xScarfy (EUW)
: I managed to trigger the quote again! So just like the other game I was Swain and had an enemy Heimerdinger on my lane (both times were on the Twisted Treeline). Being super excited to see that I will play against a Heimerdinger (and thereby might have a chance to trigger the quote again) I went to the lane, hid in the bush and activated Swains joke animation, just like the last time. This time the Heimerdinger came a bit later to lane and because I didn't wanted to loose farm, I stepped out of the bush and than Swain said the quote again! I play the game in german, so the original quote was "Die Wahrheit unter all dem Glanz: Nur der Krieg bringt Gewinne.", which translates to "The truth under all this glamour: Only war brings victory.". So there it is...I don't know if this is a special interaction with Yordles or not...I thought that this simply might be a movement quote, so I checked the english wiki again, but couldn't find anything that comes close to this quote and because there is no german wiki I watched all 18 min of his german voice video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HMhiylF3Ic), but also couldn't find this quote there. I also tried to recreate the scenario earlier today in the sandbox mode (so it was on SR not TT), but I had to pick Ziggs as the enemy Yordle, because there are no Heimerdinger bots, but this didn't triggered the quote. So either I'm going insane or something weird is going on...{{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
**OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH** Alright I get it now. It's Swain's quote against Piltovians. Not yordles. #***The truth beneath the gilding. Only war, brings profit.***
xScarfy (EUW)
: Does Swain have a special interaction with Yordles?
...are you sure? Only yordle Swain has quote against is Poppy. [You can check all of Swain's quotes here](https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Swain/Quotes)
: Legendary or Ultimate Nautilus skin?
99901 (NA)
: Detail in the next champion's teaser.
Coincidence? #***I THINK NOT!***
: Zilean Skin Speculation Thread
Like hate me all you want but I and my Zilean OTP friend always wanted Dunkmaster Zilean. ***THE Q*** Three Pointer, stunning shots ***The W*** "Rewind that Zilean, I wanna see it again." ***The E*** "What you didn't see? Quickness." I'm just short on R, but think Zilean with basketball sweatsuits.
: so i just read the new Lux comic and
Pakushy (EUW)
: I made a Bard Animation
zounet (EUW)
: which champions will be from the new faction?
None because it's new faction for real. No one is from it except Qiyana
EdgeLady (NA)
: Dark Cosmic Jhin's Theme and the State of Login Screens
Does making an animated login screen cost that much really? Why is art department getting hit for the loss of profit? They used MSI theme for like 3-4 different things, no one gets a proper login screen and everytime we find an excuse like "it was because of the msi", "things were too close so we had couldn't give" something else confirms our fears. They'll continue doing this if we don't do something about it. The art team is our last stand and i ain't leaving this shit
: So Where Is Sona In The Lore?
Where Talon, Gragas, most of the yordle and void born is. At the bottom of a pit that Riot can't see.
Sashamica (EUNE)
: I want a beautiful, meaningful death, i believe Jhin can grant me that, and maybe a goodbye hug. Ahem.
*Your life has no meaning, but your death, shall.*
Sashamica (EUNE)
: Age doesn't matter, i will marry Jhin.
You want to die that much huh
Andevar (NA)
: Very well written as always, Lewanor. I’m hoping for a Riot reply to this to hopefully shed light on somethings. ~Also Crimson Elite best skin
: I think it would have made more sense if the general sent Kat to kill Swain in hopes of getting rid of her, you know maybe he didnt want Swain dead but Kat dead. He sent some guys to kill her and it didnt work out maybe he thought Swain would take care of her but Swain saw Kat's potential and sided with her instead. About Talon he's so missing in this new lore that I wouldn't be surprised if they retconned hos lore commpletly like what they did to Varus (hopefully they won't though.)
I don't think he hates his daughter ***that*** much. Also, please no... Yeah.
: Okay but what on earth would his come back be and for what? Him suddenly disappearing has no known consequence and certainly no known benefits if he was to return. He's not the true hair to the throne metaphorically speaking. Perhaps you see something that I dont but i still struggle to see how his pressence or lack there of holds any real significance. I think it's great that after all this time we're learning more about the mystery than what we've had from ever before. But that wasnt a high bar to meet and we're still completely in the dark. His mystery holds no known weight and still feels shallow, to me at least.
