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: Lee Sin is not an earth bender, why is he even relevant in this topic of conversation?!
Well, you can't mention blindness in a league forums without someone bringing up our iconic blind monk...
: Yasuo r Ekko
Now I havent played again any Ekkos, mostly cause he gets banned all the time. I guess you could take that as a sign that Ekko is PREEETTY GOOD
: Can something be done about Lucian's ubiquity?
Over te course of like 1~2 years, I've seen Lucian rise to rise to top, fall, rise up again etc without Rito even touching his kit. The meta is just doing it's thing as always, I'm not even shocked at this point. Best case is some outside factor, such as the upcoming mage reworks will indirectly shove lucian outa favor...again
: PSA: Support is one of the best roles for carrying!
If you wanna demoralize the other team, you play Singed and be an absolute asshole.
: Just what is a good LOL computer?
A good computer is like an i5 with a gtx 750 ti and the rest can be like the bare essentials...Get it all for like 600 bucks with rebates. After doing my own research and building my own pc cause I'm a critical thinker and shit like that... I've found that over half of the parts in a pc has like no impact on gaming so I just focused a larger budget on the parts that did mater. Save big bucks.
spombjop (EUNE)
: WHo will kill who in this clip?
I like the part where the minions outplay Xin.
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: How to position as vayne?
[wall] [enemy] <-- condemn--< [vayne]
: > [{quoted}](name=darkcastkiller,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ruARmntX,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-11-01T18:54:21.930+0000) > > um anivia can stun from a distance has huge slows and aoe dmg that azir cant deliver and she doesnt require putting herself in harms way, shes tanky hes not she can zone a whole team he can focus one or two ppl at a time her wall has a short cd Her E, is short range. She can't reposition if caught out, she has a stun that's slow moving. If anything, Azir has the range, and zone control advantage. But hey, it's not like pro scene agrees with me or anything
well the question is "what can anivia do that azir can't", not "what anivia can't do and why what azir can do makes him better than what annivia can do"...Atleast that's what the OP is stating even though I know it's implying the latter.
: How do I Freeze Waves?
doood... I can like.. do it I guess, I just dont know the theory behind what im doing....but I'll give it a try. Alright so this is gonna be organized very poorly cuz I'm just dumping what's on my mind out here as it surfaces As long as their minion wave is bigger than your minion wave, you can freeze the lane. By bigger I mean ONE SINGLE MINION is all it takes to stop your lane from pushing. You kinda have to "assess" how aggressive the other laner is, higher aggressive laners tend to push the wave harder. In this case, you should kinda make an attempt to kill minions at the same rate as them. I assume you're taking alot of minion damage because the wave is fairly sizable and your minion wave is dead...if you had been trying to match the clearing of the other laner, the remaining wave of ideally 1 or 2 minions would be much safer to tank. Now that those 1~2 minions are alive you kinda just dance around outside your turret aggro range until your next wave comes. Then you sorta just repeat, trying to match their clear speed. Same rules apply to less less aggressive laners. Match their clear speed, leave 1 ~2 minions alive, wait outside your turret.. repeat. Here's how megawaves form to the best of my knowledge. A minion wave consists of tanky minions, catapults and caster minions obviously. Honestly what you do is drive by and kill the caster minions and leave the tanky minions alive. The enemy tanky minions will slow down your minion wave allowing your NEXT minion wave to spawn and close the gap alittle. But because you killed the caster minions, your minions are suffering minimal casualties. Kill a wave or 2 of enemy caster minions and you just wait. #bronze strats boiz
: Kha'zix "leap"
not being able to leap over a trap makes as much sense as dashing through a wall, seeing how the latter is perfectly normal....... also here's this lol
: you're not last hitting correctly? you're not paying attention to the map and where large minion waves are about to impact a tower?
I do spend alot of time in lane if that means anything? I do see large waves, take em sometimess.. othertimes another team mate has claimed it with a ping or something so I leave it alone and continue killing the creeps in my vicinity. I know for sure I don't stand around doing nothing so I outa be farming alot(?)
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Dasdi96 (NA)
: Smeb on ffiora just 1v2d under inhib turret
Smeb had like... an ass ton of CS more than everyone else at the time so it's not too weird...... But I also hate fiora and felt the rework made her stronger, that might just be my salt talking though
Xehnon (NA)
: Unseen Threat (Kha'Zix)
Khazix gain bonus true damage against Amumus thaaat should buff him back into the meta
: Well also the problem is the players themselves the whole can place 5 pink wards and 15 green wards, But the problem is that there is no rewards to placing wards by those who place them. So only the supp gets the job. Because all the odd jobs are given to the supp. When really its the whole teams job to ward when they can. Now I not saying we should get money for each ward we place but what if when a ward you place spots a enemy player who then gets killed but one of your team members you should get an asset from that or a spot gold reward.
i heard kalistas ghost thing gives assists so why not ;l
: 19/1/16 and get an S- WTF Rito
people give a fk about grades now?
