Sdars (EUW)
: Funny evil punishment for toxic players
My favorite was suggestion was just stick them on an island server where they can make each other's lives miserable, an echo chamber of misery.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Who would you like to see in next Star Guerdian team if Riot make more?
Garen or bust, his sword would make for an epic familiar. Heck don't even need to make him teenish, he can be the stud p.e. coach at school who looks after his students as they face off against evil.
: Now, those are REAL JHIN BUFFS
I want to upvote but it's at 44 :(
: Haven't played vs an aatrox this season, but last season he was actually very underrated. People keep complaining about him being weak and next thing you know, they'll overbuff him like ornn and then look at the playing public as we cry "nerf pls" and think to themselves "are you happy now... hahaha that'll teach them a lesson".
Had 5 of them in games last season, and each of them stomped, mostly because no one knew what he was capable of. Even in the two they lost, it was because the rest of their team failed them hard and where just too heavy to carry.
: Reminder that we haven't gotten our Summoner report cards yet :/
This is awesome, would create a lot of visibility for reporting.
: Novice Player looking for champ to main at support to start ranked
The nice thing about support is how flexible it is. Your team lacking AP grab a mage; my current is velkoz, the enemy usually makes the mistake of not itemizing against you. Team needs a tank? I've been having hella fun with Sion. Have a Kogma or Vayne, I grab Lulu Have a really good dive comp, grab taric, piggy back CC is OP. You're first pick and your team isn't showing anything, I grab Janna, she fits with everybody with her epic peals. Other times I just say screw it and run velkoz anyway. Tldr: support has the greatest amount of flexibility than any other position, select a pool of champs to abuse this.
ChuShoe (NA)
: I feel like I'd be okay not seeing an adc EVERY game.
Greatest game this season was a sion garen bot lane. The enemy had no idea how to deal with us as I would shield through engages and the garen would heal back all the poke. It was hilarious. Also played a velkoz paired with AP shaco bot, that also won, because they enemy had no idea how to deal with us. Anything is possible this season, especially in bronze. People just need to cut their meta strings.
: everytime i see a brand "support" its #1 lmao
It's how I play Velkoz too.
: The "Zone" - Where you synchronize with your champion and nothing can stop you
Favorite of pre-season, my ADC had backed from being chunked, and I was left alone as support velkoz minding my own business holding the wave, grabbing coin here and there. When out of nowhere the enemy came with the dreaded 4-man gank rushing bot tower (they had already gotten top.) The encounter ended with a double kill and the remaining two limping away with double digits. They never even had the chance to even auto me. It was at that moment I knew that night had ended and Dawn was upon us on the rift.
: If I get Nunu shards one more time Riot...
Feels bad man, I got yasuo first lvl up. Currently still sitting as a shard til I can practice free week yasuo before debating to keep or breakdown. My second capsule was less excirimg, although the 4 shards broke down fairly nicely.
: Grasp of the Undying: suggested change
Yikes, my bad, no need to be so testy. I admit I was wrong. I only ran grasp in top so I never noticed. I ran stone born bot lane for obvious reasons (now a minor rune yay). Premise still remains, make it usable bot lane.
Rioter Comments
: people get stressed out over NORMAL games?????????? wtf?
Skill discrepancy in lane matchups for normals is huge between teams which make for a clown fiesta of rage and REeEeE for whatever poor low lvl facing off against platinum pluses. I honestly have more fun in ranked. Why I quit normals. I can understand his dread. It does count in intermediate FYI.
: Sorcery Keystones need to be more diverse.
Comet works amazing if you have a skill like velkoz that slows, it becomes impossible to miss practically. I am guessing lissandra q poke will be similar. I can see the frustration when there isn't a slow attached though. Like all the masteries old and new, it works better on some champions than others.
: Zoe might be a Mid lane burst mage but she is likely a better Support.
Honestly going to give it a go. Because watching some pbe YouTube videos of her, the the paddle star looks like it has a pretty decent base damage thanks to the range mechanic and is even easier then velkoz to weave into your enemy, plus you have the damage amplified auto to follow up. Only problem is if she wants to spam her W (which she must to get the most out of her kit) it means she will be taking CS away from the ADC. But I really want to make her work. She has crazy pick potential bot lane with squishies and jungle ganks. I see her receiving nerfs though because the power lvl she has right now is insane, especially with the E damage ramp into max range paddle star.
: It's the last day of League as we know it
I am really looking forward to the new system of runes, although I am a little reserved for the massive spike in damage and how its going to affect pacing, especially bot lane. I will miss my old blue mana regen runes as well as the old mana regen mastery. I could always outsustain my opponent support and turn the tables starting around lvl 4 or 5 when they were out. I will hold my reservations until I can see how effective the mana band will be. But man it always made me chuckle when I could be more aggressive with my spell slinging.
