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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 7
I'd love to see {{champion:103}} added to the list of champs that would work better in Jungle. She has a good kit for the role, but her damage profile doesn't let her clear well at all.
: Lux's effects update made her spells even less visible.
: Blood Moon Kindred
Blood Moon Line-up: {{champion:103}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:76}} Elderwood Line-up: {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:203}}
: I'd love to see Cithria. For some reason I'm completely fascinated by the fact that she has two cards. One representing her as a fresh recruit, one showing her as battle hardened veteran.
It'd be neat to see another champion that could fulfill the Brigitte from Overwatch theme with the traditional Leona / Taric gameplay niche. I'd honestly use her kit to combine Taric & Leona's stylistics into a Solo-Lane champ that has supportive functions. It'd be more balance-able in League than it was in OW. Healer / Tank / Bruiser hybrid.
Moody P (NA)
: because then Annie gets a shield instead of getting to be a useful champion
Annie really does need that sticking power or she'll often feel like she is not a champion for the 5 minutes her flash is down. She is immensely powerful, but burst mages, bruisers, and a number of the more modern assassin designs do her job way better because of either range or mobility. Can't really justify the range, but the mobility would modernize her kit a lot better than what has been done to her recently.
: {{item:3191}} - Hi guys I make the lethality on 2 completed items worthless and I only cost 1100 gold.
It counteracts the passive of Lethality, but it doesn't counteract the fact the items have an extra 100 AD. Even with either {{item:3026}} or {{item:3157}}, Lethality abusers will eat you alive. Bruisers build it. Divers build it. Etc. ADC's sometimes build it. Lethality items are broken and can abused by anybody with AD to burst you or DPS you down afterwards.
Moody P (NA)
: Why are modern DPS picks so bursty?
{{item:3057}} this item and it's build items are too burst-y to start with. {{item:3025}} {{item:3078}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:42}}
: Who are your top 2 champs per position? Please comment
Top: {{champion:78}} {{champion:39}} Mid: {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} Bot: {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} Jungle: {{champion:78}} {{champion:28}} Support: {{champion:99}} {{champion:78}}
SanKakU (NA)
: Aftershock was already nerfed for mages. I suppose they could tweak the changes that they made, but it would make tanks better with aftershock than they already are. Are you sure you want to ask for that?
They nerfed the DMG that it does, but did not nerf the resistances that it provides. Nobody picks Aftershock for the DMG, they pick it for the resists. At level 1 landing a CC will grant you more armor and magic resist than: {{item:1031}} {{item:1029}} {{item:1057}} {{item:1033}} Granted, it lasts 2.5 seconds, but that's enough to save you from an engage and to turn the engage. They should nerf it for ranged champions like Lux, Liss, & Ryze. The rune should still be a reasonable choice if you'd want to do it, but it gives way too much to squishy mages than it does to a Poppy Engage for example.
: Aftershock should have never existed and CotC should have stayed.
I can agree with that. I love to run Aftershock {{champion:78}} at Jungle or Support. It's not a BAD rune for tanks by any measure, but it really could be like CotC and it'd be much better suited to tanks, still an okay choice on other CC champs. Aftershock would be better if it was weaker on ranged champs, and still be a decent choice for tanks if we couldn't get CotC back. I loved that rune on my {{champion:78}} .
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: The reason is really that the support items are giving to much gold. Old supports functioned off of so little gold they relied on their kits raw numbers to preform. Now that supports get a good supply of gold they can purchase items that allows them to scale, something they couldn't do before. So of course mages like Annie, brand, or lux are being played. Once they get an item or 2 they have out scaled a utility champ like Leona. And when Riot tries to give utility champs items to scale with the items themselves are meta defining and over powered. Now those items need to be stronger then standard items because a utility champ wasn't designed to scale.
> [{quoted}](name=Wayward Son,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wuWxzKRm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-31T22:49:29.376+0000) > > The reason is really that the support items are giving to much gold. Old supports functioned off of so little gold they relied on their kits raw numbers to preform. Now that supports get a good supply of gold they can purchase items that allows them to scale, something they couldn't do before. > Support items give the right amount of gold (if not enough). Mages get played as supports because they're engaging and fun to play, but enchantresses always perform at the top for Solo-Q. {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:267}} And in pro-play and high-tier solo-Q play, you'll always see: {{champion:111}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:201}} But yes, if you (like me) really want to play AP supports, then you can do that. You have to have a TON of kills as an AP support to have anywhere near as much gold as a Farming member of your team. Gold income is honestly fine. Gold on supports actually makes the role bearable for non-Janna mains.
