Arakadia (NA)
: This is the artist's art station. As Moonboy65 said, you could try contacting Kelly Aleshire for information. Maybe she would release the concept sketches for you. Not sure if shes allowed to. Why do you want an extended version of the splash, if I can ask? Do you need it to be a different ratio size or are you just looking for more Lil Devil Teemo content if its available? You could probably do a simple edit with some app to have it just fade into a black background at the edges, otherwise depending on how much you want this you might want to consider looking for an artist to expand the splashart (probably would want to be commissioned unless you know the person personally).
Actually wanted to use it in a collage for a tattoo :3 But I was on a time crunch and this is what we ended up using/doing
Arakadia (NA)
: Most likely there is not a an extended version of the splashart. I've never seen that done outside of conjoined splasharts and it would probably not be done by an artist in their free time because it would be messing with official art. I checked and it doesn't look like the splashart illustrator released the concept sketches on her art station, so if you want to edit it larger you'll just need to improvise.
Had a feeling that would be the case but wanted try the long-shot anyway. Would you happen to have the artists name or possibly a way to get in contact with them? Would very much like to stick to the original concept as much as possible
: there aren't any other versions that i'm aware of, if you want the splash as a wallpaper tho get the League Displays App {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Sukishoo (NA)
: Legendaries don't get them on release. He'll probably get them sometime in the future.
R.I.P. Thanks for the info on the pattern of releases, I look forward to it
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: Missing Shaco Chroma
Hush, Jhin didn't get any chromas
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Rotain (NA)
: I keep getting this as well. I'm stuck with LeaveBuster permanently because of this. Gotta redownload, patch it up and the game is over by the time I do it. This is pretty much cancer.
thats literally what happens to me. Happened 3 times during ranked games, 2 times during URF & 1 time in aram. Less than a week
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: > As soon as Season 9 Started and the patch hit, my honor level dropped to Honor Lvl 2, stage 1. That's intended. Honor Level resets at the beginning of every Ranked Season. Honor Levels 3-5 get dropped to Honor Level 2 with checkpoints based on their overall Honor level - so, HL 2 to 2:0, HL 3 to 2:1, HL 4 to 2:2, and HL 5 to 2:3. > Like what did I do now Rito!? Start/continue the climb, as everyone else does.
Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up for me! I was upset I might have messed it up again, but will do! Thanks again{{champion:17}}
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: Looking for Ranked Duo. I main support! Silver league pushing to gold!
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: b2 looking for duo partner to get to silver with( prefer silver or higher) mssg for inv
: > I don't see an issue with making progress towards being an honorable player again. I don't see an issue regarding the time frame it's taken and yet to come. In other words, you understand my point, you just disagree. Regarding enjoyment with the game, I only have fun with winning almost all the time due to the one-side nature of the game. As a top laner in a game that keeps promoting teamwork and teamplay, it's literally impossible to just ignore your team and be a top lane island like before; it doesn't work with the direction Riot's going in.
I think your point is vague and should likely be posted on it's own as a statement or question to the community rather than trying to be made in the comments of my post. I'm not sure I agree or disagree because I still do not fully understand what you are getting at.
: need a 5th for flex que, silver
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: > [{quoted}](name=Lil AntiChrist,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8fXPE0X4,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-03-13T05:23:22.418+0000) > > Better then no progress over 5 months. "It could be worse" isn't really a solution to an issue.
I'm having trouble understanding what you are referring to as the issue. I don't see an issue with making progress towards being an honorable player again. I don't see an issue regarding the time frame it's taken and yet to come. What I see is better sportsmanship and a lot less tilt and flame from myself, getting myself back to enjoying the game rather than paying attention to other players who look to belittle and flame teammates simply because they can and are behind a computer screen with a lack of repercussions.
: Yeah, and it only took 5 months!
Better then no progress over 5 months.
