Sharjo (EUW)
: Seems a bit of Urgot leaked on to the pbe by mistake...
Loving the grotesque vibe he's got! If he remains this way, he's going to be a very interesting character when he's released, probably will cause some people to be very uncomfortable from his splash art. Such is the path of Urgot: he was meant to be ugly and grotesque and horrible, and that's what we're offered here! Gross Urgot is best Urgot.
: All praise Urgod. Your future lord and Savior.
HE'S BEAUTIFUL SUCH CRAFTSMANSHIP AMAZING PRESENCE AND POWER HE'S HORRIFYING AND THE LEGS ARE NO LONGER SKINNY AND FRAIL The crab skin will look amazing with this and i am so ready for it I call for him to be a heavy adc, not a lot of mobility, but long range acid strikes. Or short range marksman/juggernaut hybrid focused more on armor shred and DoT than actual damage.
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Meddler (NA)
: Yorick will still be pretty summons heavy post update, we see that as a core of his gameplay identity. We're also aiming for fairly tanky, or at least building a number of tanky ish items, with juggernaut as the sub-class he's closest to. Thematic details, like his appearance, personality, backstory etc are things we'll talk about closer to the time. There's both some stuff still to be polished/finalzied there and that's the sort of stuff that's a big part of a major update's reveal (see Taric or Poppy for recent examples). Not sure on the music side of things sorry, not my area of expertise in the slightest.
Thank you so much for answering! I'm glad to have had those answers. In personnal opinion, i'm a bit disapointed that Yorick didn't go full necromancer, but i respect your idea of his character. I'm still fairly hyped for it. May we remember Yorick Mori.
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: Welcome to the Aurelion Sol Q&A!
If he had a cosmic guitar, would he be able to play "Through the fire and the flames"? I mean, it is made by Dragonforce. And you did give him a rock-star kind-of vibe. Sick space guitar solos across the universe.
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: MFW when the enemy gets first blood and my team's already calling "gg"
: Here's a post where you can ask questions about the stuff I've worked on, and I'll try to answer.
Quick question about Blitzcrank: while i do like playing him the way he is, he's not a very appreciated champion. His grab is extremely powerful and can be devastating at early levels: have you thought about reworking him? Change his kit around and see if you can make him more of a juggernaut or, for his case, a Juggerbot(hue)? You worked on Juggernauts, i just thought you could give some insight about his gameplay. I dunno, i just feel like the fantasy of playing a big robot that punches people in the face isn't filled with Blitzcrank. You do have one punch, but that's it. Vi's much more satisfying in terms of punching.
: Can we get Bard's Designer to chat for a day like the other's?
I'd like to tell him his champion is not only my favorite support, but my favorite champion. I love playing Bard. {{champion:432}} is just straight up fun to fight with, as and even against. I like starting a game and dropping healing shrines at top, mid and jungle and heard their appreciations(i even get some assists from time to time). It's really satisfying to land that one stun that gets both the enemy mage and marksman and watch them die as your meeps devour their helpless supports and junglers. Picking chimes helps me relax when the game isn't doing well. I'm just thinking "Hey, i got this chime. That's cool." while picking them up and hearing the sweet music of a mystical adventure. When you got a rude dude in your game, they help remove the salt. Bard feels like he was designed not to win games, but to play them: you know, having fun? That's Bard. He chills around the map and enjoys every game(most of them anyway, some people are beyond redemption). With other champions, i always worry about carrying or other things, but Bard just does it and it's on instinct. Bard is the Force. I can sense him and i flow when i play him. Jedi Master skin with tiny Yodas for meeps please. I don't play a lot, but i'm working my way to Mastery rank 5 with him. He's a champion that has a complicated kit, yet it feels right. It doesn't feel overloaded even if each ability can be a double-edged sword. If i had to make a top 10, Bard would be number one. He's more fun than {{champion:201}} or {{champion:14}} and always makes me happy. 10/10 my favorite champion of the game.
: He's already broken enough considering that any decent blitz player automatically wins bot lane. (Unless vs morg) And now you want to make him a juggernaut?! So far everybody hates juggernauts because of how broken they are too. You're basically saying let's "break" a broken champion even more. Don't approve of this idea sorry.
