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: Why are people asking for Lux buffs?
I play Lux enough. I think she's fine. Everyone whos moaning about her mana costs just need to learn to spam less and make her shots count. She's strong if you can make your skillshots count (and proc passive with aas) and position yourself well. She can dissuade divers with her q, she can poke long range aaand get vision with e, she can add thousands of hp to a team with some good w's, and she got da lazr face. I think people are complaining because shes less "reliable" because all of her stuff can potentially miss, and can be harder to manage due to the range and need to continuously kite and reposition. But she's fine IMO. learn to play her better. Shes not veig or leblanc, shes not zed or xerath or orianna, shes lux. So learn to take advantage of her strengths as Lux.
: Save a life for 250g
PREACH!!! this is like my mantra every single game lol
: Please Riot?
I know that feel and it sucks, especially if you're in promos or close to getting there. I would posit that Riot would like to prevent innocent players from losing lp to afks, but is still formulating a way to do this in a reliable, non-abusable fashion (like duo queues with one being a smurf quitting to save their partner's lp). In the mean time, while it sucks (and it does suuuuck), for the moment on a long term scale it should balance out, as the odds of these players being on your team are just as high as them being on the enemy team, so you'll take some BS losses, but you'll also get some unearned victories to compensate. I don't condone afk-ing, but it;s such a common problem that I refuse to believe Riot wouldn't address it if they could/haven't been testing/brainstorming ways to solve the problem effectively and fairly.
Daeonic (NA)
: What is your strange pocket pick that you think is broken, but you can't play cause it's "troll"
{{champion:63}} Support! It's a little risky but if you know your adc and can coordinate it's got very high potential. Good poke, you can get a lot of gold from {{item:3303}} because of your burn on your spells, you have a nice stun, aaand in a duo lane your ult is optimized for damage between the 2 enemy champs! I AM THE FIRE THAT CLEANSES THE WORLD!


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