOW DO IT TO YASUO! Hes been one of the top bans since he was released. SOMETHING needs to be removed. Remove his double crit, or his shield, or his free armor pen, or put a block limit on his W, or 3-4 charges on his dash. SOMETHING needs to go. Hes been toxic to the whole community for far too long just so you can have your yasuo compilation videos.
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: Why do tank stats feel so bad to build?
Because Riot has forced in a shit ton of true damage so Tanks only last 2 seconds longer than squishies.
Nhifu (NA)
: Can we buff BRAUM?
No, because Riot cares more about LCS than regular players.
: True damage
The real problem with Vayne is that She deals %HP True Damage. The counter to True Damage is to build HP since they ignore your armor. The counter to %HP damage is to build armor because Armor will reduce the damage after the %HP is calculated. SHE DOES BOTH! So it doesnt matter whether you build HP or armor the only thing you can build to counter is atk speed slows to try and get less hits from her and since every vayne builds rageblade and atk speed that doesnt do anything. Silver Bolts needs to do True Damage OR %HP Damage. Both is broken.
ISmurfy420 (EUNE)
: Irelia Champion Spotlight it's misleading.
HA! Good luck with that. The Champion spotlights for the season 1 champs still havent been updated unless they got FVGU. Not just their kits are very different, they still reccomend to build tons of items that arent in the game anymore, runes and masteries when we dont even have runes anymore lol even how they should be played on dominion. Been saying for years that all the old Champ spotlights need updates.
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: Stop giving me all these key fragments I can't use
Yes very annoying for me with a small champion pool. 3 or 4 in all roles but I only play Top, mid, or support. So I got all my chest for my small pool FOREVER ago and you cant get anymore once youve got one so Im in the same boat with like 27 keys and havent gotten a chest in months. People who try to argue "Just play more champions" I dont WANT to play more champions. I like those roles and I like this handful of heroes. Im not a one-trick but I just want to specialize in my handful. I shouldnt be so harshly punished for that. If I get LESS cubes for having a small pool that sucks but at least I get SOMETHING! Months without a single chest sucks.
: The boards: New champs are overloaded and all need to be gutted
Unique doesnt mean Balanced. There are ways to have their unique abilities and them still be balanced. To use your own examples Zoes spell thief, Put a cooldown on how fast she can pick up and cast other sums so she cant flash and ignite 4 times in a teamfight. Akalis is easy, remove the damn true stealth so she doesnt get free tower dives. Yasuos Windwall can either only block Autos or only block abilities or give it a counter so It can only block 10 things or something so his regular ability cant block an entire MF or lucian ultimate. Its really not that hard to still be unique and not be so cancerous and antifun.
Lovelle (NA)
: I hate it when people say this, as if that alone is the reason why Riot shouldn't pay attention to the map. Their negligence is the reason so few people play TT to begin with. They treated Dominion the exact same way before removing it from the game.
That Ill give you because I really liked Dominion. Least your alternate mode is still in the game, for now. Nexus is lame and ARAM is random, match is decided at champ select and your just as likely to get stomped as do the stomp and thats only fun once or twice. League of legends is a one pony show.
: Can I get a reason why Twisted Treeline wasn't included in the Snowdown event pass?
Molossus (NA)
: If half the players are bronze right now, half of those (25%) will be iron next season. Calling someone "Iron" tier has been an insult for a while now, and Riot is now making the insult official... Nothing like insulting new players to ensure your game dies. As if their struggle to learn 8 million champions' abilities wasn't enough.
Or you could not suck. The community has been saying for forever that its stupid that 80% of all ranked players were in either Bronze or Silver. Thats a MASSIVE skill sample to just divide by 2. You ever seen a bronze V game? Its straight cancer. I would have put a rank between B and S instead of at the bottom but it still fixes the promblem. With a bigger divide its more accurate. Since they cut the exp needed to get to 30 in half 3 times! you can go from lvl 1 to 30 in a single weekend with boost (done it) and then you can go straight into ranked. Thats what bronze was full of, at least people at the same skill level as a brand new 30, now theyre all gonna be in iron. Gold and below will be way more accurate and tolerable now.
