Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 23
That EoN change seems bad. Really bad. It should stay like how it is now imo
Sent Nudess (EUNE)
: Leauge Of Legends Movie
Genius. Congratulations for your amazing question and idea.
Zahtar (EUW)
: Riot, please give Xin Zhao a horse
: Neither are Garen and Taric, but that doesn't stop you.
Cadence, please stop. He is clearly not qualified to be a human. He does not understand you, he can't because he is completed blinded by his own belief. Stop, you are only hurting yourself. Let him rot in his own view
: Train conductor ornn.
Train Conductor Ornn.
Bultz (NA)
: Can anyone actually confirm that this is a leak?
As a wise man once said *Can't confirm nor deny.*
Falrein (EUW)
: Random idea - The Ionian Wars and their remnants *For the Stormwind*, **For The King** and ***FOR THE ALLIANCE!***
: Can we have an in game event, that directly effects lore?
They did exactly that 8-9 years ago. It just fucks everything up, and those time league lore was just a bunch of headcanons. Now we finally have a dedicated team of writers. Just let people do their work. Big stuff ain't happening in the non-canon game. Those are reserved for either future games or novels kind of stuff.
: Stop forcing rivals to be lovers, that's awkward.
Do you really want to be Xano 2.0? That's how you become Xano 2.0
: Katarina looks like Garen's sister, truely twisted.
: If you are going to continue to release more Little Legends..
It really is bullshit not being able to get the starting legend you want, more bullshit when even with money you still don't get what you want. Let the RNGesus take the wheel and hope for the best
If that happens before the important thing...
: What is up with Pantheons new dance?!?!?
Definitely bugged, it's missing frames
: Train Conductor Ornn
Finally, someone who understands me. I am saying this since he came out!
: @Narrative Team, Vayne lore lookin a little empty now a days
At least she got a lore update in her existence.
Falrein (EUW)
: Watch that mouth rude little Lewanor è.é
I have become the very thing I swore to destroy!
Zeanix (OCE)
: PROJECT 2019 Login Theme feels... rushed?
This whole year is trash, hopefully the reason is the game they are working on. Otherwise...
: Dear Riot, Can We Get a Demacia Vice Comic, Please?
Do you really want a comic series about an alternate universe when not even the main universe itself is fledged out completely? When there are champions that still have yet to appear anywhere? Please, think it through first. I beg.
: Project Xayah is looking good, ... no wait ...
It's Project Vayne+Project Ashe
: Yes, that one was. They went to the extremes with that one, but also messed up the timing of that release and the Darkin rewrite.
Varus can still stay the same, the Darkin is the Varus. The people are Kai and Valmar, who love each other. Varus is not one, it is three.
: He means that they are not giving Star Guardian an event, while Project and Arcade got events.
Oh? I should learn how to read. And I hope it isn't an event in the means of the pass events they make but indeed, this seems weird.
: Lack of a Star Guardian Event this year
They did not skip Star Guardian. Star Guardian was around September and October last two times. We aren't even close.
: You mean {{champion:80}} {{champion:106}} and {{champion:9}} aren't getting a VGU? Even though all 3 got announced for one? You can take those 3 off the previous list.
Announced, the reworks aren't done yet. We get VGU tierlists around yearly.
: @Reav3 Current VGU List?
I mean... No champion got reworked in that VGU list. I don't know why you are asking for one.
Rioter Comments
UomoAfide (EUW)
: Project: Reckoning
Not gonna lie, I'm salty. Pyke comes out of nowhere and gets the project skin, a legendary one at that, while Talon that fits perfectly into the skinline still gets left out of it. This year is truly different though... Truly, truly.
: Swain's a hero
*Perhaps a promotion is in order. How would you like your own warband?*
: Its not him {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Sorry, can't remember the exact person then :c
: Teased new stuff?
Yeah, I think it was SapMagic. Was teasing in his twitter
Meddler (NA)
: Oh, no worries, fair question. I've dropped down to one post a week since I got back from paternity leave instead of the two I used to do. That's a combination of: * New baby = less time in general for everything else * Mid year tends to be somewhat quieter in some respects, so sometimes less to talk about/more work to find stuff to fill posts * My role at work's expanded somewhat this year as well (getting more involved in some non game design stuff too) which also takes additional time
To many more happy and together years, hopefully the gift will grow healthy and make you proud. Congratulations!
