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: Ight, Time to get Downvoted :)
The only thing I don't like about this skin is the lack of a dunk animation being added to like q. I love everything else and will prob buy tho
: They gave his Q AP ratio to his W. He doesn't lose anything but he need to hit his W to empower his Q now instead of doing pure damage only with Q. That's fine for me.
His q has a much lower window and requirement to deal damage, so having it on Q is strictly better.
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Malak (NA)
: No, because electrocute is only available to assassins while dark harvest is usable by mages.
Mages can proc electrocute already, and ones that can't with their kit can take other runes like comet.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lildudefood,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0hiETiGW,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-24T15:41:02.455+0000) > > Scaling runes should be capped, like overgrowth. overgrowth is already trash. the value was literally cut in half compared to last season. youre insanely lucky if you get to 200 bonus hp at 30 minutes. its actually pathetic.
Power farming champs abuse this, and champions that already scale kitwise like Sion and Chogath. look at how strong overgrowth+gathering storm get on int sion. You get infinite power by "playing the game" basically.
SKHynix (EUW)
: Better idea, remove keystones and bring back s5 masteries and runes.
Honestly this new rune system can be made to work, but it needs a few good changes. These stat shards need to be more emphasized, for one, instead of getting 10 armor and only that. Scaling runes should be capped, like overgrowth. There is no need to have infinite power from bringing a rune. SOA old keystone is like the not busted overgrowth because it capped. I could on in a different post, but this thread was made for dark harvest specifically.
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Moody P (NA)
: riot what is this
Played on pbe earlier with top leona to try the skin, started dorans and just autod aatrox all lane cause he didnt realize the item was broken. He had to ignite and use his passive on me just to trade because I had 33 hp regen level 1.
: {{champion:58}} "Welcome to the club. My Passive is literally just a explanation/description of my rage meter."
Same with {{champion:83}}. Just describes how graves work and tells you the ghoul's stats.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Lildudefood,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QYg5Efn5,comment-id=00020000000000000001,timestamp=2018-05-22T01:14:56.105+0000) > > They also gutted orange essence to the point where I just roll every time I get 3 skins because breaking big skins for 100 essence isn't worth it. Is it better to reroll them?
Yeah, I've gotten legendary tier skins off my rolls for rolling what would normally give me around 400 OE. It's rng but the result will probably always be higher value than disenchanting 3 for barely any essence.
: No, they dropped key fragment drop rate heavily, then tied it into honor, so effectively, under the honor system we get less rewards than before.
They also gutted orange essence to the point where I just roll every time I get 3 skins because breaking big skins for 100 essence isn't worth it.
: Stop telling Yorick players to group
Yeah I've started going banner > zzrot against tanks or ap top lanes and just maiden with cannon wave to get an auto turret. It is impossible for them to stop the push unless they have jg help, which opens up the map and drag for 4v3.
: Is there a way to buy just 3250 RP?
Gotcha, that sucks but I see what you all mean.
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: Pizza Delivery Sivir finally happening!?
This looks like this year's april fools skins.
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Ljubezen (NA)
: I love how mid game is legit at the 10 minute mark now.
Matches are as short as mobile legends: bang bang! now
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Gelmous (NA)
: are you talking about your 7/7/3 leblanc where you were 3 levels under their adc ? are you seriously asking why the enemy adc was insta killing you when they're way ahead of you in gold and levels. Leblanc can easily one shot carries if she's equal or ahead in gold. why is it when someone loses because they're bad they post on the boards, why can't you guys just get better instead of complaining on the boards ? this happens a lot it's really really sad.
Maybe at the end I was behind but before I was roaming constantly, doubled bot too and had a good lead. After she got her items I became irrelevant because her autos let her outheal my damage and kill me before I could do anything, if I was say kat, that wouldn't have been a problem because kat doesn't have to wait to deal her damage like leblanc does, same goes for most other quick assassins like khazix.
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: Why I (veteran) am slowly losing interest in League
I honestly wish there was a way to get riot to turn back this direction they've moved in, but I know that no amount of uproar will get them to think they're wrong. We can make as many posts and talk about it as much as we want but we're just going to looked at as complainers and circle jerks. Unless bigger league heads were to speak out about how poor the quality of league is right now, I doubt we'll ever see a fun league again.
