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: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
Is there a reason 'spear of shojin' is missing the mana from old ER? stacking with new ER? Not that I really care all that much since I only build it on Riven. Just feels odd to nerf it I guess.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
Unsure on the hex drinker, would have to see that on bruisers without the MR, cloak helps, but you typically can't rush a maw so the slot efficieny nerf certainly hurts. Unsure on why we would need another stopwatch item.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=boricCentaur1,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=oA7EoIrf,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-21T23:57:19.433+0000) > > Why not just revert essence Reaver or add crit since the new one just seems worst on the champions that use it and a bit better on adc's but there is better items for them since they need crit so why not add crit or just revert it and make this one into a new item. Generally like the emerging builds it's created for fighters. Adding crit on an item is likely to remove these users. I think there's a world where we can support it for both user pools.
In theory the 30% health sounds pretty hard to trigger for fights top lane, lemme just chunk this tank I'm fighting really fast.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 24
Have you tried faster near Lissandra for the thralls?
: Preseason Development Update 1
So with stat choices runes are moving back toward what they used to be (granted with some much needed improvements like removing the grind wall and simplifying choices). Does it make sense to split runes and mysteries again?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 29
> A diverse meta's good, but not as important as interesting matches (better low diversity and exciting games than high diversity and slow, uneventful play repeatedly I think the returns are diminishing. Exciting games with low diversity, tend to play out the same, different things are exciting. I think you definitely need to aim for a balance of both.
: If Ezreal's VGU goes well: Jax, Blitz and Kennen are next in line!
Thoughts on the kind of work Riven needs if any? Visual, Minor Gameplay, Major Gameplay?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 3
Thoughts on the current state of Irelia? Do you think additionally work will be needed to address just how hard she snowballs? For context I think the changes this patch feel directionally very solid (she feels like a fighter again), but my initial success has me concerned shes too strong again. Seeing her swing so hard from patch to patch. I can't help but feel she does too much when ahead, and to a lesser degree too little when behind.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 20
Any insight into the direction of the current Irelia nerfs?
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=2tsZxqEF,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2018-06-08T15:48:00.299+0000) > > There's a definite risk there. We do want to open up Sterak's to more users, but especially if picked up on really damaged focused champs that needs to come with a significant damage trade off for that extra survivability. We believe it'll be in an ok spot for them, but certainly open to adjusting quickly if needs be. I have an idea. Why not have the shield scale with a percentage of bonus health? That way, any assassins that use this item won't benefit from the shield as much as bruisers will.
Um it already scales solely off of bonus health.
: 8.10 Jungle Changes - Iteration and Additional Context
Random thought if you want to encourage more counter jungling, maybe increase camp spawn times when killed by the invaders?
: Patch 7.22 notes
Master Yi lost ~2 true damage on wuju per hit.
Bârd (NA)
: {{summoner:6}} Grants 10% slow resistance for the duration Change grievous wounds to reduce healing by differing amounts dependant on the spell, and give{{summoner:14}} the highest heal reduction. {{summoner:21}} Look at the icon. It is a summoner putting up a barrier to block a spell. Barrier rework: Shield yourself for a couple seconds. Projectiles that pass through OR OVER you while the shield stands are blocked. {{summoner:13}} reduce its cooldown drastically, to ~40 seconds. Champs like{{champion:115}} {{champion:101}} now have the option to take it in order to remove any need for a mana item, allowing them to buy flat AP instead of {{item:3174}} . {{summoner:2}} CV rework: (passive) Increase your sight radius. All nearby enemy champions are revealed if they arent stealthed.
> [{quoted}](name=The True Bard,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qWGbZX8N,comment-id=000000050003,timestamp=2015-10-05T22:14:06.613+0000) > > {{summoner:6}} Grants 10% slow resistance for the duration > > Change grievous wounds to reduce healing by differing amounts dependant on the spell, and give{{summoner:14}} the highest heal reduction. > > {{summoner:21}} Look at the icon. It is a summoner putting up a barrier to block a spell. > Barrier rework: Shield yourself for a couple seconds. Projectiles that pass through OR OVER you while the shield stands are blocked. > > {{summoner:13}} reduce its cooldown drastically, to ~40 seconds. Champs like{{champion:115}} {{champion:101}} now have the option to take it in order to remove any need for a mana item, allowing them to buy flat AP instead of {{item:3174}} . > > {{summoner:2}} CV rework: (passive) Increase your sight radius. All nearby enemy champions are revealed if they arent stealthed. Honestly ghost would be fine if it still gave 35% movement speed instead of 27% such a crushing nerf when they removed the improved summoners masteries, probably the hardest nerf to any summoner in that patch.