: Reasonable for Permaban? Thoughts, please
Not even gonna read your logs. Also a USMC vet and I cuss and rage when people do dumb shit too, IRL, not in game. If youve been permabanned that means youve gotten MULTIPLE temp bans and chat restrictions and didnt learn your lesson. Whatever logs you posted are the most tame ones from all your multiple bans. My Marine brother duo has had 4 accounts permabanned because hes just that toxic (he also got ninja punchd and court martialed lol). All deserved, now that its cost him like $1500 in RP he has finally reformed and doesnt chat. Youll learn eventually or you'll quit playing. We are supposed to be the best America has to offer. How bout you act like it and stop being a piece of shit and fix yourself. Mute all every game and play.
: Suicide-Sion strategy is very anti-fun for team-mates.
Or what actually happens is that every time he gets a lane past river the enemy has to send 2-4 people to kill him and you should be taking something else with your huge numbers advantage.
: Can we stop letting CertianlyT make champions?
People forget that when Thresh came out he could be played strongly in every lane in every style and still dominate. AD, AP, Tank, Support. Didnt matter how he was built or which position he was strong as all hell. Thresh himself is finally in a great spot and has been for a long while but Yasuo and Zoe are still universally hated by everyone but their own mains and other champs hes involved in are hated disproportionately more than other designers. He NEEDS someone leaning over his shoulder during the process to say "True stealth that makes tower dives free? and its not even an ultimate? Dude, NO!" "A champ whose whole design is to one shot with 1 ability? You realize we reworked Nidalee specifically because that style of play was cancer and not fun for the other player right?"
: Some base splash arts still need updating
I disagree on everyone but Leona and Volibear. Most of those are new splash arts. Look at the ones they replaced and youll see actual really old art that needed updates. Leona and Voli are still rocking their original art and their from the first handful of new champs to be released when the game first came out. Voli is very soon getting a Full VGU so that will come with new art for all his skins. So the only one to change is Leo.
: Is it okay to like Zoe?
No it is not. Her kit is cancer and bad for the game.
Chermorg (NA)
: This is a you problem. You have an unhealthy and abnormal desire to enjoy the punishment of others. Reporting isn't about the justice for you. It's a flex of your proverbial muscle. It's you proving your horse is big. That's a problem with your attitude, not one Riot will support, nor will virtually anyone else in life.
Or! we're tired of the 1:12 yasuo inting because we asked him to stop diving 1v5 into the enemy and just want toxic players removed so everyone else can enjoy the game and actually climb.
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: Make Sunfire Cape's passive not unique, amirite guys?
It didnt used to be :) and back when Twitch stealth lasted for 20 minutes you could just stack Sunfires and invis-walk on top of the enemy and they very quickly burn to death lol First video I found.
: Patch 8.12 notes
You spent how many seasons trying to make people want to play support, to make the role feel good? and now your going out of your way to remove them from the game. ADCs and real supports are so weak the pros are going bruiser and mage bot. and now we've got the dual JG/Mid/Support shenanigans going on to almost completely say fuck the meta. Thank God the bruiser items were removed because theyre dominating as is and now youve nerfed all the shields and heals to keep anyone alive. Brilliant design choice to add scaling defense the more damage you build and vice versa, cuz thats never been toxic at all. If you build Damage it SHOULD come at the cost of survive-ability. If you build defense it SHOULD let you live longer but do less damage. Who the fuck thought itd be a good idea to introduce items that let you do both, to shit on everyone AND never die. Riot has lost their minds.
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: if the match is declined can u close the stupid popup plz?
This has bothered me for YEARS! makes no sense.
: Tell me one reason to reconect to a game
Because your gonna get the punishment anyway so dont be an asshole and punish your team too. Not their fault your shits janky.
: Patch 7.24b notes
How can you call this a balance patch and buff Yasuo's Damage, defense, and initiation? Your team is on drugs.
: Why isn't 1v1 an official game mode already?
Agreed. Bring Back Snowdown Showdown. the 1v1, 2v2 Mode. Win on First Blood, First Tower, or first to 100 CS.
: How to improve Blitzcrank Q hitbox/visuals
"slightly" His pulls box is twice the size it should be at least. Considering the range and how game changing it is for a regular ability it doesnt need the massive hit box it has. By all means make it open palm but make the hitbox match what its currently supposed to be.
One35 (NA)
: Your Least Favorite Champion in the Game
Singed and Tryndamere. Braindead kits that deal way too much dmg while making them way to hard to kill
: Your Overcharge mode really sucks and is not fun. If it werent a mission i wouldnt play it.
Haaaaaaaatte this mode and totally agree. Was pissed when i reached Vigilante 4 or whichever mission it was where I had to go back and play again for overcharge kills. Dont play ADC and all you have to do is play graves or vayne and build lethality and you win. The team with the better vayne or graves wins. Such a fun mode.
