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: Highest DPS champion and highest burst champion?
How could you forget Rumble? Or Fiddlesticks? Both of them have two DoTs that they can have on at the same time! You guys didn't even mention Teemo!
: I want an egg salad
The Hero all of us needed..... But none of us deserved.......
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: AutoFill is AutoCancer
Overwatch implemented a system where you choose what role you want even before you match with other players. When you get to the character select screen, everyone has the role they want, everyone is happy. Sure queue times are a little longer, but if you think about it, the main reason people turn toxic is because they feel like they're getting held back by their teammates, when in reality, the real culprit is autofill. You're not getting matched with bad teammates, you're getting matched with AUTOFILLED teammates! So now not only are they pissed that they can't play the role they want, but on top of that they've got their team breathing down their neck everytime they make a mistake. Their team is toxic towards them and vice versa, all because nobody's allowed to play what they fucking want!
: {{item:3110}} is a nice tank item that enchanters can buy. Useful vs Lee Sins and a few other assassins.
> [{quoted}](name=Metal Janna,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cA3tPQ1x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-26T20:03:42.967+0000) > > {{item:3110}} is a nice tank item that enchanters can buy. Useful vs Lee Sins and a few other assassins. Personally I think Frozen Heart is a bit expensive on a Support's income. It's passive is really helpful though, you're right. Combined with Randuin's Omen you can easily counter high Attack Speed, Crit Chance building champs. Even with the new support items that auto upgrade though, I think you still don't get enough gold to build items that expensive. I'd prefer if they released a cheaper item that gave lower stats but had the same passive. That would be so good for tank supports imo.
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EU Ezreal (EUW)
: Wait so if I shield an ally, and they take damage within 2.5 seconds of getting the shield, they get the guardian shield on top ?
Yes, and it immediately starts blocking damage from whatever attack proc'd it. So if Guardian proc's against an Ezreal Q for example, when it activates it will block as much damage from said Q as it can first. The movement speed still activates too, even if the shield breaks instantly. That's why I think Guardian is better than Aery, with Aery someone could easily delay their attacks so that they only damage your allies after Aery's shield fades, which makes it most efficient to try and keep it up constantly by spamming shields or healing of some kind, with Guardian however, it only proc's when your ally takes damage, so you'll always get use out of it. The reason I love Guardian on ZIlean is because Guardian can proc from Zilean's speed boost on an ally and the movement speed that Guardian gives will stack with ZIlean's speed boost, so if your ally is running into a teamfight/trying to escape from one and they get poked while you're speeding them up, they not only receive a shield but they also run fast as shit!
Kazekiba (NA)
: Guardian might not be the rune you think it is. Guardian is applied by proximity to an ally not ability casts. Anyway its not hard for a properly used Zil ult to activate even with Aerys pitiful shield, just takes longer or larger burst to force it.
It's not the Aery shield that I'm worried about, it's the fact that Aery will proc Athene's and waste all your precious bloodwell on a useless heal :V
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: I've got the perfect solution to fix Taric's Q stacks!
Or of course riot could always rollback his Q the way is originally worked after his rework where it had a maximum of 3 stacks but you got all of them at level 1 and the healing and mana cost just went up per rank, only this time just make the max stacks 4 instead of 3 so that you aren't wasting a passive hit c:
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If it were up to me, I would not remove it, but what I would do is I would make it a choice. There are plenty of players that don't care where they go as long as it doesn't take them 3 hours to find a game, but at the same time there are also plenty of players that (regardless of skill level) get a bit tired of being autofilled into the same boring roles all the time. I'm sure if you ask any high elo player they will tell you there is one role that they feel most comfortable in, and if they're trying to climb, maybe even get to promos, and they get stuck with a different role......sure they "can" make due with what they get, but both noobs and tryhards alike should definitely at least be given the option to trade longer queue times for a guarantee that they will be given the role they want. I used to always choose mid/top as my roles, and I eventually just became a support main because there were several times that I would be stuck in queue for upwards of 45 mins and after all that waiting I would still get autofilled. If I'm gonna wait that fucking long I think I deserve to get one of my desired roles. Support is no where near my favorite role, but at least it's a role I can get consistently with low queue times.


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