: Riot Games and Marvel work together on a Comic Serie - League of Legends: Ashe: Warmother
I hope it'll become a trend and we will get comics for all of them
: Is Talon interested in women?
I'd take time to answer it but... Really? This is what you think? When we don't know anything at all about him as canon? The question you ask is ''DOES TALON FUCK KATARINA''? Really?
: > [{quoted}](name=Lewanor,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2gFazxRE,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-11-17T21:30:37.537+0000) > > He said Talon was another ninja. Most of them are there for comedic effect I doubt you mention Targon for "comedic effect".
And I doubt they know much about the lore. They work on the gameplay side, not lore.
: Either Meddler is horribly disconnected from the lore, or Alistar is going to be from Mount Targon.
He said Talon was another ninja. Most of them are there for comedic effect
: Tell me your favourite champion, why, and how you want Riot to develop their lore.
{{champion:91}} I'm writing a lore for him myself but it should be like this: Talon grew up in streets, he was good with knives and surviving was his primal goal. After Katarina failed him General looked for a good pupil. Most of the assassin guilds were already trying to kill Talon. General goes, defeats Talon sees his potential and gives him a chance. Rest is pure character progression. Like what happened when General died/disappeared? How does Talon and Katarina go along? How did Talon see the General? What did he do on missions? Does he kill like a psychopath or does he kill when only neccessary? And Blackrose/Swain was the reason why General disappeared in the old lore and thus Talon was heavily connected to them, even he didnt get lore it was implied so. Will it be the same again? Does Talon have Ionian blood? Or floating blades are just there for gameplay? I just want answers. Biggest problem is i don't wanna make it a headcanon but because we have so little knowledge it becomes if you add any little detail to it.
Zapzya (OCE)
: Which two unrelated champions would you like to see interact?
Talon and Irelia because they both use floating(?) blades and they would probably fight, but it would be interesting.
: Solar/Lunar Elipse Login
YES OH MY GOD FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING SKIN. IT'S MUSIC IT'S EFFECTS EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS PERFECT! Just... thank you. I don't think the money i will give will be enough. 'Nuff said.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 14
I love all of these animation updates! Just keep it coming, eventually you'll update Talon too .D
: > [{quoted}](name=Lewanor,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=o9OPpKci,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-11-13T12:19:25.939+0000) > > Some people in Noxus don't have a lore at all. Please get in the queue true that wheres the noxus lore
Well Vlad got a big one. Now only Sion Cass and Talon remains...
: Ummm I know this is a meme but the only ap scaling he has is on his ult and its 20% on the first hit and 40% on the second.
Brittle does % magic damage. These give magic penetration...
Rioter Comments
: I Think Kled Needs More Lore
Some people in Noxus don't have a lore at all. Please get in the queue
EdgeLady (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lewanor,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=o2ombOGE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-10T00:46:39.758+0000) > > Well there is no other big thing for next patch. She should have one. What I'm worried about is that they'll try to ride the K/DA hype all the way until Snowdown. But then again, considering that the Project skins got their own login screen before Snowdown last year, hopefully the same holds true this time!
Now I'm afraid of same thing too. Why you do this Q_Q
EdgeLady (NA)
: Please Riot, Give Eclipse Leona a Login Screen
Well there is no other big thing for next patch. She should have one.
Saloz Mat (EUW)
: i know why Riot decide to give Ornn more power
I have a better idea. A legendary skin that summons a train. He is a train conductor.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: If you need his shield back, how about putting it on his E for every champion he knocks up? Greetings
This actually makes sense. In lane you only get shield when you all-in or opponent stays near wall. In teamfights you get the shield when you get a good Q+E combo. I LOVE THIS!
