: Okay, punishments follow progression. When was your two week ban? With live chat they get to be a bit more free with speech. So the "Oh no, what happened?" Could have been geniun curiosity. Do you really think he added you, a nobody like me, to some list of "fuck this player in particular?" Your situation is vastly different from T1's. He wasn't targetted by a Riot member in a support ticket or 1 even in game. Sanjuro took personal shots at T1 in statements, not punishments.
I was 2-week ban for negativity, and I admit i was negative at the time. And skeletor was the employee I spoke with. And as soon as I get the perma ban, and as soon as I press live chat, he pops up. The whole chat in the beginning seemed like he was mocking me, it was not curiousity at all.
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