: @Riot, @Meddler some context on lulu
Well it would be a small nerf, except with lulu's shield and ult, I feel like this will ultimately net even for top lulu, nerf mid lulu in most matchups, and nerf support lulu across the board.
: can "The Helmet Bro" be his subtitle, tho? Just like "The Piltover Enforcer" or "The Swift Scout?"
> [{quoted}](name=tombdragon,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=phyAMEBz,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2015-07-05T18:46:57.336+0000) > > can "The Helmet Bro" be his subtitle, tho? Just like "The Piltover Enforcer" or "The Swift Scout?" Feels too informal maybe "Knight of the Helmet Brotherhood".
: > [{quoted}](name=TotalJerk,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tGyqjbE3,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-05-28T21:26:43.708+0000) > > Didn't freelo used to not be a reference to how strong a champion was, but how easy they were to win with against low/mid level players? > > For example: {{champion:11}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:23}} are never picked in pro matches, but they are pretty much a free win from silver downward and normals pre-30. Freelo is an old term used to describe a champion that you can pretty much autolock every game and expect to win a Ranked Game with. For example, {{champion:143}} on release had a 60% win rate at least and she was immediately nerfed, during her time on release she was a "freelo" champion because it was actually more difficult to lose a game with her than to win it. It doesn't mean how strong a champion is necessarily, for example if a champion had infinite stuns with no cooldown but literally 0 damage on abilities or any attack damage, they could still be freelo but they wouldn't be able to do much on their own you could say. Considering your team just has to come up and would in that case, whack them a few times and you would instantly win every game. And I agree with you, many champions that aren't played in the LCS could be overpowered and freelo. Tryndamere for example, I'm quite surprised this guy isn't really played in pro matches since he lacks a lot of counterplay ability. Only falling off on the fact he needs to manage his passive for full potential, but besides that he can still be overpowered and classified as freelo, but he isn't played in the LCS. {{champion:55}}
> [{quoted}](name=ILoveTyranny,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tGyqjbE3,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2015-05-28T22:53:45.465+0000) > Tryndamere for example, I'm quite surprised this guy isn't really played in pro matches since he lacks a lot of counterplay ability. > {{champion:55}} Lane swaps suck pretty hard for him. He could probably work in the midlane as a niche counterpick, but with voyboy retired I doubt any of the current lcs midlaners would ever consider him.
: Thanks for taking the time to write this up. Much appreciated. Yup. We agree that Mark/Dash needs a little tweaking :) So, yesterday we put a change in that will split the damage between Mark and Dash roughly 25/75%. It's on PBE right now. It also still has the CDR incentive. This will kill some of that "pokey-ness" that exists now and reward players who commit. My mind is telling me no... We're still keeping an eye on things like the CD and will address it if we see it being too abusive, but we're pretty happy with the change. Let us know what you think! EDIT: Not on PBE yet. My bad. Will be soon!
Can something be done about the visibility so the ability doesn't blend in with the map.
þang (NA)
: If they're trying to deter me to summoners rift it's not working. It's just making me dislike something that I originally loved. I still don't want to play summoners rift or ARAM now.
Well there's always the crystal scar.
: ARAM Mark/Snowball
The ability is stupidly broken and honestly most melee champions aren't that bad without and are just silly with it. I think the reality is melees need lower cooldown initiation so why not just lower the cd on flash for melees down to say 2-3 minutes. Melees need a little boost not this mark/dash nonsense.
: Recent changes to Quick Cast with Range Indicators
Any plans for saving bindings on a per champion basis. Even thought its relatively quick to change it still sucks whenever I forget for example to smart cast varus or vi Q and release it super early in the completely wrong direction. Or I die as a level 6 Akali because i forgot to put my ult on smart cast. Also is there any chance we can get individual casting settings for spells and ability's and not just keys. For example on Elise I really wish I could click cast cocoon and smart cast rappel, but in the current settings thats not possible without shift/alt/key shenanigans.
: Why aren't adcs like Miss Fortune, Varus and Ashe getting buffed?
I'm guessing Frost shot mana cost is removed, and its also now her passive.
