: Fuck Marry Kill League of Legends Edition
F: {{champion:67}} I couldn't tell you why, it just has to be. M: {{champion:145}} She is the sweetest thing and you would be hard pressed to convince me otherwise. K: {{champion:30}} Let him go back to whence he came.
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: So according to Riot some names are offensive!
The idea is that people are getting forced name changes because people are reporting them, and they will probably go through some kind of filter to determine whether or not it needs to be changed. It wouldn't make sense for Riot to look up every individual mass murderer (or anything of the like) in order to ban the names. Things like "Hitler" and "Stalin" are banned because they are known around the world for their deeds. You don't have to agree with their determination, but that is how it is determined.
: Perma Banned
You can try submitting a support ticket, but if it was a justified ban with proper warning (smaller punishments adding up), it isn't likely.
: Reforming Part 1
Let's get some thumbs up for this guy. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Mordon91 (EUNE)
: Please
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I've roamed these boards well enough to know that it's very unlikely that you get your account back. Your best chance, however, would be to submit a support ticket if you haven't already and try to work with the people who actually have the power to reverse the decision, although your odds are still fairly low. Best of luck to you, and I hope you're honest about your intent to reform.
: 🔒 Suggestions
This is probably not in the right board. Miscellaneous might be a better home for a post of this nature. (or concepts & creations, but I don't know those boards well enough to know)
: A Taste of Low Elo
It's against the rules of the boards to name and shame. As for your question, you're better off submitting a support ticket if you don't feel like the instant feedback system is doing its job, although you'll more than likely just be told to continue using the instant feedback system.
: what does ftfy mean?
: When you pick an adc to play
{{champion:67}} I don't see the issue
MysterQ (NA)
: Why is 99 even programmed into real life. Get rid of it.
Would you rather we work on a base 9 counting system? That way you would never have to see the number "99", and then get just as annoyed at the number 88. xD
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: What a tank meta looks like
https://goo.gl/images/3LJBEB FTFY
: Because Riot didn't actually give a fuck about this report option. I think they even came out and announced this officially at one point. They need a broader option for trolling though. Not all trolls intentionally feed. There are plenty of other ways to guarantee that your team loses without going 0/20.
Bring back the griefing options, those were much more accurate.
: so i've won few rankeds lately and here's what i noticed
100/101 of your most recent ranked games were remakes?
: Post a Screenshot of your Champion Masteries!
: Fake system messages
I got this exact same message.....
: Can some1 please investigate this dude? Intentional feeding
It has been said multiple times across this board: Using the instant feedback system is the only reliable way to inform riot about players like this. I would encourage you to continue to report players like this that you come across, and hope a review gets them the due punishment. :)
: it only shows up while in game, so you cant change it from the home screen
I'm used to doing all of that in game anyways. xD
: You have to go to profile->clubs, from there you can find a "..." next to your name in a club and leave.
If you go into your active clubs on that tab while not in 3 clubs, the "Start a Club" option will be available.
every1 (NA)
: How Do I Leave/Make A Club?
You have to go to profile->clubs, from there you can find a "..." next to your name in a club and leave.
: Placement in lower priority Que.
If I don't say it, someone will. Leaverbuster doesn't target players with bad networks to punish bad networks, but because disconnecting will still have the same negative effect on the players who are still in the game, regardless of why it happens.
: its not that it isnt saving, the rebind window that pops up doesnt even register the left click, lets me bind it to shift+left click but not left click on its own should also say that i can bind and save settings fine also it seems that nothing can be bound to left click only
There's a specific check box to do this. In hotkeys, scroll all the way down and you'll find it.
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: http://www.theblaze.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/jesus1-620x533.jpg This thing? This is actually a symbol that represents the female genetallia of Gaia. It just happened to be adopted by the christian faith for the Jesus fish.
This was a way of communication between believers. One believer would create one arch, and if the other person finished the Icthus, they both knew the other was a believer.
: The 7 Deadly In Game Sins of League
{{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} all died. Now they are:
: Nerfs to the wrong people... and another Ryze rework.
Maybe two Ryze reworks in the same patch this time. Because that's possible.
: Choco chip or oatmeal raisin?
Gonna have to go with choco chip.
: Thoughts on Immobile Carries
I read all the way, where's my cookie?
: You just broke {{champion:53}} Q - 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+ 100% AD) W - Gain attack speed and movement speed for 5 seconds E - Next auto attack does 200% AD damage R - 250 / 375 / 500 (+ 100% AD)/ Bolts - 100 / 200 / 300 (+ 20% AD) Edit: nvm, I didn't realize his E actually said 100% AD bonus damage. I thought it just said it does double damage.