It's because General and Talon is supposed to bring a complete new view on Noxus as a whole. They don't support Swain, they don't support Black rose, they ain't with Mordekaiser. If General was to stay with such high rank he would be gotten rid of quickly. So he goes ghost. Oooor black rose gets "rid" of him. Tries to at least because any information that Swain could get from his dead would set rose at a disadvantage. Oooor he learns the truth about Swain, has information that he shouldn't get his hands on and learns that he plans to get rid of him. There are countless possibilities and General's disappearance really is in dark as always. We probably need Talons bio to solve or progress it.
: I'm probably reading too much into this, but it seems really weird that we currently have not a single piece of newer lore about Talon after several Noxus updates.
That is because every piece of lore we got was about around 7-8 years ago. Talon was not present until Katarina failed her mission and a little bit after it. And as much as I hate to admit, it would make sense for him to not be known by anyone. The perfect assassin.
: Just something that hit me really hard while reading Katarina's part. (I should point out that this is wild speculation on my behalf, so be warned) Seeing as we got so little of Talon's own story, and since he's been apparently left out from the overall noxian narrative, do you think is possible that Riot might be wanting to turn General Du Couteau into the (future) updated Talon?
It would be really bad because some of the concerns I heard from Talon fans was them waiting for Talon to move out of General's shadow. I would be on board with a legendary skin that is General for Talon, but completely removing Talon is not acceptable. Still, I thought of this and believe me, there are a lot worse things that is possible. I love both Talon and General with so little they have in so many years but combining into two wouldn't be a good choice. It would be a bold move by the Narrative team, I'll give them that though
: Y'know I was pretty damn convinced that the General was going to oppose Swain's coup. Revealing how he apparently helped with the usurping was a surprise, at least to me. I was sure that it made more sense for Katarina to kill her father if she discovers that he was among the "weeds" of Noxus' upper echelon. Couple it with the fact that in her youth she tried desperately to live up to him, makes for some juicy character drama. It adds further to why she eventually resented him and explains why she doesnt mourn his death/disappearance. And her killing him for that reason was another arc supporting her main narrative theme of patriotism. "It was neccesary for the good of the empire" Now, idk. Did the General deserve being killed? He clearly supported the better well being of the nation. So why did Katarina kill him?
Katarina definitely didn't kill him. It would be bad decision by the Narrative team to get him killed by Katarina or Cassiopeia. Katarina because at the end of her bio she already says that she considered taking his life but didn't because he was right. Cassiopeia because she is pretty much disconnected from General almost all of her life and it wouldn't hold any weight if she killed him. But as always I don't think he is dead. Not yet at least, just MIA as always
: Wait you're gonna make a story or what? :0 Nice post tho ! It was fun to read
Yeah it will be like the color stories Riot makes, it will hopefully make you understand and relate to him. But in the end it will not be any more than a fan fiction. I'm just hoping the Narrative team will do something like it.
Rioter Comments
: _"Sometimes...Silence is loud."_-Jhin, 2016
*I envy silence, because I must be loud.*
Phhase (NA)
: Mordekaiser Bio makes me sad.
It is basically and specially noted that there might be multiple afterlifes. And there is. Mordekaiser didn't get what he wanted because all he did in his life was bringing pain. In the end, he got oblivion as reward.
EdgeLady (NA)
: I LOVE Mordekaiser's new Login theme. But...
Agreed. Please do not take away the animated logins screen too Riot. Please.
: The List of Riot's Unfavored Children (Champions w/o Skin Tier Above Epic)
You want every champion to get legendaries? Epics are quite nice even though I'd wish everyone got a legendary. I just wish they didn't give a second legendary to the people who has one ultimate or legendary
Míellá (NA)
: Honestly speaking, dark cosmic Jhin's splash art looks cheap.
I think skin is not that good but splash art is a total master piece. I think it's just you mate, just like how I'm alone in not liking the skin's auto attacks in game.