Khoopa (NA)
: Hrm, imo, that information would be too busy on the party frames. Totally agree that the information should be allied only. Might work on the Scorescreen (Tab). Would help Solo Q game coordination by quite a bit honestly. Will pass it along to the UX guys, who are looking into a HUD rework (and a sexy one at that).
Definitely not too busy and totally awesome. Curse voice had this on release and it was a major reason why me and my friends adopted it. Its pretty cool to see ammummu ult cd without asking all the time. Its also pretty cool to say okay guys we go in as soon as malph/ammumu/etc ult is up. For anyone who doesn't remember I've attached the curse timers a simple bar beside the current indicator. It changes colors to give a vague cooldown and has the exact cooldown numerically displayed.
Meddler (NA)
: Having a fall back pattern doesn't mean you're still really effective regardless of your past performance that game, but that there's some way you can continue to play and be useful if you get sufficiently far behind you can't perform your normal actions successfully. For ADCs that often comes via poke to harass/still farm somewhat (e.g. Ezreal, Kog, Corki, Jinx, Lucian) and/or spell based contributions that aren't too dependent on game performance (e.g. Ashe and Varus especially, Jinx, MF to lesser degrees). Some ADCs do have much weaker fallback patterns certainly and that's one of the risks you take when picking them (Vayne and Draven for example). Counterpicks can invalidate a champion's primary playstyle and, especially if they don't have a fallback pattern to shift to, potentially shut them down really hard. Late game that's not such an issue, since LoL's a team game where your allies can cover for your weaknesses and there are other enemies to focus instead, early game (laning) however that can be pretty game deciding, hence our desire to avoid hard counterpicks in the early game. Are there particular champion match ups you have in mind as major problems?
Personally the worst match up I have yet to play is Gangplank versus Jax. Counterstike negates 95% of your damage. Jax will win any sustained fight post 6, and has vastly superior mobility with which he can stick to you like glue. Since Jax murders turrets,(and can ignore all your damage) chances are you can't even farm under tower for long.
Ququroon (NA)
: Obvious gifs aside, capes aren't the easiest thing with League's camera angle. They eat up a large majority of character real estate from the rear, so a lot of cool details could be lost. Lending a hand to the Parrot, can you think of any instances were capes are meshed well with armor? Do you know of any references that utilize gems on a cape?
My thoughts is to do a cape lite. Twin trailing scarfs with gems at the end.
Statikk (NA)
: Unfortunately, I actually don't have a ton of insight into Spell Vamp and how it should function in our game (probably more appropriate for one of our Systems guys like Xypherous), but I will say that although a "Spell Vamp ratio" on each spell would make Spell Vamp healthier and more functional in our game, it would be an extremely inelegant solution. For example, how would players know whether they had good Spell Vamp ratios or not? We would probably have to display it in the tooltips somewhere and that has its own complexity and costs as well. I think you are getting at the heart of the problem though, which is that Spell Vamp is a lot weaker on champions who have to expend resources (Mana) to get returns out of it. Personally not sure what the answer would be here still.
The first solutions that come to mind are attaching mana/regen to spellvamp items or allowing spellvamp(or again spellvamp items) to return mana as well similar to a spirit stone. Of course neither is without consequences, the former suffering from making resource-less champions feel wasteful when they purchase the item.(although spirit stone kind of sets a standard that this "sour taste" effect could be acceptable if it solves other problems. Of course mana scaling champs like ryze might be a bit crazy with the item. The later is far harder to balance and would likely require a pass or too of re balancing mana costs. It also tends to trivialize mana as the game goes on and more damage is built. (although some rather inelegant solutions might exist such as making the mana return scale down with level or be capped/soft capped; then again that reeks of innervating locket ) At anyrate its a large and interesting problem, but it definitively deserves exploration. Spellvamp certainly has some cool moments, so I'll be looking forward to any future work you guys might do on the project.
Spidurz (NA)
: New Buff Indicators
I would really like to see a buff transfer animation too something like a colored version of the one used by monster health packs(I guess I can call it that). So you can tell who just got a buff kill and maybe even the transfer from player to player.