Squad5 (NA)
: Ornn changes on PBE
UNSTOPPABLE IS BACK! THANK YOU RIOT! YOU'VE LISTENED TO US! But as some people said, please don't remove the shield completely. Just nerf his W damage. Last time because you buffed the damage you removed unstoppable. Now you are removing shield and bringing back unstoppable. Just. Nerf. The. Damage. OR Reduce shield in half but cut the damage a bit so we still have a shield(a weaker one) and less damage so its not an I WIN button. And i love the passive change. That's how it should've been from the start. Now I will feel like a blacksmith warrior!
: can we expect a pentakill album in 2019?
Well K/DA did what Pentakill couldn't do in two albums so... I expect at least one K/DA album each year.... and no more Pentakill's. At least in 4 years.
Kazo Kurosu (EUNE)
: What's the precentage chance that we'll ever get some real info on General Du Couteau?
I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED! DID SOMEONE SAY DU COUTEAU? Now if my calculations are correct, by the end of this year- start of next. If they are not... Then it's not known really. They can just drop it randomly like they did with Vladimir, Veigar and Nocturne. But i'm hopeful we'll get something with DuCouteau family until the end of the year. Talon's whole story is connected to General so we need a Talon update. Oh and did you know Talon is one of the heroes that haven't recieved any kind of lore update or mention since he was released? End that streak please.
Xano501 (NA)
: I think fan of Ahri should love Wukong x Ahri
By the light, someone ban this guy.
: As worlds finals draws near so too(hopefully) does the flower champion
It's about damn time. I love the reworks but as Riot acknowleged, hero releases and rework need to be balanced with each other. We got a lot of reworks... We really need something new. SOMEONE new.
: Lack of new lawful good characters is upsetting
Just wait for Kayle, if she doesn't have a character like that i don't know who will
: Lead Narrative editor is a Noxus/Void fanboy, truly great times ahead of us.
If he was a fanboy than we would be actually getting Noxus lore. He probably thinks Noxus is the strongest because of their state right now. When you have a man like Swain at the top of a country, everything is possible.
Shiranúi (EUW)
: Russell Brower and Riot Games
Please don't use ''bought'' for things like this. Maybe i'm nitpicking but it really disturbed me. And they've been good since 5-6 years! Everyone's taste is different.
: Some Of My Favorite Voicelines
Art is worth the pain. Art, requires a certain cruelty. Art must exist beyond reason. I am the singer without a voice, The dancer without legs. My work asks questions, it never has answers. Which is the lie? The mask, or my face?
Kazo Kurosu (EUNE)
: So how's that Noxus lore going Riot?
Thank you. Thank you. The year is ending and all we got was just Riven. It was supposed to continue thoroughout the year...
: How did Jinx lose her right leg and arm?
No need to explain, she likes to make stuff explode. It's probably similar to Junkrat in Overwatch. Replacing body parts should be no problem that distant in the future
: Katarina, the assassin with little lore
Katarina got a bio update with Swain. If you want an assassin with no lore you can look at Talon, which will change soon hopefully.
: There is a new walk animation for Quinn in work
I hope this gets made for more than one champion. Talon looks retarded when running like that, at least i can make an example of him.
: So, I was right {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yes you are! So do the past me .D here is the original release dates i thought 25 september ez pbe----9 october live 23 october new champ pbe----6 november live 4 december Chained champion pbe----18 december live. Should've stick to it.
Felvyne (EUW)
: Too bad. Even if old it could have meant they had something in mind, but if it's confirmed it's discarded then nvm.
But he also said it'd be a good place to start!
