: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
Really just didn't expect this, for one, his character model isn't that elegant artist, or a poet. I was hoping for something like V for Vendetta, if V went completely insane... Intelligent, elegant, poetic, and disturbed.
: That moment when you dart down lane as an 800 MS Yi at the enemy team...
i remember i played fiddle once and i did that our team was at their inhib my fear was maxed he had homeguards ult youmuus and a few ms items *shiv tri bork* and he used bork on the adc and i feared him... he ran all the way back to fountain
: When you see Riot make a cool new skin is for a champion you hate.
aka everyones reaction but mine to arcade riven coming out
: What you're like when you're behind
as a person who plays alot of yas the first one is me every game
: Be sure to send us pictures!
Glyceroll you are seriously awesome you are always on the forums... and i saw that you were majoring in something related to cooking so i assume you helped make these recipes with Mr.Kench?
: Hopefully dyrus wont be doing the cooking
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
StreetJimmy: I main Pantheon {{champion:80}} :^)
: i main {{champion:34}} and {{champion:22}} what does it mean?
Núll (EUW)
: ***
lol huge fan of dawn of war :D
Shénzhì (EUW)
: Welp... If it replaces Fizz's model I'd be happy. Serpent Caller no cartoon shit.
i cant imagine one of these guys jumping on a pole with their dress showing their underwear cause gravity lol
: > [{quoted}](name=Uramenshi,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BwIJoIPA,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-08-10T06:08:10.503+0000) > > I don't see the lissandra hate honestly. > I hate Ahri but I don't ask for big nerfs, only utility changes. > Srsly, what makes me sad is how she is dominating the mid lane meta from months, and she didn't receive any nerf. > She has 330 movespeed with 3 dashes, a blink and a movespeed buff. > Then Zyra has 325 and she is immobile. > And then mages like Veigar and Syndra got only nerfs from the removal of dfg, Ahri instead she has got only buffs. > I hate that Ahri because she hasn't been touched and she is the only mage that got buffed for the dfg removal. > Not mentioning that she has a shit ton of skins and other champs have only 2 or 1... > But is just this for me. > I don't hate Ahri because she is op, I hate her because she gets so much love from Riot. > > > EDIT > Just saying, if I could nerf Ahri I would make the Q movespeed buff scaling per level and a cooldown between every dash (something like 0,5 or less) Okay I'm sorry but where in her kit does Ahri have a blink? There are so many things wrong in your post. First, she doesn't have a blink. Second, she got nerfed for dfg too (Charm 20% amp removal and Foxfire damage nerfed) for a decaying movement speed buff from her q. Third, she already has a delay between every dash. Have a good day.
: Don't know about you but if I was playing Ahri and saw the enemy midlaner wasting his 2 damage spells to clear the wave then I would immediately all in him.
However the ahri can immediate use ult or q ms boost to get under tower, also she was just healed by it so she might have to much health to all in she might flash away she could charm and walk away, do you have that long of a range or a gap closer like that there is more to the matchup than "she used 2 abilities for damage time to all in"
: > We have no timebomb supp right now. bard if you give him like one and a half hour to get chimes but yeah ... bard could be that one support who is a natural support and competes some damage but nop
: Who's this?
Even if this is "just a serpent caller" how awesome would that be of a champion i mean an ultimate similar to fizz, some river interaction, some sweet baron taunts and im sure some cool water abilities
woobeee (NA)
: Looking at your friends list
Im clearing out my friends list every day now so
: Would a "tether" as a new type of CC be beneficial to the game?
Puck has a tether in dota it marks the ground with a dot thing and people around the dot take damage and are tethered, if they leave the tether in any way they are stunned and take more damage
: Sigil: The Rune Titan
: Is icefrog responsible for this?!?!
Its always icefrogs fault {{champion:223}} {{champion:34}}
Rioter Comments
: Sigil: The Rune Titan
Cleaned it up a bit but uh looking for feedback so i can edit this guy into a champion riot would say wow we need this guy in our game as thats what im aiming for
Rioter Comments
: HUD update heads to ranked with 5.15
Riot it hurts to look at these comments just give a choice between both huds so we can meet in the middle and not lose 1/4 of the community to icefrog
Rioter Comments
: 2015 Worlds - Group Stage Tickets
Just went to France :( excited to watch worlds on twitch though!