: Champions that you can never go wrong with picking
I feel like Lux is the most balanced champion that you can never go wrong picking. Her kit is supportive in nature so it functions well on low income such as support or bad matchups in mid. Her artillery mage nature also allows her some counterplay to matchups that other mages just die trying to do anything into. She's rarely meta or an amazing pick, especially the higher you go, but she's consistently been around 48 - 52% winrate in both Support and Mid for all of 2018. She hasn't been broken or useless all year, and I love that about her. Nobody bans her and nobody rushes to play her. I get to play her :)
: [Discussion]: Teemo VGU
I think Teemo should feel like a military scout. He should poke and prod, run and hide, trap and ambush, and alsp keep tabs on the enemy. If anything, I'd like him to offer more supportive elements in his kit if I had to modernize him. Vision and zone control being the key emphasis of what a good Teemo could and should do. Thanks for the discussion.
Tarnex (EUNE)
: Divine Sword Irelia (anime?)
I'm sad nobody has commented yet. Your art is wonderful. Could you do the Lunar Empress Lux in that style? I think it would fit just as well with what you did there. Again, great job and Merry Christmas!
: Riot - What is your obsession with Ice skins? On Neeko, it's so uninspired.
You are aware that there is a permanent game mode in this game coated with snow and ice? And that we get a winter themed summoner's rift every season, right? Of course Riot has an obsession with winter / ice skins. They match a theme and place for them that is reasonably popular within the community.
: Look what Riot gives me when I'm almost happy for playing this game.
I've had this happen to me before, similarly, but it was a graphic's driver issue. NVIDIA GeForce installed the graphic's driver incorrectly, so it wouldn't launch the game properly. I could still play here and there, but the driver was dysfunctional. Try uninstalling your graphic's driver, reinstalling it fresh without a previous install, and then restart the computer. Fixed my problems permanently. I can't guarantee that it's your problem specifically, but I do recommend trying it at least. Best of luck!
: Emotes Are Just Riot Sanctioned Griefing
I love the emote system. It's made the overall toxicity of league noticeably less than before they arrived. It's a lot of light-hearted banter / fun between teammates and opponents. Like, follow your teammate around with the Sona pulling her hair out emote and the Soraka everything's okay emote when they don't let you proc the relic shield instead of getting mad about it. I was able to laugh and give my teammates a playful hard time instead of getting mad and upset that I've had a full stack of relic shield for the last minute and nobody lets me proc it. That's why they're there.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ok sure but why,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1F08JA6L,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-07-04T06:57:27.446+0000) > > Bruiser + {{item:3078}} = assassin I think you're thinking of divers. Bruisers are something like Nasus, Garen, Rumble, Jax. And even Jax is more of a skirmisher.
He's stating that bruisers in the current meta do assassin levels of damage after the purchase of Trinity Force. Playing as a Mage / Marksman, Irelia and Zed both burst you and both feel like assassins. We're in a meta where everyone effectively does {{champion:99}} levels of burst. There really aren't any DPS champions in the current meta, you're lucky if you survive for longer than 3 seconds against anybody as a squishy champion.
: i THINK Master Yi is really really broken right now.
I feel like conqueror as a rune needs a nerf, and then possibly a rageblade nerf. It's part of the reason that Irelia is also so OP / Meta right now. Conqueror is so brutally good at turning anybody that is good at proc'ing it into an assassin AND a tank shredder. As a rune, it's brutally good at killing low armor mages like {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} AND just as good at shredding high health / high armor tank builds on champions like {{champion:78}} {{champion:516}}.
: Why do movement abilities have higher priority then stuns?
I have to agree. I don't know how many times that I've landed a {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:37}} stun / root and still got killed by the movement ability that I should have interrupted.
Kivolan (NA)
: What The Hell Are These Celerity Changes?