: Zed and Shen Lore? And More?
They just teased new stuff, possibly a Ryze like cinematic. And Zed is getting a comic after Lux as Camille Ferros said. Should be around October.
: Let Tianna be playable by a Ultimate Garen Skin
That would break the clarity rule more than anything else done in history. Also please let's not give secondary legendaries/ultimates to people... Please?
Larriet (NA)
: Not speaking as a Rioter of course, but for 1, the problem they brought up was that it adds onto the workload they already have set. From the outside, it can seem like this is strictly a money thing ("Hire more guys, you have billions of dollars" and all that), but you have to remember that, as a company, having a strong direction that everyone follows becomes harder and harder the more people you add in. Hiring someone specifically to do a one-time job--for example, editing a new VO for a champ who just got a Legendary skin--means that they won't go about things the same way as someone who is a full-time employee, which can have surprisingly large effects on the final product. Like I said, not a Rioter, but that has been my experience as a freelance musician.
I was asking more of on the behalf of voice actors' costs but thanks for giving insight to it! Always a pleasure to hear people's experiences inside the sector
: > [{quoted}](name=AbiwonKenabi,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=1J43KWot,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-07-08T15:53:48.217+0000) > > For some reason Riot doesn't like doing these. Its kind of frustrating that they are so unwilling to ever call a Voice Actor back for anything. They basically only do it for Legendary/Ultimate skins, which is why Lux got her VO; just a good opportunity since she was already there for Elementalist. (I've heard that they did the same for MF, but didn't go through due to poor reception). They randomly had Jinx and Ziggs' VAs back for Odyssey which was a nice surprise (Kayn's VA was already back for the Legendary skin, but that was nice, too). > > I'm just thinking about things like the way Blizzard will quite frequently add lines to Overwatch Heroes whenever a new event rolls around or they get new skins. I don't expect Riot to do things with THAT high of a frequency, but SOMETHING more would be nice. It has nothing to do with "not liking" this idea. We LOVE the idea of updating old champs. Usually, we book talent for 4 hour chunks of studio time (guild minimums). While this sounds like a lot of time with an actor in the booth, it actually goes by suuuper fast, with the first hour or so being time for the director (we have a rotating roster of wonderful VO directors), actor, and writer to hone in on the character and find the voice. Then it's three hours (with breaks) to get the right takes on lines. We end with efforts (non verbals) which typically blow out the actor's voice. WE can usually record a full 150 line script in 4 hours. So to bring an actor back for a skin, doesn't really afford us much time with said actor to record an additional set of lines for base champ VO. We're looking into ways to make this happen, but then we typically run into bandwidth issues internally for folks to select, process, edit, hook up, and test the new lines IN ADDITION to the skin VO. It's one of my personal passions to redo as many old champ VOs as possible, and we're making some head way. But I would hate to promise you fine folks something that may take a long time to deliver bc we're all stretched very thin. Writers have to write a lot of new content for league. VO designers have to iterate and implement new content. Anything old we're updating is additional work we're doing on top of our normal workload. Again, it's one of my personal missions to bring as many old champs up to modern quality bar as possible. It's also super hard to do when some of our talent no longer works in the industry meaning we have to recast. Recasting tends to upset mains and we wind up seeing diminishing returns on the effort. TLDR: It's complicated, but it's a dream we do share with you :)
This is really nice to hear! Though, I still wonder... 1- Does this mean "money" is not the problem? I for one always thought that was the reason the "Riot Company" didn't give it effort. Also: 2- Without promising anything of course, is 2-3 voice over updates yearly too much of a dream? 4-5 if I push my chance?
Falrein (EUW)
: Which champions get interacted with the most in-game? (Spoilers, it's not Lux) - A List
Shaco is truly the most forgotten champion then... On the rework list for 3 years without any news but he just got a skin after 1200-1500ish days so the rework isn't coming anytime soon...
Nevos27 (EUW)
: I actually care about that. But in the mixture i ALSO wanted to know who may be virgin or not, just curious Still, i think that it is fun to ask yeah omegalul
Sorry about the harsh language but I really don't like the questions about sexuality myself. When sexuality stuff comes into play or thought, everything goes downhill. Not talking about the romance, romance is fine when not forced.