Phife (NA)
: Their alistar just doubled your wards sir, stop talking if its coming out of your ass.
Phife (NA)
: Lmao, you dont get it.... The less wards they put out the better. You win vision over them because you can sweep their 3 wards from the map, and you can have your teams wards everywhere else.
the joke that bronze DONT ward therefore rendering the sweeper USELESS just flew over your head -tips hat-
: wukong is probably one of the hardest counters to nasus.
elaborate, as a nasus I've not found this to be true cuz countering nasus does not mean how well a champion is able to fight nasus countering nasus is a champion's ability to fuck him up in lane I did so once with yorick and abuncha mp pots lol
Phife (NA)
: #staybronze You need sightstone because the enemy doesn't stay in the same area as your wards, If you upgrade yellow trink... great! thats more wards on the map per person, but if you dont get sightstone and a sweeper you just lost your team the vision game. If you put down your measly two wards from a yellow trinket and the enemy isn't near those two wards, you're fucked.
typically in bronze, the sweeper is the most useless shit ever cuz you will never find a ward I would take the yellow trinket over that anyday in bronze
: Darius's Bleed damage should be Physical
Qazgir (NA)
: The point of the clone is to be confusing. If LB's passive's clone was really obvious there would be no point in it even making a clone.
I think OP means identifying the shaco/lb ON YOUR OWN TEAM is abit difficult
: Is Fiora Viable?
fiora is so broken in the lower elos... probably even more broken against fellow lvl21s... There exist a set of champions that exploit ignorance to a terrifying degree and that makes them absurdly strong Fiora is one of em...(however it does require that you arent as ignorant as those who you want to wreck)
UberAffe (NA)
: Only played with and against him a few times so far, it's been really hard to log in :( but from my experience he doesn't have very much team fight presence, but he has strong pick potential if he can stay close enough. But one of his main sticking tools, the q is super easy to dodge.
still waiting for his actual release but I would have though his bigass AoE stun/slow would be alot of team fight presence and his Q looks like an oversized Ahri Q...
: I have no idea how to beat Kennen.
I feel like Team Rocket everytime I'm matched up against Kennen
: All 5 of the SSW Skins are for Male Champions - Is this 1850? A Feminist Speaks Out
Kay, I'ma assume everyone else in this thread is batshit mad I do not believe the discrepancies between the number of male and female champion skins to sexist at all Compare skin releases to champion releases for example Skins, much like champions designs SHOULD be made because it best fit a certain concept NOT to fulfill a quota We should not be releasing more female skins for the sake of balancing out the discrepancies between the number of male and female champion skins if there doesnt seem to be any smart skin concepts for female champions, then let it be... forcing it would be sexist like-wise... We should not releasing more black champs for the sake of having more racial diversity, or for the sake of having more black champs... that's racist. We should be releasing black champions if the skin color is actually relevant or fits the concept better other aesthetically pleasing etc. as for sexualized female skins... well to be fair, male champs are sexualized as well, however male champs are sexualized in DIFFERENT ways.. Male champ's are pretty good looking and have ideal body proportions, much like female champs but no one ever seems to notice this. As for their skins, they are sexualized in a way people would actually find them sexy... such as debonair skins are actually an example of sexualized male champs no one, not even female players would find a male champ that suggested heavy emphasis on cock and balls to be "sexual" but rather disgusting and obscene.
CT HaZy (NA)
: Who are the junglers that can solo dragon the earliest?
{{champion:2}} possible lvl1 solo {{champion:35}} iirc possible lvl1 solo {{champion:77}} iirc possible lvl2 solo {{champion:9}} as soon as you get blue buff just grab an AA champ with sustain like oh.. idk {{champion:5}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} tend to solo drag real early
: calling the enemy team noobs..
according to statistics, the likely hood that you lost cuz their janna is very rare
: Am I the only one naw you aint
: I'm gonna build lots of movement speed just so I can make the infinity symbol with the line from his ult.
Expected people to draw a penis league community was too mature for me
Phife (NA)
: Why is Ekko an AP champ?
Ekko is a smart dude not a stronk dude I think he should benefits from all those AP books
Meªt (NA)
: Ekko's W is just a much better Bard Ult?
Bard is shit... lets uuh not compare anyone to bard or they're gonna look OP
FHMarshy (NA)
: So those 5-13 and 4-13 games. Stupid teams pulling you down?
depending on the situation, the one with the most deaths are not necessarily the ones at fault it is not uncommon for perfectly decent players to fall victim to the liabilities that their team caused when someone feeds.. the ones who suffer the most are the ones who can't escape the shit storm
Lyless (NA)
: Sick of "my teams" making me bad as a jg!