: I understand what you're feeling. To be honest, I do think the idea of the Du Couteau siblings being split over different ideologies is rather interesting. But the issue is that it's such a far cry from what the Du Couteaus used to be and what many of the fan base saw them as. So I think it kind of causes a split between the fans and the canon lore, and especially alienates the people who loved the Du Couteau family of the old lore. They were a pretty big cornerstone of the old lore, so I sympathize with everyone who doesn't like how drastically they've changed. I also think the writing and framing of it all has to do with it. Cass's and Katarina's biographies are rather... vague to me. Especially Katarina's. With Cass, like you pointed out, it seems to focus more on the Black Rose and their activities rather than her and her relationship to her family. I still think Cass's is way better written than Kata's and actually showcases what kind of person Cassiopeia is, but it's not as much as I was hoping. I still have hope for Talon. My guess is that he'll be devoutly following Marcus Du Couteau's rules and orders, and is especially involved with trying to uncover the mystery behind his disappearance (which will FINALLY give us more information about what happened to him). Comparing him to Cassiopeia, whose loyalty lies with the Black Rose, and Katarina, who's kind of stuck in the middle, I think I can see what Riot was trying to go for. As I'm typing this, I think I've figured out my issue with the most recent Du Couteau biographies - they just leave family out entirely. Whether they loved each other or hated each other, I still think Katarina, Talon, and Cassiopeia were still tied together as family quite significantly. And the new lore glosses over or erases that fact. So I think that's why I personally feel such a disconnect between the old and the new lore.
I can tell you that the whole loving Du Couteau family thing is gone completely. Du Couteau family is complex and weird. We'll see a loving family only in fanfictions. At least for the time present.
: About Cassiopeia's bio update...
I always built my future lore predictions upon Cass and Soreana being with Du Couteau and plotting but I was not expecting them to live in Shurima all the time. It disconnects them too much and I wonder how much did they two part of family saw each other to be honest. Now, to answer your questions. 1- Katarina would be extremely young at the time of the Ionia invasion. A bit too young. She is not that old than Cassiopeia and Cass was a child I think around age 5 when they left for war. So Katarina was at most... ~~8~~ 15 I think. 2- Cassiopeia's bio ends too quickly but I believe they are not exposed yet. That means General Du Couteau didn't see Cassiopeia for at least 5 years... Because he'd sense something was wrong. Her child being a snake and all that. Or it can be connected with his disappearance. 3- As I said, I believe she was around ~~5~~ 9-12. Katarina should be ~~8~~ 12-15. 4- It is a cult, you don't really need to have reasons to join. Her ideals and goals fitted the rose in the past and she seeks to aid with raising her daughter to the cause. 5- Seems so. 6- That whole plot is connected to Talon and we'll probably learn those stuff when he gets his update. 7- Something ancient and dark yes. It's taking over her slowly. Turning her into something else. 8- Since General Du Couteau is the head of the house, it is up to him to do the decision. And Soreana takes it as a betrayal, so either General was with Rose, or she says that just because of he turned on Darkwill with Swain. 9- Black Rose tries to collect artifacts all around. Ionia invasion, the Shadow Isles stuff with Elise etc. It's the same thing with Cassiopeia. 10- They are living in Shurima, Urzeris since the time Soreana got poisoned. 11- That's tricky. Since Azir and Xerath broke out 5 years ago... General must have noticed. That's probably what leads to his disappearance. 12- They were seperated since their childhood so I don't think there is much love or connection between Cassiopeia and Katarina. And even then, Katarina's childhood was just non-stop assassin training. What I wonder is General's and Soreana's relationship. 13- It requires editing. The point of story is still there. She doesn't have to use other people to do what she wants to do because she has power and the fact she's losing herself. Only has to change the setting to Shurima. 14- No idea on what happened the 5 years in between. 15- I'm sure they didn't. He'll get something soon hopefully. Day 2837 today.
: Dark Cosmic Jhin Final Verdict
I enjoy this skin but the detachment when he fires is really keeping me away. I'd be basically not enjoying the champ until I get some crit. But effects, the voice over... Perfection as always Jhin.
: Cassiopeia’s Bio
Good goooood, i'm so happy
: monkaS I think a certain Tolan main is having flashbacks
: I'm actually incredibly surprised that Karma was chosen. Not to offend anyone who mains or plays her, that skin just doesn't really fit her.