: Man this made me think that reworking her into something like Invoker from dota would be really cool. you can make different melodies with her abilities that do different things depending on the order you use them.
lowest iq champ turned into the highest iq champ, that would be ironic but this game needs an invoker and sona is perfect for it. You still mash buttons anyway, just in tune.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lildudefood,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=R0AWAIjg,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-12-23T03:02:20.942+0000) > > I broke all my champs shards from 32 to 37 to get kench, only made it 5900. Now I'm here playing 10 more games just to get enough be to buy him, and barely have any left after It always took a long time to unlock champions for free. Tahm Kench took close to a 100 games to unlock him with IP.
I'm not talking about the fact that he takes long to buy, I mean I have to level fully to get the tiny amount I need left, rather than just having to play a few games to hit 6300 on point.
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: Would you rather have to deal with an unkillable Maokai
I think the emphasis on champion/kit based tankiness made even more of a problem. Tank update was kind of a fail because riot nerfed items all across the board, and gave 3 champs this new self reliant tank kit, leaving most others to die in waste of poor itemization. They also buffed adcs and haven't touched adc items at all since, even though adc damage has been a clear problem.
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: Zoe's RNG "W" is way too unreliable
It's annoying when you land a stun to see she randomly picked up a cleanse on the ground and then gets a burst of movespeed with it too. They say she's not super mobile but she's honestly one of the hardest champs to kill in lane.
: Would you play an MMORPG based around Runeterra's lore?
They should make a card game, if they make a game based off league lore. Easy to do and you can drag in a lot of players.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 17
Does each star hit count as a separate instance toward phase?
: This is still absolutely insane. And it doesn't even take into account the new champions that come out...
doesn't count anything else BE will be used for either like mastery, emotes, chromas, etc. This system SUCKKKKS right now and I'm already repelled from playing league outside of pbe now.
CIocks (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=PartyPanda12,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tg43v6lj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-10T17:59:45.270+0000) > > Just downloaded when I heard they made it FTP, looks fun, would like to get into it. oh shit really they probably went ftp because their game was dying at $20, good strategy.
> [{quoted}](name=Clock Codes,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tg43v6lj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-10T18:19:37.067+0000) > > oh shit really > > they probably went ftp because their game was dying at $20, good strategy. they planned to be ftp a long time ago
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: > [{quoted}](name=Niaphim,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=agH7yJ3N,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-09T16:28:16.298+0000) > > Exactly. I mean, before every new moba had to explain why it was worth playing over League/Dota and introduce some gimmick/feature to be at least somewhat popular, albeit still niche. > > Now we are in a situation where League is trying its hardest to be like HotS. So, if I want shorter games with lots of glitter and lootboxes, why don't just play HotS instead? Now League has to explain why it is better than HotS. Like, WTF? go play BATTLERITE. much better than leagues so far.
Actually glad battlerite is getting the attention it deserves. It's really fun, I've been played paid access for a few seasons now and enjoyed it a ton, only problem was the kind of condensed playerbase. Now that it's bigger, I have no problem playing it in large doses since queues are faster.
: HotS also just added that cute dragonlady as well.
Now I gotta wait for Ysera. {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
: I ask for a faster game! Now is a lot more snowballing - which is a great thing than stay and farm 20 min, 2 teamfights and thats the game. I like the idea that champ be more powerfull in early to make game more intersting and not get bored!
Can't tell the tone of this so I'll just give a serious reply. Snowballing being the only option is worse for league. Sure you get rapid fights, but at what costs? Champs that have to scale are just knocked out of league, and in result you have to make these scaling champs scale as fast as the snowballers. What do we get? Champs that required time to sprout and were countered by snowball, are now the snowball too. So how do we counter? Don't accept your queue! Variety wanes, and the need for the same exact meta picks/bans is growing. Everyone can do most things, so what's the point of taking "x" for his power to do "y". It's a competition of who snowballs harder. What wins the most? what snowballs the best? What is the most unfun toxic thing that you can't do anything to? I went from playing yorick, an awesome champ to play and my main, to just playing adc because what's the fucking point of trying to have fun? I had more fun playing shit kit old yorick full ap support than I currently do being forced to play from a small and select menu of snowball or lose champs. I liked league for the decisive and drawn out decision making, only getting that snowball if you play the cards good in almost all ways, but for getting 5 kills and finishing your first item. What's there to like about this game right now? Runes? no. New mode? no. New progression? no. Emotes? no. Everything is getting worse.