: Change ARAM ff vote to 10 mins
Ap nasus, MF, Lux, Hiemer, Jayce Vs Rakan, Irelia, Fiora, Kassadin, Varus. We could never leave tower, game was decided at champ select and we never stood a chance. Its the nature of ARAM I know. Been on the left team before too but since these ridiculously one-sided matches can happen so easily dont force us to stay so long. We lost the draw but dont hold me hostage for 20 min because of RNG.
: Oh rip! Didn't realize they made the build last night. That's what it is for now. Might be further tweaks/changes, but for now it's a revert of the 7.17 buff. Klepto has some more under the hood changes that are trickier to get into, but there's tweaks being made to the loot tables. The easy to understand change for it is that the bonus 25 range is being removed though. All in all, don't believe that the rune itself is far off from actually being balanced, rather it has a few champions that are able to abuse it far better than others (looking at you Ezreal and Sona). In cases where a rune is being abused by a small set of champions, but is fine on the rest, we're going to look to target the edge case champions rather than nerf the rune for everyone.
So your doing exactly as predicted. Certain Keystones are OP on certain champs. So since you cant nerf the keystone because its only OP on those people and mediocre or garbage on other champs you have to nerf that champ. Now the ones who didnt take that keystone, because they followed your entire goal of rune update was to build your own playstyle, are now nerfed when they were balanced before. All in all I HATE Ezreal and dont like any meta wheres hes strong but the precedent it sets makes me fear for my own champs.
: Leveling and Rewards - Early Impressions and Adjustments
PLEASE! Stop making it easier for new players to get to 30. They jump straight into ranked at what was my Lvl12 skill level and have no idea how to play the game. Before you lowered it for the 3rd time I was able to get a new account from 1 to 30 in 2 days with exp boost, thats retarded. If you insist on putting worse and worse players into ranked then give us Copper Division to make the grind for Gold not so awful. A silver Player does not have the skills to carry a Lvl 12 player vs a team on his own skill level. Your Forcing him to 4v6. Either Increase the Level required for Ranked or Add a ??? Games Won after lvl30 requirement before being allowed in ranked.
: Patch 7.22 notes
All these comments angry about only being able to make 2 Rune pages.... I can make 19.
: why can you create only 2 of the new rune pages, and not make more? it's really constraining, and i have to hurriedly change them up before each match. i have 4 mains, but can only make runes for 2 of them-i have to constantly change the around in chamo select. can you guys please let us make as many of the new rune pages as we want? it's annoying and stressful for me to change runes for my cho to gnar every time one is banned or i just want to play the other
I can make 19....
: Patch 7.22 notes
Great Idea, lets reduce the time to lvl 30 for the third time. People are already jumping straight into ranked at what was my lvl 14ish. With Exp boost was able to get a new account from 1 to 30 in 2 days. These people have no clue how the game works and are the reason bronze is such a hell hole. Now people playing at what was my lvl 12 skill are gonna be playing ranked and ruining the game for more people. Need to Hurry up and make a new Tier in the ladder below Gold to split up Silver and Bronze more. We Desperatly NEED a Copper Division for these people who dont know how to play the game but insist on playing ranked. Either that or Raise the Level limit to play ranked or add a "??? Games Won after Lvl30" so they have to show some competency in the game to play Ranked.
: Why is Twitch's detection radius smaller than Eve's?
Enemy can hear Eve dripping when she gets close so its smaller.
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
So when ya'll said it will be worth the time getting to Gold in Solo and Flex all you meant was a chroma?? Didnt expect a second skin but was hoping for something better than an Icon. Dont play jg or adc and when I do its not graves. Getting the skin because you cant get it again but not gonna waste my time in flex anymore if all it gets me is a chroma for a champ I dont use.
: Victorious Skin Predictions
Wont be Zed. Hes got a Championship skin from last year already
: Champions that ACTUALLY need a rework
Tryndamere. Braindead champ and kit.
: If you mute everyone and people get tilted you won't be able to untilt them, which is one of the issues I have with muting everyone.
Your not gonna be able to "untilt" anyone. Say something negative and they gonna flame more. Say something positive and theyll flame you for being retarded and not seeing why BLANK is so bs, op, or stupid. youll never talk them down so just mute and dont let them tilt you too.
: What is up with people? I wanted to give LoL a try, but this is inexcusable...
Mute all soon as the match starts. Your LoL experience improves dramatically.
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