I'd rather the rune be a flat movement speed buff that scales as the game goes on. Something that you'd pick when you want the movement speed to be aggressive / kite / stay safe. Maybe something that I'd like to take to take advantage of roaming on supports, junglers, mids, etc that isn't just raw bonus damage.
remakoro (EUNE)
: WHAT. >Junglers will want to gank their losing lanes to keep them from giving away more gold, even if they are on a death streak. WHAT??? What kind of animal ganks losing lane? Whats the point? To turn bleeding into limb loss?
> [{quoted}](name=remakoro,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YZ1ewJIq,comment-id=00050001,timestamp=2018-05-29T21:09:03.591+0000) > > WHAT. > > WHAT??? What kind of animal ganks loosing lane? Whats the point? To turn bleeding into limb loss? > > It is entirely possible to gank losing lanes for the purpose of sealing a leak or stopping or lessening a snowball. If you can stabilize the bleeding, then you still have a walking wounded teammate post-laning instead of a problem that never stops being one. I've ganked losing lanes and successfully turned them into neutral lanes / winning lanes.
: Riot hates all the creature champs. You can notice that there are only 3 humans on that whole list.
> [{quoted}](name=PapaGreg21,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=4WlBaPtY,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-05-23T13:27:39.573+0000) > > Riot hates all the creature champs. You can notice that there are only 3 humans on that whole list. The opposite is true. The bulk of the community don't enjoy playing creature champions. They're very niche. The bulk of players enjoy human champions like {{champion:157}} , {{champion:202}} , {{champion:99}} sliding on down into the "humanoid" {{champion:28}} , {{champion:103}} , {{champion:76}}.
: Are you really just saying it doesn't make sense that mages are gated by mana?
He clearly said: > why are **mages the only class** in the game who are expected to build it He's implying that other classes / champions should feel the need to build: {{item:1027}} {{item:1004}} That they're not mana-gated as heavily as mages are.
: Additional League of Legends Pool Party Bundle - Beach Sports Edition 2018
I'm hoping for the Pool Party Ahri skin just so that we can add it to the memes fulfilled folder alongside Pizza Sivir, but all of those were nice sketches. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Huge Taliyah changes, almost a rework, on the PBE.
These changes look like a win for the average solo-Q Taliyah, and a nerf to pro-play / super-high elo Taliyah. I think that's a positive.
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: How selling Announcer Voice Packs Can Reduce Toxicity
I'd love to see the 5 original Star Guardians get together to do a Star Guardian one. {{champion:78}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} All of these champions are either fun, whimsical, silly, or bursting with a positive attitude. The Phreak / Kobe one is silly enough to make people smile, but imagine something similar to "that tasted purple".
: If the only counterplay to a champion is "do not play against them and go roam"...
Just a suggestion: I pick {{champion:78}} mid into {{champion:238}} mid. I build {{item:3751}} + {{item:1029}} + {{item:3675}} as my first three items. She has good wave clear, trading potential, and an anti-Zed-snowball build that is core for her. Zed can't kill her, Zed can't out-trade her, and Zed can't get wave priority to roam either. Works well with with AP tops / supports like Lux, Swain, etc.
: Don't change Celerity rework Absolute Focus
I personally love Absolute Focus on say {{champion:99}}, but I think the bonus AP/AD should scale from 50% HP to 70% HP; at 70% HP you'd get the full value of the rune, at 50% you'd get half the value of the rune. Below 50%, you'd get no bonus. 50%, half the bonus. 60% HP = 3/4th bonus. 70% HP> full bonus. Still gives it a good niche on safer champions, but makes it a bit more accessible and less punishing to risk using if your HP gets low.
: PSA: There are only a handful of acceptable mage supports.
I play {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} as support picks at a higher MMR than the one you claim they're not viable in. They're both very powerful mages despite the low income of support, and they definitely work incredibly well. Lux is generalist and can be played into anything, so she's an acceptable blind-pick support for solo--queue. She can build to counter about anything, and even if not the ideal pick into X,Y,& Z, she can offer usefulness at any point in the game through her utility and damage. You can hard-carry a game as Lux support over and over again if you have the experience and understanding of the champion and how the other supports work and what they want to do. Ahri is an amazing support into passive supports or specific tank / other mage supports. She can absolutely dominate the 2 v 2 in the laning phase and snowball the game after getting the first tower. She's an amazing roaming champion and she has the safety to ward and get out of bad situations. You can definitely gank midlane or take tempo control over the other 2 lanes and snowball your team through the first 3 towers and drake control. My Ahri winrate is over 70%, and I've played it successfully against Platinum and Diamond supports. (I play normals, don't play ranked.) My Lux winrate is at 54%~ since preseason, but it's at 60%+ since her update. I play her against Platinum and Diamond Supports as well.