: Those are good points, and we do intend to follow up this general feature with dev blogs going into more detail on each value. We don't think randomness necessarily violates the clarity value. Randomness is just one of those challenges you need to overcome and can help ensure that players are actually reacting to current situations at that moment. When randomness gets out of control is when it gets to the point of randomly winning or losing, which was the problem we were trying to fix with fear. In terms of counterplay, having a single powerful ability or even a combo that is tough to counter isn't necessarily a violation of that value. As the opponent, you can time your own abilities to try and go in when your opponent's cooldown is down for example. It's when you feel like you literally have no options that counterplay is really being violated. The specific tactic you suggest of making frequent small changes is a viable one and we have done that on occasion. There is also value to ripping the band-aid off quickly or making larger changes to make sure we're actually moving the needle. It's tactically simpler sometimes to overshoot the target and then correct back than it is to incrementally buff or nerf something that is going to end up taking dozens of increments to reach its target (if that makes sense). Most of you got this intuitively, but it is worth restating that these values are aspirational -- they are what we want the game to be. There are plenty of examples where we currently aren't living up to the ideal, and those are things we want to fix over time.
The problem I see is there is alot of band aid ripping that never sees the incremental buffs to bring the champion back into viability. As such those champions sit in limbo and more often than not (not always mind) removing a champion doesn't increase the viable champion pool just shift it around. The way I think about it is riot is trying to fix a dent in their car, but they seem istent that they have to do it from on direction. If they ever overnerf it can take half a year to a year for that champion to come back assuming they don;t decide to junkyard the champion until they rework.
: Upcoming Nidalee Gameplay Update
Actually I like the concept and direction of this overhaul a lot. One thing that worries is me is that I will no longer be able to kill people with a barrage of well aimed spears, which is the iconic Nidalee play style. I can understand removing the instagib spears, but I feel there should be a reward for consistently landing spears: for example spears do increased damage to hunted targets. I really look forward to seeing the test kit in action. Especially the empowered pounce. A few worries about pouncing toward cursor will the scripting cover the old spear into pounce trick or will I need to micro my cursor for that now? My only other concern is that this will dramatically change Nidalee's powercurve. Where before Nidalee had a giant spike at 6 and was really strong in the 9-13 range, I feel the new iteration will be strongest early and fall off hard lategame. Also max level traps not costing absurd mana sounds great, and although the 40% shred will be missed; its a relic of the past and largely misunderstood/something people don't know about.
Wrekzzz (NA)
: The answer is also complicated by the stats of the target you are hitting. Armor penetration makes you deal higher damage to tanks (who would mitigate raw AD with armor). AD on the other hand is substantially better than armor penetration when hitting squishy targets. Generally AD and flat armor penetration are strong through the early and mid-game, while late game percentage armor penetration becomes necessary for dealing damage to people building for durability.
You got it wrong Wreckz because tanks have more armor, flat armor pen is less effective against them. Because each point of armor provides less and less damage reduction the closer toe points you remove are to zero the more effective the armor pen is. This is also why magic pen builds go all out the more flat pen you have the more effective it is. This means armor pen runes are strongest early when armor values are low. Flat AD on the other hand is **really** strong early to the point where it crushes armor pen early. Eventually armor pen catches up as you gain more ad.(since you won't be gaining flat pen typically while you will be getting quite a lot of ad.) I haven't crunched the numbers since season 3 but the long and short of it was flat armor pen sucked hard. These numbers are from memory, but armor pen is worse than ad at level 1, dealing about ~10% less damage to champions and ~20% less to minions at about a hundred ad armor pen breaks even versus champions. On an endgame carry armor pen deals 5% more damage or so. Certain champions fall well out side these parameters, but after the removal of old cleaver and the flat armor reduction (at the time reducing 70-80+ armor flat was reasonably doable. Nowadays breaking 40 is neigh impossible. There certain situations where armor pen is better on specific champions. Mid lane assassins mostly, but by and large flat ad is more effective.
: Scarra stepping down from Dignitas, being replaced by GoldenGlue of compLexity Red
GoldenGlue is(was?) probably the best player on Complexity Red, but at the same time he also seemed to be a touch inconsistent. I'm interested to see how he will do in the LCS but I'm not optimistic.
JackAqua (NA)
: I do think they should scale, but not necessarily with AD and AP.
So what then level maybe? Although that has other concerns
: The new bush designs and area are disappointing to the fullest.
There a few decent changes like the moving of river bush back some, and maybe the top lane triple bush(but why isn't it like that bot?) The rest of the bush changes were unnecessary or outright bad like the changes to bushes around blue. There is significantly less area to hide in near mid lane and the bush makes it nearly impossible(but not impossible) to place a ward that see blue,the bush,and around the corner.(infact many of these "perfect" wards are possible but frustratingly precise. TL;DR bush changes making warding harder not easier
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