> [{quoted}](name=Your1Opportunity,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y3EXnpKb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-29T02:30:15.226+0000) > > He's already broken enough considering that any decent blitz player automatically wins bot lane. (Unless vs morg) > And now you want to make him a juggernaut?! So far everybody hates juggernauts because of how broken they are too. > You're basically saying let's "break" a broken champion even more. > Don't approve of this idea sorry. What i want is for Blitzcrank to become tankier and nerf the range of his Q so that the rest of his kit can be changed and allow for more usefulness over the entire kit, not just his Q. Nerf the Q and make Blitz an actual champion, not just a middle finger to the enemy team.
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: What do you think about when you hear "master of metal"
To be honest, Master of Metal makes me think of a tank. Then again, he could become a very meaty Ap bruiser similar to Cho'Gath. Seeing as Mordekaiser is also known as the Paladin of Pain(which is a nickname i love), if he was reworked into a tank who would outsubstain his enemies by draining them to the last bits, i would play the crap out of him. Hey, what if his ult was only a summon? Like, he'd have his own mini champion he could summon. No lifesteal, no damage: just a minion that stabs people. Maybe the damage could heal Mordekaiser. I dunno, just an idea. Imagine if he was extremely tanky and his ult would summon a spear warrior: you'd basically be Smough and Orsntein. Of course, i'm just rambling nonsense.
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: It's one of the Serpent Callers of Bilgewater- They can summon big sea serpents with their horns on their towers. Here are some of their towers:
Damn. You know, Bilgewater might just make it out this harrowing if they use more of those.
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: I Love GP's New Joke
"They're not just oranges...they're blood oranges!" This made my day when i first heard it.
: When you go up against Fizz as an immobile champion
: Since Gangplank has his own Announcer voice.
{{champion:57}} "Welcome to this magical atrocity." "Minions will spawn in 30 seconds." "The little rats are here. Have fun." First blood-"It begins." "First blood." "The first flower to burn." You've been slain-"You died. Good." "Wrecked." "Pathetic attempts at being worth something. It's not working." "Get good." "Scrub." Killing an enemy-"A taste of their own violence!" "Endless slaughter." "Hehehe. Gruesome." "Look at them, squirming." "Death to your enemies, or something like that, i guess." Ally slain-"An ally has been slain." "They die so easily." "They're rooting for the enemy team or what?" "An ally has been slain!" Shutdown-"Everything goes back to nature, in the end." "Balance is restored." Legendary- "Legends are made by bloodshed here. What a surprise." "Knock on wood, boy." "Legendary!" Legendary ally-"Your ally is certainly more efficient than you." "Legendary ally!" "This ally is legendary!" "You're getting carried, it seems." "Yeah yeah, your buddy is doing great. Just end this game." Legendary enemy-"This enemy's a real mother, isn't it?" "You're all worthless." "If your enemy is legendary, you deserve this loss." "Start the blame game." Legendary Maokai-" That's right, respect the order of life!" "Nature's here and it's not happy." "I'll show you a natural disaster." "I'm here to kick ass and pick flowers, and you punks stepped on all the flowers." "From downtown, slapping fools and winning games!" I tried. Not exactly the most Maokai of attitudes but i would love to hear his voice say things like that.
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: You should see how in sync the community is when there's a Kalista, Riven, or Leblanc thread.
Remember Trundle's sync. That was madness. The forum community loves to hate.
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: why they dont end the game ? because they think they will win 100% and they want the game to be more exciting and they feel kinda bored , bjergsen never does this when he thinks he will lose or he does it in normal games maybe . i do this in normal games .. xD , i dont think you should do it in ranked though . the more u care about the game the less u will do this kind of stuff
Very exciting to kill people who can't exactly fight back. A 12/3 Vayne who's level 16 will not die to a lvl 13 Quinn with two less items. You said it yourself, a 100% chance of winning isn't exciting, why not just finish and play another with a chance that the new game will be more exciting? I don't like this kind of disrepect. Spamming laugh as Tahm Kench with an enemy in your belly? It's over in a second. Not ending the game can last a few minutes. That's a pain for the enemy team. Normals are meant to be fun. I don't want to be a punk to someone who plays for fun and ruin their experience.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Goodbye Azir, we will miss you
{{champion:75}} "Perhaps Shurima was meant to fall."