Use something like a triforce lethality build, I'm sure you could make it work. (let's be real, using {{item:3147}} while camping in the fog of war?)
: Pokémon-Based Champion Recommendations!
1. Vibrava 2. Chikorita 3. Umbreon 4. Latias 5. Cinccino
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: Did you hear about the goldfish who lost a ton of ranked games?
Now the real question is, why is there a fish in my ranked games?
Chermorg (NA)
: Do you also think people should lose their win? If so, that's really rude of you to take away another player's win just because it was your loss. If not, it would cause artificial LP inflation and everyone would keep gaining LP to the point that there wouldn't be anyone left in Bronze. ---- Like it or not, the loss of LP whenever a game is lost (minus certain circumstances that affect every single person such as riot server issues which are rare) balances out over the long run - theoretically you get as many trolls/afks on your team as you get on enemy teams.
Statistically speaking, if the person in question is not a troll/afk, there will be 5/4 as many on the enemy team.
: ranked flex bug
I had this same issue in a normal draft.
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: https://i.imgur.com/3IQfD9e.jpg Stop the dragon abuse!
Says the dragon that gets stronger by killing dragons.
: So why is it acceptable for those players to ruin the game for others and create very negative situations with virtually no repercussions?
By this logic we should stop further accounts from being created. New accounts could mean new players, who are often bad if they aren't really good at other similar games. You would pretty much suggest implementing a system that made it impossible for people to learn, and then wonder why they aren't learning.
: ELO hell, I'm stuck, help !
I feel like this would be better suited for the gameplay board (I could be wrong). But regardless of that, I'd say just try and play as well as you can, always try to encourage and not discourage, if you know where your team should be on the map don't be afraid to call it out, and just try not to be overly aggressive (it can tilt players, especially down here). That's all I got, hope climbing goes well for you. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: You wont get it back for awhile... Ypu will have to play in tell riot feels you have changed. Also you will no longer be able to get rank rewards for getting a 14day ban as well.
The ranked rewards ban is only if you're in punishment during the end of the season.
: statistically in my experience the majority of my games in silver and in the past in bronze had trolls, afk, giving up, feeders. so you are wrong lightsword.
Let me be more clear. If you are not a troll, afk or feeder, that's one player on your team that will never be a troll, afk, or feeder. This means that there are 5 potential trolls, afks, and feeders on the enemy team, but only 4 on yours. Obviously personal experience can change things, but the system you have suggested is not the fix to that.
Astalos (NA)
: People toxic even in a bot game?
I would recommend you remove the picture from the thread, it is in violation of a universal rule.
: "Game the System"
At face value it promotes toxic behavior. Even if the system needs to be changed, saying something like this (even as a joke) will only encourage pre/post game toxicity. It has very little constructive value and I see no reason why it's better than simply stating that the system is flawed, thus why I believe that is was removed. Also, I'm pretty sure they check post-game chat in specific cases (maybe if someone points out the post-game chat in their reports). Just my two cents on the matter.
: Dealing with rage quitters and DCs mid game.
I see where you're coming from, but making this kind of system would promote toxic behavior. If a team is losing and someone isn't doing so great, the team might start pressuring them to leave the game so that the rest of them don't have to suffer. On top of this, I'm pretty sure the ranked ladder isn't supposed to work with a small number of games, but rather a larger number of games over which there will be statistically fewer trolls if you are not a troll. Just my thoughts.
: How many times do people have to lose before they learn their lesson. Attack the damn nexus
I remember winning a game by winning a 1v2 as Syndra because the enemy team decided bm'ing me with a 4 hp Nexus right there was a better option. A little less recently, I lost a ranked game in this exact manner.
: {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
I mean, that sounds like a really nice offer, I would certainly take him up on it.
Mus (NA)
: Hey Summoner Lets not Name and Shame I mean you wouldn't like it if someone made a thread saying how much you trolled their games now would you?
Who is downvoting the person trying to not get the OP moderated/banned from the boards?
Kjarik (EUNE)
: This is the best event Riot made and here is why
My friends, I am afraid one of my family members has fallen into the depths of chaos. Deleting them would not be so practical, and cleansing my friends list would be incomplete.
Jad (NA)
: The real winner of the VS. event.
God forbid that a company gets money off a game that they offer to the public FOR FREE.
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