: Until we meet and muting won't save you. I will vote no to FF 15 too. Be scared. Relapse.
um, k? I've lost to much worse trolls. Try harder ;)
: I just got banned for being banterful but the other jungler thought different, regardless to a bot or what ever it seemed toxic, but this comment helps me i guess
Know your limits. Some times it's better to say nothin simply because they are itching to turn it around on you. Majority of the time in my experience they are grouped or with a party, so it'll never turn out in our favor despite if what we say is true, false, toxic, or simply misunderstood.
: Way to go dude! You’re on the road there :)
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maynes (NA)
: Are the punishments being given actually justified??
I don't believe they are with a few exceptions. There is a high focus on racism, sexism, and the "KYS" ban for players that abuse chat and I think there are filters in the reports that single these out as most players have made this a high focus of being an issue. As for the rest of reports I believe they are based on majority votes or reports and game data such as a player was dying a lot so teammates look to blame them for the game overall which everyone knows is not the case, but do it anyway and majority reports them for feeding. Given the game data say they were 2/12/6, they get punished for it regardless if they were just having a bad game or filled into a position they don't know how to play well. Same thing goes for the time bans on dodges, between now and last season dodges have become much more frequent because of trolls. Already tilted players Q'ing up just to flame and screw over the next team, players who enjoy ruining ranked games for others, etc. Then comes the low Q penalty from having to dodge too many games in hopes of saving LP, based on game data, players have can't even play due to time restraint even if they've done nothing wrong in a sense. This system has a lot of issues right now & are making this game unpleasant to many players. In the same respect, players are making it this way by causing issues, dramatizing them, and not offering solutions. Just pointing the finger and waiting on Riot to fix it. I still have hope for this game, I love LoL and have invested a lot into it.
: One more spot for flex must be around silver. READ DISCRIPTION
already in Q atm but ill add if they dodge or after ign: Lil Antichrist
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: Support main Lf Ranked adc
lvl 29 meaning this is a new player new account or 2nd account?
: need a player
yall still looking?
Jayyster (NA)
: Looking for a Silver/Gold Bot Lane Duo for Tomorrow Night (Friday) May end in Long Term Team
: Silver support looking for chill games for tonight
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: So has anyone actually escaped Honor Level 0?
So has anyone answered the question in the title??
AntiDragon (EUNE)
: Top Lane Champion for Climbing Silver ?
Ornn & Maokai are best 2 top laners right now
: Looking for one for flex
: LF serious Bronze/Silver mid laner
Jayyster (NA)
: Tryouts for Valor Gaming Silver/Gold and Plat/Diamond Teams
IGN: **Lil AntiChrist** Real Name (Optional): **Lucian** Role(Please only put your Main):** Teemo (jk jk - ADC)** Rank/Team Trying out for: **Silver/Gold (Valor Blue)** Willing to Play/Learn Meta: **Of course!**
: LF Top and Mid
Do you accept Teemo mains?
: Looking to help any Silver to make the climb today
NagaSake (NA)
: Duo, Trio, or 5 man in Flex. Silver promos
: Tired of Getting Matched With People Far Below Your Skill Level in Ranked?
IGN: Lil AntiChrist Bouncing back and forth between S5-S3 I'm a Satan Main, but I can play any role with a decent champ pool. I've similar goals as what you described above! I don't like that Riot has been pairing me with feeders, flamers, and afk's especially this close to the end of the season but it cannot be helped. I'd like to become a better LoL player for myself and for a team aspect. I know some things I have to and have been working on, but would love teammates that know how to approach after game and help me build on my skillz as well as team play. Rare that I get tilted, but if I do I simply become quiet and try to turn it around - Focus. Lemme know :3
: Looking to join a team to do Worlds Melee Mission - Add Me
add me LiL Antichrist I've got a group of 3 goin so far
: ASAP looking for players still needing to complete CLOSE COMBAT mission
I'm available again for anyone needing this mission still
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Dankreal (NA)
: Looking for Top Main for League. Has to be gold or under
: lokking for 2 more person for mission no ranged
: need a duo silver-gold 1 im an ad main
So are you looking for a duo partner between those ranks or ...?
: Looking for GOLD ONLY Top Lane Main
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