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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 5
Hey Meddler, I run the Kha'Zix Mains community on Discord and Reddit, I was wondering what the goals are the Kha'Zix Nerfs are aiming to achieve? What are some key areas that stand out as unhealthy or too strong at the moment? From the feedback I get from most Kha'Zix players, the consensus is that the Passive Damage is just too strong right now, especially in conjunction with Duskblade and Dark Harvest. You don't even need to isolate anymore when that was what made Kha'Zix's identity unique as an assassin. Thanks as always for the work you're doing :D {{champion:121}}
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Rehab (EUW)
: Season 6 Ranked Rewards
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: Power Rankings: Worlds Edition
I think the rankings are backwards

Light GG

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