Naalith (NA)
: Hmm. It's an interesting thought, I've always considered DuCouteau was more of a catalyst character than someone who was designed to be seen in game. Think of Ned Stark in GoT, he's incredibly important and a main character up until the end of the first season when he is killed. Basically everything that happens after that is more or less a direct result of his death and morality being absent in King's Landing, but he himself was never meant to be the true main character. DuCouteau is incredibly important to a lot of Noxian champions and Noxus in general, but just like Ned Stark I think he's a catalyst for the story more than a participant moving forward. That being said, Riot has already done a few crazy reveals of characters we thought would never appear in game. Kai'sa, Azir, and ESPECIALLY Lissandra were pretty cool reveals from the past and twists on characters we never expected to see in game. I'm not against a cool twist of DuCouteau coming back being added to the game, but all signs right now point to him being dead so he wouldn't come back in a form we would recognize him as. I'm not against it and if it's done well, it could be really cool. The big issue is it seems that Talon, Katarina, Cassiopeia, and possibly a few other Noxian characters have big underpinnings of their lore being built on his death and I wouldn't want to see that undermined. As far as this chain champion goes, I don't think it's DuCouteau for a few reasons. Number one is the framing of the camera, pointing upwards towards the champion. This suggests that the character is in control of the situation or incredibly powerful despite being chained up, meaning it's likely going to be a supernatural being or at the very least magic wielding human. This is added to by the fact those are very large chains and a normal human wouldn't need that much security. It's not a prison, it's like a holding area for this one particular individual who needs high security around him. Lots of people have pointed out what can only be described as irregularities around their feet which look like hooves, heels, or maybe large boots, which don't look right. Ultimately I'd say there's about a 50% chance they're trapped in Demacia, 45% chance for Blessed Isles, and 5% to any other region. When the Rioter lore people were doing a pannel they said we'd see the Blessed Isles before the saw the Shadow Isles again, which means something that is going to come out is surely in development. With this champ being announced right before the panel, my personal theory is it's some evil supernatural force being kept trapped in the Blessed Isles and we'll get more lore about how it was before the Ruination as a result.
Great points and counter-points. And actually Katarina, Talon and Cassiopeia doesn't really rely on General's death. Cass really doesn't have a lore in Noxus, we've yet to see how would Katarina act either way(Lost or dead), and as i said Talon needs a very big change from the start if General is dead. I think General can use magic. He thought Katarina from the very beginning, and i think it's very possible teleporting/blinking is the least of his powers. And considering how Talon and Katarina are one of the best assassins in Runeterra, their teacher can be a lot dangerous than we think. Blessed Isles champion can be the colorful mage before the chained champion. I just know for certain the colorful mage is not from Demacia, Targon, Shurima, Freljord, Void(Wonder why), Bilgewater, Ionia. All because they already have a similar themed champion(Lux, Zoe, Taliyah) or They recieved spotlight soon(Bilgewater, Freljord, Ionia). That leaves us with very little contries. Maybe it's a yordle with Bandle City lore update? Lulu kinda fills that spot but she's a little bit crazy.
: This is plausible theory although my first thought was that this was powerful Demacian mage who was locked up. The only two cases in Demacia where we know that a mage was killed was in the Lux and Garen story with Nocturne and the one with Vayne and Fey. The first one was only executed because they killed many Demacians and the latter was a vigilante act where Vayne decides to act as judge, jury, executioner and outside of the law. We haven’t had a Demacian champion in a long time too. If this was a Noxian prisoner it would be interesting too although in a different way. My question would be how they view Demacian society while actually viewing it from the capital.
If it develops Noxus story too, I'm all in for a Demacian champion. I want to see how the last thing you said can be written too.
Ask Kayn (NA)
: Those chains look too massive for a humanoid creature. Feels more like a creature. And yes, the color totally inspires Demacia. Assuming it is petricite, then feels like a magic entity locked away. I strongly feel Du Couteau is dead. Have you read Cassiopeia's and LeBlanc's old judgments? It was almost literally hinted he the Black Rose was behind it. It also feels, as it was mentioned before, General Du Couteau (I don't know if they'll call him Marcus anymore) is a catalyst for Katarina, a purpose for Talon. Someone meant to be in the plot but never a real champion. I'd love to see the General though! And the Narrative Team has been poking around with lore updates in the horizon, Talon, Sona, Soraka and Vladimir's specifically. Also, we know it'll be linked to a new champion or a completely standalone thing. I sort of expect a comic.