: Favorite Childhood Video Game(s)
First Console was a SuperNes: with Donkey Kong Country and Zelda: A Link to the Past. Then I got into PC gaming and the Sims was a big deal. But War Craft III probably tops it and got me it RTS which is still one of my favorite genres today.
: Candidates for: PROJECT
Illioi, digitized tentacles for the win. She needs a new skin anyway.
: When Kalista ults you but you don't want to go in
I cry a little whenever I play with a Kalista. They only seem to ult to save their bacon when they are 4 man bum rushed. (Just my experience anyway)
Yenn (NA)
: Solo queue needs to be fixed, skill discrepancies are getting out of hand
Played a game last week, where my team was made of bronze IV and V with the average winrates being around 25%. Mine was the highest at 40% (insert bronze scrub comment here). Across the way were bronze I and IIs and even a silver V all with winrates <45%, highest at 56%. It was the most stupidly frustrating game I have ever played. MMR works my butt. Anecdotal maybe, but still, this match should have never been made.
: Out of curiosity, why do you feel like he is in need of any nerfs?
I would take a look at that ult damage. The rest of his kit is awesome for a tank and the stack mechanic health makes him an amazing roadblock that has to be dealt with thanks to his massive size. That ult damage though just gives him absurd pressure. Return it to just AP scaling. His pressure should come from his ability to disrupt, as is typical for tanks, not for his ability to do a mages entire spell rotation in a single button press.
: My absolute favorite mission is the one that asks for players to buy control wards
: How is America stealing culture from Europe when Americans are just Europeans that murdered the natives and had to import slaves to do the dirty work?
What you meant to say was thank you America, for saving us from Nazis, and keeping us from being swallowed up into the USSR. What can I say except your welcome.
: Reminder that Missions Should NOT be available in Ranked
These are all things that should be happening anyway. I've been playing 1-2 games a day and have no problems with it. You get a week to complete. Even the wards, if you are buying control wards (every lane should) you will get this in no time. I've been building randuins for forever now because it was the secret shutoff switch for ardent sensor. IE... That is built every game. All the missions, aside from the stupid pre-mades, are simply good game mechanics (they are secretly teaching people to play better: vision, objective control, cs, etc). They belong in ranked.
Bârd (NA)
: Sona's onhit damage aura doesn't apply to towers. It hasn't granted AD in years. She's still good at pushing, though. Staccato chunks.
Good to know, coulda sworn the on hit applied to any next attack. Thanks for the education.
Yenn (NA)
: Just got 4-manned and lost our turret at level 4. Can someone on the balance team justify this?
You are also under estimating Sona, her damage aura spread across four teammates is a big boost of damage to an undefended turret even at lvl 4, not to mention her empowered autos.
Yenn (NA)
: Just got 4-manned and lost our turret at level 4. Can someone on the balance team justify this?
Your team got outplayed and did not respect the capabilities of the A Sol. Bravo enemy for brilliant macro and initiative.
KoKoboto (NA)
: Thresh makes sense because he doens't want to kill like a carry. He wants to flay people around continuously and what better role than support to do that.
> [{quoted}](name=KoKoboto,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kETJWMUt,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2017-10-12T14:47:19.335+0000) > > Thresh makes sense because he doens&#x27;t want to kill like a carry. He wants to flay people around continuously and what better role than support to do that. I have personally been witness to a thresh top make wukong cry all the way back to the Nexus. the passive has a lot of strength in top lane.
Asudurga (NA)
: Watching champ select with new Evelynn out...
First game if the day, three of my lanes wanted to play her... Thankfully the other team first picked her and we won.
: Well I'm done with this seasons ranked
Weird, as a support I've often had the opposite experience: the top feeding to make a split that can't be answered, mid feeding a Zed who winds up 100-0 my ADC before I can get my peel off, feeding yi etc. No matter how consistently I can get my ADC ahead of the enemy's ADC, it matters not if the front line that is supposed to keep him safe is tissue paper. Moral of the story, you are only as strong as the collective strength of the chain.
Catarina (OCE)
: Are games nowadays too short?
I think the length is fine... I'm just tired of one sided snowballs. It's usually a clownfest fiesta on one side or the other (bronze here). For match making, maybe they could look at not just mmr but also ball park winrates, and match them in lanes. I can reliably predict which of my lanes is going to feed off their butt by that alone 90% of the time, and since most matches are decided in laning phase for yolo que, it could at least help build some competition.
Troxic (NA)
: Turrets are a joke, lets let them gain experience
I love it, until my top laner dies 8 times from bad dives... Nah, it would be damn entertaining, carry on.