KZ Engel (NA)
: now i dont know if i should ban lux or leona
Mage supports want to shove the lane in if you're not behind, so Lux helping you shove the wave in is exactly what she wants to be doing. She uses her abilities on champs when they're near the creeps and gets a push into the tower. Mage supports want to get first tower gold and proc their gold generation stacks on the tower as early as they can to conserve mana. Any support that takes {{item:3303}} wants to be attacking the enemy's tower to get the 10 gold / 20 gold without expending mana or initiating a losing trade with their auto-attacks. The benefit is huge. They get their ward quest completed faster and earn more gold. Also your example of Cait - Brand vs X - Lux. Lux counterpushing the lane robs Brand and Cait from doing what they want to do. Cait wants to take first tower and Brand wants to take first tower, but if they're never able to get the minion wave under the tower consistently enough, then they're losing the tempo that they want out of the game. It's common for mages to OOM, but that's a couple runes and first buy specific fixes for Lux support. Source: Lux Support Main since Summer 2017
: [Champion Concept] Mica & Ivaara
: Total Damage Dealt To Champions Is a Misleading Statistic
They already have a rating system for your overall performance. S+, S, S-, A+, A, etc It's based off CS, Damage, Vision Score, Gold, Kills, Assists, Deaths, etc
: The Poppy nerfs went a bit too far
Just undo ALL of the compensation nerfs, and see where she lands. I still doubt that she'll even make the top 20 for winrates in support, top, or jungle.
: It's a $30 skin, just let us switch forms at base already.
> [{quoted}](name=Neo Cyrus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=bT9F8gne,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-03T03:17:28.616+0000) > > It's a $30 skin, just let us switch forms at base already. With the introduction of the GG MF mechanics, I'd really enjoy Elementalist Lux being able to change between her forms at will. I think it'd be fun to change your forms based off the silly stuff in the game. Like, Dark Lux looks really good with the Baron Buff and AP Potions, and Magma Lux looks really cool with the Elder Dragon effects. Just a silly little have fun with it skin for as much as it cost to get. I have fun just asking the enemy team / my team who I should evolve into and doing that for fun.
: Dear Riot, I love the new Ahri and Syndra
I didn't think that I'd like the new Ahri, but I've come to enjoy her. My guilty pleasure is playing her support, and as strange and evil as it sounds... I've gotten to a 76% W/R with her that way over 21 games. You can win your lane and roam around the map as Ahri and apply a level of pressure that is dangerous to the opponent no matter your gold income, and you SUPPORT your teammates by seizing objectives and getting a significant TEAM gold and objective lead.
: If Assassins are supposed to jump in, pick off a target, then get out...
I genuinely wish this "assassins are underpowered" nonsense would die. Go to's stats for NA for the last month, and a great deal of the assassins in plat, diamond, and master tier have winrates in 55%+ and some in 60%+. Not only that, they have massive playrates too. Pro-players may not play them competitively, but in solo-Q AP and AD assassins are still oppressive in mid and jungle. Outliers may exist, but assassins as a class don't have any objective reason to be more oppressive and unfun to play against than they already are.
OHminus (NA)
: But does it hurt mid poppy? - Riot Games
> [{quoted}](name=OHminus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=O3zWa0AZ,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-04-26T12:20:15.940+0000) > > But does it hurt mid poppy? > > - Riot Games Mid poppy is actually a lot of fun against AD assassins. Take demolish. Build sunfire cape. Ask the assassin in /all where his tower went. He'll respond by asking you where your bot lane is, and you'll both be having the best time of your life.
: *Locks in Zed* Can we get an AP top?