: LCS Summer Finals Tickets are now on sale!
: Level 31 artist right there. That is some amazing detail.
hmm I geuss you could say thats some *next level* drawings there then? Tons of damage. now where is my phreak pun emote rito
: ...so 4 champs. That's it? {{champion:268}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:432}} you didn't get excited bout any of those champs? {{summoner:3}}
bard was the only one i didnt get hyped for, i prefer agressive supports over passive supports, although bard jungle was fun
: Any thoughts of reworking Blood Moon Akali and Shen? Bothers me that they share the same names but have different art. Just a thought{{champion:84}} {{champion:98}}
in the lore they are doing a play based on the blood moon, but the actual blood moon (entities?) are the real deal like thresh zil kalista
: Blood Moon Zilean darkens the sun
to bad they already made 5 but blood moon zed would be cool, along with diana but this post is about zed since there are already posts on diana, he could have the blood moon symbol for shurikens his shadow slash would be red and form a blood moon, he has the mask ( zed already wears masks so it works ) his ult puts the same x but red on the target and the shuriken is more like the shurikens he uses in the skin idk how his shadows or base model would look but thats just my idea as a huge fan of zed ( also the skin would likely be 1350 )
: Why wont they let me into their Blood Moon gang?{{champion:131}}{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
i think they just wanted 5 blood moons so its like team blood moon shen top akali mid elise jungle kalista and thresh bot diana would replace akali or elise
: Let me guess you play on a cable connection with your little brother watching Youtube in the next room, your mom on Netflix and your dad downloading porn on his iPad and it's Rito's fault.
i play on cable but its better than my wireless
Sukishoo (NA)
: "soon" could mean years in riot speak
i think you mean blizzard speak
: A pretty cool idea honestly, but I do believe these packs should either cost a bit less RP or cost IP instead. Mastery would be the most preferable for everyone I think. This has potential, just needs a bit of work on where this should stand really. I'm excited to see where these will go.{{summoner:31}}
i geuss you could say you just "threw" in that poro for fun tons of damage anyone?
: Meanwhile, HiRez has a system similar to what Naughty Derpy said. Last I checked, HiRez is enjoying success. Analyze the competition, yo.
bah Smite has like 1mil players and league has like 80 mil or some shit, league only has one threatening competitor at the moment, and thats dota 2 although, not to piss off smite fans in here, smite is gaining faster percentage wise than league, as league imo has hit somewhat of a plateau
: ...... I think I've seen this before. Doesn't Heroes of the Storm do this only for free once you hit a certain level with the character? :O
yeah its a real cool system, i just play league more because the community is bigger and its hard to teach WoW and SC2 players a moba ( being an SC2 master, and a former WoW player) I just like league alot more, go league community! Edit: oops, forgot diablo
: Are Chroma packs only available for skins? What about doing Chroma for Base skins as well?
aww stop giving this guy a hard time he just didnt understand thats all
: His sunscreen is what makes him so tan
took me about 3 minutes to figure out it was lucian, i was like, who the f is lotion and is he a secret champion ive never seen? STOP LYING TO ME RIOT WE WANT ANSWERS!
: Should be like Heroes of the Storm, where you get these as you improve with a champion. Considering your coming out with a system like that, too, it would've worked out perfectly.
Heroes of the storm player since alpha, and i can say I LOVE THIS IDEA absolutely love it, i like maining arthas, having all the mount colors and skin colors along with my level being 14 as him just grants me alot of respect when i play arthas in ranked, and i like people not doubting me because arthas isnt considered super op meta anymore
: Attention all zed mains AND trial zeds, {{champion:91}} Will be the death of you
hmm i usually beat talon as zed :l but im bronze and the talons are so bad
: Attention all zed mains. Prepare to assert your supremacy for we are the true masters of the shadows.
NO. The First time Zed's will rule all. PLAYS WILL BE MADE. MID LANE WILL BE LOST. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2vowuZj0tU
: Cosplayers, start your sewing machines!
{{champion:238}} vs {{champion:98}} and {{summoner:31}} champions? F YEAH!


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