: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 7
Greetings! What are your thoughts on {{champion:50}} in more skilled levels of play? I've been in communication with Riot King Cobra for some time about a variety of balance and bugfix issues (we worked to get Rageblade fixed on Yi!), and our most recent conversations were regarding Swain. Currently he is in a balanced state for normal levels of play, but lacks satisfaction and reward for the effort needed to succeed in more skilled levels of play. The changes I proposed would keep him balanced but make him _feel_ better to play. King Cobra liked the changes I suggested, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. I suggested to King Cobra to improve Swain's ability to last-hit minions and increase his overall satisfaction by reducing his Q CD by 1 second, revert the angle nerf on Q, revert his auto attack range nerf, nerf his Q base damage, and nerf his R1 damage. What are your thoughts on these changes? I sent specific numbers to King Cobra, and he can provide you with that if you're so interested. Thanks!
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 20
Any update on the state of {{champion:11}} ? You mentioned that he was weaker due to conqueror changes _before_ the nerfs to the rune, so he feels really weak compared to what he used to be. There have been so many indirect nerfs to him as well, including bugs on his double strike and alpha.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 15
Anything in the works for Master Yi? I remember you saying in a previous post you were keeping an eye on him due to new conqueror. He's received so many indirect nerfs that anything except for funnel strats are unviable
: Hey riot, put a few more damn magic pen items in the game thanks.
What game are you playing? Mages do true damage to squishies with oblivion orb and sorc shoes early game, and they shred through them even harder with void staff and deathcap late. You literally have no clue what youre talking about.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Why do you insist that you're nerfing ignite? You're giving it compensation buffs while not reverting any of the previous nerfs to its alternatives.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 14
I heard that you were looking to change Katarina's E to cast instantly to help her dodge abilities better. What are your thoughts on doing the same for Master Yi's alpha strike? He relies heavily on dodging CC, and the cast time makes it impossible to do so in a lot of situations. This wouldn't really affect low elo, but it may give more skilled Yi players a way to compete in higher elos.
: Can someone explain the reason behind Darius's buff to me pls...
He had a 49% win rate top, which isn't exactly amazing, but given the number of tanks played top in competitive play, it gives him room for some anti-tank buffs.

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