I̱̭̩̮͢͡o͈̞͠ņ̪̘̱̪̮͓̰̦̤i͖̼̼a̶̯̤̭̫͡ ̦͓͎̱̰͔̦̗͞s̴̺͖̩̪̖͟p̷̨̭̬͠e̹̠̱͍͕̞͔͟ͅa̧̨̛̳͇̙̞k͖̣̩͓̤͞ͅş͍̳ ̣̭̝͙͎̺̫̗ͅt͉̬̠̦̕h̻͈̯̳̩̝̩̰r̯̯͉̗̖̹ͅo͏͚̘̯͍̼͓ͅu̠̹͓̹g͕̬͖͇͙̥͟h͖̤͚̤̤ ̸̗̹̦͉͍ͅm̵̨̙̖̞e̻͖͖̱̩̝̝͜͢.̬̞͡͞ . İ̭̯̘̭͍̒ͦ̈́̈́̍͆ͮͫ̀͘ ͕̘͌̂̒̅hͨͦͣ͑̈̍̒̉͏̶̡͕̫a̺͇̣͙̾̄͞͝ͅv̴̰͉͙̭͆ͥͥͣ̌ͥ̓è̥̤͙̗̳̹̹̫ͪ͗͟͢͠ ͉̫̯̩ͪ͊̋ͩ̊ͩͫ̕͜ṡ̷̠̪͉͞ẹ̝̖͔̭ͨͫ̀ȩ̴̷̞̼̜̰̬͙̠ͩ̉n͕̬̺̹̲͎ͣ̿̕ͅ ̸̸͈̙̳̜̱͂̉̎͐̀̚t̪̤̫̔̏͑ͤ̃̕w̭̪̘̬̗͕̬͎̻ͮ͜o̸̖̓̆ͧͮͤ̚͜ ̡̰̘̤͔͔̒̔̋̉͒p̟͖̙̭͍̬̙̂̀̔̾͋͢͡a̶̶͈̳͎̭͙̺͒̾͗ͬͮ̉̑͜ṫ͓͔̟̞̖̰̿̄̒̈̎̅̀͝h͕̱̖̖̤͆̏̿̽̑͌̊̔̽͜ͅͅs̨̧̛̟̄ͥ͋ͥ̽͐͆͆ ̛̰͇̿̀ͣ͑͋a̵̤̰͎̲ͪn͎͓̦͍̱̹̥̍͌͒̓̎̑́d̶̮̱͚̜͉̗̭́̆ͤ̏͌͂ͥ̚ ̭͇̙͉͔̹ͦ͌ͫ͘͠m͈̰͙̳͇̘̂ͅą̱̱͍̳͇̺̹̞̱ͣͬd̷͔̤͔̝̞̼̬͂̍͛͡ḛ̟͍͙̟̥ͬͧ̉ͭ̉͌ͨ͜͞͠ ̺̗̦̤̻̳̑̿͌ͦͮ̆̆̽͡ä̢͎̥͖̔̕͝n̴ͩͧͨ̕͏̙̰̖̘͔̪͈͍oͫ̇͊͌̔̾ͧ͏̴͔̙̘̹̬̰̩̜t̙̘ͦ̎͆̇̄̓ͤh͖̬̻̅͒ͧ̏̈ȩ͕̙̗ͤ͗̃̈́ͤͤͧ̔r͎̼̳͑̅͡ ̵̰̰̲̙̪̱̝͒̄͜͡b̹ͬ̓͑̐̇͛͡e̴͒ͮ҉͏̭̭̼̟̙̩t̨̝͈̙͚ͮ̌̎̀͢w͖͔ͯͧ̈͛̕e̷̹̼̰̥͈͍̥̤̾ͤͪͯ̑̊e̢̜̹̣͉̭̞ͬͬͨ̔̈ͪn̸̝̬̞̗̞͎̪͌̇̏͊̇͟ . Ẵ̸̟͓s͎̪̱̜̲̬̝͑̎͛̈͋͊̿ͣ ̧̧͖̰͙̖̄̅̊̋́I̧̨̜̱͕ͦ͋̽͗̅̈́͘ǫ̣̱̽ͨ̏ͨ̈́͜͠ņ̰̦̘̖̗͈̅ͮ͐́i̵͇͎̮̊̆̍̉̉̓̔́͞a̷̡͕̜̼ͨ̓͊̈͞ ̸̲̝̠̩̠̣̦̤ͤ͂̃̎̓̄͢c̡̢̻̤̺̠̎̃ͩ̔́h̢͉̜̹̻̙̺̎͆͛̅̾̌̆ͦa͙̜ͭ̒̽͡n͉̰̱͋ͨ͌͠g̵͉̦̖̃ͫ͂͛̍̇e͖̖͍̽͐̂ͧͧ̓͢s͕̗̬̎͞,̩͇̲͙͈͕͔̗͎̃̃ ͎͎̦̘͎̠͖̇ͪͥ̏̾͐̏ͅs̺̮̰̥̟̮͖̬͗̇͑͘ͅo̰̗͓͗̍ ̛̭̟̺̼̰͋͊̿͠ͅm̙̹͔͔̞̯̠̞̈́̀̋̏̏̌̚͜ù̩̼̝̬̞̪̻ͥş̤͎̰̇̑͢͠t̰͔̼̠̭͐̀ͬͥ̉̋ͅ ̢̱̼͉͚̣͈̻̗ͧͦ̋Ȋ̱̜̪̤̰̖̠̣̌̾͂̅̎̒̅͡.̤̪̭̩͈ͮ̋̎̀̀
: Here are Morde's updated skins
Dragon knight went from worst skin to one of the best. Good to see Pentakill didn't change much, and we finally got him doing his original pose of Pentakill splash ingame! http://www.fearlessgamer.com/wp-content/gallery/champ-splash/mordekaiser_splash_3.jpg
Pale Mask (EUW)
: _Death is only the beginning._ Hail to the Lightbringer.
: i feel like lux's voice over needs some more lines depicting her questioning of demacian laws
: Going with the "Urgot is technically a Noxian" and "Vi is technically Zaunite" thing, Kayn is also technically a Noxian. But still, I don't know why they released Xayah & Rakan and Kayn all in a row. They should have separated them. At least Ionia isn't getting any new champions/reworks this year, but still, it looks like Piltover and Zaun will also be left out. Instead, we're getting a new faction and possibly a Shadow Isles champion, both of which are great IMO, but hopefully Piltover and Zaun will be making a comeback next year.