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: Can we revert the 6.9 change: "Turrets are now vulnerable to armor + magic penetration"?
Riot keeps pushing for faster games which is pretty stupid. Kind of glad DOTA update is finally out so I have something I can actually play and enjoy for more than 20 minutes. Shit, even my BATTLERITE match lasted longer than my league one. I really hope riot stops with this '20 minute stomps for fast climbing' ideology and just fixes ranked system in itself instead if they want fast climbs. Games wouldn't have to end so fast if rigged promos werent a thing for a fact, and mmr system was in a better spot.
: I feel like everything does TOO much damage.
Really hate how damage is set up right now. Watching ornn burst people is kind of ridiculous considering he's an initiator and not a fighter. Sejuani getting 30% max hp per stun auto is dumb too. Tanks should give cc like they do, and not nearly as much damage. It's stupid that they pose such a threat to 1v1ing people who should actually be winning, and contribute so much damage along with cc in a fight. What's the point of fighters when tanks do the same thing along with more cc. If they want tanks to have jg clear buff spell damage vs monsters and nerf the base values.
kargish (EUW)
: This is not the system players want. We don't want to lose because of some dumbass that keeps screwing up, and to top it off we get penalized 100% because of that idiot. If soloQ rewarded you based on your own actions, then we can talk about this MMR system being fair, but as of now you either lose or win based on RNG matchmaking.
Yeah, everyone in the game needs similiar skill level, so it isn't who gets bad teamates and who gets teamates toppling their skill. There's a difference between losing because you lost, and losing because the sides were very unbalanced skillwise from the start.
: There are a number of cool ways you could do this, I think. All of these suggestions obviously involve nerfing his current Q ratios. * Make Justice Punch mark targets, and have his passive deal increased AP damage to marked targets. * Make each proc of Q reduce the passive cooldown (perhaps by a lesser amount), so that your bonus damage for hitting it mainly comes from the extra Q slams you get access to. * Move the %Health damage from his Q onto his passive or E, making it more of a one-time chunk that requires him to be brawly rather than a long-range harass. Might be a nice solution to make it on his passive so you CAN access high anti-tank damage, but you have to be landing spells in melee range and brawling it up to do so.
His q is his safest and most powerful damage out of all the spells on his kit. I agree that he doesn't need poke, area of effect, % health and 80% ap on one skill. Meanwhile his passive is smash an area for damage. I say Make his q the safest spell, but make it MUCH weaker than it is now. If you really want to smash people into the dirt, use your punches. Max hp on passive/punch is an awesome idea. His poke should be poke and not his kill condition. Riot certainly is taking galio in the right direction of being a battlemage and not a tank though, so I give them a +1 for taking a risk.
Eranell (EUW)
: The one little buff that would make Yorick the splitpusher he deserves to be.
I disagree with this change really. As someone who mains yorick, he does a lot of damage to turrets already, he doesn't need more VS turret damage. If he needs buffs, put it in other places. I can already auto > Q > auto > W auto > auto > E auto for a good triforce proc rotation, with ghouls and sometimes maiden it takes a turret down pretty fast, not to mention demolish coming in a few weeks, and dark harvest too. Tons of anti-turret coming, shouldn't add more, just gonna make the snowball worse. Even as a person who mains a split pusher, the ease and speed of taking turrets is so awfully fast, it's becoming a problem.
: Xin Zhao: Rework Adjustment Proposal
attack speed does increase his new ability cast time. I agree with the Q stacking off W though, would add a lot more depth and combo potential/teamfight to xin.
: The nerfs still didn't changed the fact that Yasuo is still one of the most played champion, hence another reason why others like Yorick will never get touched. All I ask is put a simple circle which helps opponents know where he's already dashed to without even touching his numbers, and you're already throwing a fit about it. You talk about mages being boring to play, but ironically, spamming the dash button from little to absolutely no reason at all like some sort of Naruto fanboy crap is somewhat fine.
I think the full circle would put a bunch of clutter for everyone else. People who aren't yasuo should has a less powerful indicator, because if I was playing a different champ I wouldn't want to see those circles on every single thing he touches, it'd just look gross and clunky. Maybe a small, less FX ring without the filled in circle, or just a tiny number countdown idk but I don't want the full thing.
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