They look massive because of the perspecive imo. And even then maybe it was supposed to be a creature but Demacians wanted to be sure he didn't escape, like how they imprisoned Tailong in Kung Fu Panda. Black Rose definetely had the most important role in General's disappearance. But as story developed Talon was really close to finding the General with the notes he left. Sadly Journal of Justice ended too soon for General to be found by Talon, dead or alive. I am completely fine with General not being a champion. I just don't want him to be wasted like Riot does to most of their side characters. Making General would be an instant lore update for three champions though, and can connect the twisted Black Rose plot to a more reasonable state. I'd do everything for a comic with General DuCouteau, Katarina, Talon and Cassiopeia in it.
Atgo (EUW)
: I just want to correct your affirmation. There was a Noxus vs Demacia conflict, it is mostly in Jarvan's and Garen's bio, and is a bit mentioned in Taric's color story, Quinn's biography and in For Demacia. Here some quotes showing the conflict. This one is from Taric's color story: > The loss of life will be immense, but I cannot save those who seek their own destruction. All those sons, all those fathers, all those futures lost. Demacians and Noxians, ever at each other’s throats, magnetically drawn to one another by something lesser than both. > > Plenty of defenders exist for their lofty ideals, and they all stand in my way, almost gleefully slaughtering themselves over a scrap of land, with no idea of its true importance. Two armies entwined, both committed to their ruinous dance. From Garen's bio: > During the Noxian assaults on Demacia, Garen gained a reputation as a particularly fearsome fighter – one of the greatest in all Demacia, willing to risk life and limb to protect his fellow soldiers and defeat the enemy. From Jarvan's bio: > When Noxian warbands raided the farmlands near Demacia’s border, Jarvan IV led his troops to defend the nation. He and his men rode for days in the wake of the Noxians. To Jarvan’s horror, the atrocities were far worse than he had anticipated. The Noxians had razed entire townships and slaughtered hundreds of Demacians, with only a handful of injured survivors left to tell the tale. > ... > Jarvan split his troops, ordering some to remain and care for the injured civilians, while he led the remaining soldiers onward. They ambushed the Noxians during the night, but in the chaos of battle, Jarvan was separated from his guards. He fought fiercely and slew many enemies, but was ultimately overwhelmed. The Noxians took Jarvan IV prisoner, to be paraded through the Immortal Bastion in chains upon reaching Noxus. From Quinn's biography: > When a Noxian assassin struck down Castle Jandelle’s commander on the Day of Lost Light, Quinn’s talents proved themselves once again. The killer escaped battalions of knights dispatched to capture him, but Quinn and Valor tracked and killed the assassin after a night of lethal traps, counterattacks and ambushes. She returned with the assassin’s blade, earning the nickname, Demacia’s Wings. From For Demacia: > Dark of hair and keen of eye was Diadoro, the bearded swordsman who’d held the Gates of Mourning against the armored host of the Trifarian Legion for an entire day. Edit: just for clarification, those aren't the only mentions of Noxus vs Demacia conflicts, I just sent the ones that I was remembering at the moment.
That's all on me then, what an oversight. But as i said continuation is important and sadly we see the conflicts from only one contry's perpective always. Ionia Noxus conflict was good, still a little less answers from Noxian side but we got some.
Felvyne (EUW)
: That's... an interesting theory. Furthermore, there is something to add: last time Talon was seen in old lore was with Quinn's release (at least her diary hinted him), therefore Talon had matters in Demacia. Maybe the General was there...
I think these all are too old to be accounted for. Also IIRC lead designer said Quinn and Talon are not really related anymore, at least until Talon's lore update. Quinn in Talon universe page is just a relic of past right now.