: Anyone else excited for Gangplank's new E?
Just drop them in the top bushes. If he ever gets close...babom. Can we proc them with our Q? I hope so.
Duko (NA)
: Let's help Riot!
4 arm samurai dude. "Dude, he's like Machamp with swords." a very high Ionian. Dude with 4 arms, focus on his passive to win games. Melee carry. Let's try this shit out. Passive: every spell cast activates some magic bingles that makes the 4 arms useful at the same time. Each arm will strike anything that is of melee range. Think of it as automated weaker basic attacks who proc on-hit like Black CLeaver but not sheen, CAN crit(none of that double crit bullshit Yasuo has, but can still crit if you build it) and can't proc sheen. If said attacks are all focused on a single champion, they'll get even more damage reduction. Q: Some boring augmented auto. W: Only defensive ability. Make you invulnerable/invisble for a sec(can't attack or be attacked, but can move). Dodge those Ezreal ult and be called the next Faker. E: Dash. That's it. No messing around, you jump graciously hop to the target location. Range is equal to Diana's Q. R: Get big cooldown reduction and attack speed. Basically, if you're good, you'll dodge and join the korean gods. If you're ded. Real squishy boy but can avoid lots of stuff. If y'all want, i can make a really edgy story about vengeance or stuff, modern Ionians love that.
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: draven outranges vayne? so 550 >> 550? seems legit.
Oh shit. Forgot Vayne's range, thought it was 500. My fault for being an idiot.
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: A good vayne is always a lane bully, especially post level 3. Not because of any way they fight, but because a good vayne will dictate the beginning, middle, and end of ALL trades. Auto, tumble, auto, condemn- walk away. Condemn, auto, tumble, auto- walk away. You see the problem? XD
{{champion:119}} You tend to forget that if a Vayne even dares to walk too close, Draven drops a Q on her. Then catches it. Then throws it again. Draven outranges Vayne. So if she even gets close, the Draven gets her.
: Your name + this skin = op
Take a guess why im so HYPED ABOUT HIM
So i suppose everyone wishes the skin to be a bit darker in terms of colors? Fine by me.
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Aximil (NA)
: [Skin Idea] Pastry Chef Bard
I support all food related skins.
: Not actual reveal stuff, but the Rioter working on the river king sent out some info. > ZenonTheStoic, the designer behind Lucian and Azir, has confirmed on reddit that he is the champion designer for The River King: "Can confirm that I'm the champion designer on whatever this thing is that's coming downriver toward us." He continued, noting that The River King's Q will have have a slow of some sort and that he doesn't have any knock-ups, true damage, or executes. Here's the link to where I got that post from: Have a nice day :D
I've seen this the day it came out. I, too, watch Surrender at 20.
: I wonder if he'll transport allies, like he did the gambler at first. That would lead to more of a support.
> [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=EjQQmbEr,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-06-23T03:10:26.309+0000) > > I wonder if he'll transport allies, like he did the gambler at first. That would lead to more of a support. I do believe he'll put that mouth to a more offensive role, swallowing enemies whole and moving around. However, this makes his ult a lackluster skarner ult, seing as the River King's allies can't target the enemy.
: Harm a poro? You wouldn't dare.
> [{quoted}](name=Pheonixwish,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=EjQQmbEr,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-06-23T03:25:38.705+0000) > > Harm a poro? You wouldn't dare. I've done things worse, boy.
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: ++The Gifting Fairy++ (NEW THREAD)
IGN: Letsgetcooking. Skin i really want: Guardian of the Sand Skarner.
Eeirail (NA)
: You're just picking at straws and going by misguided perception of imagery I feel.
Yes and i'm having a great time doing it.
Ziovi (EUW)
: if we go by splash arts, {{champion:54}} is a walking mountain :)
Yes. He's probably that size in terms of lore.
NemeBro (NA)
: Vel'koz is considerably bigger than Cho'gath. You can actually see Battlecast Cho in Battlecast Vel's splash art and there's no comparison. Vel'koz dwarfs Cho'gath.
Skins are in an alternative universe. If we compare skins, Prehistoric Cho'Gath steps on Battlecast Vel'Koz.
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