Chermorg (NA)
: Sounds a lot like "I bought this account or got it from someone else and can't remember anything!"
it does yes, thats why it isnt being given back
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: Today is my Birthday
Xidphel (NA)
: How do you know he won't?
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: After you level up in honor you start getting more and more. It's the same as last season.
: Waa this free stuff isn't good enough for me, waaa
No it's not even that, it's the feeling of having a way better system, then it gets taken away like the saying, "You never know how much you love it until it's gone" If the system stayed like it is currently and never actually gave out more in the first place, I'd probably not be here rn.
: They are FREE!
I understand that, but if you actually want to use them while relevant or while you still play that champ, you ahve to wait about 2 months or more to actually have it. Before the patch, I was able to get 2 or more in 2 months, now it's almost not even 1, i'd be lucky to get 1.
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: Name 3 champions that you think should get a buff/rework
{{champion:1}} Picked her up again and she is too easy so rework, {{champion:119}} buff for late and nerf for early, then again he isnt that good early against a good adc that knows draven, {{champion:86}} Just a rework, and ima add a 4th {{champion:75}} because he is the easiest champ too split with and get double/triple kills when he is being "stopped" while taking the inhib turrent top lane and only the support, adc, and squishy jungler go to stop him and no body with hard cc. not tilted btw
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: bronzies get nothing
Are you actually retarded? Im Silver if you actually read my fucking text.
: Are they permanents, instead of shards?
: What kind of Kayle did you get that disenchanted for 650?!
They have gold borders around them I believe, those sell for more but it it is still so much worse than what we had before.
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: Well, the buff would only apply if are currently queued for support and are going to be placed as the sup
And duo q's? a bronze bot lane agaisnt a silver?
: Support mains in ELO Hell
It wouldn't work out, people would main support then as soon as they get that mm buff they will switch to a different role and ruining everyone's games.
Quin149 (NA)
: Which 6300 champ should I buy?
I bought all the cheap ones 650-3150, then i just got champ shards and rerolled them. But if you are really eager, just buy Gnar or Kled. Kled can hard carry early but i have trouble ending with him and gnar is good at harassing.
: twitch has been bullshit to play against for a year.
How does ult give too many things? You can actually dodge it, it does 40% to people hit from AOE and does extra to people that you actually target, it lasts one normal teamfight and if the run away while ult is going off then they have a nearly free teamfight win. Yasuo on the other hand can almost get 2 ults off during 1 teamfight if it will even last that long since his q 2 shots adcs.
: mastery 6 tokens after getting 2
Icewhisp (NA)
: You know I was wondering this honestly in a strange bit of self-reflection. I would like to hear your thoughts on why you think I am toxic.
> [{quoted}](name=Icewhisp,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Jgnt9F6q,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-04T00:52:56.123+0000) > > This one is petty I fully understand this our jungle AFK'd and we wanted to make sure that he/she couldn't get into another game for as long as possible
Icewhisp (NA)
: Is not FFing toxic?
You sound like the toxic one, and there wouldn't be a surrender feature if it was toxic.
Terozu (NA)
: Thats because your supposed to hit "report" not send in a technical help ticket... the st's take weeks to actually be reviewed.
Think before you speak, or in this case type.
: Best 4800ip champ to buy atm
Just buy twitch when you can. Free wins if your team isnt useless
Ljubezen (NA)
: I can give the fucking screenshot lol
Wait, where is the rest, they usually send 3 or 2 games
meowwow7 (NA)
: there are so many mana regen items that the 130/100 mp cost is a drop in the ocean
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Lucian needs some minor tweaks or a mini rework
His W needs changed and ult needs something to scale off ad. It scaling off AP is actually troll af idk why they did that. That is about it and maybe a slight buff to his range.
Profirix (NA)
: Can we please lower Nami's mana costs a little?
YuGiHo (NA)
: Where did Vi go?
Why play Vi when you can play Sejuani? Or Maokai? It is a tank meta, she shouldnt be used anymore unless buffed
: Someone told me to kill myself, and before i do it kill my worthless family. I sent in a riot support ticket showing them what he said , and they said "We will review this, but we can't tell you the punishment". So I check his and he continues to play every day for weeks. He didn't even receive a 2 week ban. I thought riot had zero tolerance policies, but i guess not.
Yeah, ive been told to "lay down in the street", i send in a report to Riot, they say they will review it but who actually knows if they do and I think that is the point of saying "we can't tell you the punishment" part. Of course everyone i report straight to the support dont get banned.
: Repair your client and/or get a better internet service.
My internet is fine but i will repair client thanks
: Joseph Stalin doesnt deserve gold
I see how it is. {{item:3070}} {{champion:32}}
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Menguardo (EUW)
: Banning
Same thing happened to me, at least once a day.
Slip TFT (NA)
: Elo hell
Yeah i got a lot of inting Yasuo's yesterday too
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Chermorg (NA)
: He had only 2 deaths, had the most wards placed on your team, and built as a tanky support. And he ended with 11 assists. Please tell me again how that's trolling?
The way he was trolling was in lane not his score, his score was fine, but the way he was supporting wasn't. He never went in on teamfights or peeled for our adc like a supp would he went for kills but couldnt get them.
: Kayn support has a 50% winrate. Twitch jg has a 48.7% winrate. From [League of Graphs]( platinum+ stats. Tell me more about who's pick is the troll pick.
The problem wasnt the pick, he trolled in game because he didnt get his pick
Kei143 (NA)
: of course he won't. Going off-meta is not a punishable offense.
Off meta isnt the problem, he also trolled because he didnt get his role
: What's wrong with Kayn support, unless he trolls? Sure, it's not meta, but that's ok. I'm confused.
He did troll, if he did good i wouldnt have put him here
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: I kind of agree because if it's in a fight,it's a problem.
But Ahri can insta cast and you actually landing a charm with your q is the same as Ahri's charm it just is at a disadvantage
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: Can Xin Zhao E reset when he gets a kill?
No, because a level 3 gank would be killing the adc or forcing flash then killing support or forcing flash which is not balanced at all. You dont see amumu getting his Q reset after a kill.
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Aenaeus (NA)
: This doesn't make a bit of damn sense Riot.
It isnt toxic lol. If the game isn't winnable and the enemy team is trolling by not destroying nexus or something to delay the game you /ff.
: its called losing a game after being on a winstreak i know its hard but all of us has to deal with it at somepoint
We got put with lower tiered people after each game we won in a row. That isnt a coincidence. The vayne on the team was on a losing streak too.
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