: this would be fine until you hit a 50+ minute game and the turrets are all lv 18 and one shot people.... no wait that would be fine carry on
Only if you feed the turret. Would make dives do or die as repeats would become harder and harder.
: Worlds 2017 Drinking Game.
Hold up, I need to find a table to go under
: Has this ADC/Ardent meta made worlds fun to watch ?
Watch gigabyte Marines vs. fenetic day 5, they've done ardent, but they are doing a bunch of other stuff too. So far it's the only match where it ended with me going damn, that was a blast to watch.
Rengooo (OCE)
: At least watch Gigabyte Marines vs Fnatic, that game was awesome because its not just adc face rolling.
This may be the best game whole world's. We actually saw something different from literally every other same song match. It was glorious and exciting.
: Got into a 1v1 as fed Rammus vs fed Malphite
Earlier this season we had a team fight and the only two left were a Janna naudilus on one team and a soraka maoki on the other it was an epic battle where the health bars didn't move. Both parties decided at the same time to finally go back home as everyone's timers were coming back. It was satisfying.
: Azir is going to be a problem very quickly
I haven't seen the sand chicken yet, but some of it could also be people don't know how to play against it, as it was a very rare matchup. It may be like jungle ezreal, super powerful at Discovery, but has declined as people have gotten used to his patterns and capabilities. I hope they give it some time and save the knee jerk.
: This week's circle jerk: The mage holocaust!
I was looking at the standings this morning and I smirked when I saw the OP Lucian standings in mid. I smirked, glad I am not alone in noticing. The Nerf must have done it's trick.
: League's towers
I thought this was going to be another cry thread, but damn, that was well written well thought out. I hope a red sees this and gives it thought for way forward to make towers feel impactful again.
: I don't mind being a team player, but I don't want to be my adc's bitch.
Then don't, pick a pick support and roam when able. No one can dictate to you play style, if you decide to shackle yourself with soraka or Sona then yeah, that's the game you will have to play. Try taric, thresh, blitz (gag), bard, allistar, or any Deeps mage support and you will find the ADC chains have magically vanished.
: Least favorite aspects of your favorite champions
Taric: Can't really think of anything... Aside from not liking any of his skins. He's got surprise chunk damage early, a lot of people don't expect it, some of the best gank assist if your jungle knows how to path, and if your team hasn't fed, garuntees most team fights mid/late game.
: I don't care for either champ so I voted for Jhin just because this video.
I've always thought Jhin was the best designed ADC... But that... That was pure perfection
: ok guys, who do you think are the champs who are cwf (crazy when fed)
After not seeing jungle kitty rengar in forever, played a match not long ago where my team fed one 8 kills by the 10 minute mark. I have never felt so much terror as when his ult went off. The other champ that is just disgusting is a crazy stacked cho'gath. They hit like a truck and never die, and because of warmonger, you are forced to all in them. The saying used to be Mundo goes where he pleases, but hot damn, a cho the size of the lane coming toward you is demoralizing, cho goes where he pleases.
: This Whole "Never Surrender" (a.k.a "Holding A Game Hostage") Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand
I will be honest here, I've been more than happy to surrender a number of times. Sometimes I. happy to discover I was wrong. But there is one occasion I will never surrender for. If a teammate is being toxic and trying to bully everyone into surrendering, yeah that tilts me, buckle up for a long defeat.
kasfas (NA)
: I was checking as I do, and I noticed a trend among top tanks.
The passive of thorn is also needed to manage the gods of bot lane that might also have something to do with it showing up in the most "effective" builds.
: Stupid interaction between Taric's E and stealthed champions
Ah yes, one of my favorites to duo with as taric. Along side ash and Jhin, both who also make it easy to line up e's.
: Evelynn Teaser from League of Legends - Philippines Facebook
What!!!!!!! I was hyped before, but now I am foaming at the mouth!
: The game is so much more enjoyable when there aren't any enchanters played
Different strokes for different folks. Some of us like the healer buffer theme in games, keeping the party alive, being the sole reason the party didn't wipe on raid boss. Personally I hated it when mages were the thing bot because if you slipped once you were stuck under tower the rest of laning phase, and even there you were never safe. Should either be banished into the void because certain player bases dislike playing with or against them? No. It is actually one of the great strengths of this game, its champions cover every style of play imaginable, and more all the time. It's tiring when people try to pidgeon hole everybody else into what they want them to play... Especially cuz "meta".
: Something to let supports enable APC's would be good.
My favorite botlane I played was my taric with a Katarina (mid main auto assigned), sadly our other lanes got stomped but the first 10 minutes was a blood bath. Other team had no idea what to do.
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