We got 5 Ionia releases in 2 years. Thank god there is no Ionia related reworks or new champs this year, it has gotten boring. But we'll get something in 2020 that's for sure. As 19th champion of Ionia while Noxus will still remain at insignificant Kled...
: That old splash art looks horrible, why would you want it to be reverted?
I like it more than the current one to be honest. Would prefer a modernized version of the old one.
: Still waiting for another female Zaunite
Zaun has more heroes than Noxus. It has more champions than Piltover. I get your point but if a champion has to be added, it's to Piltover in this situation.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
Would love to hear you guys thoughts on Talon's state. He's been on every list as an S, but when I ask any Talon main they say "Yeah but it still sucks."
: Rumor: Riot's next game is a phone game monitored by Tencent.
I think this is not the place to talk it. General Discussion is much better. Also, they are working on a game since 2014, from the rumors. There may be a mobile game in the works, but I highly doubt they are working on a mobile game for 5 years.
Kør (NA)
: He was updated. He used to be a midlane mage. ahhh those were the days.
In the means of lore, I mean. Not a gameplay update. Talon got one of the most successful reworks Riot has ever done and he's still unupdated like after how many days? 2830.
: The List of Riot's Unfavored Children (Champions w/o Login Screen Theme)
Doing 50+ logins creens without profit... If there is something impossible, it's this mate. With reworks it's OK because it's tradition now. And as much as I hate Ezreal he got robbed of that chance twice, with his rework and with his new Legendary Skin. And yeah he has Pulsefire's but... it kinda there just to be there. Even the animation of it looks unfinished. But back to the topic, you can take around 15-20 of them because they'll get reworked in the future. For the remaining 30... They'll just continue to exist. Sadly.
