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: Like u said he does keep the attack speed and W active range buffs tho. Plus Zed didnt need buffs in 9.3 to begin with when he was already at like 50% ban rate and above 51% win rate.
https://u.gg/lol/champions/zed/build/?rank=overall&patch=9_4 If you look here, Zed reached a 50.5% winrate directly after his buffs. https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/zed/iron Here, if you look at the area right before the last increase in winrate, you'll see that zed had a 49.5% winrate before the buff. It's just my opinion but I don't think ban rate should factor too much into balance. Otherwise you'd be nerfing champions like Yasuo and Zed forever since they have a high ban rate due to people hating regardless of their overall strength.
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: You're exaggerating on the numbers. This was the AD bonus: 5 (+5/10/15% target's AD) To say 40-100+ less AD per game is a joke. even rank 3 ult, he'd had to kill someone with around 700 AD for 100 bonus AD. A marksmen level 9 with {{item:3031}} has like 160 AD. for rank 2 ult, that's 16+5 bonus ad. To get 60 like in your example, the guy he's killing would need like 600 AD lol I opened a random zed game and looked at how much ad he had at level 11. Zed had 212 ad level 11. Here's the example you gave but with realistic numbers. 140 being bonus ad with ult passive bonus ad 119 being bonus ad with 1.0ad q buff With a 0.9 bonus AD ratio , his Q does 230+140 times 0.9 (126) damage. With a 1.0 bonus AD ratio , his Q does 230+119 times 1.0 (119) damage. 7 less damage per Q 21 max That means zed ult does 21-29 less damage rank 2 But, it's more damage before the first kill, possibly still more if you killed a mage. He has a larger W recast It's going to be WAY more damage if the attack speed nets him another auto attack. If we took the numbers above, and applied them to zed level 10. (13 bonus from ult passive instead of 21) With a 0.9 bonus AD ratio , his Q does 230+132 times 0.9 (118.8) damage. With a 1.0 bonus AD ratio , his Q does 230+119 times 1.0 (119) damage. looks like it's higher? xdddddddddddddddddddd what are we even complaining about here. zed's Q does more damage level 1-10 even after the nerfs. Along with longer recast + more attack speed.
The Example I used was with pretty arbitrary numbers, it just showed how a lvl 16 zed with 3 items lost damage from the change. The 40-100 in my opinion is pretty valid. Jhin and Rengar can get around the ad needed to reap 100. Max level with items it's pretty common to see AD champions with AD in the 400+ range which results in 60 or more AD being reaped.
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