: > 9 October Ezreal Reveal---24 October Ezreal Rework 6 November Colorful Mage Reveal---21 November Colorful Mage 1 December Chained Champ's teaser--- 4 December reveal--- 19 December Live This... is totally wrong First of all, November 21th will be the preseason version (v8.23), so they not are gonna to release a new champ with the preseason changes. The colorful mage might be released on v8.24 (the last of the year, early Dec in live servers) or on v8.22 (early Nov in live servers). Second, the chained champ will release next year. The colorfur mage will be the last champion of 2018. And third, Ezreal will be teased tomorrow. So, he will be available on pbe on Tuesday. Why? On social medias, Riot posted a new teaser skin. So, they done this because they want to Ezreal have the spotlight tomorrow!)
My first guess release date list started with Ezreal on PBE at 25 September too, but that skin is probably a legendary and i don't think they'll put a legendary and a rework at the same patch. If it like you say it suits me much more though. Gives more time between champions.
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RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
Ornn is the best for me. He looks so cute while trying to run with his huge body. Least is Talon. I think he doesn't have one even. Walking animation is perfectly fine, but running while crouching is really looks bad. And the bad part is you always run because of boots of mobility, youumus, ultimate etc. I could've said another hero but i play him the most, and he is the one that bats my eye.
Ask Kayn (NA)
: Talon and his 3 Ionia-themed skins
Yeah agreed, too many eastern themed skins. Ionia is based on Eastern culture. Would be better if he got a compeletely new theme
: How old is Talon?
Necrit says 24, I say 26 at least.
  Rioter Comments
Kelg (NA)
: Can we get some emotes of unpopular champs?
My exact thoughts. And people were discussing how lee getting his 2. emote was bad... Then this happens. It's logical, everyone loves her. But sure as hell it doesn't feel good when you are waiting for another hero's emote
: A list of champions who have/don't have their new bios yet.
I was gonna do this yesterday but had other work to do... Life works in strange ways! Also you can add a section with 'no new bios but mentioned in someone elses story'. Like Anivia being Ornn's sibling, Kennen being the teacher. Nocturne being the demon in ''For Demacia'' story. There are some heroes who doesn't even get mentioned. The heroes that have absolutely no lore at all. Like Soraka, Veigar, Vlad, Talon, Shaco, Fiddlesticks, Alistar. List goes on.
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: IT'S HERE - Map of Runeterra
Another layer for a bigger Universe. One day when we will Runeterra as whole.
Loborcs (EUW)
: Let's talk about maps
https://twitter.com/DoraOzsoy/status/1020403282018209800 to Stretera, who is the lore guy of TR community
Kazo Kurosu (EUNE)
: So, what's up with Du Couteau family anyway.
Very well written friend! House Du Couteau really is a big part of Noxus, there are 11 Noxus champs in game and 3 of them are in Du Couteau family. Noxus update was supposed to continue over the year. We had lore updates for the Trifarix(LeBlanc, Darius, Swain) and just a small bio update for Katarina at the start. Then we got Irelia rework and the Riven story update, and it was a really huge in depth story with three parts. Pyke brought nothing, it seems Bilgewater is the only place where Noxus doesn't have power on. And I think we'll have Vlad's lore updated with Aatrox gameplay update, because of blood magic. So Cassiopeia, Draven, Kled, Sion, Talon are still left. Kled is kind of a joke character so we get it ok. Draven was kinda adressed, he helped Swain. Sion, Cass and Talon are the ones left without anything. I think i should include Kat too because all we got was before events, as you said. Nothing after the death of the General(If Swain is telling the truth, but i see no reason for him to lie), nothing after the rise of Trifarix. Cassiopeia to me looks like a shurima hero more than Noxus. She got her lore there, she became what she is now there. And we literally got nothing on Talon and Sion. Maybe Sion will be updated too with Vlad, since he was reborn with the blood magic? But they are working on Talon's lore, and nothing on the current schedule seems fitting for him, perhaps it will be like Varus' lore update? Anyways thanks for the post! Mommy Du Couteau really should be addressed in the future.
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