Nevos27 (EUW)
: Champions who are virgin and who aren't
This is the question we need to ask. Not characters motives. Not characters past. Not their relations. Who fucked... That's the important thing about characters...
: To this day I still don't get why we couldn't have Solar Eclipse Leona and Lunar Eclipse Diana
Why not both? Why can't we have Solar Eclipse Diana and Lunar Eclipse Diana like Leonas'? I don't get these complaints. Just wait for the next Coven event, please? I want that Diana legendary too but seeing how people want a Coven universe Diana legendary this much pretty much means they'll make it. Just... Wait... #***PATIENCE!***
Arakadia (NA)
: Why would Yorick not have anything to do with TT?
I'm saying it because he was reworked too
: Missing bios and color stories v2
: New Mordekaiser Interaction in the Twisted Treeline
They'll probably announce the removal of Twisted Treeline sometime this year. If I remember correctly Evelynn still has quotes said against her in it too, so does Yorick. They don't touch TT.
RougeKat (EUW)
: About Sona's lore...
I am suprised as well for how long they left Sona out. She is a popular character, she has an ultimate skin. But for some reason Riot still didn't update her. With Xin Zhao gone, she is alone in Demacia now. Gragas in Freljord, Talon in Noxus, half of the yordles and voidborns...
: Riot shouldn't be afraid to kill off champions for the sake of lore
You think they'll kill Lux/Yasuo/Riven, the popular people? No, the unpopular will get the short end of the stick again. You say they shouldn't be afraid to kill off champions for the sake of lore but they absolutely should not kill for the sake of killing somebody.
Galiö (NA)
: I thought he was changed from the sentinel of sorrow
*The guy that made me... He was pretty good, right?* *Tragedy is worse when you can do nothing about it.* *It's hard to be a symbol, when you've got a soul.* *They made me to stop magic, and yet I hate when it's gone.* *It's not easy when everyone looks up to you.* *Going to sleep means saying goodbye.*
: So any hints to what this years ultimate skin is gonna be?
Nobody asked but since the timing is 1.5 years between each, the new ultimate should come at August or September. And for who'll get it, I don't care as long as it's good and not for one of the super-mega popular champions that already have legendaries.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kulle Aid,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=7KT0GgHZ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-22T06:01:55.448+0000) > > I want a top laner to get it this time around too. You know who has great potential that gets loads of play time and you could make visually outstanding with an ultimate. > > hear me out. > > irelia. > > tho she just got a new skin which means she prob wouldn't get it. Hear me out. Fuck Irelia. GP didn't get Victorious, when he was basically Pick/Bann in Season 8, instead Graves got it. Also you could make him interact with MF, which would be nice.
We didn't get Viktorious man, fuck Victorious skins
xScarfy (EUW)
: I managed to trigger the quote again! So just like the other game I was Swain and had an enemy Heimerdinger on my lane (both times were on the Twisted Treeline). Being super excited to see that I will play against a Heimerdinger (and thereby might have a chance to trigger the quote again) I went to the lane, hid in the bush and activated Swains joke animation, just like the last time. This time the Heimerdinger came a bit later to lane and because I didn't wanted to loose farm, I stepped out of the bush and than Swain said the quote again! I play the game in german, so the original quote was "Die Wahrheit unter all dem Glanz: Nur der Krieg bringt Gewinne.", which translates to "The truth under all this glamour: Only war brings victory.". So there it is...I don't know if this is a special interaction with Yordles or not...I thought that this simply might be a movement quote, so I checked the english wiki again, but couldn't find anything that comes close to this quote and because there is no german wiki I watched all 18 min of his german voice video (, but also couldn't find this quote there. I also tried to recreate the scenario earlier today in the sandbox mode (so it was on SR not TT), but I had to pick Ziggs as the enemy Yordle, because there are no Heimerdinger bots, but this didn't triggered the quote. So either I'm going insane or something weird is going on...{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
**OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH** Alright I get it now. It's Swain's quote against Piltovians. Not yordles. #***The truth beneath the gilding. Only war, brings profit.***
xScarfy (EUW)
: Does Swain have a special interaction with Yordles?
...are you sure? Only yordle Swain has quote against is Poppy. [You can check all of Swain's quotes here](
: Legendary or Ultimate Nautilus skin?
99901 (NA)
: Detail in the next champion's teaser.
Coincidence? #***I THINK NOT!***
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