I've been playing a lot of Fill, and I've actually enjoyed playing {{champion:103}} in the botlane. I play her both support and bottom in a Gold - Plat normals MMR, and it's really been a blast. I have a 76% winrate with her in normals, so it's working out weird as it may seem. I think the main key is understanding your draft vs the enemy's draft, and what the champion you pick brings in terms of options for your team. Your teammate is drafting {{champion:238}} or {{champion:157}} mid, so what do you pick that gives your team options for victory? Do you scale well? Do you have options to play from behind or ahead? Thinking about the game at a higher level than just "We need AP" or "Protect the ADC" is my best recommendation.
: Anyone Who Cannot Beat/Deal With Silver Zed Should Not Be Taken Seriously On Assassin Balance
Over the last month North American {{champion:238}} Has a 56.98% win rate in Masters Has a 53.64% win rate in Diamond Has a 52.57% win rate in Platinum (According to's data for NA as of this post) Apparently "Silvers" aren't the only ones who have problems playing against {{champion:238}}.
: "We're nerfing Poppy's positioning ability and defensive values because she's too stat checky"
{{champion:78}} with 47.50% win rate getting nerfed a couple patches after they specifically introduced a keystone that increased her counters and made a lot of her matchups significantly harder. It is a terrible balance decision that SHOULD be heavily criticized. It hurts Jungle Poppy, Support Poppy, and Top Poppy for no clear objective reason (at this time). If she were to become oppressive, then I'd change my tune. I like to play her, so competing with others to play her and having her banned consistently for being OP does not interest me long-term.
: 16 champs that have gone over 1000 days w/o a new skin
The {{champion:39}} and {{champion:28}} rework skins turned out to be some of the highest quality skins that you can get for your RP. That's a massive plus that we can hope for going forward with the rest of the VGU. Art direction-wise, Evelyynn and Irelia were both well executed.
: Mages getting nerfed meanwhile all i play against mid is....
Playing against Assassins is one of the most miserable laning experiences in League of Legends. I've played all five roles and I don't think I've ever had less fun or been more miserable than trying to play a {{champion:99}}{{champion:163}}{{champion:61}} -esque champion into any of these guys: {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:7}} etc The next closest "bad experience" would be playing a melee top against a ranged top like {{champion:17}} {{champion:67}}.
: I hope mages end up really bad after the mana changes
I don't even see the point of changing it; {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:55}} etc are already disgusting to play against in Solo-Q. They do everything that mages want to do as far as damage, but better. They only lack in team utility such as stuns, shields, and safe wave-clear. Pro-players want that utility from their midlaners, so they pick team-combo champs, CC-champs, shield champs, etc. {{champion:238}} & {{champion:91}} are worthless to Pro-players unless they're massively overtuned, and it'll always be that way. The day that pro-players continuously pick assassins in the midlane, is the day that assassins ruin solo-Q for everyone else by being broken. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Pro-players play more diverse champions like assassins, but if you have to severely damage the solo-Q experience to do it, then it's dumb.
: I think it's a poppy nerf as well, but supposedly, based SOLELY on what I have heard from poppy mains, the changes are a buff that is compensating some power for her being able to full chain her burst more easily in ganks and trades where she commits R
> [{quoted}](name=Sp33d Zer0,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WFK2nPHB,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2018-04-21T01:20:03.788+0000) > > I think it's a poppy nerf as well, but supposedly, based SOLELY on what I have heard from poppy mains, the changes are a buff that is compensating some power for her being able to full chain her burst more easily in ganks and trades where she commits R As a Poppy 'main' that plays her as Jungle, Top, and Support, I view it as an overall nerf. Poppy is sitting at 46 - 47% winrate in Top at the time of this post. Her winrate in support and jungle are both higher, but still lackluster. I'm not convinced that Poppy needs any "compensation" nerfs to her kit to make up for bringing improvements to her kit. She's the absolute bottom-tier pick for top-lane solo-Q. Also, to the OP. Gangplank is probably Poppy's worst toplane matchup next to a Vayne without Jungler help. I agree that trying to play Poppy right now in the toplane feels pretty bad, but that matchup would feel bad no matter what. (Decent Jungler and Support though).
Novalas (NA)
: PBE Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.9
These {{champion:78}} changes are a straight nerf, and i'm very disappointed. She felt under-powered compared to many of the other tanks in jungle, support, and in top lane. I'm not at all happy with these changes, and will likely play LESS of Poppy than MORE of her... and she's my second most played champion in the game.
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