: Well, yeah, of course there are tons of archetypes missing in this game. There are countless archetypes in the world, so it is pretty much impossible for League of Legends to serve all. Personally, what I am missing is: - **Chembaron** - hikikomori "hacker" - maid - chainsaw wielder - medic (as in: using modern medicine to heal)
I want a real tactician. Warmasons from Noxus seems promising but Riot is always against the idea of debuffer and buffer champs.
: I've got one nagging question about the VGU vote
Because he wasn't on the t1 rework list. I have no idea why but they really don't want to rework Malphite. He literally doesn't exist in lore, extremely broad in game, outdated as hell but still works somehow.
: So what's Gragas' lore?
Gragas is still unupdated friend. One of the never updated squad. I hoped he would be updated with Freljord bio updates but no luck.
Terozu (NA)
: Amumu is an eternally cursed undead child. Lux's parents gave her up to be a child soldier. Katarina's own father tried to have her killed. Many more. And magic drunk, is what gets your "wtf?"?
Well Katarina had failed she knows her father was right too D:
: She got a rework which failed and was reverted not too long ago. I don't think she's even close to the front of the line for a VGU.
That's just another reason for her to be reworked though, and that was just a gameplay update. Leblanc's kit absolutely doesn't parallel her lore and can be much better. Her visuals are not that good too.
: Original Gangplank was "killed" and people could only play him as Spooky Gangplank for a while. Then he rebirthed as the current Gangplank.
Correction, you couldn't play Gangplank in any way. People wanted for them to do it like you said, but it didn't happen.
zounet (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lewanor,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bg3q3Etk,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-18T13:26:46.982+0000) > > Updates don't happen in one patch now, it's spread along many patches! really? so can I hOpe more yordle lore soon?
Hope is a dangerous word. I wouldn't hope if I were you, it doesn't end well
zounet (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lewanor,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bg3q3Etk,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-05-18T13:14:07.551+0000) > > Of course it is, but as Falrein said, those are all Void related stories. I think you're liking that more so you feel neglected, even if so little time has passed. You said we had no stories like that since "Eye of the Abyss". We did. We got these: > > The Whispering Doodad, last Wednesday. > > Echoes Left Behind, amazing story. One of the best. > > What Once Sailed Free, finally Xin got what he deserved. > > Silence for the Damned, people want Volibear rework just for this story. > > Turmoil, we got a reason why Demacians may want to be on Sylas' side. > > Demacian Heart, again. Sylas' view. > > At the Edge of the World, Kumungu is finally canon again! > > Art is Life and life is art. > > Also, Eye of the Abyss is almost 9 months ago, not 6. But as you see, even if you only count short stories, even if you don't count all the color stories and comic and bio updates, I say you're very very wrong. You may not like the content. But it's there and it's coming. I'm waiting for my Talon update still, day 2825, so, you didn't wait much. Patience. yes, you're right, sorry if I was not very nice I had forgotten all the stories you quoted wich are very good! it is especially that I was waiting a lot about the yordles update and I am disappointed
Updates don't happen in one patch now, it's spread along many patches!
zounet (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lewanor,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bg3q3Etk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-18T12:58:34.927+0000) > > https://media.giphy.com/media/26BRrSvJUa0crqw4E/giphy.gif maybe, but it's my right to share it
Of course it is, but as Falrein said, those are all Void related stories. I think you're liking that more so you feel neglected, even if so little time has passed. You said we had no stories like that since "Eye of the Abyss". We did. We got these: The Whispering Doodad, last Wednesday. Echoes Left Behind, amazing story. One of the best. What Once Sailed Free, finally Xin got what he deserved. Silence for the Damned, people want Volibear rework just for this story. Turmoil, we got a reason why Demacians may want to be on Sylas' side. Demacian Heart, again. Sylas' view. At the Edge of the World, Kumungu is finally canon again! Art is Life and life is art. Also, Eye of the Abyss is almost 9 months ago, not 6. But as you see, even if you only count short stories, even if you don't count all the color stories and comic and bio updates, I say you're very very wrong. You may not like the content. But it's there and it's coming. I'm waiting for my Talon update still, day 2825. As I said, content is there. Just not something you prefer.
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