When laners want you to gank but contributes nothing to the gank.. and they wonder why you arent returning to their lane
: What the hell do I do?
people say tilt, but till this day... I still don't believe people to be that petty to let trauma from last games hinder their current mental state and even you, stahp bullshitting yourself and stop letting others bullshit you, you aint on tilt but you will be if you believe their nonsense yep, people go into tilt after being misdiagnosed of having said's a false alarm like 95% of the time this happens to me far too often, I have a great win streak or abuncha wins,lookin at 70%~80% winrate, then riot suddenly deems you good enough to carry 4 deadweights, but of course you can't, and the deadweights drag you down to the very bottom these are things you simply wait out, play normals while you wait i guess
: Best Ranged Champion with CC Escape
Tristana is probably some of the squishiest champions in the game but she comes with that rocket hop... which has some of the longest range of any gap closer/escape and bullshit knock back -_- you're unlikey to find another range champ with that kind of escape {{champion:81}}: Free flash in kit {{champion:429}}: yep... {{champion:133}}: move speed steroid ult and vault {{champion:15}}: move speed steroid ult and spell shield {{champion:67}}: dem faker mechanixs
: Nothing Annoys Me More
how terrifying... random reports better go hide under a rock
: Nope, nope, nope. Now I remember the last Tank META.
Oh geez the **HUMANITY** of it all!$! stop the presses immediately and phone the president ONE member on their team has approximately 20% more health than they did a couple patches ago whatever the fuck will we do
: Riot-An Idea to Stop Instant Lockers
First, anyone who has the intention of fucking you all up can do so regardless of what rules are imposed as their intention from the very start was to break them In fact.. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE TO LOCK IN, to steal your lane You cannot stop me, support bard, from waltzing up top, and taking your lane, I can do so with a coin or a machete if I so desired to What you are doing is restricting honest players... who never had any intention of hijacking roles, items, lanes, etc. no you cannot just block off asinine behavior no you cannot just block off a whole section of champs no you cannot just block off an entire lane no you cannot just block off a whole section of items either thats too much wishful thinking if you want instalocking to be a reportable offense, good fking luck
: Read the statistics, she has been at 46% win rate for several months now (Specifically on ARAM).
that's.... honestly very surprising, statistically shitty but in application, all I see from her is hell she's got one of them poke/ sustain kits akin to sona and ziggs and I'm pretty sure they got obscene aram statistics ;/
: Best bans for low elo (first time provisionals).
I ban champs that require some shred of intelligence to beat they are way more terrifying than OP champs {{champion:103}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:238}}
: TF V Yasuo
that's a very unlikely story
: Why nerf Morg's W?
I once grazed the edge of her pool the tick of damage combined with the final tick of ignite was the death of me better nerf morg lol
: > [{quoted}](name=LeagueSrsBsns,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=nqj20Vl8,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-05-11T01:37:35.168+0000) > > those are zaun champs.. > well, blitz ma be piltover > > whatever you listed are not zaun champs > -tips hat- I care if Ekko is from Zaun or Piltover?... this has nothing to do with my argument. For the record we don't even have an (official) answer to that question therefore.
I'm pretty sure people have already mentioned what I'm about to say somewhere you are imposing your own arbitrary standards of time upon characters and premise that we know very little about... further more you don't even care about? and here you are question the validity of tampering with time??? {{champion:26}}
: Can Anyone Explain To Me: Riven
I can argue both ways ~~I just pick one side or the othe depending on which opinions will butthurt the hivemind the most at the moment...~~ seeing how you can argue both ways, I guess she is balanced :l the pros that make her broken and the cons that keep her in check slowest yet ridiculously high burst combo, opposite of talon's fastest burst combo it's fking ridiculous but atleast talon uses mana hax mobility her cons getting wrecked by tanky sustain monster (oh hey the meta) she's just not the feast of famine champ enough... she feasts but you have to really fuck up to be famished
: > [{quoted}](name=Rew711,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=nqj20Vl8,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2015-05-11T00:50:08.670+0000) > > {{champion:53}} fired up and ready to **KILL** > > {{champion:36}} Mundo has the hardest to kill streak...... Mundo has hard time thinking. > > {{champion:27}} Drink up, my poison is nice to follow. ...and this post is relevant to my OP... how?...
those are zaun champs.. well, blitz ma be piltover whatever you listed are not zaun champs -tips hat-
went 5/1/5 as volibear rito gave me an S get rekt
UberAffe (NA)
: I recommend a laptop cooler, one of the ones that has the laptop elevated with its own fan to keep it cool, air's are notoriously bad at staying cool. Ironic given the name. but it should run league just fine, might have to be on low settings though.
My mac is almost always cool, thats why I like it.. then again I abstain from running anything big on it an Icepack would probably achieve the same results as an external fan would for the mac cuz the fking vents arent on the bottom side on the mac -_-
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